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VBS programming tutorial! The Basics
Today we learn the VBS (Visual basic scripting language)! Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more great content! lols Everwhere! :DDDDD
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Cardistry peformance
Today i do cardistry with my bicycle deck. I do cardistry which is a art form with 52 cards. Song: starry eyed, chris webby
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Flappy bird / best player ever
Today I play flappy bird and don't touch the spikes on my phone
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My Strong Town In Age Of Empires 3
Today i show you my strong base in age of empires 3. it has a fort a ton of outposts, grenadiers, Veteran Muskateers, Gold Mines, Mills 2 TOWN HALLS And No Walls. I get attacked in the video so i can show you how strong my base is. =============================================== Dont Judge me if my base sucks because i am new to this game ===============================================
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Age Of Empires 3 | Training Day
Today we play some more age of empires 3! in the video we expand our base and we train alot of troops. i build alot of outposts and i call in some things in the main town (the town where real civilization is or city) and i build stables so i can train some horse riding troops. my main explorer dies but i realize that he recovered. i also talk about What happened at my Christmas party, why i hate intros, why i wanted to make a youtube channel and what i meant my channel to be.
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We are going to make a visual basic Title changing program Links: my blog: http://freeprograms2you.blogspot.com Visual basic: http://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/download-visual-studio-vs scroll down and select visual basic express 2010! Thanks for watching! Song in intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw9-WYvv4y8 from NCS (NoCopyRightSounds)
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Spadez - cardistry feat. Omeglawaffles
To day i do some cardistry To get never before seen cardistry follow me on instagram - omeglawaffles101
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Quake live | I found an easter egg?
(READ IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD QUAKE LIVE) today i talk about my internet bugging out and being slow and how i found an easter egg it looks but i'm not quiet sure if it is. but i will try it again to make sure. by the way you can try it out if you download quake live for free. (because it is) for the PC. download quake live: http://www.quakelive.com/#!home *EDIT: CONFIRMED BUT YOU JUST NEED TO PLAY ON EYE TO EYE.*
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Face Reveal + Animal Jam
Today i do a facecam and play some animal jam! In animal jam we play lots of games make some friends and go to the game corner in the jamma town or jamaa or jammaa or jamama
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Quake Live | What I Would Like In An Update
today i play some quake live while talking about what i would like in a quake live update. from snipers to throwing gauntlets and smoke bombs to campaign mode! TOO MANY UMMS
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(Quake Live Season 2) A New Beginning
today i play some more quake live with a really TINY bit of mlg.exe to make the video a bit better. in quake live i win a first to 30 game in 4 minutes. i used the lightning and plasma gun and did an extra 2 minutes. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC IN THE VIDEO
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Quake Live | Trick Shot attempts
today we do play some more quake live ffa and i talk about 3 or more topics and i edit the crap out of this video. we play with the shotgun and the sub machine gun. we also attempt some 360 trickshots. i also talk about things i love and hate like colours and how i record my videos and more!
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Sharpedo cut tutorial cardistry
Im going to teach you my possibly original flourish called sharpedo . by the way sharpedo is a pokemon.
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Minecraft | Life TexturePack | Restarting
Today We play some minecraft with the life texturepack on my test231 world/private server. we restart by throwing everything i have away into a hole and we kill ourselves to go home. we then recover from our death and i remember that i have chests full of stuff.
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Roxbot PvP / xXPumpkinPvPTutsXx AKA  Graserfan10
This is some more Roxbot pvp but without lag! Subscribe to join The PumpkinPvP army! Thank you for watching! #FailsFTW This took a long time to upload...
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how to get apps, themes and extensions for chrome
my programming/vlog blog: http://freeprograms2you.blogspot.com.au/ my gaming blog: http://pumpkinpvpgames.blogspot.com.au/ Today i will show you how to get google chrome themes, apps and extensions. i also will show you how to block ads on chrome. If you like the content be sure to subscribe and like. - OmeglaWaffles101
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Lets Play Minecraft Single Player!
