Videos uploaded by user “Xtra Spice Mikey”
S950 Jungle Rave
Nothing much really. Still enjoying my 3 out of 5 jack smooth pad-machines setup. the 3 amigos - jv-1080, tg500 & wavestation A/D I have a d50 too but it's not working :-( I wanted it for the 'nightmare' patch really badly because I remember the sample being on MED v1 or 2. I then later heard it in some tune via a Ratty or Tango '93 set. I had to make do with the MED sample which I remember using an ADF disk of because the original floppy was corrupt! I thought this sound came from the Emu emulator libraries but nope, the D50/D550, I put it through the akai s2000 and did some strange filter tings with it. 950 tut video coming tomorrow!
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p2 - 'selector sayz'
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throw-away test track
A1200 S900 combo. studio clean up & test track just simple breaks and bass. was gonna ditch it but some one might like it
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phineus 2 - bust dis
oi oi !!!
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'amen operator' (a1200)
something for the 8bit purists. not my best effort, more of just a quick amen rinse out. I let the bass low in the mix so boost to taste your end.
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cup entry #junglewars
a bit late to the bloodclart party. not really meant as serious. pad anthony / mc nail ting-a-ling. shout out to Bizzy B Brian! and AJ
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phineus 2 - ellipse
cubase 3.1
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redstart - 'well wicked' (p2's m0p fair mix)
nothing spectacular, just my party style hardcore. proper jungle coming soon! still on warn-up mode. big shout to slimmixer without a doubt!!!
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p2 - conundrum
was gonna bin this tune cause I hate it already but thought I'd record it in the end anyway. not sure what style I was even going for here.
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p2  -  'river rapids'
it's jungle tekno night tonight.
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phineus ii - king kong
https://kidlib.bandcamp.com/album/kid-lib-x-phineus-ii-mystery-in-space samples something from, no idea what. something from world sound cup clash '93: Saxon V Coxsone V Bodyguard V Afrique tape the 808 is from Heartless - lifted/right now ...... I liked its rubber-band sounding tone so much. - that mildly distorted low-mid EQ boost 808 with a slight pitchbend going down at the end and a big thump at the beginning (which I made even thumpier in the s2000 by applying a super-fast decay pitch envelope / ENV2). Yeah I bought a happyhardcore EP just for its freakin' 808 bass.
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p2 - skyliner snares
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healing space
If you go to a butcher, you expect quality cuts of quality..... well that's how I treat my breakbeats. Quality precision cuts of tEcHnIcAl jazzness. All coinciding with dark drones created by the angry sun gods of an alien forest base. I whisper to the cutter-lord, and I say... 'please forgive me my butter knife inna breakbeats of love, and thy gifts of the forest shall fall on i'. kut to crusty tape.
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'fairy energy' throw-away test track?
wasn't gonna record in the end, this is just a warm up for me really as I haven't used cubase in a while, will probably jump back on Octo(pus)MED soon! This must be my 3rd of 4th Atari ST! I know some one who's gonna kill me for buying another one! anyway! sludge pump beats and MPC'ing is having a rest. Time for the jungle/hardcore/breakbeat again!
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p2 -  'jerry-can'
throw away party jungle song. didn't put that much effort into it plus not that original. but you can hear it anyway.
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'feels like fire' (a1200, s900, s330)
so why has it got to be so damn RRRUUUFFF roland s330 in the house! nothing but glorious 8bit and 12bit.
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acid jam 02 11 17
another jam using a kenton midi clock to din sync converter box which was expensive! oldskool techno thing that wasn't that good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1ZKLYZ3MKs&lc=z22xztozsxq4z1b1qacdp432imvan2la0zhmi4hpevxw03c010c
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PHINEUS 2 mixtape 2017
A phineus II selection tape for you all! my usual styles: Jungle, Jungle-Tekno, Hardcore, Darkside, Ruff White Label Style. 01 00:00 - nothing certain 02 03:57 - projector 03 08:42 - like this! 04 13:22 - baby blue boardwalk 05 17:16 - sensi kick-flip 06 21:39 - smoke machine 07 26:20 - mentasm conjure 08 31:01 - dream mixing 09 35:38 - electric ball 10 40:20 - 36 stylez all the gear and no fear: Commodore Amiga 1200 (OctaMED 4), Akai s900, Akai s1000, Ensoniq ASR10, Ensoniq EPS (classic), Roland Alpha Juno 2, Roland D50, Alesis Microverb III, Zoom 9120, Boss HF-2, Boss CE-2. Drawmer LX20, Tascam 112, Technics SL1200 mkII, Peavey Unity 1000 mixer x 2, Behringer UltraFex II, Sanyo VCR.
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p2 - time to play
I need a new video editor, windows XP movie maker keeps freezing up all the time.
