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30 Best NEW Games of E3 2018

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E3 2018 is off to a wild start. There were plenty of announcements, but we want to focus on the brand new games that took us by surprise. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv 30 Dead or Alive 6 Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4 Release Date: Q1 2019 29 Gears Tactics Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 28 Mario Party Platform: PC Release Date: TBA 27 Déraciné Platform: PS4 Release Date: TBA 26 Unravel Two Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC Release Date: TBA 25 Twin Mirror Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC Release Date: TBA 24 Sea of Solitude Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC Release Date: Q1 2019 23 Hitman 2 Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox One Release Date: NOVEMBER 13, 2018 22 Overcooked 2 Platform: Switch Release Date: TBA 21 The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC Release Date: JUNE 26, 2018 20 Session Platform: PC XBOX ONE Release Date: TBA 2019 19 Trials Rising Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch Release Date: February 01, 2019 18 Just Cause 4 Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One Release Date: December 04, 2018 17 Forza Horizon 4 Platform: Xbox One, PC Release Date: OCTOBER 02, 2018 16 Control Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC Release Date: TBA 15 Battletoads Platform: Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2019 14 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One Release Date: OCTOBER 05, 2018 13 DOOM Eternal Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One Release Date: TBA 12 Starfield Platform: TBA Release Date: TBA 11 Elder Scrolls Blades Platform: PC iOS Android Release Date: TBA 2018 10 Wolfenstein Youngbloods Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC Release Date: TBA 2019 9 Gears 5 Platform: PC Xbox One Release Date: TBA 8 Devil May Cry 5 Platform: PS4 Xbox One Release Date: Q2 2019 7 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Platform: TBA Release Date: Q4 2019 6 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox One Release Date: Early 2019 5 Jump Force Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2019 4 Dying Light 2 Platform: Xbox One Release Date: TBA 3 Nioh 2 Platform: PS4 Release Date: TBA 2 Elder Scrolls VI Platform: TBA Release Date: TBA 1 Halo INFINITE Platform: PC Xbox One Release Date: TBA 2018
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Text Comments (4667)
gameranx (3 months ago)
We accidentally put footage of Elder Scrolls Online where Elder Scrolls Blades should have been, sorry! We can assure you the game doesn't look like that.
Hello I’m Crota (20 days ago)
gameranx where is spyro
TheSouNinja (2 months ago)
Hey gameranx, this might not be a big issue but I thought you might want to know that your thumbnail was used for another user's video (actually a stream), the channel is called "nxtgen720" and the video covers the user's top 5 games, anyways just wanted to let you know. Other than that keep up the good work :)
suc mydic (2 months ago)
Anyone knows Monster Cocks 2 release date?
Alex Neale (2 months ago)
gameranx cant believe re2 remake never got a mention.
Bubble Hustle (2 months ago)
Take this L
Felipe Fourt (5 hours ago)
this games look great, but I aint buying shit until I see the release version, games never look like they did at the E3 trailer. developers are all scumbags
Telediario LA 5a (1 day ago)
Ghost of tsushima
El Guapo (3 days ago)
Session and Dying light 2 not coming out for PS4?...
lewis evans (3 days ago)
Just gonna put this out there, where's the shadow of Rome remake?! Where are all the gladiator games this is an entire genre completely void for generations!!
unsolvedmurder1 (3 days ago)
so you review 5 games, shuffle the rest and get a bunch of views due to the title. great work
David Whitworth (4 days ago)
Great video but the way you pronounce "Tenchu" makes my ears bleed... holy shit, I kept watching and then you butchered Anime names...
Anti - Butas (4 days ago)
Did he pronounce it ten ku instead of ten tsu?
Edler Scrolls 6 is going to be sick
Zélina Preschia (6 days ago)
LOL the only interesting game of the xbox one is Forza Horison 4 LOL!
Frog Legs (7 days ago)
Twin miro looks cool
Ender Heroes (7 days ago)
Smash ultimate?
Astar Plays (7 days ago)
Where is astroneer ;(
Cael Rowley (7 days ago)
For shadows die twice, From Software were actually working on a Tenchu reboot, but through development they realised it was unique enough to become its own ip so they pivoted and turned the Tenchu reboot into shadows die twice. That is why everyone is getting that Tenchu vibe/inspiration from the gameplay footage because it very much is based on Tenchu
MLGkicks6947 (8 days ago)
So, you guys forgot Smash ultimate. How disappointing....
Bring back contra
Michael Tabor (10 days ago)
Dead or alive fuck yes!!!
Thrizzeat (10 days ago)
When he was talking about Sekiro, was he saying "tin-ku"? Was he trying to say Tenchu, pronounced "tin-chew"? Also, why does he always sounds so disinterested, or like he doesn't even like games at times?
Dipo Mollah (10 days ago)
LeRoy Drums (11 days ago)
Dying light 2 also on all 3 platforms pc,xboxone,ps4
LeRoy Drums (11 days ago)
Devil may cry 5 is coming for PC too ...you only put xbox and ps4
Cloud Striker (12 days ago)
BRo.... Fantastic video and genuine commentary
Kronuss Cassius (12 days ago)
Why do you say Luffy like that, wth.
