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Yeoman Warden At Tower Of London, Part II Of Four
A Yeoman Warder (Beefeater) tour guide keeps the crowd smiling and laughing during a Thursday, December 9, 2010 visit to the Tower of London by Jerry and Judy Clark
Views: 2066782 Jerry Clark
Tower of London,Royal Guard
Garda Regala Turnul Londrei
Views: 85638 Finis Bogdan
Make Way for Queen's Guards!... At the Tower of London, England.
ROYAL GUARDS INSPECTION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CKH4sAK9zE Make Way for Queen's Guards!... At the Tower of London, England. Queen's Guards of the Tower of London shout when they leave for people to move aside.
Views: 1004321 Mind Blowing
England the Tower of London Make Way for Queen's Guards Trooping The Colour The British Grenadiers
didiaurich Queen's Guard the Tower of London Inspektion of the Royal Guard Inspection de la Garde Royale The Life Guards Wache
Views: 110699 Diedrich Saathoff
Changing of the Guard @ The Tower of London
The ravens watch the changing of the guard from the comfort of their special perch. https://www.facebook.com/mesmoland https://www.flickr.com/photos/mesmoland/sets
Views: 1396 mesmoland
TOWER OF LONDON: Scotts Guards RED COATS UK Soldier shift change
http://www.magicalray.com While at the Tower of London I was fortunate enough to watch a shift change for the Scotts Guard. In the distance you will notice the Shard
Views: 6167 magicalraydotcom
Guards at the Tower of London
We visited the Tower of London, during our vacation to London. It plays a significant role in England's history. It was where Anne Boleyn was crowned and beheaded. It was also where many other important people were imprisoned. It also is where the Crown Jewels are kept and can be viewed by the public. This video is of the guards at the Tower of London
Views: 119086 Married2Travel
Tower of London Guard FALLS
Guard at the Tower of London SLIPS AND FALLS!! Funny video, filmed it over the Summer (It happens towards the end of the video)
Views: 183625 aptw
Queens Color Guard at the Tower of London
For our 25th anniversary trip, finally got a close up of the Queen's Color Guard at the Tower of London. This guy never speaks, but he is a fully operationally trained soldier, and not just a cute English policeman wearing a fancy outfit. :)
Views: 3220 TheyLoveToSing
Yeoman of  the tower of London Tour Brilliant and Funny
You have to watch The Brilliant and funny Yeoman of the tower of London full of history and One liners PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND GIVE ME A THUMBS UP THANKS AGAIN FOR WATCHING HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE VIDEO.
Views: 310420 p mett
Don't Mess With The Queens Guard | Best Funny Compilation
This funny compilation of "Don't mess with the Queens Guard" is brought to you by https://goo.gl/nQVyG1 30-day unlimited music streaming. Don't Mess With The Queens Guard A sentry will be on duty "at their post" for a two hour period. Every 10 minutes, he comes to attention, slopes arms and does a march of 15 paces across the area of the post. Each sentry will do this four to five times before halting. He will then shoulder arms and stand at ease. Standing "easy" is not permitted whilst a sentry is at post. Orders for sentry duty read out before each 2 hour 'tour of duty', make it clear to each individual that: "you may not eat, sleep, smoke, stand easy, sit or lie down during your tour of duty".[17] Sentries receive instruction on how to eliminate nuisance or any suggestion of threat from members of the public. There is a protocol they follow which begins with "stamping" (coming to attention sharply). He will also shout: "Stand back from the guard" or words to that effect. If this does not eliminate the nuisance or threat he will repeat the stamp and shout again. If the nuisance or threat still does not cease the sentry will assume the position of "port arms" whereby he points his rifle at the source of the interference with his duties. If these warnings are not heeded the sentry then has the choice of detaining the person(s) himself or pressing the button in his sentry box to summon assistance.[17] If a person or persons step in front of a sentry while he is marching he will shout: "Make way for the Queen's guard". (Or Castle guard/Tower of London guard/Windsor Castle guard etc.). While The Foot Guards are also fully operational soldiers, part of their duties is guarding The Queen and her residences. The duty of mounting 'Queen's Guard' as it is known within the Army is one which many also take on with great pride. The guards remain a fully functional part of royal defences though through the years they have become a tourist attraction. Although formerly the guards were able to be positioned among the public, in recent times, more and more of the sentry posts have been moved away from the public because of incidents involving tourists interfering with the guards' job. Most recently, the sentry posts at Clarence House were moved behind a chain linked fence when a guardsman in the Coldstream Guards assaulted a tourist who was mocking him, pretending to march alongside him and eventually grabbing the shoulder on which his rifle was resting. In London, the only open sentry posts remaining not usually behind any sort fence are those at the Pall Mall entrance to St James's Palace. This video - http://youtu.be/uJItr23jsxw ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video will be of interest to people searching for: Queens Guard video Queens Guard videos Dont mess with the Queens Guard Queens Guard funny video Queens Guard compilation video Englands Queen video This video - http://youtu.be/uJItr23jsxw
Views: 3672877 Dynamo Success
An idiot in the Tower of London
An idiot in the Tower of London is trying to copy the guards... But, unfortunetly, someone is watching !!!!
