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Game of Thrones: Assassination attempt on Daenerys
Season 1, Episode 7. King's Robert assassin hidden behind the face of wine seller is trying to poison Daenerys Targaryen. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
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Game of Thrones: Daenerys slaughters the Lannisters
Season 7, Episode 4. Daenerys fights the Lannister's army with Drogon and Dothraki khalasar. Contains spoilers. Owned by HBO.
Views: 4427116 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Wildlings avenge Jon Snow
Season 6, Episode 2. Wildlings return to Castle Black to avenge Jon Snow. Owned by HBO.
Views: 1054639 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Eddard Stark is betrayed
Season 1, Episode 7. Eddard Stark is trying to take over the Kingdom but Petyr Baelish betrays him and kills his men. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 984753 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Jaimie tries to kill Daenerys
Season 7, Episode 4. Jaime Lannister tries to kill Daenerys Targaryen. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
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Game of Thrones: Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen
Season 7, Episode 7. Samwell Tarly and Bran discover Jon Snow true identity. Jon Snow have sex with Daenerys Targaryen. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 539100 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Chris collecting from Dominic
Season 2, Episode 5. Chris Moltisanti is taking money from Dominic. He isn't happy that Dominic is not paying much but he can't do anything with this. Owned by HBO.
Views: 465635 SPOILER
Boardwalk Empire: Bugsy Siegel kiddnaping
Season 5, Episode 7. The kiddnaping of Benny Siegel. Contains spoilers. Owned by HBO.
Views: 85243 SPOILER
The Sopranos: You resisting arrest?
Season 1, Episode 4. Policeman (working for Tony Soprano) is harassing Dr. Melfi boyfriend. Owned by HBO.
Views: 234182 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Rusty Irish gets whacked
Season 1, Episode 6. Mikey Palmice is killing Rusty Irish - it looks like he comitted suicide. Contains spoilers. Owned by HBO.
Views: 162197 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Mikey Palmice gets whacked
Season 1, Episode 13. Paulie Gualtieri and Christopher Moltisanti kill Mikey Palmice. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 350340 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Furio takes care of business
Season 2, Episode 5. Furio Giunta gets money from Dominic and his wife in his own way.
Views: 124385 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Give me one thousand dolars
Season 2. Furio Giunta collects from Matthew Bevilaqua and Sean GIsmonte. Owned by HBO.
Views: 43140 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Fight in the Vale
Tyrion Lannister and Stark's men ambushed by Vale clans. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 67677 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Vin Makazian commits suicide
Season 1, Episode 11. Detective Vin Makazian commits suicide. He jumps of the bridge. Owned by HBO.
Views: 280260 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Tony and Chris beat down Mahaffey
The Sopranos season 1 episode 1. Tony Soprano and Chris Moltisanti are chasing and beating Mahaffey who owns them money. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 38631 SPOILER
Boardwalk Empire: Dr. Narcisse gets whacked
Season 5, Episode 8. Final episode. Dr. Valentin Narcisse gets killed by Lucky Luciano gangsters.
Views: 239700 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Arya avenged the Red Wedding
Season 7, Episode 1. Arya Stark turns herself into Walder Fray and kills entire Fray family to avenge Red Wedding. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 22090 SPOILER
The Wire: Omar hits Barksdale's stash
Season 1, Episode 3. Omar and his guys hit Barksdale's stash during the re-up. Owned by HBO.
Views: 51475 SPOILER
The Sopranos: To a new boss! To Junior! Salute!
Season 1, Epsiode 6. One of the greatest scene in The Sopranos history. Junior Soprano gets promoted and became a boss.
Views: 14999 SPOILER
The Wire: Omar kills Stinkum and shots Wee Bey
Season 1, Episode 8. Wee Bey and Stinkum are going to make a hit but Omar iunterrupts them. He kills Stinkum and shots Wee Bey in the leg. Owned by HBO.
Views: 35205 SPOILER
Boardwalk Empire: Nucky Thompson dies
Season 5, Episode 8. Grande finale! Last scene of the show. Tommy Darmody kills Enoch "Nucky" Thompson. It's reveange for killing his father. Contains spoilers. Owned by HBO.
Views: 159654 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Night King turns Dragon into Wight
Season 7, Episode 6. Night King turns Daenerys' dragon Viserion into undead zombie dragon. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 109931 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Junior takes card game
Season 1, Episode 6. Right hand of Junior Soprano - Mikey Palmice is taking over Sunshine's card game. Owned by HBO.
Views: 180996 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Johnny Boy Soprano gets arrested
Season 1, Episode 7. Tony's retrospection. Johnny Soprano and his crew got arrested during the meeting at funfair. Owned by HBO.
