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GTA: Liberty City Stories - Final Mission - The Sicilian Gambit (Ending)

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► GTA: Liberty City Stories - Full Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKFPHM0tJAYiV5GoWx4IvPWvx7ITM-IYu Developer: Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar North Publisher: Rockstar Games Platform: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 (PSN) Release date: PlayStation Portable: October 24, 2005 Playstation 2: June 6, 2006, Playstation 3 (PSN) April 2, 2013 Genre: Action-adventure Mode: Single-player, multiplayer ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------ ● Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ACmanish ● Like me on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/152aYdf
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Text Comments (377)
chember of gates (4 days ago)
Do u have gta lcs classic or gta lcs premium
*_I finish all of the missions by myself last 2 years on our psp_*
Barakat Electro (23 days ago)
SoaR (25 days ago)
You're a good shinebox but shame on you..
Busʜɪ 1͎9͎7͎ (1 month ago)
iwan setiawan (1 month ago)
I like music kjah
Gustas Gamer (1 month ago)
waleed shahab (1 month ago)
Death of final boss is similar to gta 3. Catalina also dies in a helicopter.
S NC (2 months ago)
3:03 nice death
Perumal Vee (2 months ago)
11:55 gay
Dark Jerwin Quijada (2 months ago)
I play that mission so hard but I finish it
Dark Jerwin Quijada (2 months ago)
I play this on my Psp My psp is broke
Rizky Arifin (2 months ago)
4:01 Light camera action!!!
Braadley gamitardfu (2 months ago)
I came back because I missed the old days where I used to play this game rite after schul
OldSport 109 (2 months ago)
This mission reminds me of Last Chinatown Wars Mission where you get to kill Kenny
Kinda Freakz (2 months ago)
how to get this game on pc? or is there a pc version of this game?
Billy The Kid (2 months ago)
Salvatore is my favourite character and toni is my second favourite
Ty Nguyen (3 months ago)
I see James Bond instead of Toni C
Rizky Arifin (3 months ago)
6:46 Mass Kill
Noriln Jalal (3 months ago)
Toni GETS FAT 3 years later And motorcycle GOT REMOVED
Pixel Azod (3 months ago)
LOL same like GTALC Ending Destroy A Helicopter too
Danie Iring (3 months ago)
Is that salvadore??
world of game (3 months ago)
I want to download gta liberty city stories original on media fire
Terrance Maulana (4 months ago)
huuuh...GTA 3 was betta than ths i bet
Carl Johnson (4 months ago)
Its obvious this game is based on GodFather
Hard Luck (4 months ago)
Nice gameplay
ThugCookie (4 months ago)
why did he only give him half a million?
Driftking 24 (4 months ago)
How many basterd are there??U kill one of them and another come up and bite ur ass!!!!
A_ ZerØ (5 months ago)
Bro I finished this game on my PSP without knowing the full story..........
A_ ZerØ (4 months ago)
Mighty Man nc xd
Mighty Man (4 months ago)
Absolute ZerØ I had finished this game yesterday on my psp 5 hour with cheat codes
Lakshman Paswan (5 months ago)
thanks for showing
FazbearGaming95 (5 months ago)
Sadly the Cahallan Bridge doesn't open for pedestrians in this game.
Claude speed
DarthMocha (5 months ago)
It's kind of neat that both GTA3 and GTA LCS end with shooting down helicopters.
AiBurno (5 months ago)
Respect +
K T RED (5 months ago)
Hey can please you give me the link for this game
Josh Banks (5 months ago)
the_ RED its on psp
a cute pest (5 months ago)
LorentiuCabral (6 months ago)
I finnished this game 3-4 years ago :D ( PSP) So many Memories!
Jared Cortes (6 months ago)
the ending is weak as hell.
SoaR (25 days ago)
Too short too basic
Preet Sharan (6 months ago)
loved playing this game. First gta game
ha gta 3 i have finished now i am going to finish gta 5 and 4 hahahahaha
Neon Gameplays (6 months ago)
2:29 ammo: 666-18 xD
3:18 トイレカード!
