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[PATCHED] TIPS ThirdPerson on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Hi (Sorry i forget turn off the radio) ! This is not a cheat ! it's a legal commands of Cs:go and you can do it. alias first "bind MOUSE4 firstperson; alias test third" alias third "bind MOUSE4 thirdpersonshoulder; alias test first" alias test "first" bind "MOUSE4" "test" This can be good for a movie :)
Views: 9111 Blitz
Bhop Scripts Css
Counter Strike Source turning Bhop script Helps you bhop, bhop servers and 280 Scoutzknivez servers are best to use them on This is the script copy and paste it to notepad: _________________________________________________________ //F2 toggles on / off. //This "script" binds A and D to turn in the same direction that you move. cl_yawspeed 170 //Aliases alias stops "-ll; -rr" alias +l "+left" alias -l "-left" alias +r "+right" alias -r "-right" alias mjump "bind mwheeldown +jump; bind mwheeldown +jump" alias +ll "+left; +moveleft" alias +rr "+right; +moveright" alias -ll "-left; -moveleft" alias -rr "-right; -moveright" alias rl "bind d +rr; bind a +ll" alias reg "bind a +moveleft; bind d +moveright" alias togglebhop "rl; bind f2 togglebhop2; mjump" alias togglebhop2 "reg; bind f2 togglebhop; mjump; stops" //Bind bind f2 "togglebhop" echo Nathan's bunny hop script is ready to go. echo REMEMBER: F2 toggles on / off. ______________________________________ save it to notepad bhop.cfg / all files steam/steamapps/username/css/cstrike/cfg type exec bhop in console to activate Press f2 to turn on and off, or you can change the button if you like Just press a and d and jump with scroll to bhop Add me steam : Vatan Empire for any questions Css in game names : Driftr and Skillz
Views: 6750 NathanBrahh
cs how use bhop automatic (no download)
//Bhop Script alias +bhop "alias _special jump;jump" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias jump "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" bind "space" "+bhop" 2. go to cs ant write console exec userconfig.cfg Have fun! :)
Views: 3937 jonas32680
CSS | Tutorial de como poner alias y binds modo consola
Agradecimientos a www.clan-cta.com y a el usuario CTA | Asteraki, por los binds y las configuraciones.
Views: 240 BL4SO
how to make bhop script for 1.6 cs
//Bhop Script alias +bhop "alias _special jump;jump" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias jump "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" bind "space" "+bhop"
Views: 507 Valentinocs1
CS:S Flawlees nade toss script (updated
//INSTALL NOTES: make a file in your Steam/steamapps/(userID)/counter-strike source/cstrike/cfg/ folder by the name of "autoexec.cfg", paste this goodness in there and u r good 2 go. //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //NADING alias +toss "-attack; play buttons/button9.wav;" alias -toss "bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" alias +flash "-attack; use weapon_flashbang; play npc/turret_floor/click1.wav;" alias -flash "+attack; bind f +toss; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" bind f +flash alias +boom "-attack; use weapon_hegrenade; play npc/turret_floor/click1.wav;" alias -boom "+attack; bind e +toss; bind f +flash; bind 4 +smoke;" bind e +boom alias +smoke "-attack; use weapon_smokegrenade; play npc/turret_floor/click1.wav;" alias -smoke "+attack; bind 4 +toss; bind e +boom; bind f +flash;" bind 4 +smoke //--------------------------------------------------------------------- //REMAPS(Required Part of the Script.) alias gun "slot1; -attack; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" alias pist "slot2; -attack; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" bind mwheelup gun bind mwheeldown pist alias back "lastinv; play npc/turret_floor/ping.wav; -attack; bind f +flash; bind 4 +smoke; bind e +boom;" bind q back alias one "slot1; -attack; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" alias two "slot2; -attack; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" alias three "slot3; -attack; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" alias five "slot5; -attack; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" bind 1 one bind 2 two bind 3 three bind 5 five bind alt +use alias +reload2 "-attack; +reload;" alias -reload2 "-reload; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" bind r +reload2 alias +fire "+attack; cl_crosshairsize 5;" alias -fire "-attack; cl_crosshairsize 1; bind f +flash; bind 4 +smoke; bind e +boom;" bind mouse1 +fire //----------------------------------------------------------------------- //INDICATORS play buttons/blip2.wav echo NadeScript Loaded //------------------------------------------------------------------------
Views: 991 ScriptedAction
Counter Strike Source Bind  & Unbind
bind TASTE BEFEHL oder bind TASTE "say TEXT" das erste nimmt man wenn man befehl ausüben will zb Admin menu kill etc das zweite nimmt man wenn ihr ein text habt er im Chat erscheinen soll ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ unbind TASTE unbind all Das erste Löscht eine Taste die man nicht mehr Braucht das zweite löscht alle Tasten
Views: 5666 Puma D Ace
Poradnik na auto bh do cs'a 1.6 NON STEAM
alias +bhop "alias _special @bhop;@bhop" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias @bhop "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump" bind "SPACE" "+bhop" To te komendy :d
Views: 8752 Kondzixon
Counter strike source Free bunnyhop script!!!. NO detected by valve!!!
