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The Government Media Does not Talk About White Genocide in South Africa
Have you guys also started wondering why the (((Government Media))) is not reporting about the racism that is going on against white people in South Africa? To me it is no wonder, to me, it has become obvious that the (((Elite))) wants to replace the European people for a simple reason: People from poor countries work for less than the natives of people in European countries. Besides that, the Arabs and Africans that immigrate to Europe are not Pro-Europe either. Of course, everyone will stick to their own kind, they won't mind if the European white man is slowly replaced through brainwashing facilities like Schools & the government Media. African blacks and whites cannot co-exist peacefully, it is yet another brainwashing trick of our government. When will the people learn that we are all different and that we for that reason are not compatible with most other people? Humanitarians are the blindest people in the world, what else needs to happen till they open their eyes? What is wrong with loving your own country and your own people and preferring those above others (which is nationalism aka Nazi)? Europeans are getting slowly replaced, South Africa is a look into the future of Europe if the Anti-White campaign of the elites continues like that. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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How to Get Steem Power Delegations Without Kissing Ass
Do you want a huge amount of that juicy Steem Power? Do you want that huge delegation that instantly makes you famous on Steem? Then don't look any further mate! I got the answer that you really want to hear! You can get a lot of Steem Power without kissing ass for it! Fucking awesome right? For all the cool new people that have realized that Steemit is the shit, here is a little explanation for you what a Steem Power delegation is: A Steem Power delegation is Steem Power that you receive from another person for a limited amount of time. Steem Dollars are currently going full retard while Steem is the fat kid that has trouble to catch up with the faster guys. In other words: Delegations are currently cheap as fuck! Before I tell how to get a really nice delegation from the @blocktrades Pimps I will tell you why a huge Steem Power delegation is fucking awesome! _________________________________________________________________ The Benefits of a Lot of Steem Power 1. You become a virtual pimp. Suddenly women start to love you and all the guys become jealous of your success. Life makes sense again. 2. A high amount of Steem Power pressures your readers to write more and better comments to get a taste of your juicy upvote power. 3. They will also upvote you more because your posts make more money on average now because there are more people commenting because they want your tasty upvote power. 4. Your reputation rises faster which is the biggest benefit of it all. However, if you consider getting a delegation you better make sure that you write the best content on Steem. Because if you write ridiculously good content you will simply receive more of everything. More comments, upvotes, resteems and follows that everyone begs for instead of putting the work in. _________________________________________________________________ How to Get A Fuckton of Steem Power 0. If there are people that believe in you they will send you Steem Power to support your efforts. In my case, those people are @Hopehuggs and @Eonwarped (thank you so much!). 1. Go to the best website in the world called [blocktrades.us](blocktrades.us). 2. Sign up at the top right, confirm the e-mail you receive from @blocktrades and login. 3. On the left side "Send" you select Steem or Steem Dollars enter the amount of Steem or Steem Dollars that you want to use for your 90 days of Steem Power pre-order. I recommend 90 days because it is cheaper. Blocktrades currently only offers pre-orders, that means that you buy the Steem Delegation and then receive it within 1-7 days. 4. On the right side "Receive estimated amount" you select "Steem Power Delegation 90 Days". You will now see how much Steem Power you will receive for the amount of Steem Dollars or Steem that you entered on the left side. 5. Enter your Steem name into the "Your Receive Address" field and click on the "Get Deposit Address" button. 6. A new box enters below that. Copy and paste the memo from that box and go to your Steem wallet. 7. Click on Steem or Steem Dollars and click on transfer. Into the "To" field you enter Blocktrades, into the "amount" field you enter the amount of Steem Dollars or Steem that you want to send to @blocktrades to receive your 90 days Steem Power delegation and into the "Memo" field you paste the memo that you copied from the box before. 8. Click on the submit button and you will receive your Steem Power delegation when it is available. I had to wait 1 day to receive it and that was the same for other people that I know. Bonus tip: If you extend your delegations (that option is in your Blocktrades profile) you will keep your delegations and you won't have to wait for it to receive it!. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 5 - Steemit & Friendship
Today I write about making real friends here on Steem with which you can do things outside of Steem! All that people want are followers and upvoters and fuck yes I want a lot of followers and cash as well, denying that would be hypocritical because without the money Steemit would just be a better Facebook version (which I stay away from). Anyway, here on Steem I have met people that I get along with very well and with whom I work & talk with on a daily basis. @Hopehuggs for example, she is a member of my group the Berserkers, we talk and work together on Steem & Discord on a daily basis. Friendship requires that you have the same interests and @Hopehuggs and my interest is Steem & self-improvement. This should already give you an idea on how to build real friendships here on Steem! _________________________________________________________________ How to Make Real Friends on Steem First of all, you need to find people that have your interest (Steem is not enough). I suggest that you find 10 people here on Steem and follow them. You also bookmark their blog pages so that you can easily open their blogs and not lose overview when you follow more than 10 people. Yes, I only follow a select a few people to not lose the overview of things. The Steemit feed is currently not suited to keep a good overview of more than 10 blogs. Furthermore, it is impossible to make really deep connections with more than 10 people. 10 People are already a lot. So you find 10 people you like and write on their blogs every damn day. Remember that you want to build real friendships here & not some followers. Afterwards, you invite them to talk with you over Skype, Discord or whatever platform you know to talk with each other (chatting is not enough). Then you start helping each other and exchange gifts, basically like you maintain any real friendship. How to make Friends on Steem in a Nutshell: 1. Find 10 people whose blogs you like to read. 2. Follow and bookmark their blogs. 3. Write extraordinary comments on their blogs 4. Invite them to talk with you. 5. Exchange gifts, upvotes, talk with each other on a daily basis. 6. Keep writing comments! If you follow these tips and combine them with common sense you will be able to create a nice dragon "friendship". _________________________________________________________________ Avoid Doing These Things Here are things that you must abstain from doing if you want to build a real friendship. 1. Doing this to get more money. 2. Not helping and exchanging gifts with each other. 3. Writing bad comments. 4. Endless flattery in the comments. 5. Try to build a friendship with more than 10 people. 6. Irregular contact. 7. Trying to build a relationship with people whose blogs you don't like. There are also more things to avoid, I recommend to just be yourself and to remember the tips that I wrote here, like that you will be able to meet the people you like. And hopefully, you will meet each other in real life or at least exchange gifts! _________________________________________________________________ Conclusion You do not have to exchange physical gifts (which would, however, be awesome)! You can also exchange virtual gifts like upvotes, ebooks, advice or other stuff which you can gift to them which is virtual! Here are gifts which I received from Steemians for example (The bear claws are custom made by @jist & the books are a gift from @hopehuggs)! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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1 Day to Discipline
Discipline is easy to learn. Discipline is also another virtue of the 9 noble virtues. Check out the video and destroy your feelings. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 29 - Convert Steem Dollars Into Euro/GBP
Steem Dollars are an illusion till you hold them in your hand or on your bank account! This tutorial is sadly only for people from Germany or Great Britain as CoinCorner only works in these countries. I have not seen a more trustable exchange than Coincorner yet. They are in the press, they show their faces and names, they got a legit address and all the bank transfers worked flawlessly. __________________________________________________________________ Step 1 - Registering on CoinCorner The registration and verification processes on CoinCorner are difficult. They want to know your occupation, your identification number on your ID, they want to see the front and back of your ID and they want official documents that prove that you live at the address that you entered in the registration. They do that to fight money laundry and terrorism, all exchanges do that so there is no way around it. I also recommend that you enable 2 Factor Authentification on your CoinCorner account for even more account security. After you have registered yourself and you submitted the verification you will have to wait for their reply (you will get an e-mail) stating that you were either accepted or rejected. I have sent them my last tax statement as proof of my address after they have rejected my first verification. Sadly I can not show you all that in detail because I have already done those steps. __________________________________________________________________ Step 2 - Turning Steem Dollars to Bitcoins With [Blocktrades](https://blocktrades.us/) you can trade your Steem Dollars for Bitcoins and send those Bitcoins straight to your CoinCorner Wallet (which you have to create first). You can create your BTC wallet on Coincorner simply by clicking that option that is also not available for me anymore to show you because I already created one, however, it is easy to find so don't worry about it. The steps location below are shown in the picture below them. Step 1: Select Steem Dollars and the amount you want to trade Step 2: Select Bitcoin Step 3: Enter your CoinCorner BTC wallet address Step 4: Enter your Steemit name Step 5: Transfer using SteemConnect __________________________________________________________________ Step 3 - Selling those Bitcoins for Euro On CoinCorner you now click on "Sell", "Sell Bitcoin for Euro" or "Sell Bitcoin for GBP" and enter the number of Bitcoins that you want to transform to Euro or GBP as displayed in the two screenshots below. The trade will be done instantly. __________________________________________________________________ Step 4 - Withdrawing These Euros or Pound to Your Bank You simply click on "Withdrawal" and enter all the necessary information. The cash will be sent directly to your bank account in a matter of 3 days (it always takes 3 days for me). The minimum amount to send is 100 Euro or 100 GBP! __________________________________________________________________ Step 5 - Enjoy! You have now transformed your Steem Dollars into Euros or GBP! Enjoy the fuck out of that cash and pay whatever you want with that. Be the first one in your family to say that you paid your rent with virtual money! For more detailed information watch the video tutorial by clicking on the thumbnail! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School Episode 55 - How to Use dMania
_______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Road to 100000 Steem Power & Self Improvement Log Day 149
Diary: I woke up at 05:30 drinking coffee and taking my Modafinil. When I take Modafinil my productivity is always next level. I got paperwork done, cleaned the house, meditated for 10 minutes on the Eiwaz rune (before bed it will be Fehu), did my morning routine and spend around 300 Euros on a couple of things. I bought army pants with a fitting belt, a new wall tapestry, 2 new books (The Necronomicon by Lovecraft and the Alchemist by Coelho), a Thor statue, a golden Mjolnor pendant, and some other stuff. I need most of these things for my religious practices, the golden Mjolnir will be for Odinist holidays & days of remembrance, the statue will be for my Thor altar here at home (picture when its done will be uploaded). The wall tapestry is bigger than the one behind me and will be placed either in my bedroom or in the living room on the wall next to the altar. It is a Viking ship heading for land led by a Viking with a winged helmet. I feel really good being surrounded by the art of my ancestors. It makes me feel more at home, protected, guided and comfortable. Besides that, it gives me more drive, willpower, discipline and hope. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
How to use Steemvoter
A quick tutorial on how to enter my account into Steemvoter to pay for your membership & my efforts. To join the politically incorrect Steem group just read this post: https://steemit.com/politics/@valorforfreedom/join-the-politically-incorrect-steemians-community _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 63 - How to Use Steemwhales.com
Steemwhales.com is a website that lists every whale there is and you can sort them after estimated value, Steem Dollars, Steem Power, Steem, Curation Rewards, Posting Rewards, Number of Following & Followers, Number of Posts and Reputation. Now you probably ask yourself how you can use that to increase your income, and that is a good question. Whales on Steemit are basically rich people & studying them will give you ideas how to make the same amount of cash that they made. I recommend to read the blogs of whales that regularly post to get an idea how they made their money and then try to do the same! ____________________________________________________________________ How to Use Steemwhales Using Steemwhales.com is actually pretty easy. You can ignore the "Trending" & "Misc" section as they don't seem to load. In the top right you can enter the name of any Steemian and that is basically it. The footer shows you how much 1 Steem is worth in SBD, what 1 Steem is worth in USD & what 1 MVest is worth in Steem and thats it! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School Episode 71 - A Simple Large Markdown Editor for New Steemians
Today I have a nice website for all the Steemians that do not know how to use Markdown. On SteemStyle.com you get a "What You See Is What You Get" editor which has symbols for the code that you want to apply. For example "Bold", instead of writing the code for "Bold" you simply click on the "B" symbol to make the text bold. This is super awesome for people that have not used Markdown in the past. The website also has a Cheat-Sheet https://simplemde.com/markdown-guide) to see all the markdown codes. After some time you will get to know all the markdown codes and then you won't need SteemStyle.com anymore because then you can apply all the codes in the Steemit editor. You can use "Bold", "Italic", "Center" to format your text and you can also upload pictures directly to Imgur! Then you just need to copy out the link of the picture and insert like you can see in the video. Furthermore, you can also do a 50/50 split screen to see the code on the left side and the result of that on the right side. Finally, you can also mark the text and click on the chain symbol to make that text a link. And when you are done you just need to copy all the text and paste it into your Steemit editor! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 19 - Even More Cash With Steemfollower!