Today we play some minecraft single player. sorry for the lack of uploads but i thought i might as well upload a youtube/minecraft video. minecraft: http://minecraft.net/
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Lets play Quake live!
Today we play Quake live fighting some bots! Quake live is a FPS (First person shooter) game made by the id Software company. it is very fun and has sci-fi things like plasma guns and more. it also has a lot of maps to play on. the game is available on steam and without steam.
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Goat Simulator Review!
Today i will review/play some goat simulator! in goat simulator i teach you the basics and also talk about where i bought it. download steam: http://store.steampowered.com/
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Minecraft with audio
I do some minecraft PvP with bandicam! Subscribe! #IAmReallyScaredWithAudio
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Too Many Items mod review
today i do a mod review for the mod Too Many Items. download it: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1272385-toomanyitems-the-inventory-editor-and-more-1-8-is
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Merry Christmas Guys! today i play some Xmas shopper simulator! in the video you see me stuck in a shelf with alot of clothing and i cant get out hence the title I AM ONE WITH THE SHELF! the present i need to deliver is right infront of me but i cant get out. i finnally stand up because i was rag dolling the whole time and i hold 'w' but i cant get out! download christmas shopper simulator: http://www.game.co.uk/en/christmas-shopper-simulator-322833
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(Minecraft) On The Subject Of Five Nights At Freddys
Today i do some fishing and talk about Five nights at freddys 2 and five nights at freddys 1 and talk about its theories THIS HAS A SPOILER ALERT ALL OVER THIS VIDEO
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MORE Minecraft: The Special Helmet + Joe?
today we play some more minecraft and build/craft a iron helmet. i make a crappy introduction to Joe The Villager. i also explain how i wanted to become a youtuber.
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Lets play Gems of War!
Today we play gems of war. in gems of war you sort gems to attack and unlock alot of cool weapons and warriors. it is a free to play steam game that is really fun!
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Lets play quake live | WE FINALLY WON!
today we play more quake live with bots because i cant join a server and WE FINALLY WIN! I also Tell you how much i hate this game. im going to create a vlog channel :P soon
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Coin flourishing plus cardistry
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT THE COINISTRY. Today I show you some cardistry and my coinistry. Hello everyone today I show you my cardistry and Coinistry skills. I DID NOT MAKE THE COIN ROLL.
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Vlog 2 / back to school
Today I talk about me going back to school and my opinions on school and some other things
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Easy card trick (magick tutorial)
Today I provide you with another great video including magic tricks that you can do with a normal deck of playing cards.
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Lets wreck my computer!
Today we play a game that destroys our computer and a game that will let you drive on the desktop. K kaedos channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoySnFI3Z97_G3HWKdCWCjQ Make sure to subscribe if you like the content!
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IM AN ENDER MAN! | A Suckish Machinima
today i made a video where i teleport to places (walk) but i edit the video to make it look like i was teleporting when i was just walking to the spot. made with: Toshiba Webcam Windows live movie maker Audacity
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Gimp Tutorial + new intro
Lets make a Minecraft icon in GIMP 2! Thanks For watching! subscribe to join the pumpkinpvp army and more content! :DDD
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Pokemon Yellow GamePlay
my blog: http://pumpkinpvpgames.blogspot.com.au/ my other blog: http://freeprograms2you.blogspot.com.au/ today we play the old game Pokemon Yellow and get through viridian forest with our trusty steed Pikachu. Thanks for watching and subscribe to know when i upload a video!
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Python Programming Tutorial Ep 1: Installing Python
Hello and today we will install python! Python Website link: https://www.python.org/ Thank you for watching :D Lols Everywhere! Subscibe to join the PumpkinPvP army! hover over the label to see the text
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Quake Live | I Found Call Of Duty! + Poll
today we play some Quake Live On The Map death or glory ! in the video i talk about what i did yesterday and how i found call of duty for the PC and. we rock the Sniper class and we win! we also play a bit more Make sure to comment yes or no for the poll! Shout out to TechLoad!