link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ec7yc7gm2t9xnim Bhop script made by me, 100% allowed, can not be VAC banned, Enjoy. "Copyright will be frowned upon and action might be taken" Heres exactly whats in the file, just copy and paste. //Echo is what it will say in console when activated Echo "Pvt. Puffballs BunnyHop Script Loaded Successfully!" echo "To Enable, Press Your Home Button." echo "To Disable, Press Your End Button." echo "To Change The Binds, Just Pick Another Button! (Under the Change Binds Here...)" echo "To Jump, Scroll Down With Your Mouse Wheel." //The Bhop alias +bhopl "+left; wait; +moveleft" alias +bhopr "+right; wait; +moveright" alias -bhopl "-left; wait; -moveleft" alias -bhopr "-right; wait; -moveright" // Change Binds Here... bind "z" "bind a +bhopl; bind d +bhopr"; cl_yawspeed 310; echo Pvt. Puffballs BunnyHop Script Enabled! bind "alt" "bind a +moveleft; bind d +moveright; echo Parasite's BunnyHop Script Disabled!" bind mwheeldown +jump
Views: 2193 helptogamers
bind knapp cfg
hur man binder en knapp i cfg för dod´s
Views: 201 MeCheez
вот это добавте в кофинг и все и потом в кс страик ! //www.cs-strikez.clan.su clear echo "www.cs-strikez.clan.su best portal of cs" bind "SPACE" "+bhop" alias +bhop "alias _special @bhop;@bhop" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias @bhop "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump" и пишите в конселе exec 03.cfg
Views: 751 hediboom777
CSS | Tutorial de como poner alias y binds [Ejecución automatica]
Agradecimientos a www.clan-cta.com y a el usuario CTA | Asteraki, por los binds y las configuraciones.
Views: 210 BL4SO
sung trong cs1 1
Views: 153 kamdo1991
Counter Strike Source : binder une touche : bind "p" "spectate"
voici une video de moi ou j'ai binder ma touch p de mon clavier et je fais quelque blague a des potes ou inconnu :D
Views: 1939 Jordan Bonazzola
Bhop Script !  Made in Latvia :D
The config file copy this : //Bhop Script alias +bhop "alias _special jump;jump" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias jump "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" bind "space" "+bhop" Cool script Run Counter-Strike 1.6 and Join the server , and Press the button SPACE !! :D
Views: 173 2005igors
how to be a pro bhoper
//Bhop Script alias +bhop "alias _special jump;jump" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias jump "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" bind "space" "+bhop" :D:D:D:D:D
Views: 567 erik ussenko
CS: Nventor -3 on dd2
this frag is on "CODE FESTIVAL" vs High priority
Views: 304 Igor Dimeski
Half-life 2 Physics Manipulation Script
This is a demo of some script i made for half-life 2. the script i used was very basic, so to those that may wonder what it was, i'm releasing a basic version here: bind "b" "+freeze" alias "+freeze" "phys_timescale 0; say Frozen!" alias "-freeze" "phys_timescale 1; say Unfrozen!" And yes, i realize the music sucks. Suggestions are welcome.
