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Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #10 – A Dish Served Cold (HBO)

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Text Comments (2306)
szbszig (9 days ago)
Oh, she does know, her mother's throat was cut. Well, at least in the books, where she has warging powers like Jon and Bran.
Hound (21 days ago)
but thoros of myr resurrect lady catelyn right? right right?
Johnny Skinwalker (9 months ago)
I sort of wished Frey would have whined and cried a little more. Like "you won't get me!"
robbie akbar (11 months ago)
I wish to see Arya with a long hair, she is beautiful.
Jon Doe (1 year ago)
Bring back Walder Frey
Steven Song (1 year ago)
After a time of loss Arya took a stand!
Kenny Leone (1 year ago)
''A man can go kill himself''
Made Utari Rimayanti (1 year ago)
Tell them, winter came for house Frey.
Thanos The Mad Titan (1 year ago)
her throat looks so nice and long imagine a dick cumming down there
Mamma Bear (1 year ago)
such a satisfying scene loved it :)
Rachel ga (1 year ago)
best secene ever!!
Sadaq M (1 year ago)
Yes, Maisie! Bring on Season 7!!!!!!!
fifimac (1 year ago)
The last thing your ever going to see is a Stark smiling down at you as you die :-) #brill
FP FP (1 year ago)
OMFG Arya is one BADASS lady. Smart, does have a conscious, generally thinks things through and yet can adapt. I really don't believe Arya is "lost" as I have seen in soo many comments. Anyhoos..... I've rode through her arc ups and downs and this is one of Arya's moments I've repeatedly watched. FU Walder HAHAHAHAHA. I am keen as cake to see where and how Arya progresses in S7 and S8. I will fkn riot if her arc is placed in the lost bin AKA rush rush miss miss = complete waste of fkn time.
Parveen Singh (1 year ago)
Best character of GOT is arya stark without a second thought !
Daniel Lubasu (1 year ago)
I bet when Sansa and Arya reunite, Arya will be like,"I killed 9 people, I've been stabbed, I avenged our parents, I made two bastards into a pie, fed it to their father and slit his throat. I also ended a Great House But it's no big deal." And Sansa will be like, "Okay. I got married to Tyrion, I slapped our little cousin Robin, I kind-of killed Aunt Lysa, I fed my husband to his dogs and made his Great House extinct, but no big deal." You see I have my own scenario of Season 7 planned out in my head.
El Gato (1 year ago)
Arya wins.
Rich F (1 year ago)
"Here's the thing old man, when I'm done talking this knife is coming for your old neck, so I advise you move, because I'm done talking" Arya Stark
Grady P. Brown (1 year ago)
Why do I get the feeling that it will be open season for Freys next season as Arya hunts down the rest of Walder Frey's descendants down to the last man, woman, and child?
Gia Huy (1 year ago)
Hot Pie would be proud...
ellenkingsley (1 year ago)
"my name is Arya Stark I want you to know that the last you'll see is a Stark smiling down at you as you die"
bursegsardaukar (1 year ago)
"...she's definitely back."Yes. With a vengeance.
September2004 (1 year ago)
I really wonder why being 'no-one' allows her to wear a face without going blind. Part of me thinks that potion Ja'qen gave her to heal her blindness is what really prevents her from going blind.
September2004 (1 year ago)
I totally forgot about Edmure. I wonder if Arya knows he's down there and will free him.
Felipe RCB (1 year ago)
Maisie is so... 😍 specially her voice.
September2004 (1 year ago)
This never occurred to me before, but I wonder if Arya ever found out that Robb got married and his wife was pregnant. She never got to meet her sister-in-law and probably never knew that she almost became an aunt.
Katherine Reyes (1 year ago)
This is justice, people. The Starks send their regards, motherfucker.
Jon155 (1 year ago)
Unfortunately, Arya will die. You heard it here first.
Messylin (1 year ago)
Arya's story arc in Season 5 and 6 was completely pointless.
Kevin Murphy (1 year ago)
Masie's right, I mean has anyone ever seen Walder Frey out of his throne room?
Giovani Morotti (1 year ago)
"Vengeance is a dish best served cold." -Klingon Proverb
StannyBWrath (1 year ago)
Wyman Manderly be like, "Bitch you plagiarizing."
Avinash Thakur (2 years ago)
Walder Frey deserved this sort of death
Bruce Wayne and Arya Stark: lose their parents in childhood, leave their home, join an assasin organization, leave those assasins when realizing they are not their thing, kill the assasins who want to kill them, go back home aaaaaand.....become the BATMAN! Arya Stark's future revealed!