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ratty II (ratty 1994 attempt 2)
Yes, before you say, I know my MA2 jacket is a bit on the small side gear used: amiga 1200 running OctaMED (ghetto) Akai s950 (nuff said) Akai s2000 (hate on this and I kill you) roland u220 (this sums up formation records for me, THAT choir patch) yamaha tg500 (a rompler made out of Edam) yamaha tx81z (sonic fiend) mackie cr1604 OG (mmmmmm, those trim pots!) boring stuff:- alesis quadraverb+ (cheap dirty verbs, love it, always have, always will) lexicon vortex (crazy stereo delays) lexicon PMC80 (5 star hotel verbs) drawmer lx20 (a bit broken) technics tape deck (my bitch) phonic EQ (tenner off ebay)
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Jus' a quik PT ting yeah
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quick throw-away ratty stylee tune (the chavvy akai s2000)
Does what it says on the tin...... Just wired it all up, all the akai's. da mackie desk innit! Nothing special... just more ruff 'n' rugged traditional rave made the traditional way - and an in-sight to those who wondered how I was all made back in the day. 1994 bloodclaaaart standard mate. avin' it, mental, wikkid, safe.
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untitled [akai s950 jungle]
Time to upload another video i. now time fi get mash up inna dance with the 950 'nd ting. yes yes? OctaMED bizzniss nuff ruff!! blessings to all man dem using hardware. for yearrrs!!!.... i cut to cassette, 1994 yes? dj ratty yes? dj rap yes?
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ragu & stalker - 'raw jungle' [p2'S amen party mix] (a1200)
happy new year all junglists and lions MMXVIII made this a while back but didn't think much of it. Man mek a few more like this. 4 tracker modules dem. collecting dust, will upload more ASAP.
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ruff kut, that east landon sound bwoy
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I forgot about a million other shoutouts but you know who are you! SOON I'll do a video going into the finer details of making my tracks! :)
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phineus II presents: 'paula paula party' [mixtape]
that's a lot of P's! - JUNGLE / HARDCORE / JUNGLE-TECHNO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hArDwArE: amiga 1200 x 2, technosound cartridge x 2, zoom 9190, boss hf-2 sOfTwArE: OctaMED V4, stereomaster, audio master IV. calculator. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00:18 - amazon ii - 'beat booyaaa!' (p2's rub-a-dub special) 04:32 - aladdin's quest - 'time' (p2 remix) 08:54 - dj seduction - 'sub dub' (p2's breakdancer mix) 14:03 - 'woodland stomper' 18:35 - 'apophenia' 23:32 - 'three fine selections' 27:50 - 'celery farm' 32:33 - 'planet of fire' (fiyah-ball mix)
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akai s950, akai s2000, ensoniq eps16+, roland jv1080, amiga octamed 4 etc
Another intelligent drum'n'bass jam from pachamama studios. This is the 3rd and last in the cockney rhyming slang suite. This one's called Butchers hook... some of the breakbeat slicing is a bit on the sloppy side! Sorry Ant! to all the JV1080 haters / synth-snobs out there... it's all I can afford!
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phineus 2: low fidelity jungle tekno experience
Duz what it ses on the tin... Tracklist coming soon if I can be bothered. Most tunes were just ruff ideas turned into 4 minute skank outs. shitty ruff n ready stuff here.... possibly more 4 to the floor thud thud than breaks!!! gear used: atari 1040ste, akai s1000, ensoniq eps16+, korg 03r/w, yamaha tg500, roland jv1080, korg wavestation a/d, yamaha dx11, roland alpha juno ii, roland mc202, kenton d-sync, allen & heath gl3, boss spectrum, boss hf-2, boss ce-2 x2, arion stereo phaser, tascam 112, drawmer lx20, zoom 9120, roland sde-330, haribo's, paracetamol. "mixed" not live in audacity.
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work-in-progress tune
exclusive badman dubplate special 'n ting.
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p2 -  east beast warning
nothing special, just a quick amen rinse out inspired by some intense weather conditions here. No pad breakdowns this time around, just wanted breaks 'n' sub bass... like those times when all you want is bread and butter.
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p2 - energy wade
low quality recording + hum, oh well. Tune had no actual lyrical vocals samples so had to go with a sh*tty name. bloodclart.