Views: 123 necrophcodr
cs1.6:get armor in 1 sec with bind -[ZM MOD]-
put in console alias zp_armor "chooseteam; menuselect 2; ...; menuselect 9_armor; menuselect 4"bind "c" "zp_armor" Then put bind c "zp_armor" then go game and put "C" only !
Views: 10793 peiboOooo
CSS | Gera alias dikioner bustmovie by: D3wOn
nah ennyit érsz:D
Views: 1351 d3woon
So you're new to Counter-Strike Source...(Buy Binds)
Follow the steps in this video and you will be using CSS buy binds in no time. Download links for my "autoexec.cfg" and the Buy Binds Creator in the video are below. My autoexec.cfg: http://www.mediafire.com/?d8j1eku84bm8cml CSS Buy Binds Creator: http://www.mediafire.com/?f4xyssods9t32ch Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/aplfisher Facebook: http://facebook.com/aplfisherYT Steamgroup: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/aplfisher
Views: 38736 aplfisher
I didnt waste a lot of time for the effect but i think for a biginner its nice :D Song: Limp bizkit rollin prodigy remix EDITET With : HLAE and Sony vegas HD 9.0
Views: 225 Igor Dimeski
CS:S Flawless Fast Nade Toss
http://www.gamebanana.com/scripts/6988 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //NADING alias +toss "-attack; playgamesound Buttons.snd9;" alias -toss "bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" alias +flash "-attack; use weapon_flashbang; playgamesound Buttons.snd17;" alias -flash "+attack; bind f +toss; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" bind f +flash alias +boom "-attack; use weapon_hegrenade; playgamesound Buttons.snd17;" alias -boom "+attack; bind e +toss; bind f +flash; bind 4 +smoke;" bind e +boom alias +smoke "-attack; use weapon_smokegrenade; playgamesound Buttons.snd17;" alias -smoke "+attack; bind 4 +toss; bind e +boom; bind f +flash;" bind 4 +smoke //--------------------------------------------------------------------- //REMAPS(Required Part of the Script.) alias gun "slot1; -attack; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" alias pist "slot2; -attack; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" bind mwheelup gun bind mwheeldown pist alias back "lastinv; -attack; bind f +flash; bind 4 +smoke; bind e +boom;" bind q back alias one "slot1; -attack; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" alias two "slot2; -attack; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" alias three "slot3; -attack; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" bind 1 one bind 2 two bind 3 three bind alt +use alias +reload2 "-attack; +reload;" alias -reload2 "-reload; bind f +flash; bind e +boom; bind 4 +smoke;" bind r +reload2 //----------------------------------------------------------------------- //INDICATORS playgamesound steamjet echo NadeScript Loaded //------------------------------------------------------------------------
Views: 1425 ScriptedAction
samueL Movie test cs 1.6
Jan Jureček alias samueL
Views: 179 pompo12usi
how to make auto bunny hop
//Bhop Script alias +bhop "alias _special jump;jump" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias jump "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" bind "space" "+bhop"
Views: 487 florijan9
Css - How to bind a key
Css - How to bind a key Please Subscribe and Like
Views: 2020 Marquartt
Counter Strike 1.6 TheHeiko alias TheCamper
TheCamper was here ! Cs 1.6 Playing Counter Strike 1.6 Death-Wings Members : Admin : HardcorePro MF Swat ThePro DUMBASS No sound TheCamper
Views: 3023 TheHeikoProduction
Play Music on Counter-Strike Source without HLDJ
Tutorial on how to play audio files on any game by (simply put) making a virtual microphone. Using Winamp and Virtual Audio Cable. Watch in 1080p. Simple instructions if you don't want to watch video: 1. Download & Install: Winamp & Virtual Audio Cable 4.10 2. Go to preferences - Plugins - Output - Nullsoft DirectSound Output [Configure] - Set Output Device to Line 1 3. Set Line 1 as default input device. Done, whenever you play files in Winamp they will play it through Line 1 (Virtual mic) Also heres a script to put in your autoexec.cfg for CSS so you don't have to hold your mic button down, instead it will toggle. alias voiceon "+voicerecord; bind button voiceoff" alias voiceoff "-voicerecord; bind button voiceon" bind "button" "voiceon" Replace button with whatever key you want, I use mouse3.