TheRealLitenith (14 days ago)
When you say Tenku, Do u mean Tenchu?😅I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it like that before
Emanuel volt (16 days ago)
I rarely get impressed now days the only game that got me is cyberpunk 2077 and my long favorite elder scrolls
Cryian Sky (17 days ago)
new games? every single one looks like games from 1980-1990 lol, who the hell plays those games today???
Bodygourdroyal 3 (18 days ago)
Skyrim 2.0 i hope
Farshad Soleimanpour (18 days ago)
AHSOKA TANO!!!!!!!!!! no? maybe? plEASE!?!
SovereignStout (19 days ago)
Monkey D. luhfy huh
switch (19 days ago)
don't understand why every dark hack and slash type game get's compared to dark souls i mean every bloody video
Hello I’m Crota (20 days ago)
Where is spyro
kayzoku1 (20 days ago)
>number one is not cyerpunk2077 but shitty Halo sequel I'm unsibscribing from you gameranx, you are clearly incompetent in gaming
Graveworth (20 days ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHA im sorry but I HAVE to laugh. From Software and "precision gameplay" does not go together in the same sentence. If you havent noticed NONE of their games have had precision gameplay. Precision gameplay means you need precision to be good. the Souls franchise in particular does not need any precision whatsoever. Tactics? Sure, Strategy? sure, Timing? Sure, Precision? Hell no.
Rupak kafle (20 days ago)
8:20 Nepalese flag :)
rednekdashie (21 days ago)
The Shonen jump crossover game looks like it take a lot of influence from the dragon ball z shin budokai games. I have been hyped for it, the promo cinematics have been out for a long time.
Morty Smith (22 days ago)
I clicked away as soon as he said Luffy (rhymes with fluffy) instead of Luffy (pronounced L-oo-phee)
BakedPotato Games (22 days ago)
I keep hoping for Viewtiful Joe Remaster or perhaps more Grandia to make an appearance one day. That would be awesome
Troll Gawd (22 days ago)
Cyberpunk 2077
Miss Mackenzie (22 days ago)
Overstatements (23 days ago)
I’ve never heard anyone say “fort-suh horizon” ever like ever.. how does that even happen...
beepbopvox123 i (24 days ago)
Zsavage1 (24 days ago)
WHAT!!!! 18:26? TitanFAIL1 and 2 they have not done anything to Titanfail 2 in over a year... same fuk'n maps.. NOTHING NEW.. NO BUG FIXES and you say it's good? you cannot be a real gamer... or you are very very new to gaming... oh ya and the EA ver of Star Wars BLOWS!!!!! I wasted money on both 1 and 2 and am sorry I did.. sounds are good.. but gameplay gets boring as hell after the first 10 mins... repetitive garbage
Zsavage1 (24 days ago)
when I saw what you were talking about on #12 first thing I thought of was a ripoff of Star Citizen... which would be fine by me seeing that the greedy Fuk Chris ended up making Star Citizen a PAY TO WIN game... I was so excited for it and then he went and totally destroyed the game.. so anyway.. I hope #12 is a huge ripoff of star citizen...
Dillinger John (25 days ago)
Dillinger John (25 days ago)
Fucking battletoads!!!!
H3_Jinxx (25 days ago)
Elder scrolls blades is coming out on semptember 1st
nick junior (25 days ago)
what? horizon 3 has pc crossplay already
A Duck (26 days ago)
"Ten-Koo" ....
Jay Hovah (26 days ago)
The only hack n slash arcade game I can think of is gauntlet..
Blue Guy (26 days ago)
He didn’t say luffy right
PepeZeFrog (26 days ago)
Halo in first, wow. Who even cares about Halo?
Boogatyga French (26 days ago)
Ghost of Tsushima or whatever??? Looks incredible.
CK_32 (27 days ago)
Is there a game you "aren't going to play"? You sucked the ass of every game you listed.
Stress_ Free_Rafy (27 days ago)
Spidey fans, two more weeks!
Alan Fike (27 days ago)
Assassins' Creed: Origins is "the best Assassins Creed game in quite a while"!? I couldn't disagree more. The gameplay and item gathering in Origins is sloppy as all hell to the point that a third of your time is rummaging through all the crap you've picked up with the hope that *something* in there is superior to what you're already using. The skill tree is an abomination. There is hardly anything in the skill tree to look forward to unlocking, but rather very basic abilities that arguably should be available at the start of the game, and of course, understandably, you have to haul ass to get those upgrade points, but if the reward isn't worth the trouble, what have you got? A waste of time. Alright, so the story and the characters are pretty great. I'll trade that for gameplay akin to, yes, even Syndicate -- where you unlock some pretty nifty abilities throughout the game. And then there's like you said about the combat, which is also atrocious. Sure, Syndicate's combat looked silly at times (when a combo doesn't go into a brief, cool cutscene), especially compared to the previous titles in the series, but at least it worked in its environment. I think they wanted Assassins' Creed to be more like Dark Souls, when they were two completely different premises of games. Origins is the first Assassins' Creed game -- and I've played through almost all of them -- that I just abandoned and deleted to make space on my PS4 for a better game. Odyssey looks no different. I hope it bombs and they go back to what has worked for so many years.