Avorkhan (2 years ago)
She is so cute without makeup
Tam Nguyen (2 years ago)
I'm not quite sastified with Walder Frey death since it was so quick. It should be at least like Meryn Trant.
Ilyaas Ali (2 years ago)
she is brave girl and clever
Ilyaas Ali (2 years ago)
she is brave girl and clever
abni the vague (2 years ago)
The show really has butchered Jon and Arya's relationship, I'm holding onto a small bit of hope that it'll show up at some point but I doubt it
Bboy Seven (2 years ago)
A girl is proud
Duygu Findikci (2 years ago)
She is definitely back. Yasssss
Hana Song (2 years ago)
Someone knows what music plays at 1:26 ?
Jakol (2 years ago)
The fuck is wrong with her neck!?
Grant K (2 years ago)
Literally play the witcher 3, experience a lot of this game.
Samuel Roach (2 years ago)
Arya did know that her mothers throat was cut...Maisie Williams is like one of best.
TheMykb19 (2 years ago)
Littlefinger : I have an upgrade on my smartphone's game, what is it ? "Teleporter" ? AFTER SEASON 6 Littlefinger : That was really cool ! I will not forget to use it again in Season 7.
Bindair Dundat (2 years ago)
Whose face did she wear? Did she just kill a random innocent server girl to peel off her face?
joe3000abc! (1 year ago)
Those servers were going down all the time. She had an excuse.
Jorge Nino (2 years ago)
back with a vengeance
Harshil Gala (2 years ago)
I love you araya stark ❤
morenauer (2 years ago)
I have to say, this is one of the most civilised and interesting comment sections I've read on Youtube in a long time. Lots of very interesting theories that would be really cool if they actually happened in the show !
Jon Snow (2 years ago)
Damn, Arya knows how to take vengeance! Fuck Danny, I want to see Arya kill Cersei herself.
Where's my wallet?! (2 years ago)
How many teleport jokes are in here?! Lol
Royce Bellaire de Luna (2 years ago)
Game of Thrones have taught us some recipes this season. Thanks to the Stark girls. they're really talented cooks tho, both humans and animals love their menus.
DJ V (2 years ago)
A lot of people online are complaining that it would have been impossible for Arya to have killed, carved up then baked Walder's sons into the pie, but I think she only said that to mess with his mind in his last moments. She just took a pie from the kitchen and stuck Black Walder's finger in it and the fact that Maisie didn't talk about the pie suggests that this was the writers' thinking too.
kellerr13 (2 years ago)
She's back in the Frey. Get it?
renegado100 (2 years ago)
I wonder if Arya will sing and play with The Lumineers again ??
Sabrina Kelstrom (2 years ago)
Did anyone else notice the connection between this and the story of the Rat King that Bran told Jojen and Meera before they went North of the Wall? How he fed his guest's children to him in a pie, which is exactly what Arya did to Walder Frey. I think it was at the end of season 3, after the Red Wedding.
Matthew Keenan (2 years ago)
Arya has some mithril plot armour there
Hansel Thepedo (2 years ago)
So if Jamie kills Cercei will Arya kill Jamie cause he stole her kill?
DinosaurKale (2 years ago)
1:25 Arya's crazier than Cersi.
KDeniseC R (2 years ago)
a girl can be everywhere from now on...
f1belle (2 years ago)
Arya Stark..my alter ego haha
Stitches gets bitches (2 years ago)
i wanna fuck her so bad
I hope Arya releases her uncle.
Blue Sky (2 years ago)
Yaaas Arya........ slay some bitches but pls reunite with your family
sheeshyall100 (2 years ago)
Puberty is not kind to her.
September2004 (2 years ago)
1:09 I love that they made Arya strong enough to pull Walder Frey back down. I like the fact that she can do that and the look of it. Of course, he's 400 years old, but he can still walk so he's not completely infirm.
September2004 (2 years ago)
It just occurred to me that except for Season 2, Arya 'kills' someone in every season finale. 1. Some boy with Needle. 2. (exception) 3. Those Bolton/Frey men bragging about killing Robb Stark. 4. The Hound (or at least almost) 5. Meryn Trant 6. Walder Frey
Garret Jay Salvacion (2 years ago)
Jon Snow is now a King, Sansa had become politically mature, Arya becomes a ruthless assassin, and Bran becomes a Soothsayer. The House Stark surely had done a lot of upgrades in the span of 6 seasons.
noerchoe (2 years ago)
Good girl, Arya!
utterlyviolet (2 years ago)
Thanks Maisie. Thank you for taking the randomness out of why Walder was the first one on Arya's list to be killed.