In this episode, I will tell you what else you can do with all your Steemfollower points! Yesterday I wrote how to sign up on Steemfollower https://steemfollower.com/?r=3873 and how it works. Essentially it is an advanced upvote exchange application where you get paid for your upvotes! If you are not using Steemfollower already then I recommend that you read the guide https://steemit.com/steemiteducation/@valorforfreedom/c5vbhx0q that I wrote yesterday! Let's get started with the most valuable time of all times... _________________________________________________________________ SteemFollower Points & More After using Steemfollower for a couple of days or months you will have accumulated a lot of points (also depends on your Steem Power). A person that has a $10 upvote who uses that upvote 5 times per day on Steemfollower (5 upvotes a day are required to receive upvotes in return) will get more points than someone who only has a $0.01 upvote. However, both persons get paid for their upvote, and not using Steemfollower means missing out on a good money making option! Points = The amount of cash you will get in upvotes for upvoting other people! Now you understand the points system, and to gather as many points as possible you have to vote every day and I highly recommend that you do that. You can also vote more than 5x per day which I however not recommend because you also want to upvote people in your comment section and the posts of your friends and favorite Steemians! Read [my post from yesterday https://steemit.com/steemiteducation/@valorforfreedom/c5vbhx0q for more fundamental information about Steemfollower. _________________________________________________________________ Using Your Points #1 - Promotion! With all the points that you have gathered over time, you can promote your posts! On the right side of the manual curation page, you will see a promotion option. You can select 2-5x promotion, I guess that means that you pay 2x-5x in points to get upvotes. The posts with the stars that you see on the post thumbnails are promoted posts and the more someone pays for their promotion (5x is the highest) the higher they will be on the list. A post that has a star with a 5 on it is very rare, however, that post would be 1st on the list and he would quickly receive a lot of upvotes. And the good news is: He never paid for that! All he did was upvoting other people (for which he also gets curation cash of course). So besides trading upvotes, you can also use Steemfollower to promote your posts! It is like buying yourself into the trending section of a tag. Your post will be promoted for a day till the time hits 01:00 CET! At that time (or later) you will have to upvote 5 other posts again to receive upvotes and to use the promotion function of Steemfollower! _________________________________________________________________ Using Your Points #2 - The Steemfollower Market To use the Steemfollower Market you just click on the market and send a certain amount of SBDs to @Mahdiyari (If I remember correctly). I remember it being a super low amount of SBDs (0.001 SBD). I don't know if that has changed, however, even if it would cost 10 SBD it would still be worth it (I hope Mahdiyari doesn't read that). So what you can do with the Steemfollower market is selling your points for SBDs! The best offers are always shown on the top and I highly recommend that you guys abstain from making your offers cheaper and cheaper just to be on the top because you will lose money like that. Orientate yourself after the [current Steem Dollar price https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/steem-dollars/ if 1 Steem Dollar is for example worth 1 USD then you will want to sell points worth 1 SBD for 1 SBD! You will not get the exact amount as a little portion goes to Mahdiyari (which he deserves for maintaining the websites and the market). I sold points worth 10 SBD yesterday and I got those after they were on the market for 5 hours. It will take longer to get those SBD through upvotes of others as a post naturally needs 7 days to be paid out. And that was the 2nd option to get even more cash on Steemfollower! _________________________________________________________________ Conclusion You can use your points to promote your posts and to sell them on the Steemfollower market for SBD. I really like the market option because like that I don't have to wait over 1-7 days (depending on how old your post is) to get the cash for your points (in upvotes on your post). Tomorrow I will show you guys a third option to make money with Steemfollower which is ignored by most people as it ain't easy to make money with it (but totally worth it)! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP1 - Gain Followers & Upvotes!
Today I show you how to write awesome comments that will probably get you upvotes and followers! About "Steem School": This is something I am doing to spread the knowledge that I gathered here after publishing 2 posts per day for 100 days in a row and studying Steem for 10-20 minutes per day. I always say to share what you have learned with other people to repay the support they have given you to climb the ranks. Special thanks to these supporters & friends: @Hopehuggs, @Humanearl, @DawnSheRee, @Eonwarped, @HeimInDanger & @Snook. Without you guys, I wouldn't be where I am today! Also: I would like to hear feedback from you guys to improve Steem School! Let's get started with today's topic! _________________________________________________________________ How to Write Epic Comments! Writings good comments that have a high chance of getting upvoted is easy but it takes sometimes! First of all, you have to read the whole article & only then you should start writing your comment. You have to relate to the post, nobody likes to read generalized comments on his posts! Do that by taking some sentences of the post and answer them for example! Or share your opinion about the post (don't disagree with the author, almost nobody gives you upvotes for that!). Write about 3-4 lines and use markdown aka use bold on certain highlights of your post! Add pictures, videos or gifs to your comment to make it stand out even more! Now you have written a comment related to the post that is not short, you highlighted important words or sentences and you added videos, gifs or pictures to your content. You also didn't disagree with the author and you didn't write anything offensive. Such a comment will probably gain you some followers and upvotes! In a Nutshell: 1. At least 3-4 lines 2. Relate to the post 3. Use Markdown 4. Add pictures, gifs or videos. 5. Don't disagree with the author and do not be offensive What is Markdown? github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet _________________________________________________________________ Don't Do This! Don't copy & paste comments, don't comment on the articles of drama-mongers and gossipers and in general don't comment on controversial topics. Don't write generalized comments, don't insult or bully people and don't upvote yourself (the majority here on Steem thinks that is rude as you push your own comment to the top with that, lowering everyone else's comment on the list). Don't answer rude people and don't downvote them either. Downvoting people leads to flag wars and that means you lose money. The best option to deal with rude people is to mute them. In a nutshell: -Don't copy & paste comments -Avoid drama-mongers and gossipers -Avoid controversial topics -Don't write generalized comments -Don't insult or bully people -Don't upvote yourself -Mute rude people -Don't downvote people as that causes drama. You will have to walk on eggshells, most people can not handle real talk, that is just the current state of our society. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP3 - JerryBanFields Guide Archive
3 days ago Jerry Banfield published a very thorough archive full of Steem guides! I knew that it was my duty to share that wonderful archive with all my followers because there are a lot of guides on that page (even sorted by category!). The categories are the following: Promoting Steem Posts, Buying & Selling Steem on Exchanges, Steem Witness Training, Steem Basic Training, Investing in Steem, Steem Apps, Blogging on Steemit, Improving Steem, Steem Secrets, Steem Account Security, Steem economics, After I looked through that archive I just thought: Odin's beard, this is the best thing I have ever seen on Steemit! There are guides about things I have not much of a clue about, for example, the Steem Economics! _________________________________________________________________ How to Use the Archive Using the archive is pretty simple but that is not how I mean with the title, I mean how to use the archive to benefit your wallet. We all visited a school and we know how to learn, the great thing about this archive is that they are about Steem (which you are interested in) to make serious cash. So this is what I recommend doing to start making a lot of serious Steem gains with the help of Jerrybanfield's archive: Step 1: Check out all posts and write down what posts you need to read or write them into a notepad. Even better, click on those posts, create a bookmark folder and bookmark each post, like that you just have to click on a new post every day. Like that your study subjects are easily accessible and organized, like a clean library of holy Steem wisdom. Step 2: Read one post each day and write down what you have learned or again put it into a notepad file. Sort the things that you have written down and cut out all unnecessary words so that you only read what counts. Step 3: Now every time you create a new post you have that file of gathered Steem gold open to help you create better posts that result in more followers and cash! Step 4: Praise Jerrybanfield as your Steemit lord and give him 1SBD every day as taxes because otherwise he will downvote you to oblivion (Just kidding). _________________________________________________________________ Conclusion & Kissing As (or not?) Create a bookmark folder and bookmark every post that you find useful, copy text that you can apply on Steemit and cut everything out from the sentences that you don't need, keep that textfile of knowledge open while you create a post and apply it! Kissing ass: The truth is that Jerry Banfield created tremendous value with his posts and we can all be thankful for that. When I started my Steemit journey I learned everything I know about Steem mainly from @Jerrybanfield and @Flauwy! I have studied their posts and applied what they teach, by doing studying 1 post of them every day I have been able to create value from nothing (I started blogging here with 0 investments). Thank you guys & I hope that you continue to share knowledge so that we can all make more money and gain more independence in our life! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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This Is not Your Safe Space
The politically Incorrect Steemians community is not your safe space. Every Steem user is welcome. Join us if you have the nerves. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 25 - How to Identify an Upvote Worthy Post
In this post, I will share with you guys the formula to identify an upvote-worthy post. This is useful if you want to get more curation from your upvotes. You can also have someone else do the upvoting for you on Steemauto. You join a curation trail of an upvote expert and you do the same votes like him automatically (you can set the votepower too). I highly recommend following the curation trail of an expert because that saves a lot of time if you upvote for maximum profits. I personally do not do that as I upvote certain people on a constant basis to build stronger relationships with these people. However, if you do not have established strong relations yet or if you are an investor then it is smart to join a curation trail. I will explain tomorrow how to join curation trail, today's post is about identifying high-quality posts. _________________________________________________________________ Identifying a High-Value Post Before you take a look at the article you must look how it looks like on the Steemitfeed. Does the thumbnail look good? Can you see branding on it and can you read the text on the thumbnail effortlessly? If it looks good then that is the first good sign. The next thing you need to look at is the reputation, people with reputations of 60-79 certainly get more views than people below those reputations. Is the title entertaining? Is it written correctly? Does it pull you in? Does it have adjectives in it? If you can say yes to 2 of those questions then it is a good title. Furthermore, the first readable line on the Steemit feed must pull you in. Do you want to know the answer to the first line that you can see? Is it written correctly? Yes? Good, if you can say yes to most of those questions then it looks upvote worthy to me on the Steemitfeed. _________________________________________________________________ A Closer Look at The Post Does the post provide a lot of value? Is it formatted perfectly and are the tags fitting? Are there a lot of grammatical errors? Does it have pictures & youtube embeddings? Does the Author answer comments? If you can say yes to all of those and the look on the Steemit feed was good as well then this post will probably do well. And if it doesn't do well then don't be bothered, we can predict people but not people we don't know. With that I mean that you can not force people to upvote your post, they can have a bad day and get jealous at your nice post and decide to not upvote you. And that's it for today my friends! Tomorrow I will explain how to join a curation trail. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Tips to Avoid Downvotes on Steem