Views: 522450 ron1elen
Guards at the tower of London
Guards at the tower marching with rifles
Views: 140120 tonytrucker64
Tower of London changing of the guard HRH Crown Jewels
note 3 female soldiers at arms
Views: 191 S. Andrews
Yeoman Warden At Tower Of London, Part 1 Of Four
A Yeoman Warder (Beefeater) tour guide keeps the crowd smiling and laughing during a Thursday, December 9, 2010 visit to the Tower of London by Jerry and Judy Clark.
Views: 781925 Jerry Clark
Tower of London guard speaks angry to tourists, English Queen's guard verbal attacks tourist
A British Tower of London foot guard gets angry and speaks to kids. Nice vocabulary mr royal guard!! How to make a guard angry? I don't know what started this, probably a remark by one of the boys. Queens Guard vs. kid. Queen's Guard attacks kids verbal More funny videos on www.surffavorites.com !!! Tower of London mówi strażnik zły turystów, angielskim Queen's Guard słowne ataki turystycznych Torre de Londres guarda fala aos turistas irritados, Guarda Inglês Queen's turístico ataques verbais Rozśmieszyli strażnika Tower of London bewachen spricht zornig Touristen, Englisch Queen's Guard verbalen Attacken Tourist Tour de garde Londres parle à des touristes en colère, en anglais Queen's Guard touristiques verbale attaques Torre de guardia de Londres habla a los turistas enojado, Inglés turístico de la Reina de la Guardia ataques verbales 倫敦塔守衛說話的憤怒的遊客,英國女王的警衛口頭攻擊遊客 Tower of London vakt talar till arga turister, engelska Queen's Guard verbala attacker turist Kulla e Londrës roje flet për turistët zemëruar, Garda verbale anglisht Queen's turistike sulmeve Menara penjaga berbicara kepada pelancong marah, Inggeris Ratu pelancongan Guard serangan verbal Londra muhafız Kulesi, öfkeli turistleri İngilizce Queen's Guard sözlü saldırılar turizm konuşuyor ロンドンガードのタワーは、怒っている観光客に英語の女王のガード口頭攻撃観光を話す برج حراسة لندن يتحدث للسياح غاضبة والإنجليزية الملكة الحرس السياحية الهجمات الكلامية Πύργος του προφυλακτήρα Λονδίνο μιλάει θυμωμένο τουρίστες, Φρουρά λεκτική τουριστικά αγγλικά της Βασίλισσας επιθέσεις 런던 타워 가드의 화가 관광객 영어 여왕의 가드 언어적 공격 관광을 말하고 טורעם פון לאָנדאָן היטן רעדט צו בייז טוריס, ענגליש מלכּה ס גאַרדलंदन के टावर गार्ड गुस्सा पर्यटकों के लिए बोलता है, अंग्रेजी रानी के रक्षक मौखिक हमलों पर्यटक London guardia Tower da turista haserre hitz egiten du, queen buckingham palice kate middleton wedding wiliam duke dutchess cornwall hats fasion victoria beckham style david wed marry married
Views: 333269 Surffavorites
Life Guards England Tower of London Make Way for Queen's Guards Trooping British Coldstream Guards
DidiAurich YouTube Queen's Coldstream Guards the Tower of London Inspektion of the Royal Guard Inspection de la Garde Royale The Life Guards Wache Coldstream Guards ist der Name eines Gardegrenadier-Regiments der britischen Armee, das zur Gardedivision Guards Division gehört Musik: Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate Scorefitter Viele weitere Videos auf: Many more videos on: Beaucoup plus de vidéos sur: Muchos más vídeos sobre: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=UUHWO7NLNEZZNUyf4k6I19ww . http://youtu.be/kuZEutN8GxU
Views: 172 Diedrich Saathoff
Rare footage of RAF regiment changing of guard at tower of london.