Low Roar (2 years ago)
This was probably the most satisfying scene in the whole series
Damia Savon (2 years ago)
As it turns out, Hot Pie helped Arya bake her Frey Pie and is a secret Frey. He takes over House Frey, fixes up the Twins and turns them into B&Bs and a establishes a chain of bakeries known for their amazing meat pies. The motto "We put ourselves into everyone".
Damia Savon (2 years ago)
New Words of House Frey "We make the best pies".
domydishes (2 years ago)
i guess washing corpses teaches you to be a faceless assassin, wax on wax off amirite
supershinigami1 (2 years ago)
She should have been dead long ago.
TastesLikePanda (2 years ago)
Arya looked oddly satisfied when she watched Frey die... inb4, Arya new Ramsay
Kirsten Reddoch (2 years ago)
But she and Gendry were so close! they were both in the free citys and now she is back in Westeros without ever seeing him. I was hoping he would show up to help her all season.This girl needs a friend
Tef W (2 years ago)
Arya is back in Westeros, and the Red Woman is riding south (probably), so maybe the promise Melisandre gave Arya when Gendry was sold to her will finally be! I'm so excited!
Unwanted Commentary (2 years ago)
I don't like Maisie Williams as an actor - I always see Maisie Williams playing a role.
Ha ha
V is for Voodoo (2 years ago)
for house STARK!
Jack Blurr (2 years ago)
he she cut his throat i was like: road house
Miss Ly (2 years ago)
I love Arya so much she my favourite character. Definitely.
Cidixy (2 years ago)
Zombies can have babies ?... I don't really know...
tyrroo (2 years ago)
Holy crap, Maisie's neck is about three feet long!
September2004 (2 years ago)
Where did she get that mask from? I'm guessing she stole it from the Hall of Faces and didn't kill someone for it. Also, there must be some sort of 'preservative' to keep the faces from decomposing but we never quite saw what the process was after they remove the face. If she doesn't go blind, I guess she really is 'No One'.
Ashton DeRojas (2 years ago)
Ah arya, I can't forgive your storyline in episodes 7 & 8, but with one name checked off your list and being the man who murdered you brother and mother, you have my respect once again... Hopefully next season will be better as a westeros Arya 2.0 as I missed the westeros arya a lot.
MinecraftMaya (2 years ago)
The best cook of the Westeros
Graham Strouse (2 years ago)
Revenge is a dish served in a nice pastry crust.
Jel (2 years ago)
Reminded me of the story about the rat cook.
Sleekoduck (2 years ago)
Tasty meat pies!
Stefon Stephens (2 years ago)
I love Masie so goddamn much it hurts.
MauroMako (2 years ago)
Maisie looks good with long hair
karina rest (2 years ago)
I'm just here chilling,still waiting for gendry... xD
TazeMeBro McCleskey (2 years ago)
I love the time that she spent at the House of Black and White. We all can believe it when we see Arya pulls off these stunts. She has learned to be such a hard-core killer. So happy Jaqen let her walk.
Simone Menier (2 years ago)
It's great to see and hear an interview with Maisie, because I know she's 19 but Arya is so much younger than that. Maisie seems totally capable of emotionally handling playing this character!
XerAules (2 years ago)
People keep asking me if i'm back. And i'm starting to think, yeah, yeah i'm back. ~ Arya
Montblanc (2 years ago)
a man is not a pie... wait... what?
Tom Bombadil (2 years ago)
When I read the books I would jump ahead to read Arya's chapters first. I'm glad she has become a ninja assassin, but I hope she still cries like a little girl when reunited with Jon.
Tom Bombadil (2 years ago)
+PhoenixPhyre Not sure what you mean. The show is already ahead of the books, there's no spoiler... I'm assuming they will be reunited. The way this thing goes, Jon might kill her by accident because she's wearing a different face. That would aggravate the hell out of me.
PhoenixPhyre (2 years ago)
frila lopez (2 years ago)
Game of Thrones is a pedo tv show so perverted
Manan Mehta (2 years ago)
so don`t watch it, simpleisnt`t it, what the hell are u doing in this section of YouTube anyway LOL

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