There are so many posts on increasing your profits on Steem but almost none about preventing losses! This post is exactly about that my Steem friends, a couple of tips to prevent downvotes here on Steem aka losses! Nobody likes downvotes as they not only mean losses but also because they can prevent increases of your reputation and nobody likes that! Let's start with the basics that will not only help you to avoid downvotes but also to increase your upvotes! _________________________________________________________________ Don't be an Asshole Just talk with people like you would in real life, be friendly unless they give you reasons to not be friendly, in which case you block them here on Steem instead of downvoting them. Downvoting other people can get you into a lot of drama, it is really just better to mute someone instead of taking his money against his/her will. Be yourself around people you know, here on Steem you have to fit in if you want to make cash. That doesn't mean that you have to be fake but it means that you have to choose your words carefully. If you for example constantly say your opinion, use insults, laugh at people, bully people or do some other unfriendly things then you will simply don't make much money here. So adjust yourself a little bit here on Steem. If you for example like to swear a lot and that is not aimed at other people then that is unique style and should be kept. _________________________________________________________________ Avoid Controversial Tags I am talking about Politics, Spirituality and Religion. You just need to state a different opinion or take the other side and boom you got a couple of enemies. And enemies here means downvotes, we don't want downvotes we want upvotes! Of course you don't need to completely stay away from it if you like these topics but honestly, they are not good for your money. And besides that, almost nobody cares anyway! People don't come here to talk about something, everyone here comes to Steem because they all hear "You can make easy money here on Steem!". _________________________________________________________________ Stay Away From Drama Mongers & Gossipers People that constantly cause drama or gossip about other people will get you into a lot of trouble. Always stay away from such people. Imagine you get caught up in drama and a whale thinks that you deserve to lose all your money. He will then continue to downvote you which means that you lose a lot of money, just because you hang out with the wrong people. People that gossip with you will also gossip about you when you are gone and they dislike you for some reason, that should help you to avoid them. And if you are a drama-monger or gossiper then know this: You make less money than other people that put in the same effort because you gossip or cause drama, so improve yourself and make more cash as a reward for not doing it anymore! _________________________________________________________________ Conclusion **Be friendly, stay away from controversial topics, get away from drama mongers & avoid gossipers.** If you do all that you will not only avoid downvotes and risk losing a lot of money but you will also get more upvotes! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 26 - How to Maximize Curation Rewards
Do you want to maximize your curation rewards? Then Curationtrails are exactly your thing. They are especially powerful if you have over 500 SP because like that you can further split the amount you will upvote. You can split your vote from 1% - 100% which enables you to upvote a lot of posts and comments per day. I am not an expert in regards to making the most of your upvotes as I reserve a lot of my votes for my friends. But the people creating these curation trails are experts. They go through the Steemfeed and upvote a lot of posts with varying percentages depending on how they rate that post. So how do you join a curation trail?... _________________________________________________________________ How to Join a Curation Trail Steemauto.com has a curation trail link in their menu and you need to click on that. There you already have a lot of people that started curation trails which you can join! In my example, I follow @Cryptoctopus and I change nothing in the settings. "Scale voting weight" means that your vote will be divided by what you have entered in "voting weight". In my example that is 50%, that means if Cryptooctopus votes with 100% then my vote will be 50%. Of course, you can change the settings how you like, I, however, recommend 50% to start to see how much voting power you have left after a day. _________________________________________________________________ Choosing a Good Curation Trail The first thing that you see is obviously the number of people that follow that curation trail and that is a good indication of the skill of that upvoter, however, it is not everything. Following the curation trail of someone that does not upvote anymore will lead to nothing. That is why you need to check if the person that has created that curation trail is upvoting people every damn day because otherwise, it ain't worth following. So what I recommend is to look on the profile of the curation trail creator and click on the "votes" tab. You can only see that "votes" tab with the app "Steemit More Info" which currently only works for Google Chrome. Click https://steemit.com/steemiteducation/@valorforfreedom/uvmymdrd to read my "Steemit More Info" guide. If he/she upvotes posts on daily basis and has a lot of followers these are good signs. Cryptoctopus clearly upvotes every day. The final step to check if a curation trail is worth following is to take a look at 15 posts that person has upvoted. If he only upvotes trash you obviously don't want to follow that curation trail. After checking out multiple posts that Cryptoctopus has upvoted I came to the conclusion that he has a pretty good idea of what he is upvoting. _________________________________________________________________ In a Nutshell Curation trails are awesome if you want to make the most out of your upvotes and especially awesome if you are an investor that is not actively contributing on Steemit. 1. Join Steemauto 2. Click on Curationtrail 3. Choose Curationtrail with many followers & daily upvoting of high-quality posts. And that's it for today, curation reward maximization done easy! Enjoy! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School Episode 4 - Does Reputation Really Matter?
Does reputation matter when it comes to upvotes or not? It took me a couple of weeks to understand how my reputation affects my upvotes. First of all, what is your reputation on Steem? Your reputation on Steem is the small number next to your Steemit username! You find that number when you click on your posts and take a look at below the title where you see the spot that I marked for you in the picture below. You can also see your reputation on your blog page which is always Steemit.com/@YourUsername but to see that, you need to install the app "Steemit more Info" which offers even more than just displaying your reputation. That app also shows you who voted for you, who you voted or both and same for your mentions. It also displays the current worth of your upvote and the worth of the upvotes that you received on your post a blog history & more! I highly recommend installing "Steemit More Info" which you can download here: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/steemit-more-info/dcbpmclnlapbkgkddhencielibcjogcf Below is a screenshot of the blog page of my friend @Snook displaying some of the features of "Steemit More Info" which I mentioned above (See how she posts every day!). _________________________________________________________________ How to Increase Your Reputation Quickly To increase your reputation you have to receive upvotes, the higher the upvotes on your posts are the faster your reputation will climb. The higher your reputation is the higher the upvotes need to be to reach a higher reputation! To increase your reputation as fast as possible you have to create very high-quality posts and boost them with bots immediately after you have published them. Using bots to boost low-quality trash posts will get you a lot of enemies & hopefully you feel guilty about it! With bots, you can boost your hopefully high-quality posts into trending and even make a good profit out of that investment. You make more cash, get more followers and hopefully, the big guys here on Steem don't hate you for boosting that post, it is the highest priority to only boost the best posts otherwise the gods of cash will punish you for that. I will write a post on how to use bots in the future, writing about that subject here would distract from the topic, till then you can educate yourself here with the help of @JerryBanfield his post about bots. You can only see your reputation increase by 1,2,3 and so forth but not by 0,1 or 0,5. Luckily a smart man called @penguinpablo created a website where you can check your reputation progress & more. _________________________________________________________________ Does Reputation Matter Much? Short answer: No. Long answer: Reputation does not really much because the option to boost your hopefully nice butt into Steem Olympia exists. Reputation reflects how much cash in the form of upvotes you have received and because of the boosting option that number does not reflect your efforts that much. There are people out there with reputations 60-70 who produce worst kind of content that I have ever seen. They post a picture with 1 sentence below it and call that a "post". Since I have reputation 60 I also don't see an increase in the worth of upvotes that I receive. It really depends on the quality of your posts & the information it. My bests posts in terms of upvotes are about subjects that are helpful for Steemians, perfectly formatted and about subjects that almost nobody covered. Now you say to yourself that it ain't much but for a guy that joined Steemit last month it really is. That man has written about a topic that almost nobody writes about (His war experience) which is described in good detail. He has written 1600 words, wrote about a rare but highly interesting topic which is useful to almost everyone who has served in the army because he also offers advice in his post. That seems to be the winning formula! _________________________________________________________________ Conclusion Reputation does not matter much. What matters is the information you deliver, what you write about, and how often it was already covered, of course, there are other things that are important as well but in my experience, your reputation plays no important role in that. There are plenty authors with high reputations that only post shit. Don't be one of those guys and girls. That's it for today's Steem School episode. Have a nice day ladies, gentlemen & savages! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School Episode 40 - How to Use SteemDB
SteemDB is a website where you can see enhanced statistics of your Steemit profile and the profile of other Steemians as well. A "Block explorer and database for the STEEM blockchain." If you are interested in enhanced statistics or if you want to study a Steemian to learn more then this website is perfect for you. There are a couple of other websites with enhanced statistics but I will talk about SteemDB first. You can see the other websites by clicking on "links" in your Steemit profile. _________________________________________________________________ SteemDB - Your Profile By entering your name into the top right search box you will see enhanced statistics of your profile or of other Steemians. On the right side, you can see how old your account is, your current vote strength, how much SP, SBD and Steem you have and more. In the middle, you now see your last activities like posts, comments, replies, resteems and basically everything that happens with your account. You can sort those activities by clicking on the "Activity" tab that is above your 30-day account history. The 30-day account history shows the vets and followers that you have gained in the last 30 days. Below that you can see your followers, posts and following. _________________________________________________________________ Your Profile - Social Tab On the social tab, you can see who you are following, who follows you and all the resteems of your content. I must add that the page currently seems to be very slow, but that will probably change again. _________________________________________________________________ The "Apps" Tab The "Apps" tab shows you how much value Steemit apps like "DTube", "DSound" and more generate. _________________________________________________________________ All the Other Tabs The rest of the tabs are rather unimportant for you, for example, the "Witnesses" tab as it is obviously only useful for witnesses and people who want to become witnesses. The "Posts" and "Updates" tab is also uninteresting. The "Lab" tab, however, is interesting, there you can see things like most flagged people, biggest power-ups, curation reward leaderboard and it really helps you to understand the current meta of Steemit. Which you need to know to stay up to date, sadly some of those lists take long to load and result in an error. _________________________________________________________________ Conclusion SteemDB is very useful if you want to look at more statistics or study other Steemians. Furthermore, you can also learn more about the current Steemit state of the game. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Road to 100000 Steem Power & Self Improvement Log Day 142
