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EPIC Game of Thrones Theme (Cover) + Fan Trailer
Help us make more videos!: http://www.patreon.com/thepiscesrising Audio only Available iTunes: https://goo.gl/EfHTV8 [][] BandCamp (HQ Wav): https://goo.gl/WqAQ80 [][] Google Play: https://goo.gl/px5fLQ [][] Amazon: https://goo.gl/gJ3Gcf [][] Audio only on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8aokfpvS7M Here is the second track in my Epic Renditions series: a chance to geek out for the new Game of Thrones season 4! Great series and great music by the awesome Ramin Djawadi. Filming the actual recording sessions of the main Game of Thrones theme for the video, then a fan trailer with original music modified to include the Game of Thrones motif. Filmed at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Cinematographer: Malcolm Fernandes Recording Engineers: Adaq Khan John Sampson Featuring: Solo Cello: Evie O'Driscoll Solo Violin: Adaq Khan Solo Voice: Laura Fazal VIOLINS Roanna Fawcett Joel Grainger Owen Hughes Katarina Melling Rob Rosa Anne Schubert VIOLA Heather Raybould CELLI Evie O'Driscoll Roxanna Albayati FRENCH HORN Julia MacDonell TRUMPETS Ollie Haines Tom Harrison Jacob Philips TUBA Alan Henry Brass, Piano and Violin recorded by Adaq Khan Strings Recorded by John Sampson Solo Cello and Voice recorded by Ross Sampson Main samples layered with recordings: Spitfire Albion I, II & III Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Percussion DAW Used: Logic X Directed, Edited, Orchestrated, Composed (trailer section), Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Ross Sampson Get your epic on! Thanks for reading this far ;) You can support future videos here if you want to: http://www.patreon.com/thepiscesrising
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EPIC Game of Thrones (Extended Theme) Audio - PiscesRising
iTunes: https://goo.gl/EfHTV8 [] BandCamp (HQ Wav): https://goo.gl/WqAQ80 [] Google Play: https://goo.gl/px5fLQ [] Amazon: https://goo.gl/gJ3Gcf Thank you all for the kind words and feedback - due to popular request here is the track as audio only, thank you for you patience! Game of Thrones Theme by Ramin Djawadi / Re-Orchestrated and mixed by Ross Sampson / Mastered by www.beckermastering.com/ Keep it epic!
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EPIC Game of Thrones: Rains of Castamere (Cover)
Available on iTunes: https://goo.gl/vzO46r [][] Help us make more videos: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thepiscesrising Sarah Berresford (vocals, song in credit): https://youtu.be/6Be_6KbNq-A Lidia Alonso (solo cello): http://www.cellistlidiaalonso.com/ Epic Renditions Track 8 - Ramin Djawadi's (and Sigur Ros' arrangement inspiration) The Rains of Castamere from Game of Thrones with solo performances by Sarah Berresford and Lidia Alonso. 'And who are you?' the proud lord said, 'that I must bow so low' 'Only a cat of a different coat, that's all the truth I know' 'A coat of gold, a coat of red, a lion still has claws. And mine are long, and sharp my lord As long and sharp as yours.' And so he spoke, and so he spoke, that Lord of Castamere, And now the rains weep o'er his halls with no-one there to hear. Yes now the rains, weep o'er his halls and not a soul to hear. Filmed at Goldsmiths College, University of London and Bell Percussion Studios - http://www.bellstudios.co.uk/ Recorded by Adaq Khan : www.adaqkhan.com Brass filmed by Duncan Trevithick Choir/Strings/Solos filmed by Ross Sampson Percussion filmed by Shaun Grimsley Solo Voice: Sarah Berresford Solo Cello: Lidia Alonso CHOIR Natalie Millet | Lauren Busa | Josephine Allison | Rozzi Melrose Katarina Melling | Belina Barreti | Joseph Cryan | Natasha Elliott Roanna Fawcett | Emily Jones | Robert Howat VIOLINS David Giardino | Simon-Philippe Allard | Natalia Wierzbicka Owen Hughes | Sabina Virtosu | Jocelyn Coates | Rock Lee VIOLAS Aimee Harris | Irene Katsenelson | Catriona Cooper CELLI Mimi Harmer | Lily Cooper | Phil L'olive FRENCH HORNS Josh Bartram | Hywel Dowsell | Ollie Johnson | Julia MacDonell TRUMPETS Matt Payne | Connor Smither TROMBONE Rowena Smith TUBA Johnny Mayers KODOS - Alex Todd SNARE - Ed Dunlop TOMS - Rowena Smith TAIKO - Craig Eriksson SPECIAL THANKS James - https://joinencore.com/ Imogen Burman Goldsmiths Security Malcolm Fernandes Coming soon: Gerudo Valley from Zelda. Abraham's Daughter by Arcade Fire. Ross Sampson Original Tracks. Halo Theme. And more.