Views: 42784 ressurrectin
TF2 - Spinning Pyro Attack Script
I made spinning pyro attack script. Spy must be die :) ------------------ // spinning pyro attack alias "+spinning_fire" "+right; cl_yawspeed 100000; +attack" alias "-spinning_fire" "-right; cl_yawspeed 210; -attack" bind x "+spinning_fire" ------------------
Views: 7192 Takumi KIMOTO
Skrypt na BH cs
alias +Ds.Bun "alias cl_rebuy Ds.Bun;Ds.Bun" ;alias -Ds.Bun "alias cl_rebuy;alias Ds.Buh Ds.d1;-jump" ;alias Ds.Bun "rebuy;wait;Ds.Buh" ;alias Ds.Buh "Ds.d1" ;alias Ds.d1 "alias Ds.Buh Ds.d2;+jump" ;alias Ds.d2 "alias Ds.Buh Ds.d3" ;alias Ds.d3 "alias Ds.Buh Ds.d1;-jump" bind space +Ds.Bun
Views: 1996 keno0ful
Counter Strike How to Duck Jump (Fast Ducks) - bind Jump.
This will show you how to duck jump (Fast Ducks).
Views: 43063 Student
Counter strike Bunny Hop Jump
WWW.Cstrike.alafdal.net .......................................................... //Bhop Script alias +bhop "alias _special jump;jump" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias jump "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" bind "space" "+bhop" ............................................................................... Hold Press "SPACE"
Views: 429 FusioN Dj
CS 1.6 Auto Bhop tutorial.[TUT]
Code here: //Bhop Script alias +bhop "alias _special jump;jump" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias jump "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" bind "space" "+bhop" Have fun!
Views: 3311 Dodo1200HD
Скрипт розворота на 180.avi
Скрипт розворота на 180 градусов для игры Counter-Strike 1.6,скрипт вы можете скачать здесь http://gold-source.ru/forum/61-412-1
Views: 2523 leakans1
bhop scipt install
alias +bhop "alias _special jump;jump" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias jump "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" bind space +bhop is code....
Views: 40 thisissparta68
CS:S Knifing Script
//UNCOMMENT SECTION IF U R USING "FAST NADE" //alias +slice "cl_righthand 0; -attack; bind f +flash; bind 4 +smoke; bind e +boom; crosshair 0; use weapon_knife; sensitivity 1;" //alias -slice "cl_righthand 1; crosshair 1; lastinv; sensitivity 0.5;" //bind mouse2 +slice //bind mouse4 +attack2 //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //DELETE THIS SECTION IF U R USING "FANST NADE" alias +slice "cl_righthand 0; -attack; bind f +flash; bind 4 +smoke; bind e +boom; crosshair 0; use weapon_knife; sensitivity 1;" alias -slice "cl_righthand 1; crosshair 1; lastinv; sensitivity 0.5;" bind mouse2 +slice bind mouse4 +attack2 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Views: 844 ScriptedAction
CS:S | Bind.exe AkJumpShot. By siLeNNN`
Lb greitas bind ;)
how to install cs 16 bhop script
code: alias +bhop "alias _special @bhop;@bhop" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias @bhop "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump" bind "SPACE" "+bhop"
Views: 741 amanojakuro
Jak puszczać muzykę/dźwięki na serwerze Counter Strike 1.6
linki dBpoweramp Music Converter http://dbpoweramp.com HLSS Nowy link! http://www.przeklej.pl/plik/hlss-3-0-zip-002cev9792mv aliasy alias muza "muzaon" alias muzaon "voice_inputfromfile 1; voice_loopback 1; +voicerecord; alias muza muzaoff" alias muzaoff "voice_inputfromfile 0; voice_loopback 0; -voicerecord; alias muza muzaon" bind "f11" "muza" alias voiceON "+voicerecord; bind KLAWISZ voiceOFF" alias voiceOFF "-voicerecord; bind KLAWISZ4 voiceON"
Views: 43168 Arrrp21
Detente sur Counter Strike Source ( alias CSS )
Vidéo detente sur CSS joué et commenté par ZEF ! facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/toitoine-et-zef-officiel/176606975755127 twitter : @antoinedroid google + : https://plus.google.com/102196987342837719966/posts e-mail : [email protected]