Diary: Woke up at 05:00 and finished Steemschool.net, however, it is not a responsive design, that means that it can look compressed to you. One of my goals for March is to make it responsive. I will learn to do it myself and look for the average market price for having it done for me. If I do not manage to do it or if it is too time intensive I will hire @StreetSmart to do the job for me. Besides that, I wrote my 2 posts, got my morning routine done and finished a couple of smaller tasks. A very successful day so far. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 49 - Steem Power Delegations & How to Get Them
A Steem Power Delegation is essentially pure Steem Power given to you by any Steemian. The Steemian who sent it to you decides how long he will give you the Steem Power and he can cancel it at any given point in time. On the screenshot below you can see 2 values displayed at my Steem Power, the top one is the Steem Power that I own, the bottom Steem Power inside the brackets displays the amount of Steem Power that I have received from someone. "Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards." "Part of valorforfreedom's STEEM POWER is currently delegated. Delegation is donated for influence or to help new users perform actions on steemit. Your delegation amount can fluctuate." __________________________________________________________________ The Benefits of a Lot of Steem Power 1. A high amount of Steem Power pressures your readers to write more and better comments to get a taste of your juicy upvote power. That is why you see tons of comments on posts with high total payouts. 2. They will also upvote you more because your posts make more money on average now. 3. Your reputation rises faster which is the biggest benefit of it all. However, the prices for Steem Power are currently not attractive as you buy them with Steem Dollar. That means if Steem Dollars are worth more than Steem than you will get an attractive price. I got my delegation a couple months ago when the SBD price was $10 and the Steem price was $1. To this day I still say that it will probably belong to the greatest Steemit deals I have ever made. __________________________________________________________________ How to Get A Lot of Steem Power 1. Go to the website called [blocktrades.us](www.blocktrades.us) 2. Sign up at the top right, confirm the e-mail you receive from @blocktrades and login. 3. On the left side "Send" you select Steem or Steem Dollars enter the amount of Steem or Steem Dollars that you want to use for your 90 days of Steem Power pre-order. 4. On the right side "Receive" you select "Steem Power Delegation 90 Days". After you have entered the amount of Steem or Steem Dollars in step 3 and selected "Steem Power Delegation 90 Days" on the right side you should now see how much Steem Power you will get for 90 days. 5. A new field below opens where you have to enter your Steemit username again and hit "Transfer Using Steemconnect". After you have done that you will receive your Steem Power for 90 days. You can check the progress and transaction details in your Blocktrades account. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Testosterone Optimization Tips
All the testosterone optimization tips that I know in one video. I also wrote an article about it which you can read here: https://steemit.com/health/@valorforfreedom/the-ultimate-quick-tips-compilation-to-accelerate-your-muscle-growth-like-you-would-use-steroids _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School Episode 54 - How to Use Zappl
Zappl uses the same design like Twitter with the difference that you can earn Steem Dollars and Steem Power by using Zappl. In my opinion, Zappl is perfect to use when you are on a vacation or intend to use Zappl alone without Steemit. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 18 - How to Get More Upvotes With Steemfollower
The people want to get more upvotes and with Steemfollower they will get them! Steemfollower is a website whose name will soon be changed to "Steemclient" according to the developer and founder @Mahdiyari. On Steemfollwer you have to upvote at least 5 other posts per day for which you get points (upvotes in return). You will get that cash in upvotes over time. Like that, you get not only curation rewards for upvoting other people but you also get the amount that you upvote back as upvotes over time! That is super fucking awesome if you ask me. You can also sell those points in the Steemfollower market or use those poinst to promote your posts (they will be higher on the list of posts). Now you know the most essential things of Steemfollower and now it is... _________________________________________________________________ How to Use Steemfollower You visit Steemfollower by clicking on steemfollower.com/?r=3873 and then you login by using your Steemit name and your private posting key. Then you click on "Services", "Manual Curation" and there you will see the fields: "New Posts", "Top Users", "Old Users", "New Users", "Top Inviters" and "Select Category", "Search by Author". I highly recommend that you go to the new section and look for new posts there and look for good posts. To detect a post that will probably score a lot of upvotes you have to write down & remember this formula: Good thumbnail + Savage title + Hooking first sentence + High reputation = Will probably get some good upvotes! Now you upvote 5 of those because to get upvotes back you have to upvote at least 5 posts per day. Remember that you get points (upvotes) for upvoting those people and that it is better than upvoting people over Steemit as you get cash for it. _________________________________________________________________ More About Steemfollower Steemfollower also has a Referal system and a market which I will explain in the next episodes because they are not just some cool features. Using Steemfollower daily and properly will get you a lot of upvotes! Note: I highly recommend to not upvote shit! Just like with bots: Do not boost shit. By rewarding shit on Steemit (upvoting bad posts) you reduce the value of Steemit and make us all lose cash over the long time. And that's it for today my friends! Remember to publish 1 post per day, to learn more about Steemit for 10 minutes per day and to forge strong relationships with 10 Steemians only! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 60 - The Best Extension for Steemit
"Steemit More Info" Rest in Peace, SteemPlus is here. Since @Armandocat left a couple of months ago leaving Steemit More Info without any updates people have started to look for alternatives and SteemPlus is that alternative. The developer @StoodKev has included the features of "Steemit More Info" into "SteemPlus". That means that SteemPlus has the blog histogram, the vote tab, a working mentions tab, shows vote values in USD and more awesome features. Here is the official post by @Stoodkev presenting SteemPlus 2.5: Click here https://steemit.com/steemdev/@steem-plus/steemplus-2-5-integration-of-steemit-more-info-features. To download and install SteemPlus scroll down into the "Installation on Different Browsers" section of this post. _________________________________________________________________ How to use SteemPlus Before I talk about using SteemPlus I must mention that I had problems installing SteemPlus. That was because I downloaded an old version. To update your version on Google Chrome simply go to more tools - Extensions and enable "developer mode". After doing that you can click on "update all extensions" and then you should get the newest version of Steemplus. Now that you installed Steemplus you must restart your browser and click on the new Steemplus logo at the top right in your browser in the extension row and login there. After you are done with that you go to Steemit and click on the SteemPlus logo to enable it there. A little bit complicated if you ask me but not an impossible task. The Histogram, Votes, Mentions, Post Preview and USD Values will be automatically shown to you, no need to do extra installations. You find the Histogram, votes, mentions and vote preview on your blog page, simply click on them to see more. On the votes tab, you can see "incoming" that means votes that you get and "outgoing" which are votes that you give. "Both" will show you incoming and outgoing votes. _________________________________________________________________ The Most Useful Feature The best feature is definitely the mentions tab. In the Steemit More info tab, it didn't work anymore and I really missed it but with SteemPlus it is back. There you can see all your mentions which is really good to network! Just go to the post with your mention in it, read it thoroughly and leave a good comment! The author will be very happy that you replied and will further recommend you. Without the mentions tab, I would have missed all these epic networking possibilities! _________________________________________________________________ Installation on Different Browsers On Chrome If you're using Chrome, it's very straightforward, you just have to install SteemPlus from the Chrome Store here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/steemplus/mjbkjgcplmaneajhcbegoffkedeankaj?hl=en and enjoy! On Opera Add and install the Download Chrome Extension https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/install-chrome-extensions/ from the Opera add-ons gallery. Select Add to Opera in here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/steemplus/mjbkjgcplmaneajhcbegoffkedeankaj?hl=en. Accept the disclaimer. You'll be shown the extension manager page, select Install in front of SteemPlus. On Firefox Install Chrome Store Foxified https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/chrome-store-foxified/. Select Add to Firefox in here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/steemplus/mjbkjgcplmaneajhcbegoffkedeankaj?hl=en. If you wish to install the add-on permanently, you need to login to addons.mozilla.org and have your cookies enabled! SteemPlus is opensource and available on Github here. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 48 - How to Get DTube Upvotes Without Begging
"I am gonna be very nice to @Heimindanger and then I will get upvotes." Doesn't really work like that and I know with certainty that @Heimindanger dislikes beggers. Otherwise, he would not have created the "Beggar" group on Steemit. Being nice 24/7 is a mild form of begging here on Steemit because everyone here on Steemit knows that you get a lot of upvotes from naive people if you are "fake nice". So stop being so fake nice and be real for once. Being nice 24/7 makes you absolutely untrustworthy and I highly dislike people who are constantly nice as they just affirm that I am doing good things. If everyone would tell me that I do good things to get upvotes then I would almost stop improving because in their eyes I am really good. It inflates the ego, just like fat girls on Tinder think that they are princesses because 15 beta males write her every day. If you are always nice you are suspicious, the people here on Steemit are smarter than you think they are. They can see who is nice and who is not nice. To be nice you have to be an ass too, someone who is permanently nice ain't nice on purpose. So there it is, some psychology why begging and being nice 24/7 will not get you the infamous DTube upvotes (or big upvotes in general). _________________________________________________________________ How to Get Upvotes (Guessing on Experience) 1. Create a good thumbnail, title and 1st sentence. https://steemit.com/steemiteducation/@valorforfreedom/mgnl0v0q 2. Your video must be thoroughly edited, don't be lazy when you edit your video. 3. Use a high-quality camera and a high-quality microphone. 4. Change the backgrounds (city, beach, park, gym, etc.) 5. Constantly learn more to improve the quality of your videos. 6. Write an epic text below the video and format that perfectly. 7. Read the "Avoid This" section below. 8. Join the DTube Discord server https://discordapp.com/invite/dtube and write there every damn day. _________________________________________________________________ Avoid This 1. Controversy 2. Insults 3. Politics & Religion 4. Low-quality Videos 5. Bad Editing 6. No epic text below the video _________________________________________________________________ More Information I cannot predict who @Heimindanger upvotes but you can see who he upvotes by checking out "Outgoing Votes" which you will only see after installing the app "Steemit More Info". He will also not tell you how to get upvotes because then everyone would try to fit that standard and that would limit the creativity of most people. Besides that, you really have to go all in on video creation if you want to get big upvotes in the future. More and more famous Youtubers are joining and it gets increasingly harder to stand out from the crowd. If you are not willing to improve your videos to get big upvotes then I recommend that you still do them to upgrade your posts with them (that is what I do). However, I do not expect fat DTube upvotes every damn day because I am honestly not a professional video editor and I do not want to become one. But remember: You still make more cash on DTube than on Youtube (professional video editing or not) because there are no ads on DTube, no censorship and you get paid by your audience. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 70 - 30% Posting and 70% Networking?