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EPIC Game of Thrones: Light of the Seven (Cover)
Coming soon to iTunes and Spotify www.thepiscesrising.com Recording Engineer: Adaq Khan Featuring // Piano: Roanna Fawcett Organ: Ross Sampson Solo Voice: Laura Fazal HARLEQUIN CHOIR Conducted by: Andy Kettlewell Recorded at: St Giles Church, Sandiacre, Derbyshire by Kind permission of Rev Olaf Trelenberg Piano and Organ Recorded at: www.alberthallnottingham.co.uk Special thanks to John Keys and Peter Robinson VIOLINS: Owen Hughes John Sturt Mari Dackevych-Thomas Natalia Wierzbicka VIOLAS: Julian Chan Bethany Calder CELLI: Lily Beatrice Cooper Jennifer Kimber Hannah Victoria Thomas FRENCH HORNS: Tony Hawkins Julia MacDonell TRUMPETS: Olie Moore Jonny Munn TROMBONE: Hebe Raval BASS TROMBONE: Sam Taber Strings and Brass filmed by: Seb Drewett Organ and Piano filmed by: Simon Ellis Solo Voice and Choir filmed by: Ross Sampson Directed, edited, colour, orchestrated, mixed and mastered by: Ross Sampson SPECIAL THANKS Tony Lees John Keys Peter Robinson Dallas Simpson Goldsmiths College Taiwo Solabi Mr and Mrs Fazal Ambar Nicole
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EPIC Doctor Who Theme (Orchestral Cover)
Available on iTunes: https://goo.gl/0djwEy [][] BandCamp (HQ wav) https://goo.gl/OBUC22 [][] Google Play: https://goo.gl/e4MRkJ [][] Amazon: https://goo.gl/V5ZNlT Epic Renditions Track V - The iconic Dr Who Theme by Ron Grainer. Featuring Junges Vokalensemble Hannover, this one was a lot of fun! Thanks for waiting and all the support so far - more videos to come!
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EPIC Arcade Fire: Abraham's Daughter (Cover) + Hunger Games Fan Trailer
iTunes: https://goo.gl/rvZmqN [][] Amazon: http://goo.gl/SprBaX [][] Google Play: http://goo.gl/CcXVor Arcade Fire's amazing track, Abraham's Daughter from the first Hunger Games soundtrack, epic orchestral cover. Performed by Laura Fazal, friends and acquaintances. Edited, Orchestrated, Conducted, Mixed and Mastered by Ross Sampson. Recording Engineer: Adaq Khan Strings, Brass and Percussion filmed by Shaun Grimsley Piano and Electric Guitars filmed by Adaq Khan Acoustic Guitar filmed by Laura Fazal Lead Vocal filmed by Ross Sampson Lead Vocal: Laura Fazal Guitar, Drums, Piano: Ross Sampson VIOLINS Roanna Fawcett Ellie Khan Owen Hughes Anastasia Stahlmann Marc Wilde VIOLAS Jocelyn Coates Bill John Harpum Irene Katsenelson CELLI Fraser Bowles Phil L'Olive Evie O'Driscoll Laurens Price-Nowak FRENCH HORNS Hywel Dowsell Ella Finley Julia MacDonell Victoria McBride TRUMPETS Rhona Carse Matt Payne Jacob Phillips TROMBONES Anna Brown Nicolas Jones TUBA - Alan Henry Kodos - Alex Todd Snare - Ed Dunlop Toms - Rowena Smith Taiko - Craig Eriksson
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EPIC Marvel's Daredevil Theme + Fan Trailer
Available on iTunes: https://goo.gl/sMwhsA [][] GooglePlay: https://goo.gl/cHpY9Q Excited to have Daredevil back, this is an Epic Rendition of the amazing theme by John Paesano, created with Spitfire Audio samples and Strezov Sampling Storm Choir II, edited to an extended fan trailer cut using the four official trailers. www.spitfireaudio.com // www.strezov-sampling.com Coming to iTunes // Google Play // Amazon // Spotify soon... epic /on
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EPIC The Walking Dead Theme (Cover) + Fan Teaser
Available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/epic-walking-dead-theme-intro/id1020408202?i=1020408609 Version 1 - with re-scored Season 5 teaser. Track III: Epic The Walking Dead Theme! Keep it epic!