Views: 16025 SPOILER
Boardwalk Empire: Mickey Doyle dies
Season 5, Episode 7. Mickey Doyle and Arquimedes get whacked by Charlie Luciano during the exchange. Nucky Thomspon on his knees. Giving Atlantic City to Lucky Luciano. Contains sopilers. Owned by HBO.
Views: 126937 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Chucky Signore gets whacked
Season 1, Episode 13. Tony Soprano kills Chucky Signore. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 131537 SPOILER
Boardwalk Empire: Chalky White's prison escape
Boardwalk Empire season 5 episode 1. Chalky White is breaking out of prison and getting a new friend - Buck. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 34422 SPOILER
The Sopranos: A Hit is a hit
Season 1, Episode 10. Paulie, Big Pussy and Christopher kills a drug dealer to send a message -"stay away from Newark". Owned by HBO.
Views: 167203 SPOILER
Boardwalk Empire: Nelson van Alden dies
Season 5, Episode 6. Nelson van Alden aka "Müller" and Eli Thomspon tried to rob Al Capone - they were cought and Nelson got shot from Mike D'Angelo.
Views: 59665 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Daenerys kills Khal Moro
Season 6, Episode 4. Daenerys Targaryen burns Khal Moro and his men and walks out of the fire. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 368663 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Littlefinger dies
Season 7 Episode 7. Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish is sentenced to death. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 17309 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Chris and Jackie Jr. rob a benefit concert
Season 3, Episode 3. Chris Moltisanti, Jackie Aprile Jr. and his friend rob a benefit concert given by Jewel at Rutgers University. Owned by HBO.
Views: 13927 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: The Hound kills Lemoncloak's men
Season 6, Episode 8. Sandor "The Hound" Clegane avenge his friends. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 104118 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Ser Jorah vs. Qotho
Season 1, Epiosde 9. Sir Jorah Mormont kills Qotho who disrespect his Queen and tried to stop the rytual. Owned by HBO.
Views: 133517 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Battle of Oxcross
Battle of Oxcross - Starks leaded by Robb Stark took the Lannisters by surprise. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 32541 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Brienne rescues Sansa and Theon
Season 6, Episode 1. Brienne of Tarth rescues Sansa Stark and Theon "Reek" Greyjoy from Ramsey Bolton's hounds. Owned by HBO.
Views: 13266 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Large vs. Small
Season 5, Episode 9. Daenerys' friends bet at Great Pit. Owned by HBO.
Views: 3831 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Young Ned Stark fights Ser Arthur Dayne at the Tower of Joy
Season 6, Episode 3. Retrospection: Young Eddard Stark and his companions foghts two knights of the King's Guard. Ned and Howland Reed kills Sir Arthur Dayne. Contains spoilers. Owned by HBO.
Views: 4980 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Punishment for Chris Moltisanti
Two Europeans hired by Uncle Junior scared Christopher. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 55999 SPOILER
The Sopranos: Who you fucking with, Rocco?!
Season 1, Episode 7. Tony's retrospection. Johnny Soprano and his brother Junior Soprano are beaing man named Rocco. Owned by HBO.
Views: 115208 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Dragon rescues Daenerys at the Great Pit
Season 5, episode 9. daenerys' enemies try to kill her but Drogon saves her. Owned by HBO. Contain spoilers.
Views: 9997 SPOILER
Boardwalk Empire: Sally Wheet gets whacked
Sally's death. Cuban Policeman shot her. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 80072 SPOILER
Boardwalk Empire: Chalky White gets whacked
Season 5, Episode 6. Albert "Chalky" White is murdered by Dr. Narcisse's men.
Views: 53660 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Ser Jorah fights at the Great Pit
Season 5, Episode 9. Ser Jorah Mormont fight as The Westeros Knight at the Great Pit for Queen Daenerys Targaryen. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 3076 SPOILER
Boardwalk Empire: Joe Masseria gets whacked
Boardwalk Empire season 5 episode 1. Joe Masseria gets whacked by Lucky Luciano's men - Bugsy Siegel and Tonino. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 4554 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: This is Gendry
Season 7, episode 5. Gendry smashes guards heads with a hammer. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 2627 SPOILER
The Sopranos: This is my corner
Season 1, Episode 4. Christopher Moltisanti shows that no one fucks with him. He can't stand that Uncle Junior took his corner. Owned by HBO. Contains spoilers.
Views: 2087 SPOILER
Game of Thrones: Arya kills Meryn Trant
Season 5, Episode 10. Arya Stark meets and murders Meryn Trant in Bravos. Owned by HBO.
Views: 5848 SPOILER
Boardwalk Empire: The Commission
Season 5, Episode 8. Charles "Lucky" Luciano and Meyer Lansky sit down with other bossess and make The Commission.
Views: 2160 SPOILER

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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

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