What is more important? Posting articles or participating in communities or blogs of other Steemians? Yesterday @Onnovocks wrote "So many good posts and comments; so few upvotes."* which got me thinking. I thought about it yesterday when I was sleeping "Onnovocks is correct but what is the problem?". After I thought enough the conclusion was quite simple: I don't write on the blogs of other people. I participate in communities & talk with people on Discord but I rarely write on the blogs of other people which is a huge mistake. So what can I do to start doing that? I have no damn time left in my day for other things. I have decided to stop writing my 2nd post. It doesn't generate much anyway and I will write a witness update once per week. My posts are not in trending so people have a hard time finding me, it makes absolute sense to me to write more on other peoples blogs. And I advise you guys to do the same, spend 30% posting and 70% to communicate with other people. Posting every day is good, consistency is important & people will find you. However, even more people will find you if you start writing on other peoples blogs, especially if they are trending posts where more people can see your name. I will however only write on posts that I am truly interested in, otherwise, it won't be fun! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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The Heroic Virtues
The 9 noble virtues or "Hero Virtues" which I prefer to call them are old virtues taken from Norse mythology. People that honored the Norse gods like the old Germanic tribes and Vikings for example lived by those virtues and they always did their best and more to strictly follow those virtues. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Straight Up EP2 - Steem: Strengths & Weaknesses
Today Gerry (@The-Puppet-Patch) and me (@Valorforfreedom) talk about the strengths & weaknesses of Steem. _____________________________________________________________ Gerries Steemit Blog: www.Steemit.com/@the-puppet-patch My Steemit Blog: www.Steemit.com/@valorforfreedom My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com My Discord Community: https://discord.gg/VRSaB9y
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Steem School EP 21 - Embed YT Videos to Steemit
Embedding Youtube videos is easy but how do you change the player size?... And what is the right size to display the youtube video player in complete Steemit post width? As some of you guys know the width to display a picture in full width is 800px. And it really is not different with the Youtube player. The exact width for all content to be displayed at the right size is 800px! Let's get started with this short tutorial! _________________________________________________________________ Embedding the Player To embed the Youtube video player you cannot simply copy and paste the video address, that will lead to Steemit displaying the video at the end. What you have to do is to go to the video that you wish to display, click on share, click on embed and change the width to 600 and the height to 800 and copy the code with CTRL+C. Then you paste the code into the desired place of your post and the video should be displayed at that exact location! That will give your post a more professional look and give your readers a more enjoyable reading experience! _________________________________________________________________ In a Nutshell 1. Go to your favorite Youtube video. 2. Click on share, then click on embed. 3. Change the Width to 800 and the height to 600 4. Place it at the desired location in your post 5. Done! And that is everything you need to do to display your Youtube video at the desired place on your post in the perfect width and height! And that's it my friends! If you do not understand this text tutorial then I highly recommend that you watch the video tutorial (click on the thumbnail that leads to the DTube video). And by the way, my friends, every post that has a "DTube" tag is a video! Just click on the first picture of the post (the thumbnail with the DTube logo in it) and it will lead you to the video on DTube, otherwise, you can also just click on the YTube video below. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 30 - Render & Optimize Your DTube Videos
How to Render videos for DTube and dramatically reduce the video size. Did you know that you can reduce the video file size by over 50%? It is absolutely possible with Handbrake! I will also show you the format which is required to upload a DTube video (at least in my format). __________________________________________________________________ Rendering a Video for DTube I use Filmora by Wondershare to edit my DTube videos which I record with an XSplit premium license (which you can get for 1 year for $2 on Kinguin). When I render my videos I select the MP4 format. I use the resolution 1280x720 because that is the resolution my videos are originally recorded in. I use the encoder H.264, 29.97 FPS, and a bitrate of 5000 kbps. I change nothing of the audio settings and finally render the video. __________________________________________________________________ Reducing the Video Size To reduce the video by over 50% you have to download and install a software called "Handbrake" [(Download)](handbrake.fr/downloads.php). After installing it you right click on your file and open it with Handbrake. 1. Click on browse and select the location where you want to save the file and give it a name. 2. Select Fast720p30 from the "Presets" on the right. 3. Select Width 1280 & Height 720 4. Now click on "Start Encode" and you are done. __________________________________________________________________ Conclusion Render the video in the formats given, use handbrake and your video will not only work on DTube but they will also be optimized to be uploaded faster. Further reading & video: The Ultimate DTube Guide for Beginners & Pros steemit.com/steemiteducation/@valorforfreedom/8psehmc9 _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School Episode 39 - How to Avoid Steemit Distractions
There are certain distractions here on Steemit that you need to avoid. Today's post is about how to avoid the traps of falling into the meaningless distractions of Steemit and how to deal with them. There are also distractions of Steemit outside of Steemit. My life philosophy is to not waste an hour so I have to be careful not fall into the traps of the Steemit distractions. And you do not want to fall into these traps either. _________________________________________________________________ The Steemit Feed The Steemit feed itself is a huge distraction as it shows resteems of people that do not know how to properly use resteems. Furthermore you probably also follow over 15 people which makes it hard to see any worth in the Steemit feed because it is just chaos. You scroll through it looking for some good posts but there aren't any because you do not keep a following limit. My following limit is 10-15 people and not more. If I get over 15 people I will erase the ones that do not really provide value to me so that I have a better overview of the Steemit feed. **If you haven't unfollowed the people you do not care about then I urge you that you start unfollowing them right now.** Get your follower number down to 10-15 so that you get a better overview and build stronger connections with those people. _________________________________________________________________ The DTube Feed The DTube feed is even worse than Steemit for me because I really want to look what my friends recorded even tho I have no time. And I will not unfollow them so what can I do? I simply do not watch into the middle of my screen and just look at the upload arrow to get my shit done. If I am on the DTube website I am uploading videos and nothing else. Commenting and caring about your relationships must be done after you are done with the hard tasks of the day because commenting and chatting barely requires willpower as it is a fun thing to do. _________________________________________________________________ Discord Communities Discord communities are the place to go if you want to seriously strengthen the bond between your followers/friends and yourself. The problem, however, is that when you start Discord at the start of the day then you will be probably distracted by messages and friends. You have to be very strict about this, work first and then fun and not the other way around. Having fun after a good working day which you can be proud of is one of the greatest joys for a man. So do not start Discord till you are done with your work! Did you look at the upvote sign or at the DTube feed? _________________________________________________________________ Conclusion The Steemit feed, the DTube feed, and Discord can be huge distractions if you pay attention to them before you are done with your work. This is a matter of focus, without that focus you will not get great work done, it is that simple. There are also other real-life distractions like an unclean table or being hungry. You need to make sure that your table is clean and that you ate so that you can further enhance your focus. And to really become a master of focus you will have to meditate. Breathing exercises & focusing on 1 object with your eyes without thinking about anything else are good meditations to enhance your focus. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 12 - The Advanced Steemit Tag Guide
This is the advanced Steemit tag guide to maximize the visibility and payout of your posts! Tags are words that you can add below your post and your posts will then be shown in those tags. Depending on the tag and on the total payout of your post it will then be in new, hot or trending of that tag. That was a short explanation on how tags work and how the posts inside those tags are ordered. You can increase the visibility & total payout of your post dramatically with the right tags & almost nobody does that! They either choose the most popular tag (unrelated to their post) or they create a new tag that nobody has used before. To see all the tags worth mentioning you just click on the 3 lines symbol on the top right corner of Steemit right to your profile picture and select "explore". Here are the DO'S and DON'Ts of Steem tagging! . _________________________________________________________________ The DON'Ts I start with the DON'Ts because everyone needs to know what not to do so that they can understand the DO's better. So the first thing that you need to understand is that creating a new tag is only a good idea when you are the leader of a community and you tell everyone to use that tag for their post. Like that the tag will become popular. So if you are not a leader of a large community it makes no sense to create a new tag. Secondly, you don't want to use tags that nobody is using which is basically almost the same as creating a new one. Thirdly you want to avoid tags with a high competition! And I say that because the higher the competition is, the harder it is to go into trending because you need a certain amount to be shown there. On the Steemit tag, you won't be shown at the top of trending if you are below $500 and that number is increasing. There are posts with a total payout of $2000 so avoid these famous tags. _________________________________________________________________ THE DO'S Find tags that are related to your post who have low competition. For example, an educative text or a tutorial about something would do really well in the tag #education, #tutorial or #howto. That text would do well there because the competition is not that high there. In the #howto tag, I am in the trending section with a post that is just worth $100. And I will stay there for a while (2-3 days) which is really awesome! And don't forget to use 5 tags! _________________________________________________________________ In a Nutshell THE DON'Ts 1. Don't invent new tags (unless you lead a large community). 2. Don't use tags that nobody uses. 3. Don't use the most popular tags unless you have the cash to promote your posts up to $500-$2000 and can afford losses. THE DO'S 1. Use 5 tags. 2. Use tags related to your post. 3. Use low-competition tags where it is easier to get into trending! Last step: Have fun seeing more views and upvotes on your posts! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Straight up EP 1 - STEEMPRESS! The Greatest Wordpress Plugin Ever?
The first episode of Straight up! In the first episode, we will talk about the Steempress, the greatest Wordpress plugin ever? Phils Website: https://www.PhilipBraselmann.com Phils Steemit blog: http://www.Steemit.com/@valorforfreedom Gerries Blog: http://www.Steemit.com/@The-Puppet-Patch Gerries Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9CTCXEoth-MlWDGzGNCasg
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Road to 100000 Steem Power & Self Improvement Log Day 145
Diary: Woke up at 06:00 am and did my morning routine and my first Steemit post of the day. Afterwards, I went to the shopping center to buy some index cards, a collegeblock and a candle to do rune meditation (thank you for your help yesterday @tygertyger). I will do those meditations in the morning and in the evening to increase my knowledge of the runes and to increase my concentration (focus). Increased concentration equals increased confidence. Sounds strange to you? Answer this question: Who is more anxious, the person thinking about whatever is going on in his situation or the person focused on the task itself? Besides that, I have started "A Sky Without Eagles" by Jack Donovan. That book covers race realism, criticizes feminism degenerative influence on masculinity and laments the lack of virtue and nobility in American leadership. A great passage from the book: The people who really run Western Civilization ARENT EVEN PEOPLE. They are amoral transnational legal entities whose sole purpose is to grow and produce profit. The people on the covers of our magazines, the people Americans are supposed to look up to - are CEOs and CFOs. They aren't the best men or the best women. They're just the best at making MONEY for big corporations - no matter how. As Brad Pitt's character in "Killing Them Softy" said, "America is not a country. It is a business". Because Americas highest value is "feeling good". _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
Steem School EP 20 - Steemfollower Referrals!