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Quake Live | 2 wins, 2 skins
today we play some quake live. in the video i talk about why i didn't upload a video and about my new phone that i got yesterday. i also see 2 of the same skins and i win 2 games in a row.
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My Animations Review
Today i Review my 2 first animations i made. download my first one: https://www.mediafire.com/?pmd5cqlvtb90ao4 Thank you for watching!
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Why I Changed My Youtube Name
Visit my blog: http://freeprograms2you.com.au/ visit my Gaming Blog: http://pumpkinpvpgames.blogspot.com.au/ Today i Explain Why I changed my youtube channel name to OmeglaWaffles101. Thanks for listening!
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Pokemon White episode 3: Striaton Gym Battle
READ ME PLEASE lets fight the striaton Gym! Thanks for watching! Desmume Emulator: http://desmume.org/download/ download roms for Nintendo ds: http://coolrom.com/roms/nds/ when you find a rom dont click download click alternative download link with ads and timer because its no virus
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Notepad Programming Tutorial
Visit my Website http://freeprograms2you.blogspot.com.au/ This is a programming tutorial Thank you for watching!
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Minecraft Roxbot PvP + Potential hacker
Today We Play on the minecraft server called Roxbot. All We Did Was PvP and may have seen a hacker?!? - OmeglaWaffles101
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C Gear + Pidove = Pokemon white episode 5
READ MEH!!! Today we obatain the C Gear from fennel and catch a pidove my Gaming Blog: http://pumpkinpvpgames.blogspot.com.au/ my Programming Blog: http://freeprograms2you.blogspot.com.au/ SPOILER ALERT Today we Get A pokemon called pidove and get the C Gear from Dr Fennel. we then go onto the 3rd route i beleve and train our pokemon. We 1v1 cheren and beast/beat/wreck him. Next episode we will get the little girls pokemon
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Gems of War | 2 headed ogre?
============================================== by the way guys thank you for so many views on some videos over 5 views i am so happy! ============================================== today in gems of war we fight some undead people that are really hard to beat and then we fight a large team of undead people and a 2 headed ogre named ettin or enitt or something. =============== Subscribe! ===============
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VB 2010 EXPRESS EPISODE 1: Hello world!
READ ME Episode 1 of Visual basic programming THIS MAY NOT BECOME A SERIES BECAUSE MY KNOWLEDGE OF VISUAL BASIC IS VERY BAD. Thanks for watching!
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Skyward Video Game Review
Today i do a game review on skyward. Skyward is a free android and iphone game where you time your taps to take one step and go through the unlimited map and try to beat your score. the game has beutifull graphics and sounds/music and i highly recommend the game.
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Python programming tutorial ep 3 : else, elif, and if statements.
We learn else and if and elif statements shout out to This isnt my real name Google for first comment! lols Everywhere :DDDDDD
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Pokemon white episode 7: Preparing for Lenora
today we do some training in pinwheel forest and catch the pokemon throh! we also get a local nurse to heal our pokemon in pinwheel forest. i also complement some singing XD Throh: Type: Fighting evolution: basic found in: pinwheel forest
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Pokemon white episode 6 Training + N Battle in Nacrene city
Pokemon white episode 6 my blog: https://freeprograms2you.blogspot.com.au/ my Gaming Blog: http://pumpkinpvpgames.blogspot.com.au/ Today we battle N in Nacrene city and do some more training to prepare for The Gym Battle.
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(app review) Top 3 Games
I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE GAMES IN THE VIDEO Today i review three really cool games for the android and iphone. in the video i play: make it rain 100 puzzle (or 1010) crossy road
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Minecraft Lets Play Ep 2 | Building a house
today we play some more minecraft and i notice that its night time so i decide what i want my house to be then i build it to survive the night. i do a little adventure and i get some wood. i trap a bunny but after the video ends it escapes
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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

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