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Amiga Music: Phineus II Compilation #1
Phineus II / GBW, known for the OctaMEDz has gone renegade software on us. Living in East London / Essex but not actually from this place, he brings you the finest selection in 8bit paula mayhem. Break-neck speeds of never ending breakbeat pressure. Can you keep up? and more importantly, how long can he get away with cheek'ly just robbing off1key's style - shout out to you brother! I know you'll let me do this :) XYZ sound settings used: Channel mode: 2 X Mono Stereo separation: 0.0009% Clock: CIA Frequency: 28khz / Puw's 12bit DYN System Audio filter: A1200 TRACK LIST 01 - [00:00] Illusionz 02 - [03:49] Pinokio 03 - [08:01] Breakbeat Referee 04 - [12:44] Rave Blend 05 - [16:47] Baby Blue Sensi 06 - [20:44] Hokus Pokus 07 - [24:40] Koola Down Yuh Dance 08 - [28:10] Finger Breaka 09 - [31:46] Sacred: Kall Da Kops - p2rmx 10 - [36:06] SDR&Subsonic: Watch This Space - p2rmx 11 - [40:24] SteveC&Monita: The Razors Edge - p2rmx Programs used: Protrakcer 3.15, AudioMaster IV, SysInfo, Calculator. Hardware Used: Amiga 1200, Mastersound Cart, Technosound Cart, Zoom 9010, Akai s900 [for resampling], Spirit Folio Desk, Boss HF-2 [secret weapon], tape/cd/plate deck, spiced rum.
Views: 1476 Xtra Spice Mikey
jv1080 & wavestation PADS! (not slap bass and flute presets!!!)
Basically I just use the presets innit lol.but the key to good padding is your playing style, having smooth butter hands across the keyboard in a flowing like motion - the timing and lifting notes off a chord (as well as new chords) to get unexpected movement in the sound.
Views: 6651 Xtra Spice Mikey
phineus 2 - summer mixtape
SIDE A 1 - 00:00 - Sunshine & Moon 2 - 04:55 - Butter Cuts 3 - 09:37 - Harp To The Maximum 4 - 14:57 - Original Killa Machine SIDE B 5 - 20:16 - Jungle Sauce 6 - 25:56 - Pass The Piano Peng 7 - 31:02 - Pizz Bizz 8 - 36:42 - Swamp Song Gear: Amiga 1200, Akai s950, Akai s2000, Emu ESI-32, Roland JV1080, Yamaha TG500, Korg Wavestation A/D, Roland Alpha Juno 2, Mackie CR1604, Alesis Quadraverb+, Lexicon PCM80, Lexicon Vortex, Drawmer LX20, Drawmer DS201, Turntable, Tapedeck.
Views: 2072 Xtra Spice Mikey
march mixtape 2018
00:00 p2 - 2 wikkit 2 nutty 03:50 p2 - lord of the labyrinth 08:19 ruff with the smooth - twisted girl (p2 rmx) 12:55 ruff with the smooth - who's lovin' me? (p2 rmx) 18:19 p2 - sea fury 2 22:45 bizzy b - twisted mentazm (p2 rmx) 27:00 kidlib - the source (p2 rmx) 31:16 p2 - the nemesis bell studio kit breakdown: commodore amiga 1200, akai s1000, ensoniq eps16+, roland alpha juno ii, roland u220, soundcraft spirit folio 4, alesis microverb iii, boss hf-2, boss ce-2, tape/dat/deck-deck, sanyo vcr, tannoy active reveals. So yeah, same sh*t as usual.
Views: 780 Xtra Spice Mikey
Mikey's badboy Akai s2000 Tutorial Video
A near comprehensive tutorial on one of the most criminally under-rated samplers. People talk s**t on the s2000 but I really love it! great punchie sound and the filter's aren't bad either! Don't let the small LCD put you off! HARDWARE WILL NEVER DIE now grab one for 10 bar! High pass filter trick: http://www.dogsonacid.com/threads/kool-things-to-do-with-an-akai-s2000.30570/
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The 950 Jams Project v.h.s.  trip hop mixtape
Had a few requests from people to re-upload this.
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new direction remix / cover
Views: 188 Xtra Spice Mikey
untitled 13.06.17
Views: 957 Xtra Spice Mikey
april selection 2018 mixtape
usual hardware. blended with audacity. not your usual Phineus2 here and dare. 01 schizophrenic 00:00 02 romford ghosts 05:03 03 nightwatcher 09:30 04 church of darkness 14:09 05 ordah! 18:50 06 barbaric beasts 23:29 07 folctazia 30:03 08 spiralz 36:36 09 apocolypse acid 39:47 10 knuckleduster acid 45:02 11 alien vortex 50:43 12 the bonegrinder 55:27
Views: 651 Xtra Spice Mikey
SDR & Subsonic ‎- Watch dis space [phineus II remix]
does what it says on the tin... remix of an obscure track on shoebox recordings http://www.discogs.com/SDR-Subsonic-The-Feeling-Watch-Dis-Space-Pt-2/master/188254 but most people know it as that tune in dreamscape XI ratty's mixtape. Came out 1993, so during a time when hardcore and jungle was pretty much a blend-ready-to-split kind of vibe. I left out the main facade of stabs and just worked on the Enya breakdown. gear used: s950, s2000, amiga 1200, jv1080, CR1604, quadraverb+, vortex, tapedeck, turntable. Didn't use the compressor... wanted to keep it ghetto.
Views: 1446 Xtra Spice Mikey
for kenny
Views: 835 Xtra Spice Mikey

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