Raul Martinez (6 months ago)
That ending sucked for Toni. Salvatore promises Toni a couple million and he goes out of his way to help Salvatore only to get half a million.
Raul Martinez Which is why I'm glad that Salvatore got killed on GTA 3, because on this last mission of GTA: LCS he made an ass out of Toni for no reasons & Toni doesn't deserve it/that.
Muhammad Abba Gana (6 months ago)
Oh the memories.
Jazzy Extesa (6 months ago)
Good times with this game. All the special vehicles I collected and the missions,so nostalgic.
Grove Street 4 Life (5 months ago)
Jade Villamor the bulletproof landstalker is the best special vehicle i've got
Mohammed hamed (7 months ago)
Salvatore = we all want peace but my peace not their fucking peace
Carl Johnson (7 months ago)
Based on The GodFather
sonu singh (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/Z39QTlN_HS4 come here if you wish to download vc stories and liberty city stories exyracted
sonu singh (7 months ago)
Sorry extracted in ppsspp
PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1 (7 months ago)
How come it looks worse visually than orignal GTA III
Giwrgos Heraklion (7 months ago)
but my game say 46% and this is my last mission wtf?
Mighty Man (4 months ago)
Giwrgos Heraklion same on my psp 3006
Giwrgos Heraklion (7 months ago)
Đạt Thành ok thanks bro
Đạt Thành (7 months ago)
Giwrgos Heraklion There is a lot hidden things in the game like rampage, hidden package... 100% When you done all of it.
Xenon Agoncillo (7 months ago)
I miss LCS now...
Bat But True (7 months ago)
ended this game with a cheat
TheGeekDuke (3 months ago)
Bat But True I played the entire game with cheats 😉
TEXAS MADE ME (7 months ago)
Where da fuck is all ds boats coming from
Goro Harumichi98 (7 months ago)
After all that, Sal screwed it up by crossing crossing Claude. Honestly I would have loved to see what happened to the remnants of the Forelli Family(how many brothers got whacked lol)and who took the helm of the Leone family.
T-G_STEVE (1 month ago)
Goro Harumichi98 Tony took control of the Leone family.
Claudiu (7 months ago)
11:13 "Every dog has his day", Claude from GTA 3 nicknamed Fido kills Salvatore Leone :)
Claudiu (7 months ago)
Massimo Torini has the same ending as Catalina by helicopter being destroyed by a rocket launcher :)
Silent Ghost96 (8 months ago)
The song that plays in the radio in the boat chase just fits so well
Psycho Santanero714 (8 months ago)
Tony looks like Al Neri
Louis CZ (8 months ago)
who play this game on PC ? 😀
Đạt Thành (7 months ago)
Played on PPSSPP, an emulator to play psp game.
Louis CZ (7 months ago)
DroidTech but ive got it. It is only a mod for vice city but its awesome
DroidTech (7 months ago)
Louis CZ there is no pc version
Louis CZ (8 months ago)
MobileGamingLV ....And it looks better :)
Mobile Gamer (8 months ago)
Louis CZ I play on android. On mobile have a better graphics than psp and ps2.
Louis CZ (8 months ago)
1:13 the last words which Uncle Leone said were the reference to Gta 3 mission where you have to kill Salvatore, So he ,,predicted" the Dead of Leone Family Don.
Gib Bar (6 months ago)
Yeah, because that mission was the only way Salvatore will fall. Because dying is very hard these days.