There is another nice way to make cash with Steemfollower... REFERRALS! On Steemfollower you get 0,5% of all the upvotes of your referrals. Depending on how big the wallet of your referral is and how many referrals you have it can be a very nice source of additional cash! The nice thing is that once you have them all they need to do is to upvote 5x per day and you get 0,5% of all their 5 upvotes. Aka it is passive money once you have those referrals but that is no reason to not do more to get more referrals! So how do you actually get referrals? There are 3 ways to get more referrals which I will explain now. _________________________________________________________________ 1 - Referral link at the End of Your Post The method is already explained in the title! You build your link end of all your posts. When you check out my footer you will see that my Steemfollower referral link is inside the "Steemfollower" link. Easy peasy! Copy & paste and all your readers need to do is to click on that link if they want more and higher upvotes. I use Steemfollower every damn day and I love the additional cash it gives me and everybody would love it as well if they would do it! _________________________________________________________________ 2 - Write Posts Write posts about Steemfollower! Write How to's, wrote about updates, write about the cash you made with Steemfollower, share smart tactics and more! There are tons of things to write about and I recommend that you write at least one post per month about Steemfollower to not spam your readers with it, after my tutorial series about Steemfollower I probably won't write about it for a month. So go get started! Sign up on Steemfollower and write about it! _________________________________________________________________ 3 - A Combination A combination of the two methods above with a big bonus... You boost that post with bots to trending! Every time I boost my posts into trending with bots my posts get 200-500 views and I always get 5-10 referrals from those posts! If you can lose around 20 SBD (you can make losses with boosting), then I highly recommend that you boost these posts. Check out this website to get an overview of bots that you can use to boost your posts into trending: https://steembottracker.com If your post provides a lot of value then you might get a lot of good upvotes, followers & referrals! _________________________________________________________________ Conclusion Add the referral link to each end of your post, write a post about Steemfollower each month and if you can you use bots to boost these posts into the trending section for more referrals, followers and upvotes! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Road to 100000 Steem Power Day 157
_______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
Steem School EP 27 - How & Why to Use Automatic Upvote Systems
Do you hate to manually your friends all the time? Do you want to upvote people uploading good content on a daily basis automatically? Then today is your lucky day, there are 2 websites that I know that offer automatic upvotes. The first one is Steemvoter which is for automatic upvotes only and the second is Steemauto which has more functions on its page. Automatic upvoting is a good thing because it saves you a little bit of time, and money is time. It is that famous time of the day again... __________________________________________________________________ How to Automatically Upvote with Steemvoter Go to the website [www.Steemvoter.com](www.steemvoter.com), click on "Sign up" and fill out the form. After you have registered yourself you need to login and click on "Add Account", there you add your account and your private posting key. After you have submitted those things you will see "pending" It usually takes 24 hours till your account is activated, however, you can start adding "the rules". The rules are basically the automatic upvote settings. 1. Click on rules 2. Add the Author that you want to automatically upvote. 3. Add the vote power percentage with which you want to automatically upvote. 4. Set the time when the post is upvoted (after it is published). __________________________________________________________________ How to Automatically Upvote With Steemauto Register on Steemauto.com and log in. Now you click on the link "Fanbase". There you enter the name of the person that you want to automatically upvote (step 3), click on settings (step 4) & then set the vote power (step 5) and when you want to upvote them (step 6), click on "save settings" (step 7) and you are done! And that is all there is to it to set up automatic upvoting with Steemauto.com __________________________________________________________________ Conclusion Upvoting automatically gives you more time and oftentimes higher curation rewards as you usually chose someone that upvotes good content on a daily basis. I, for example automatically upvote members of the Berserkers (@Hopehuggs & @Booster196) + @Flauwy + @Humanearl. They are my friends and they upload good content, so they receive my automatic upvotes. I upvote with Steemauto as the website itself has more options like "Curation Trails"https://steemit.com/steemiteducation/@valorforfreedom/tbmvwf1n, however, both do their jobs. Today's tutorial is also a good way to strengthen relationships here on Steemit. Giving each other automatic upvotes is a nice thing to do and everybody would like to do that. So if you find people that would share automatic upvotes with you (your friends, members, family) then ask them and go for it! And that's it for today my friends. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 42 - Steemit Success Coaching
"I don't need coaching, I can learn everything myself." and I totally agree with you that you can. I did learn everything myself here on Steemit too, but if I would have known someone that I can pay 20 SBD or 100 USD to tell me as much as possible in 1 hour I would have paid it. 1 hour does not sound long but it truly is if you write down what you want to know before. Usually all your questions will be answered in 10-15 minutes and afterwards you will learn even more so you have to write everything down otherwise you forget it. 1 hour of coaching will put you 2 months ahead in terms of knowledge. And time is the most valuable thing in the world because you can not buy it. __________________________________________________________________ A Coaching Session Involves When you pay me the 20 SBD or 100 USD I will first answer all your questions that you have hopefully written down. Afterwards I will check your whole blog, your posts, your comments, your graphics and talk with you about your Steemit goals and strategy and tell you how to improve in everything that I mentioned above. You can see that process uncut in the video below. __________________________________________________________________ How to Buy the Coaching Before you buy the coaching I recommend that you read the following page: http://www.steemschool.net/coaching And if you decide that you want my Steemit coaching you write down all the questions that you have. When I coach you I recommend that you have a notepad file open to write down what I teach you. You can send me those 20 SBD here over Steemit or pay me 100USD via Paypal. That price is flexible as the worth of SBD changes, however, the price of 100USD is a fix price. And if you have decided that you are going to buy my Steemit coaching you simply have to contact me in the comments, or via my SteemSchool Discord server or via E-Mail. My E-Mail is: [email protected] __________________________________________________________________ Conclusion My coaching will put you 2 months ahead in terms of knowledge and it really is worth the cash. Read the coaching page on [http://www.steemschool.net/coaching/](http://www.steemschool.net/coaching/) and if you decide to buy the coaching you simply contact me here in the comments, on the SteemSchool Discord server or via Email. My E-Mail is: [email protected] _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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My Sacred Place in the Forest
I am an Odinist. Spending time alone in nature is something I do because I have to and because I enjoy it. I have carved protection runes into the trees around me which give me goosebumps everytime I enter this place that I have declared sacred to me. My ancestors have lived in and with the forest and spending time in nature in my sacred area empowers me. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School Episode 53 - The Steemit Board of Honor!
Did you ever ask yourself if there is something like Steemit achievements or milestones? If yes then I got a satisfying answer for you: They exist and you can see your Steemit achievements on Steemitboard.com/@YourSteemitName! There you can see how many posts & comments you wrote, how many average upvotes you get per post and more. There you will also see if you are a plankton, minnow, dolphin, orca or whale. Depending on how much Steem power you have you will have a different "fish rank" which you can check on Steemitboard.com _________________________________________________________________ Things You Get Awards For (Line 1) You get an award for your amount of posts that you have written. I am sure that number stands only for the posts that you have written and not for comments. An award for comments, the more you write the better! An award for the upvotes that you have given people for posts & comments. You get an award for "rewards" which probably means how much steem power and steem dollars you got. A replies award for how much replies you have written. Next to that is the upvoted award which reflects how much upvotes you have received in your Steemit career. _________________________________________________________________ Things You Get Awards For (Line 2) The daily top upvoted award probably stands for having given the most amount of upvotes that day. You will get the daily top comment award if your post has the most replies of the day below it. The daily top total payout means that you have received the highest total payout that day. Furthermore, you get the same awards for the weekly basis. _________________________________________________________________ Things You Get Awards For (Line 3) You will get the daily award if you manage to write 4 posts per day (which I do not recommend doing). You will get the weekly award if you write a post every damn day for a week. And finally, the monthly award which you will get if you are a certified badass that publishes a post every day for a month. _________________________________________________________________ Next Awards & Below Below the 3rd line of awards, you can see what awards you will get soon and below that you can see who created this nice little website. Thanks to Project Designer: @arcange, Web Designer: @techybear & Graphic Designer: @captaink for designing this website that helps people to further track and analyze their progress. Of course, you can also check the progress of other people on that website! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 17 - "Steemit More Info"
The app called "Steemit More Info" add super awesome functions to Steemit! You definitely 150% need this app to make better tactical decisions which in the end will generate more money for you. On today's episode, I will describe the 10 most useful functions of "Steemit More Info". "Steemit More Info" is not a software that you download, it is an app that you download, a browser extension. Click https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions to download the app to your Browser. I am sure that it works on Chrome and on Firefox but I am not sure about other browsers. After you have downloaded it you simply restart your browser and go to your settings tab on your Steemit profile. There you can activate or deactivate all the functions that you like or dislike! ________________________________________________________________ Function #1 - Votepower & Reputation When you have downloaded chrome and restarted your browser and go to your Steemit profile you will see a big number next to your name. That is your current reputation. The % number next to that is the current votepower have and what that votepower is currently worth. _________________________________________________________________ Function #2 - Incoming & Outgoing Votes With that function, you can check all the votes that you received, all the votes that you have given or both. _________________________________________________________________ Function #3 -Blog Post Histogram My favorite function! With this function, you will see a nice chart with bars that show posts (blue) and resteems (green). You can also see the blog post Histograms of every other user. You can either load it manually when you open a Steemit profile or you can load it automatically. _________________________________________________________________ Function #4 - Total Payout With this function, you can see what the total payout of a post ist worth! _________________________________________________________________ Function #5 - Voting Slider With Dollar This function shows you the amount of dollar on your voting slider which is nice to see how much cash you are given that person. _________________________________________________________________ Function #6 - Mentions Tab This tab doesn't work for me anymore but maybe it will for you? It is a nice function of that app that is nice to have if it works for you. It shows you all posts in which you are mentioned! At least that is what it did for me once. _________________________________________________________________ Function #7 - A Preview Box The 2nd best function of this app. With this function, you will see a preview of what you are writing on the right side! It transforms all the code and really shows you how the post will look like when you publish it! Fucking awesome! _________________________________________________________________ Function #8 - Gif Picker For everyone that loves gifs more than his grandma. A "GIF" button will be displayed when you write a post or a comment with which you can quickly add a gif from Giphy.com! _________________________________________________________________ Function #9 - A Boost Button With this button, you can quickly boost your post with Minnowbooster! This is easier and faster compared to doing it with a transfer from your wallet! _________________________________________________________________ Function #10 - Wallet Filter A wallet filter with which you can study the wallet history of a user. _________________________________________________________________ Conclusion Steemit More Info is the best app that I have found yet on Steem. It adds a lot of useful functions and you will have a clear advantage over the people that don't have this app. Simply download it, restart your browser and go to your settings tab on your Steemit profile to activate or deactivate all the functions that you like and dislike! Note: Steemit More Info can be unreliable as fuck. Sometimes a couple of functions don't work at all. I can not get the mentions app to work whatever I do, however, the histogram, preview and the display of votes in dollar are way too valuable to remove this app from my browser. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 35 - Art of Reciprocity
Do you know who your biggest supporters are? Do you know who constantly supports you with comments, upvotes, mentions & articles? If you can answer these questions then you are already done with step 1. I didn't really think about the "[Art of Reciprocity](https://steemit.com/dtube/@humanearl/44hkaoyi)" till @Humanearl wrote and recorded a post & video about. Fucking easy yet absolutely genius. I thought a little bit and came up with a tactic to get more & higher upvotes. Humanearl gave me fat $2 upvotes for probably around 100 comments or something like that, fucking nuts. The thing is I couldn't repay it because I got that when I started, he boosted me from reputation 25 to 50. I never forget the people who supported me on the way and Humanearl and me exchange upvotes on a daily basis now. In fact, I put him into my automated upvote list with 100%. He receives a 100% upvote every damn time he publishes a post (often with a video) and he damn well deserves it. He climbed the ladder hard lately and started to post every damn day. He records videos outside and shares life advice, this is the type of stuff that I like to read and watch. His average total payout increased a lot and I recommend all you guys to follow @Humanearl. Be careful tho, mindset is hot, truth is spoken and action is taken. Content for action takers. _________________________________________________________________ How to Apply the Art of Reciprocity First, you need to find out who your biggest supporters are (in terms of regular high upvotes). You probably know who these people are. If you don't know them then you have to take a look at the upvotes of your latest 50 posts and write down who you see the most in that upvote list. People that give you constant upvotes like your content (and that is a fact) or they simply do it because you give them upvotes on a constant basis. You help each other if you like each other or not doesn't really matter. There is nothing morally bad about doing that, you simply support each other. It would be morally bad if you upvote fucked up content on a daily basis because he is your friend tho. Anyway, I highly recommend that you take a look at Steem.Supply/@YourName to see who your biggest supporters are! _________________________________________________________________ Strengthening the Relationship Now where you have identified the people upvote you on a regular basis it is time to build a solid relationship with them. 1. Write comments on their posts. 2. Write and talk with them on Discord. 3. Exchange gifts 4. Upvote them with as much voting % as possible. Do that on a daily basis and you will build a solid connection and maybe even become friends. That is the "Art of Reciprocity" in action. Make use of that tactic and I guarantee you that you will get higher upvotes in a matter of days. Shoutout to @Humanearl, @Hopehuggs, @Heimindanger, @dana-edwards, @nainaztengra, @Flauwy, @Reko, @booster916, @D-pend and @amiramnoam for regular fat upvotes. You guys are the real MVP's. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 15 - How to Get Excellent Ideas for Posts & Videos!
Gathering ideas for posts, videos, podcasts, interviews or others things can sometimes be a hard thing to do. Maybe you went through all ideas already because you worked through your latest 100 ideas in 100 days and said or wrote everything about the topic. That happens to everyone and I am no exception, I have the next 15 SteemSchool episodes written down but I will have to think about the next episodes soon or I get new ideas over time. I am gonna share with you guys how I gather new ideas when I am out of ideas. _________________________________________________________________ 1. Nature We are a part of nature and the city is an unnatural habitat as it was created by men. Nature existed way before us and going back to the roots is something that everyone should do on a weekly basis. There one will find energy, inspiration and a connection with his/her ancestors. See the things in nature not as something you can create something out of or just as material. The things and beings you see there (thousands of beings smaller and bigger than you) live their own life or have their very own story. With that mindset you open your mind again, you become aware. That is a great way to unlock your brain. Look for a place to sit down, on a tree stump (get a towel with you so you can sit on nature without getting dirty). Sit at a creek at the beach or wherever you like it, however, there must be a place with not many people around. If you live in a big city I suggest going to the park and leaving the damn city asap, it rots your brain and soul. Now get your notepad and pen out and start thinking. Remember that you can write about everything here on Steemit, if you write about a certain topic you will think about that instead. If for example currently write SteemSchool episodes. What I will think about is my whole Steem journey so far (reflecting what happened so far). By doing that as detailed as possible thousands of ideas will flow to me. Sit in that place, reflect on what happened so far and think about the future as well. You will get many ideas and you will write them all down. _________________________________________________________________ Method 2: The Lazy Guy Method The easiest way to get ideas (the lazy guy method) is to ask everyone around you what you should write about. Doesn't always work but here and there you get some good ideas depending on who you ask and where. I can just ask the Berserkers and get a couple of good ideas from them. _________________________________________________________________ Method 3: Time & Skills Think about everything that you do in your day and think about what you are good at and what you do. If you just sit on a coach 30 minutes every day lamenting that your life ain't nice then I highly suggest you improve your life. However, you can also just as well write about it, some Steemians here probably have very good ideas on how to improve your life. The next thing to think about are your skills (what you are good at). Write them all down, sort them, organize them & give them descriptions. Write it down as detailed as possible, what is required to learn to do it? What is hard to learn? When is the best time to do it? And after doing that you will have tons of things you can write about, because if you are good at that skill you will also record great videos about it. Like a resumê, write your skills down, who are you? What are your goals? _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 10 - Branding on Steem
Branding a Steem blog is very important to increase profits and so far I have only seen Jerry Banfield doing that. Some of you might ask themselves what branding is and that is no problem, we are all here to learn more & to make more cash together. Branding: Giving your content/product recognition value. In terms of Steem, that means giving your blog specific elements + adding your logo and your name to it. How you write plays a role as well! When people look through the Steem feed your blog will stand out because your name is unique, your thumbnail is unique and your titles are always savage. The thing with branding is that people will be able to identify your post on the Steem with just a 1-second glance. Besides that, branding also makes your Steem profile and your blog posts look professional. Many factors here on Steem play a role to get an upvote and a well-formatted post that looks professional is the first thing a potential upvoter sees. It is like a beautiful woman, you see that she is beautiful so you are interested in her character, you want to know more. You don't need to be a company to brand your blog. You are a person and therefore you can brand your blog as well. People will think when they scroll through the Steem feed "SuperSavage published another post" and either keep scrolling because they are not interested in his content or they immediately click on it because his content is SuperSavage and provides value. You will be on peoples radar all the time if you apply branding and publish every day. The big fishes will start to realize you are here to stay. _________________________________________________________________ Step 1: Your Name & Your Logo/Face Branding starts with using your name/nickname or company name. I use my real name here on Steem "Philip Braselmann" and as my logo I simply use my face, however, I also the black & white filter because I like it. I apply that black & white filter to constantly on my pictures, videos and on my profile picture. People recognize that and I heard a couple of people saying that they like it and I also heard some people made jokes about it. That tells me that it works. If you are a company you need to, of course, display your logo and your company name here on Steem. _________________________________________________________________ Step 2: Colors Colors play a huge role as they give a lot of recognition value just like your logo or face! I use the colors black, red and gold which are fucking awesome. They are the colors of the German flag & what is more badass than colors that stand for death, blood & gold? I really like those colors and I apply them to all my graphics. I apply those colors to my profile picture, my thumbnail, my separator, my pictures, my footer, my videos and basically everything! _________________________________________________________________ Step 3: Unique Style With a unique style, I don't mean the colors because everyone uses colors. What I mean by unique style is your writing style. Do you write like a fucking savage? Do you like rainbows and celebrate half naked on the street with other men and like to point that out on your blog? Do you have an obsession with smileys in every sentence? These things are part of your identity aka your branding. And it is important to never let that style die! I for example like to write like a savage which I tone down a bit for the audience here, however, I still write to like "fucking" here and then. Who doesn't like fucking? Well, wrong topic. _________________________________________________________________ Step 4: Marketing Strategy The strategy of your marketing is to make more cash, to get more followers & to increase your reputation without pissing too many people off (some people will always be triggered). The tactic of your marketing strategy is to appear on the Steem feed every damn day. That means you have to publish every day at if possible the same time. Your marketing tactic is simply to be there, to show everyone that you are here to stay and win. Combined with all the steps above you will create a killer representation of yourself or your company. _________________________________________________________________ Step 5: Apply Now that you know how to apply branding to your Steem blog you just need to apply it. You have just learned how to increase your profits here on Steemit big time! If you apply what you learned here I will give you a 100% upvote. Just comment on this post when you are done applying what you have learned here and I will head over to your blog and boost your newest post! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 11 - Maximizing the Value of Resteems!
