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[MLP:FiM] Fluttershy Yay: Tagalog Fan Dub
Since everyone was asking for me to do more. Here's another MLP fandub, this time the classic Fluttershy's Yay scene. Unlike my first dub, editing this was a lot quicker since I was watching original English dub and I was able to sync my dub in time. The problem is...I really don't know how to pronounce "tumitili" since I really don't hear that word frequently, plus sometimes my pronunciation of Tagalog words sometimes suck. I tried to alter how I say the syllables of that word but I ended up having a long pause. So I kinda retained it there. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash: Me Background Music was edited in Audacity (although it removed the "thud" SFX and I don't know how to retain it.) Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, MLP: FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Views: 6340 LittleRainySeasons
Peridot Calls Yellow Diamond [Tagalog Fandub]
So, I decided to make a Tagalog fandub of this just for fun, but unlike my MLP fandubs, it's somehow a bit harder than I thought. Translating it to Tagalog wasn't really quite easy (and I used Google Translate for some slight help). The editing took for a while and I kinda slowed down and sped up some of the clips to match the length of the dubbed audio. While it's nearly perfect, the only problem was the background music. I decided to leave it silent like that since I can't remove the vocals in the original audio without affecting the background music and sounds in Audacity (although I managed to retain the sound effect toward the end by splitting the video in Movie Maker). Pardon the translation if it has a wrong grammar, I tried my best translating the whole clip to Tagalog. Yellow Diamond/Peridot voiced by Me Edited in Windows Movie Maker Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon Network
Views: 960 LittleRainySeasons
Get Down Nendroid Miku (MMD)
Views: 3553 LittleRainySeasons
Speed Painting Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
EDIT 5: 16,066 VIEWS!!!! EDIT 4: WOWW!!!! 13,347 VIEWS!!!?? THANKS GUYS!!!! EDIT 3: WOOAAHH! 7,000 VIEWS?!! WOAAH WOAH WOAH!!! EDIT 2: OH EM GEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! IT GOT 4,000 VIEEEEEWSSSS!!!! EDIT: OMG, 3,000 VIEWS?!!? Didn't expect that at all! My second Speed Painting. This time, it is Isabella from, of course, Phineas and Ferb.
Views: 22757 LittleRainySeasons
[MLP:FiM] Rarity Whining: Tagalog Fan Dub
Here's my Tagalog Fandub of Rarity. It took approximately an hour to edit it because I had to remove long pauses in the original audio I recorded because it was too long and I'm unable to fit it to the video. Also, you may notice that the last sentence Rarity said wasn't that loud like the rest because I had to redo the line because the original one is too long for the video. I hope you like it guys. Rarity: Me Rarity, MLP: FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Views: 5806 LittleRainySeasons
Unfinished Animation: Distracted At Battle
So here's an animation I created back around in 2011. I was 12 by the time I did the voices and the animations so yeah... Anyway, I abandoned the project due to being lazy at animating. I really want to continue them but sadly, the drawings will be inconsistent as it wasn't my art style anymore (I could sometimes copy my old art style but sometimes I can't). Well, this is a parody of two characters from Neopets, Garin ad Jacques. Here, they are named Gerry and Vergie. XD
Views: 60 LittleRainySeasons
Mallory's Backstory
Yeah, this is old. I recorded this right after I got Ferb. I voiced all the characters there.
Views: 74 LittleRainySeasons
Speed Paint Halloween Anime Girl
My first speed paint. The songs were sung by Hatsune Miku Artwork by me
Views: 190 LittleRainySeasons
[MMD] GLIDE - Niki ft. Lily
Here's a new MMD video I made. Enjoy! Credits: Motion by Yurie Camera by R a C Models: Kemika Rin and Len V4x Edit by freezyfreezymeloetta Stage by Me GLIDE by Niki ft. Lily I do not own anything except for the stage.
Views: 35 LittleRainySeasons
[MMD] Fukkiretta ~ My Little Pony
Just a little experiment with motion datas. Usually normal motion datas won't work with pony models because of their body structures (I once tried the World is Mine motion on Pinkie Pie and she ended up dancing derpily XD). Fukkiretta is the only motion that kinda worked perfectly on them.
Views: 932 LittleRainySeasons
[MMD x Osomatsu-san] Meow
Lol made another MMD video with Osomatsu-san. Slightly edited the motion data a bit so that it would fit the model. Models by Yatsuha Cat Model by Kaahgome Motion Data by AnatasiaP BATIM I don't own anything except for the video.