Rare footage of RAF regiment changing of the guard, it is rare for them to be the royal guards, this role is normally preformed by the 5 foot regiments of British army. 1080p.
Views: 5885 Philip
Tower of London guards
Guards changing at the Tower
Views: 93924 RavinRavenclaw
A Tower of London Queens Guard protects his post
A Queens Guard at the Tower of London marches back and forth
Views: 12065 Adam Tiberi
Grenadier Guards - Tower of London - 2 July 2013
As it is officially one of The Queen's Royal Residences within the London District of the British Army, along with Buckingham Palace, St James's Palace and Windsor Castle, the Tower of London receives a detachment from one of the Regiments of Foot Guards of the Household Division (Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish or Welsh Guards). The regiment is whichever is simultaneously mounting guard at Buckingham Palace and St James's Palace on that day. There are two sentry posts, one at the Jewel House guarding the Crown Jewels, and one at The Queen's House which contains apartments for some of the residents of The Tower. Sentries are inspected and relieved every two hours. This is in addition to the Yeoman Warders, commonly known as "Beefeaters", who are retired British Army Senior Non Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers (Sergeant to Regimental Sergeant Major ranks). Whilst officially responsible for protecting the Crown Jewels with the Foot Guards, Yeoman Warders also conduct guided tours of the Tower, some tours being truly enormous in size, requiring a Warrant Officer's throw of voice! MORE FOOT GUARDS VIDEOS COMING JULY 2015 - SUBSCRIBE
Views: 52333 GrenadierGuardsDmr
Tower of London - changing of the guard
Taken in May 2012 while visiting the Tower of London in England. Stopped to watch these guys after I heard all the commotion. These guys are very serious and do a great job.. Well done!!! If you ever go to London the Tower is a MUST!!!!
Views: 121240 grizzlyrafting
Views: 21459 alex24fr
Tower of London Changing of The Guard UK
Great spectacular video of the Tower of London Changing of The Queens Guard.
Views: 211 Donz Cool Vids
Changing the Guard at Tower of London
Changing the Guard at Tower of London
Views: 32333 kaypoon08
Tower of London Change of Guards
At Tower of London Change of Guards.
Views: 2845 Shiran De Silva
Guard at Tower of London
guard at the tower of london
Views: 3108 yourheromad
http://www.hrp.org.uk/TowerOfLondon/ TOWER OF LONDON CHANGING OF THE GUARDS ...FEATURING LADY TAMRYN B. ...JULY 25,2014 20140725 150025
Views: 63958 ram dee dee
English Guards at Tower of London
It was interesting to see the English guards at the London Bridge/Tower of London.
Views: 1304 Gee Gios
Don't Mess With The Queen's Guards!
A girl throws her glove at the guard and wants him to get it.
Views: 1530704 C C
Tower of London.Guard
Views: 660 denis Ko
Coldstream Guards changing of the guard at the Tower of London 1987
Number 1 Company of the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards changing of the guard at the Tower of London 1987, old guard is the Cheshire Regiment.
Views: 7707 Pete Will
Guards at the Tower of London
I was in London for thanksgiving
Views: 151 Thebradyman1273
Yeoman Warder and Guards
At the Tower of London on the 22nd of April 2012
Views: 14268 happy2405
Changing of the guard at the Tower of London.
"see title"
Views: 696 Mo13ert
The Queens Guards put on a show at the Tower of London
Views: 517 Cheval Residences
Changing of the Guard at the Tower of London
Changing of the Guard at the Tower of London
Views: 2704 Scott Smith
Queen's guard at the Tower of London. London, England, United Kingdom. 🇬🇧🇬🇧
4-23-16. Grumpy guard marching at the Tower of London in England. 🇬🇧🇪🇺💂🏻🇬🇧
Views: 25 Street Spitzley
Guards at Tower of London
Views: 4518 SaraMaeCole
Marching guard at the Tower of London
Guarding the Crown Jewels in the Waterloo Barracks
Views: 15 MollysVideo
Royal Guard at the Tower of London
Royal Guard beim Tower of London
Views: 134 Lereus09

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