Ape King (27 days ago)
It’s monkey d luuuuuuufy
The 3 Fr33m4nn (27 days ago)
Doom: Eternal should’ve been in the top 5
Barry Butler (27 days ago)
why is there a mouse on the screen i got confused af
Kev Mon (27 days ago)
Tenchu pronounced Ten chew and Forza is For-za not fortsa like damn triggered af
Visco (27 days ago)
wtf where is spiderman
Logan Butcher (27 days ago)
Ellena Parr (28 days ago)
its forZA not fortsa
Phyco Buzzaxe21 (28 days ago)
alexandurr dolphin (28 days ago)
how come noones talking about world war z :'(
KiNGSTONbg_ (28 days ago)
Whatever... when these games will recommend a 10,000$ budget PC config.
Gamers and otakus Den (29 days ago)
Elder scrolls six not the first? Bullshit
R.J. Maloney (29 days ago)
Your voice sounds so much like Louis CK
Bobby Chudoba (30 days ago)
Scorn, beyond good and evil 2, the division 2,cyberpunk 2077, anthem, death stranding,resident evil 2, shadow of the tomb raider, the last of us part 2, red dead redemption, generation zero, world War z, fallout 76,rage 2,project wight, Metro exodus. Just to name a few more to the list.
Itskindafunny (1 month ago)
Assassin's creed series drops games so fast I really feel like I don't even have a chance to getting into it, and I don't know why they don't make a Revenge of the Sith type Star wars again that shit was amazing. Black ops 4 dropping I think I'll wait.
Spooky Boogie (1 month ago)
Didn't even know that star wars game was being made tbh
myke (1 month ago)
the way how u pronounce some of the name is just horrible. really horrible shame on u
treefiddytwo (1 month ago)
i want Session to fail so bad because xbox is trash but we’ve been deprived of semi decent skateboarding games for years
StormShadowGFX (1 month ago)
If we can just get X-wing VS Tie-Fighter remake with VR support.
Ace (1 month ago)
Monkey D Laffie : Bounty 10000000000000000!!!!
Shady Gamer (1 month ago)
Where was Cyberpunk 2077??
Tatsuya Namikawa (1 month ago)
"I love the Doom reboot okay, it just worked..." I see what you did there
yolospiders 1 (1 month ago)
Where is beyond good and evil 2!!
bashredpath (1 month ago)
I wish consoles would stop competing and just be there own thing there clearly not created equal they all have there merits and down falls all have great games . They all deserve the championship belts of there types . Like Nintendo is geared towards family and children . Xbox is geared toward adults and older teens . And Sony is geared to younger teens and adults . Seems like they try to out do each other and ultimately fail eventually. Just be the best at the games that made them famous that's where they all shine .
G Man (1 month ago)
JUMP FORCE looks Like gta wid mods lol
Glitch itt (1 month ago)
I saw the thumbnail and thought it was a new boxing game. Guess not :{[
RayRae 559 (1 month ago)
Tokyo? Really? Dude ran past an American Flag bruhh...... Haahah!
NYCEONE (1 month ago)
Seems to favor Microsoft......
Absolute Gaming (1 month ago)
They better be paying Macauley Culkin royalties/compensation for using his likeness for Captain Spirit if they arent already. Looks JUST like him from Home Alone, and hes broke, so a lawsuit is imminent 🤣
kitty_playz69 (1 month ago)
This event sounds fun when is there gonna be an E4
Is Awesome (1 month ago)
Fallout 5 is not that good but fallout 6, yeah that game is really something.
High FALLING_GUMBALLS (1 month ago)
Uncle Daddy (1 month ago)
2018-2020 are the years of gaming
Kai Sui (1 month ago)
sooo good
Adam Othman (1 month ago)
A new ninja gaiden game might come in the future because Ryu is in Dead or Alive
Chad Muskaa (1 month ago)
David Nicholas (1 month ago)
Battle Toads speeder/hover bike... I actually cried tears of rage as a 10 year old.
Detox Sx (1 month ago)
when he said tenkoo i was like....."was there a ninja game i missed...." im glad he meant tenchu not alot of people mention it these days. albeit he made a error in saying the name eh i can look passed it.....kinda
BT Gaming (1 month ago)
FlySpyGuy (1 month ago)
So...the freaking Spartans...were 'assassins'? No. No, they weren't Ubisoft.
Derp Burger (1 month ago)
Dying light 2 only on Xbox is bs I have one but I’d rather play ps
Absolute Gaming (1 month ago)
Derp Burger That really is bs. You're either trolling or misinformed. I'll be playing on PS4... just sayin
Christian Magine (1 month ago)
Fallout 76???
Mavric Marvel (1 month ago)
Hitman 2, Hitman 2
stemiplays (1 month ago)
control,ACO,doom eternal,dying light 2,these im after from your list but aditionally also after cyberpunk 2077 and rage 2
dzulsffril (1 month ago)
i spy a cursor 16:20
Javier Herrera (1 month ago)
Battle toads is boss I like how they showed up in ready player one"

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