Views: 257 toitoineETzef
Simple Fake Shot CS 1.6
http://darkgl.pl/ a script for CS 1.6 ;alias FAKE.SHOT "+attack;lastinv;wait;-attack;wait;lastinv" ;bind i FAKE.SHOT That shot don't do damage but it doesn't take ammunition so it's called fake shot My second script to cs ;) http://portalcs.pl/showthread.php?tid=92&pid=161
Views: 3493 DarkGL
CS 1.6 Bhop Script
You just have to copy script to config.cfg bind "SPACE" "+bh" alias +bh "alias _special bunnyhop; bunnyhop" alias -bh "alias _special" alias bunnyhop "special; wait; +jump; wait; -jump"
Views: 37771 m4rciuk4s
How to use Scripts in TF2
Omicrons Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/OmicronGamingChannel?email=share_youtube_user#p/u/1/AZapSJASomU Link to Stabby's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/stabbyvideo Stabby's Spy Script: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1591457 Stabby's custom Script made for me: //THANKS STABBY! :D bind SHIFT "zoomtoggle" alias zoomtoggle "zoomtoggleb" alias zoomtoggleb "r_drawviewmodel 0; fov_desired 75;alias zoomtoggle zoomtoggler" alias zoomtoggler "r_drawviewmodel 1; fov_desired 90;alias zoomtoggle zoomtoggleb" Default.cfg File: developer 1 echo "default settings loaded" developer 0 // viewmodel/combination script binds bind "0" "slot10" bind "1" "slot1" bind "2" "slot2" bind "3" "slot3" bind "4" "slot4" bind "q" "lastinv" bind "mouse1" "+attack" bind "mouse2" "+attack2" // crosshair script binds bind "a" "+moveleft" bind "d" "+moveright" bind "s" "+back" bind "w" "+forward" bind "SPACE" "+jump" bind "ctrl" "+duck" //USEFUL ALT SAP bind v +sap alias +sap "slot2;+attack" alias -sap "lastinv;-attack" IGNORE THESE: Stabby Stabby spying around TF2 spy scripts my spy scripts how to use spy scripts overview blarghh title :/ im bored as crap. its 3:47 in the morning.
Views: 14603 rockeeben
How to have Auto BH for cs 1.6 100%
This is the way to get auto bunny hop for counter strike 1.6 100% //Bhop Script alias +bhop "alias _special jump;jump" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias jump "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" bind "space" "+bhop"
Views: 2535 AsipChee
CS : NVENTOR awp wallbang
Awesome !
Views: 354 Igor Dimeski
CS:S | Bind.exe Second FraG MoVie by AgT
Po mazos pertraukos pakuriau kazkoki sh... Vertinkit, komentuokit.
Views: 644 Paulius K
Bhop script tutorial (easy)
READ ME!!! All you have to do is make a new folder called userconfig.cfg and open it with note and paste this: alias +bhop "alias _special jump;jump" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias jump "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" bind "space" "+bhop" And your done! Song name: See your face. Website: www.shakur0.webs.com
Views: 1088 George Cage
Script : bind q lastinv alias normalswitch "bind q lastinv;echo " ";echo Fast-Switch turned OFF;echo " ";bind z fastswitch" alias fastswitch "bind q fastswitchalias;echo " ";echo "Fast-Switch turned ON";echo " ";bind z normalswitch" alias fastswitchalias "use weapon_knife;use weapon_awp;use weapon_scout" bind z fastswitch oder die Datei Fertig : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OV8CYNBO Ihr müsst Z drücken um es zu aktivieren oder deaktivieren !!!! Subscribe :)
Views: 18541 Wurstwasser1337
Como cangurear en Cs 1.6
El archivo que se pega en la config es: alias +bhop "alias _special @bhop;@bhop" alias -bhop "alias _special" alias @bhop "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump" En consola tienen que colocar: Bind "La tecla que quieran" "+bhop" Listo solo practiquen y sean mas rapidos.

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