Resteems are not used properly on Steem and most people ignore them (which reduces its value). The reason for that is that most people either 1. Resteem 5 posts per day and more and spam the feed of their followers with unrelated posts (because they are friends with the author). Or 2. They don't resteem at all and when they start resteeming it is unrelated posts as well. That already gives you a clue on how to give your resteems more value. Steemit's resteem function needs to be improved or reworked because as I see it most people ignore it or misuse it because they are not worth much anyway (in the way that everyone uses it). Resteems just drown in the Steem feed because people follower over 10 people (who also resteem) and boom they don't value the posts appearing on their feed anymore because they are not related to their niche or they are not interested in it. So here are all the ways to give the resteems that you receive and share more value. _________________________________________________________________ How to Increase the Value of Resteems 1. Follow 10 people only. By following 10 people only your feed will stay clean and their resteems will be related to what you are interested in (hopefully) which increases the value of the resteems that you see and resteem yourself. 2. Only resteem 1 post per day. You do not want to spam the feed of the people that follow you. 3. The last easy thing to do to give your resteems more value is to resteem a post per day your followers are interested in aka it must be related to what you are writing about. _________________________________________________________________ Conclusion: Follow 10 people only to keep your Feed clean. Resteem 1 related post per day and like that you are not spamming your followers feed with multiple unrelated resteems per day. If everyone would do that resteems would be valued more but I know that most won't do it. It is up to Steemit to improve or rework the resteem function. They should add a "Resteem" tab to your blog profile so that you can see all blog resteems at once without other posts. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School EP 16 - A Killer First Impression
It is not very hard to stand out in the Steemit Feed! The recipe to stand out in the Steemit feed is this: A thumbnail in the right resolution with branding and a text large enough to read on it + a savage title + a first sentence that makes the reader want to read more! Reputation and the right tags play a role as well: Read this guide steemit.com/steemiteducation/@valorforfreedom/h6l8csd9 to choose the right tags which even the pros get wrong to further stand out in the feed. The reputation can only be improved by receiving higher upvotes which I won't explain here because that topic deserves its own post. A small guide to increase your reputation: Write 2 posts per day, learn more about Steemit for 10 minutes per day and form strong relationships with 10 people only works really good. That is the recipe but the steps itself are harder to accomplish of course, so how do you create these things? Two days ago I created a comprehensive guide on steemit.com/steemiteducation/@valorforfreedom/189akdax for DTube, you can use that guide to create thumbnails for everything. I recommend that you open that guide in a new tab and read that after you are done reading this post because creating a badass thumbnail is the first step. For all the Photoshop pros that already know how to do the basics who just want to add an epic picture and a good readable text to it: You can download the template steemschool.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/DTube-Template.psd and skip reading the thumbnail guide. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Creating a Savage Title A good title is entertaining! A good title is a statement, a question and includes adjectives. "Howto" titles are very popular and they still do very well and they will never stop doing well. Here is a very nice picture that shows you tons of examples for very good titles, however, the titles miss savagery (they are not very entertaining) so make sure to add some fun to your titles if you can! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Creating a Hooking First Sentence The first sentence is what a reader of your blog and the viewer on the Steemit feed sees! So make sure that the first sentence of your post pulls the reader into the article! That means you do not answer questions there, you can do that in the 2nd sentence or later. It is an ancient clickbait trick that is used since the creation of the newspaper. Why would anyone read your newspaper if the answer is already in the first sentence? Newspapers would be 1 page long and nobody would read them anymore. People want to know more, they want to read the details, the backstory & they want to be entertained. So make sure your first sentence hooks the people into your post! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School Episode 56 - How to Use SteepShot
Another app that you have heard of or not that I will cover today is called Steepshot. (website: https://steepshot.io/). "You can use it to share cool pictures you have taken with your mobile phone, curate and comment photos your friends make and never worry that any third party will censor your images." -Steepshot But now you wonder why you should use Steepshot instead of Zappl and dMania. The difference between Steepshot, Zappl and dMania is that you can use a maximum of 20 tags and 2000 words for your Steepshot post. Why 20 tags? I have absolutely no clue, besides that, they should add a bigger window to add a maximum of 2000 words into (1 line is not enough). Anyway, If you use Steepshot correctly you can avoid looking like spam because it allows 2000 words max. My recommendation: Write your text before in Steemit and then copy and paste it into the description field. _________________________________________________________________ How to Use Steepshot You can use Steepshot for mobile devices and on your computer. You can download the app from Google Play (It is not available in the app store yet). When you click on "STEEPSHOT" on the top left of the screen you will be brought to your feed where you can see what pictures your followers have uploaded. There you can like their pictures and comment on them. Right from "STEEPSHOT" (in the top left corner) you have the search bar, your feed, and the browse link on which you can browse Steepshot "Hot", "New", "Top". Further on the right (almost at the top right corner of the screen) you have your profile picture which you can click on. There you will see your description, your Steepshot posts, how many people follow you and how many people you follow. To upload a picture with a description (which will be uploaded to Steemit as well) you have to click on the "Create Post" orange button right from your profile picture. There you add your picture, your title, the tags and your description. Again: Write the description before on any editor and then paste it into the description. After you are done with all that you hit the orange "Create new post" button to publish that picture with a description on Steepshot and Steemit. The last thing right from the "Create Post" button is the gear wheel. There you can set if you want to see low rated posts and NSFW posts. I left both options deactivated. And that's it for today! Pros add long ass descriptions to their posts, make sure to do that and you will be able to use Steepshot without looking like a spammer. Have a nice day! _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Steem School Episode 38 - Why & When You Should Ignore or Mute People
Today's post is about when you should legit ignore people or mute them. First of all, everyone can decide for themselves who they mute or who they ignore, the guidelines here are mine and I will state the reasons and methods why I mute or ignore people below. Steemit in itself promotes sheep culture as money is involved, and everytime money is involved some people give up their sense of self to lick your damn ass for some cash. On a platform like Youtube or Social Media platforms like Twitter you do have sheep culture as well and it is censored, however, the people there are usually not getting money for their comments or posts which is why they talk so much shit (at least honest). Here on Steemit, you have to be suspicious because most comments are not honest because people do not want to lose money and secretly they are haters, jealous or just trolls. In other words, people are faker here than on any other platform because money is involved. To all the shit commenters: Don't think that we do not see your fake shit, Steemit veterans or smart people who are not part of the herd certainly see through all this ass kissing fake shit, the copy paste shit & the generalized comments. I ignore people who are always nice and I do not take them seriously because they lack a spine. That does not mean that I mute them, it simply means that I am tired of their fake, weak shit. _________________________________________________________________ Reasons to Mute or Ignore People 1. The copy paste comments which are often generalized which have nothing to do with my article. The author of that copy paste comment hopes to get an upvote from me and I usually do not give such fucked up pussy-shit comments my upvote. They belong to the people that I mute. 2. The generalized comments authors who read the title and jump to conclusions to get your upvote. Those people are muted. 3. The asskissers who read the title and give an effort but who permanently kiss ass. Now you say that is nice and kind and all that weak shit and I don't give a fuck. The reason why you need to ignore such people and mute them if they continue to talk so much fake shit is because they are not trustworthy, they simply want your upvote and they will do harsh things like betraying themselves to get your cash. 4. Unconstructive criticism authors. I like criticism, it helps me and I know that people who criticize me are either jealous of what I have accomplished otherwise they would simply ignore me or they honestly want to support me. If they talk shit they get muted. 5. People who insult me are instantly muted, you should never ignore people insulting you in real life tho. If you ignore people insulting you in real life they will continue doing it and it invites others to do the same. Wolves will wolf and sheep will sheep. I don't like people trying to fool me into giving them upvotes. I appreciate constructive criticism, nice comments as long as it is not always nice comments and the people writing their opinions or stories related to my topics into the comments. These guys are the real people that I like dealing with because they are honest and radiate strength. _______________________________________________________________ My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Who Defines Good & Evil? Philosophy with Boba
Who defines good & evil or might is right? Boba on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@bobaphet My Steemit blog: https://steemit.com/@valorforfreedom My Website: www.PhilipBraselmann.com
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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

You need to compose an interesting and appealing profile, post a decent and recent photo and so forth. If youve got specific feedback for things we might change to create the system better, weve got forums for that. Our forums and internet chat area are a terrific place to meet and interact with different members.

Top Pubg Help Guide!

Essentially, youre a group of MacGyvers in a pressure-cooker circumstance. When there is another player close by, attempt to steer away from him while locating a home to enter. Virtually every pubg items good trivia player would know the response to the very first question, which makes it a bit too quick. To further validate that the 2 games have the exact viewership core, lets look at the very best channels for each. When it has to do with competitive team gaming, teamwork is extremely important if youd like to win.
Our apps are overlays giving you more info about the game to assist you produce your own strategy. The desperado crate program comprises some totally free demo videos to genuinely show off the technology, and it lets you know how to allow the settings to turn it on. When you check in for your flight on the internet, youll observe a box that asks in case you require special help. People today wind up on websites that are for different jurisdictions, on private websites that charge them for desperado crate forms that the government provides for free, or on forums or websites which give them anecdotal and frequently incorrect info. You might guest post your content with a different author to expose yourself to that individuals followers with the hope that a number of them will also follow you, and that is going to grow your list faster. Content linked to specialist interests like local areas isnt always commercially viable for general release, but might get a paying audience pubg items if distributed locally.
The same is true for paragraph styles. You keep contemplating the simple fact that youve arrived at the airport a few hours ahead of your flight leaves and you dont desperado crate need some useful stranger hanging around all that moment, rolling you to and from the restroom or sitting around while youve got a beer in the neighborhood airport pub. Actually, among the main reasons KeSPA existed at all was to run Proleague as an advertising vehicle for its constituent company teams. The very best idea is to simply keep nibbling on toast.
The question doesnt need to be long to be a fantastic question necessarily. Both questions are pubg items excessively short, however, and dont permit the prospect for a player with advanced knowledge to answer the question before a typical player. Demographic questions have their place and desperado crate dont will need to get included in whatever you do and ensure the questions that you ask have no ulterior motive.
Using Pubg Help

Firstly you should register an account on their site before you can begin earning skins. Done you experience an account on Gankit! You dont need to devote a lot of money on production. Like every business, an audio licensing company will take time to construct. The shack pubg items strategy, nevertheless, is a more extreme variant of the above mentioned.
As soon as you begin another job, it takes approximately 15 minutes, typically, to return to your principal undertaking. Do everything you can to work on a single task at one time and mute all potential distractions. Get acquainted with your community better pubg items before, during and following a practice. You might get unexpected outcomes. Current online search results dont make it quite effortless. Losing weight is often minimal.

An internet dating site devoted to health buffs for example, is pretty much enjoy a health club, but for the treadmill of course. If you prefer the most accurate price check, conduct the initial two methods and youll be helpful to go. There are several tier lists to help you decide which heroes you ought to be placing your time into, and thus dont take the word of the very first list you read. Instead, youre restricted to the amount of weapons and items you may carry at the same time. Especially if the quantity of players playing from PC proceeds to increase.
Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

Its possible for you to reconnect at any point in a match youve left provided that you dont have a leaver penalty. There is no purpose in setting a question which everyone will know the response to. Another very good suggestion for your writing quiz questions is to attempt to keep the questions interesting. There are lots of totally free quiz questions online, but nevertheless, it can have a very long time to compose a great quiz and guarantee the answers are accurate so it can be well worth buying a pre-made quiz online. If a person doesnt know the answer, they ought to want to understand.
You will need to talk with your friend. If its not, attempt to stay friends with your initial friend. Not everybody is likely to get along so concentrate on the folks who have proven to be your true friend. In life, it is quite normal for individuals to have different friends and see them on various occasions.
If you disconnect during a competitive match, attempt to reconnect as soon as possible and complete the match. Of course whenever youre building the ideal team youll want the best heroes in the game. All it needed was a group of lemmings ready to have a beating.
Games unfortunately are a luxury and not a necessity, so they are most likely likely to be among the very first things to think about when deciding where you have to cut back on so far as your budget is concerned. In case you go over 100, youre out of the game. Finally, the play constricts to a very small area for the last showdown between the rest of the players there can only be one winner! Some players may discover that reinstalling PUBG is also essential. Many players can resolve their crashes by temporarily removing all graphics card overclocking. It is possible to always try out working with your fellow players and us Blue Posters here in order to get the reason for your tech issue.