Views: 131 LittleRainySeasons
[MMD PV] Len Kagamine - World is Mine
A little PV (or maybe, slideshow) I created back around 2011. Since my computer was slow, I didn't get to finish it until now. Also, I added bits of and old MMD Len video doing World is Mine (although I'm not sure if it is synced to the song since the motion data was Miku version XD) All models, background, and a few motion data belongs to their rightful owners (which I forgot since some of them are pretty old and I usually download models randomly back then XD) except for the Princess Len model, which I created in the PMD Editor.
Views: 52 LittleRainySeasons
Teacher's Cake Dub
A little dub I did of the first ever video of Miggy7215 after his long hiatus. Video by Miggy7215 Dubbing and Re-editing by Phineas1and1Ferb Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty6oyJa_nRY
Views: 19 LittleRainySeasons
[MMD x Osomatsu-san] Fashion
Painful to the max~ Models by Yatsuha Motion Data by AnatasiaP BATIM All the props, stages, and effects belongs to their respective owner. I don't own anything except for the video.
Views: 67 LittleRainySeasons
Speedpaint Remake: Aya Mizuki
A remake of this video I posted back in 2011: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKnh0hGPZxw Here's a character of mine which I slightly based on Ayu Tsukimiya from Kanon. As for now, she's kinda a bit an "abandoned" character since I'm no longer into Kanon anymore. However, I kinda remade the old drawing after I grew bored one Sunday. I also reused the music from the original speedpaint since finding a new music for it is kinda hard. Music is Last Regrets, the opening theme of Kanon. I don't own Ayu or the music. It belongs to Key/Visual Arts. The character Ayano "Aya" Mizuki belongs to me.
Views: 91 LittleRainySeasons
Angry Polkka
I combined both Ievan Polkka and the Angry Birds Theme. It kinda looked a little weird but believe me, I sing that combination. LOL
Views: 1725 LittleRainySeasons
What if Monika is Baldi?
So last year I was into DDLC and lately I got into Baldi's Basics. So I was like, why not make a crossover with the two? Here's some voice acting I did if Monika was Baldi. Though I used much of the original lines, I also improvised some to match DDLC's content. I pretty much took the inspiration of the voice from Chris Anthony from the 90's Barbie software games, which I pretty much played when I was a kid. Sorry if it sound amateurish and didn't sound like Monika. I tried. 3D Monika by me.
Views: 67 LittleRainySeasons
My Fluttershy Impression V2
Here's another MLP Impression! This time, it's Fluttershy. Yeah, I know I already did her in my first impression video along with Pinkie Pie but I felt I had to redo it just to be fair. About the last video: If you already watched the video...well yeah, I did sing off key because I can't sing the song. But anyway, I'm not here to discuss about that ugly singing (I"m actually good at singing though), I'm here to discuss about that little method where Rarity complains. You hear that she was far from the mic when she complained. Well, to do that, I first voiced Fluttershy while I was near to the mic, then exactly when I finished, I quickly backed a few steps and say Rarity's (unscripted) dialogue then I would go back to the mic again and record Fluttershy's again. Anyway, I hope you like the video! Don't forget to like, comment, or subscribe! Fluttershy, MLP: FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Views: 115 LittleRainySeasons
Mallory attacks Doof Part 1
Hee hee! Just playing with my new Doofenshmirtz Gabble head. I voiced Mallory the Mouse (the giant white puppet) here. I was trying to get Doof with my hand but instead, it looks like Mallory was biting him.
Views: 166 LittleRainySeasons
Mallory the Mouse theme song
The title says it all. EDIT: Ferb makes a cameo!
Views: 414 LittleRainySeasons
Short Animation with Voice Test: Deck the Halls
This was also one of my old animations, back when my deviantART account, HitomixHitomi was still active (it got banned the same way my account, royalfuichiu, got banned). Yeah, it looks like Happy Tree Friends but it's not HTF. It's one of my old parodies called Best Nutty Wishes. Characters in order: Pikky, Cloudy, Mitty, and Bumpy I know it's not the Holiday Seasons yet, but I just uploaded this out of boredom. Also, guess what, the processing of this short animation took YEARS since 2011 The obvious timeline of the animation: Pikky and Cloudy Animation: December 2011, Christmas Mitty Animation: February 2012 Bumpy Animation: October 2012 Pikky and Cloudy voices: February 2013 Mitty and Bumpy voices: May 2015 Nothing happened in 2014 because I have no time to assemble the animation, Also, there were 2013 voices of Mitty and Bumpy but I used the 2015 voices because I couldn't sync the animation with the voice. Animation done in Photoshop CS3 by me Voices of Pikky, Cloudy, Mitty and Bumpy by me Animation assembled in Movie Maker.