Christopher Comilang (8 months ago)
Doon pala sa Liberty City kumikidlat parang Pangasinan sunod-sunod ang kidlat sa Pangasinan kumikidlat in Pangasinan as na yung pangalan niya tapos meron pang pampam pampam Lele na yung manok kumakanta ng lalo na yung manok yung Pangasinan tapos doon yung ulan Nung una wala ng kidlat pero nagka kidlat yung ulan umuulan nag kabit kabit nagkabit may Casio tone yung Liberty City ano pa yung baril kumikinig kidlatan yung baril tapos sabi ni tatay wag baka Barilin si tatay ng nawasa may dalang baril yung nawasa pagkatapos ano pa ba ang sumasakay ng kotse yung Pangasinan pagkatapos yung sunod nun yung Liberty City lumulubog sa tunnel sa ilalim ng dagat may tunnel tapos meron pang dumating si lyndle Binay Bret anyo ng lobo ng robot kaya sabi ng Robot sabi ng robot tapos move damo damo damo damo tapos sumunod pumunta na sa kasuotan niyong GTA at nakinig pa siya ng golds sound pagkatapos nung nakinig yung kasuotan ng gold sound eagle flying pamagat pero hindi pala eagle fly sleeping satellite yung pamagat nung tugtog na galit si ano Nagalit si Tony doon sa Casio tone sabi ni Tony sa cashier Tol bakit ka nakikinig ng eagle flying eagle flying pamagat yan ang pamagat niyan Ay ano'i sleeping satellite hehehe Mali mali naman yung tugtog mo Sabi mo kasi eagle fly magi-guilty yun istorbo ka sa lakaran namin Ang tagal mo kasing tumae habang nakikinig ay dapat hindi ka nakikinig ng gold sound habang tumatakbo ka sa lakad namin papuntang Pangasinan kumikidlat nga dun sa Pangasinan dadalhin mo pa yung sahod mo sa Pangasinan tapos tapos nilagyan mo pa ng toy man yung radyo mamaya Malakas yun at masira yung 244 ng radyo sa toy Man kaya dito na nagtatapos yung kuwento ng Liberty City parang Pangasinan na kumikidlat
Declan Stewart (8 months ago)
I first played this game when i was 9, Im 21 now and to this day i still have no idea who the old guy was at the end, The one who sounds like the Emperor from star wars
FreakLabo (28 days ago)
He's O'Donovan
Swep (9 months ago)
666-30 🌚
thompys (9 months ago)
"Every dog has his day"...fact
Rockstar Mobile (9 months ago)
I have this game on my iPhone. It has better graphics and framerate.
InoueSasuke 3 (9 months ago)
The best gta ever
CharizardThree 3 (9 months ago)
still better than gta 5
FreakLabo (28 days ago)
You sick of the head.
Javier Peralta (9 months ago)
The fucking Sicilian mafia has its own Navy it seems
Fabio moscadelli (9 months ago)
funny cause vic vance and cipriani look like shit in gta 3 and vice city
Xavier Lapis (10 months ago)
I love how scripted it is when you reached the boat
N A I M H (10 months ago)
im dead when im want kill torini..damn it
One common boi (10 months ago)
Did anyone notice that his m16 ammo was 666?
Hey bruh gta liberty city stories have released for android also
Gib Bar (6 months ago)
Yeah, no shit.
Thomas Davis (10 months ago)
I know this video is old but did you buy the PSP version on the PSN store on the PS3?
Christian Boral (10 months ago)
He can only make video in gta mission
Christian Boral (10 months ago)
But the screen is same as yours
Christian Boral (10 months ago)
Guys i play that in psp
Frank Medgyesi (11 months ago)
"You're a good kid, Toni."
Frank Medgyesi (11 months ago)
I bet you were sweating a lot when you saw Sal running in in front of you just before you shot the heli at 8:55
KAHLEE TV (11 months ago)
I played this on psp and beated the whole game
I AM Batman (11 months ago)
Cliché!!!!!! One of the worst game play experience ever in gaming history!!!!! No offense, you did good but this game is one of the worst I played, worst scenario, worst graphics, worst physics, worst logic, worst everything, VC and VCS were better though most of VCS's characters died in VC but the story was better but same bad gameplay experience and bad character design and it didn't make any sense that Lance the junkie stops snorting while Victor the straight who's true love died because of the drugs and drug wars becomes a Colombian junkie, doesn't make any sense and Victor is my 2nd favorite GTA protagonist while my 1st favorite GTA protagonist is Tommy Vercetti but Victor Vance is a good man inside and that makes him the best character in GTA history because he's not dead inside.