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EPIC Rick and Morty Theme (Cover)
Now available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/epic-rick-and-morty-theme/id1032596371?i=1032596372 Track 4 of Epic Renditions: An epic cover of Ryan Elder's amazing theme to one of my favourite shows, Rick and Morty. All samples this time courtesy of the lovely folks at www.SpitfireAudio.com - Wubalubadubdub! Samples used: BML Flutes BML Mural BML Horns BML Trumpets BML Bones BML Low Brass Hans Zimmer Percussion Spitfire Percussion
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EPIC Legend of Zelda: Gerudo Valley
Coming soon to iTunes and Spotify! Here's my take on classic theme Gerudo Valley from the amazing Zelda series. Zelda: Gerudo Valley Theme Original Composition: Koji Kondo Arrangement: Ross Sampson \\ Featuring www.giardinostrings.co.uk Sound Engineer: Adaq Khan Solo Flute: Lois Nicoll Solo Cello: Lidia Alonso VIOLINS Monika Chmielewska Petru Cotarcea David Giardino Owen Hughes Maria Kroon Sabina Virtosu Natalia Wierzbicka VIOLAS Ariane Alexander Julia Chan Catriona Cooper Joelion Keung CELLO Lidia Alonso FRENCH HORNS Hywel Dowsell Tony Hawkins Julia MacDonell TRUMPETS Olie Moore Connor Smither Matt Payne (Additional Audio) TROMBONES Dom Clarke Rowena Smith TUBA Johnny Mayers Mixed by Jake Jackson SPECIAL THANKS Goldsmiths College | Taiwo Solabi | Shuang Teng David Giardino | Nicola Kulesza | Milli Lo Filmed, Directed, Edited, Conducted, Orchestrated by Ross Sampson
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EPIC Adele: Rolling In The Deep
Hey Folks, here is my first ever YouTube video! A big fan of trailer music, this is a re-imagining of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. It's a great tune and one that lends itself to this style of music; not wanting to rely on samples alone I gathered some friends and acquaintances to record and film it live. Hope you enjoy! Ross S [email protected] Filmed at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Featuring MJ Paranzino www.mjparanzino.co.uk www.brightoncitysingers.co.uk www.southlondonchoir.co.uk www.westlondonchoir.co.uk Violins Rachel Barnes Marianne Canning Caroline Ferry Natasha Flowlie Maya Sherwin Celli Roxanna Albayati Evi O'Driscoll Percussion Rosie Bergonzi Roanna Fawcett Alex Hill-Knight Jacqueline Yu Piano Ross Sampson French Horns Oli Hickie Julia MacDonell Trumpets Tom Harrison Phil Smith Trombones Priyanka Devani William Hess Hywel Jones Andrew McCoy David Pitts Bass Trombone Nicholas Armstrong Tubas Chris Dunn Alan Henry Rowan McKinnon Sound Engineer Adaq Khan www.adaqkhan.com Directed, Edited, Orchestrated, Mixed and Mastered by Ross Sampson Cinematographer Malcolm Fernandes Assistant Camera Barbara Alencar Peter Sampson Main samples layered with recordings: Spitfire Albion I, II & III Hollywood Strings Hollywood Brass 8dio Epic Percussion Bundle DAW used: Cockos Reaper Reverb Used: QL Spaces Thanks for reading this far ;) You can support future videos here if you want to: http://www.patreon.com/thepiscesrising
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Cloud Boat - Dréan // Live Cover by Pisces Rising ft. Lidia Alonso
First track from upcoming acoustic series, a live cover of Dréan by the band Cloud Boat. Filmed @ Goldsmiths College Guitar & Vocals - Ross Sampson Cello - Lidia Alonso Sound Engineer - Adaq Khan Camera Operator - Alisa Boanta www.soundcloud.com/cloud-boat
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Corvus (Can You Hear Me Now) - Pisces Rising Demo
[][] iTunes: https://goo.gl/jvr9a1 [][] Google Play: https://goo.gl/VHYygO [][] Amazon: https://goo.gl/wrrN7I Demo Recording of an upcoming track, something a little different. Corvus (Can You Hear Me Now). Written and performed by Ross Sampson. Coming 2016. "You are the sun to me"
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Pisces Rising - Domination (Demo)
Original Track Demo - a glimpse of things to come! Will be looking to do a full live version over the coming months. Stay Tuned!
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EPIC Game of Thrones: Rains of Castamere Cover Teaser - PiscesRising
Coming May 2016: EPIC Rains of Castamere by PiscesRising
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Stranger Things Theme (Epic Orchestral) - Pisces Rising
[][] iTunes: goo.gl/D1e4iZ [][] Spotify: goo.gl/4L8ZV3 [][] If you haven't seen Stranger Things on Netflix - go check it out! Here's my samples-only take on the theme. Orchestral samples: www.spitfireaudio.com Choir: www.strezov-sampling.com/products/6/Choir.html
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Pisces Rising - Origins (Demo)
Available for free HQ download: https://thepiscesrising.bandcamp.com/track/origins-demo Original track in demo form, composed by Ross Sampson. Massive thank you for all the support - wanted to share some of my own music with you. Hoping to record live over the coming months! Artwork from AbikK: http://abikk.deviantart.com/ Keep it epic.
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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

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