Views: 193 LittleRainySeasons
[MMD x Osomatsu-san] Everyday I'm shuffling
Karamatsu, stop being painful..... Model by Yatsuha Motion by MorososAP Stage by Me MME effects belongs to their respective owners I don't own anything except for the stage itself.
Views: 57 LittleRainySeasons
Pig realized that Bird broke Humpty Dumpty.
Try to understand what are they saying. I voiced everyone there.
Views: 156 LittleRainySeasons
Speed Paint Aya Mizuki
My third speedpaint. She's Ayano Mizuki, her nickname is Aya. She is based on Ayu Tsukimiya of Kanon. I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC. IT BELONGS TO KEY/VISUAL ARTS.
Views: 136 LittleRainySeasons
[MMD x Osomatsu-san] In the Name of Love
New MMD video! Lately I'm into Osomatsu-san and I'm thinking that this motion is kinda perfect for Ichimatsu, idk why. Model by Yatsuha Motion by Misao Mei MME effects belongs to their respective owners. I do not own Osomatsu-san nor the character itself
Views: 83 LittleRainySeasons
Shining Prayer
Short video of Ameba Pico
Views: 127 LittleRainySeasons
Anime Studio Pro 11: Raven Animation Test
Just a short looping animation of Raven from Teen Titans Go. I'm planning to create a full animation using her soon. Animated in Anime Studio Pro 11. Raven belongs to DC
Views: 60 LittleRainySeasons
Phineas and Ferb Slide Show
It took searching to get the Music. Anyway, did you like the pictures? I also credited Dan and Swampy for the slide show! Phineas and Ferb belongs to Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh. Created in Windows Movie Maker. (see credits)
Views: 607 LittleRainySeasons
Phineas and Ferb Slide Show 2
Ah! It tooked months to create the remake of the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3gnSyLk23Q Anyway, did you like the pictures? I drew them months ago (except for the last picture, I drew it today). I also credited Dan and Swampy for the slide show! Phineas and Ferb belongs to Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh. Created in Windows Movie Maker. (see credits)
Views: 197 LittleRainySeasons
I was so bored so I decided to make a parody of the Cheezipuffs video I found in the samples in Adobe Photoshop CS3. I just realized, I misspelled "Cheeziballs" and I didn't realized it until I was editing the video. XD Well, enjoy this lame video. (audio goes to the original Cheezipuffs video)
Views: 26 LittleRainySeasons
[MMD] Ievan Polkka - Hatsune Miku
Again, another dancing video here with the same stage. Nothing to say much except I'm slightly testing how the stage would go. Credits: Model by Rune3891 Disco Stage by Me Motion Data by keeprefrigeratedful Camera Data by Frainy xo Ievan Polkka by Hatsune Miku Effects Used: Real Figure Shader Real Material Shader Motion Blur Diffusion SelfOverlay Soft SSAO Lite I do not own anything except for the stage.
Views: 42 LittleRainySeasons
[MMD] Want You - Moe Shop
Yay! Another video! Again, I kinda did this for testing reasons, mainly because I created a new stage for MMD. By the way, the stage itself was based on the stage from the Backstreet Boys' Get Down music video (although you can't see the whole thing since the camera is focused to the model). Credits: Model by Pikadude Stage by Me Motion Data by R and C Song: Want You by Moe Shop Effects used: Diffusion SelfOverlay Soft SSAOLite Motion Blur TrueCamera DiscoLight I don't own anything but the stage.
Views: 52 LittleRainySeasons
Speedpaint: Star Butterfly
Here's a speedpaint I did on the other day. Although the video looked as if it was continuous, it was actually broken up into 21 parts since my recorder can only record up to 10 minutes. Finished art: http://littlerainyseasons.deviantart.com/art/Star-Butterfly-Princess-From-Another-Dimension-572738211 Also, the music used came from my mom's old MP3 CDs and some tracks were incorrectly labeled so I still have to research them in the internet to be sure. XD Songs used (in order): Dubi Dam Dam by Banaroo Super Fun (?) by Zupa Dupa Butterfly by Smile.dk For the last track, I'm unsure of the name and I could see it in Google. But according to that MP3 CD, it was called Abrakadabra. Yet I'm still not sure. Edit: The last track is Abracadabra by Tiggy. Thanks Google! Star Butterfly belongs to Daron Nefcy Songs used belonged to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.