Heelal K (11 months ago)
Please give link to download this game for Android
Josh Banks (5 months ago)
Heelal K google play
XXX TENSTACIO (1 year ago)
The Real Legend Tony!
neneng aryani (1 year ago)
Gta Indonesian
neneng aryani (1 year ago)
Goncalo Silva (1 year ago)
Campa bobstar1523 (1 year ago)
2007 when I first played this game good old memories ❤
QueenNabilah Gaming (1 year ago)
I had this game on my psp
mike zilla (1 year ago)
What I didn't like about this game, was the fact That Toni wasn't a boss. A guy like him should've bossed up instead of continuing to be treated like a lil boy. To me, out off all GTA antagonists from the ps2, Vic and Carl was the only two guys that really bossed up, owning businesses and leading their own operations.
A Human (2 months ago)
Uhhcallmejefe (2 months ago)
mike zilla tommy
Trevor Smith (3 months ago)
mike zilla you mean protagonists
Tyler Payment (6 months ago)
mike zilla I believe you mean protagonists? Big difference
beef at SGC (7 months ago)
mike zilla Claude
Jacob Richardson (1 year ago)
To me my goal I'm going to complete LCS 100% Great final mission
The Amazing Boy JM (1 year ago)
I really love the friendship between Toni and Salavotore !
Supreme Gamer (1 year ago)
I just came apon this video when I literally just completed the game..😂
Expand Carp (1 year ago)
The fucking ending is just
cocoy martin (1 year ago)
4:05 the music fits perfectly
HIGH ROLLER GAMER (2 months ago)
Barça legacy football (8 months ago)
cocoy martin yes
Mej Arnon Von Enot (1 year ago)
thanks for uploading this bro I remember my great game hehe
Gino Arigo (1 year ago)
Honestly this was the most anti-climactic final mission in thr series.
Nightmare Infernus (1 year ago)
Toni is the most Badass character ever!!
Daddy Dallas (3 months ago)
After playing all the gta games (except the 2D ones) I can confidently say that every single protagonist is badass in their own way. Claude is one fucking scary motherfucker. He doesn't talk at all and his facial expression is the same all the time no matter what situation. After a while when I was playing as him I noticed what a terrifying creep he actually is. And Tony is a goddamn psycho as well. He acts a bit classy since he is a Mafioso and all but his actions are really disturbing. Like butchering that chubby guy (forgot his name) and selling it to the butcher so that probably other people buy the human meat and eat it or like fucking blowing up an entire district in the city what must have caused thousands of civilian casualties and he doesn't give a shit. It's up to us to decide who is the best out of all. It's completely subjective. Niko will probably always be on the top of my list but when I recently decided to play and finish GTA 3 for the first time, Claude really climbed up the ladder in my list. He has earned my respect.
Fernando Lopez (6 months ago)
Niko Bellic.
wfan king (6 months ago)
In your dreams, Claude is a mute loser. CJ beat Claude, CJ can kill Claude. Even Claude Speed from GTA 2 > Claude from GTA 3!
wfan king (7 months ago)
Claude is a joke, CJ beat him in a race and if they ever to fight finishes him with one mega punch! Claude cant even swim, mute loser! Even Claude Speed from GTA 2 is better than Claude from GTA 3!
beef at SGC (7 months ago)
Pupaley Claude would kill CJ
FallenThunderFlash 18 (1 year ago)
Man wish i had one loyal guy like him lol
Kim (1 year ago)
i love how that song always plays in the boat chase
Soulless guy (1 year ago)
I am the only one here who thinks torino looks like Josef stalin?
Endertastics Ender (2 months ago)

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