Views: 77 LittleRainySeasons
GC (S3E2) Dub
Got bored so I dubbed a silent character here Me as Gumball, BMO, and the Unknown Guest. Gumball cosplaying as Star drawing by Me The Unknown Guest's voice edited in Audacity. Video by Miggy1725 Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERcB4d6iXCM
Views: 31 LittleRainySeasons
Another Boredom Impressions: Mediocre Not Probably Worst
Another impressions I came up today. I wasn't really bored when I did it. I just felt like doing an impression though. HATE IT OR NOT I DON'T CARE. I've received a lot of dislikes in my whole life and I got used to it. Full conversation: Queen Delightful: Hello, I am Queen Delightful, the queen of Jollywood! I declare in this very day that the 7D will.... Bill: AHAHAHAHA! Queen Delightful: Oh no! Who are you? Bill: I am Bill Cipher! I AM GOING TO TERRORIZE YOUR LAND AND START ANOTHER WEIRDMAGGEDON! QD: Weewoo weewoo weewoo weewoo! Emergency! Emergency! Bill: Scared? Your Majesty? Ahahaha! Oh, oh gut. Lemongrab: The queen says she WANTS YOU OUT FROM THIS PLACE! OUTTTT!!! YOU ARE UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! Lemongrab, Queen Delightful, and Bill Cipher doesn't belong to me.
Views: 25 LittleRainySeasons
Jordan is a Sexy Fish (REUPLOAD)
Here's a reupload of the original animation of the same name, this time I took out the music. Originally, it got taken down due to copyright reasons, and I attempted to save it by removing the song via YT. However, it pretty much butchered the whole video so I had to fix it manually. There you can enjoy watching the video again without the butchered sound. Well, Jordan is LITERALLY a fish. More specifically a reverse-mermaid. It's just a simple animation I did out of boredom. XD My friend says Jordan looks a lot like Milo from Fish Hooks but that was purely coincidental. Original Meme by rainodraino Animation by Phineas1and1Ferb Phineas1and1Ferb as Gums Popperton (the cat in the end of the video)
Views: 26 LittleRainySeasons
Random Voice Test
A random voice test I did out of boredom.
Views: 27 LittleRainySeasons
Ferb is an alien.avi
Ferb speaks martian then Ferb is an Alien
Views: 104 LittleRainySeasons
MMD Len is WTF
Len is shock to see the other Len wearing nothing! XD I'm not giving the link of the Len wearing panties even you beg! Len Kagamine is done in MikuMikuDance (MMD) Recorded in CamStudio (sorry! I don't know how to use MMD well!)
Views: 231 LittleRainySeasons
Clumsy Journals Voice Sample
It's a voice sample. Clumsy Journals is a fan made story loosely based on Diary of a Wimpy Kid She is based on Fregley
Views: 72 LittleRainySeasons
Mother's Day Special
A video for my Mom. It was based on an episode of the Powerpuff Girls
Views: 70 LittleRainySeasons
Pig disguised as a Cowboy.
Views: 70 LittleRainySeasons
Len listening to the beat.avi
A very short MMD video. BTW, this is my first video created in MMD.
Views: 56 LittleRainySeasons
PMG Update (11-7-2014) Remastered
Okay. This video belongs to Miggy and I just added some lines because this is how I actually see it in my mind. Phinneas1and1Ferb (me) as Gumball Drawings by Phineas1and1Ferb and DonRaymundo Video by Miggy7215 Remastered by Phineas1and1Ferb Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eETguLyXo_k
Views: 11 LittleRainySeasons
Peekoh 2
Views: 15 LittleRainySeasons
Short Anime Animation
An old animation I created somewhere in 2010. It was originally posted in my now-defunct deviantART account called Royalfuichiu. The subtitles actually has a story, but I translated it to Japanese and now, I don't understand what the heck is happening. XD This was drawn digitally in Photoshop CS3 by Me.
Views: 17 LittleRainySeasons
Project of Mon 11 Apr 2011 03:33:46 AM PDT
I created this video at http://www.youtube.com/editor
Views: 36 LittleRainySeasons
My Crazy Scream!
A proof for some douchebag that I can't scream high pitch. This is very random.
Views: 31 LittleRainySeasons
Watching PnF while doing nothing at Pico
Views: 14 LittleRainySeasons
Me and my friend, Sunako Bunny speaking anything.
Views: 22 LittleRainySeasons

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