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Astrid taking a bath
My Green Cheek Conure Astrid taking a bath in the sink. She's a cutie.
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Petting a Scarlet Macaw at Pet Land
My first time petting a macaw :3 Oooh! They're so cute! X3 I went to a Pet Land store here in Ohio and they had 2 macaws there. The Scarlet was easier to get down and once I started petting her she was just loving the attention X3 The other one, A Gold and Blue, was up higher on a perch and didn't want to come down, so I just scratched his belly and he enjoyed it X3 Oh man! These birds are amazing! hehe Too bad I'm not allowed to get one XD She was such a pretty bird! ^w^
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Hilarious Tika Tantrum!
This is Tikaani, Tika for short. She is ALMOST 1 year old and she likes to throw these types of tantrums in her crate XD She usually only does this when she hears people come home from work or, like in this case, she could hear her mom(other pet husky) get hooked up and the door open cos momma husky went for a walk first. This upsets big baby husky. I know her tantrums sound really obnoxious but I never get annoyed cos they're really hilarious LOL Also, sorry for slightly choppy video!
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Newborn baby guinea pigs
These three baby piggies were born at a Petland store that I work at. The mother piggy had four, but mother nature did not allow one to live. The mother did not clear the membrane quick enough and he was unable to breath :c poor baby. But the three babies that were born are healthy energetic little babies. They're squeaking for their mommy in this video. I love guinea pigs and these baby guinea pigs are cutest things I've ever seen! :D Note: I know Petland has a lot of hate but I don't want hate comments just because I mentioned I work there. The Petland I work at isn't like the bad ones that get talked about online. These baby piggies were born: November 29, 2012 around 8:30-9:30. I was working at the time so I got to see her cleaning off her babies c: Super cute! These babies were not even 24 hours old when the video was taken. Guinea pigs are not like other rodents. They're born with fur, open eyes, hearing, and can even start eating solid food in about a day or two after being born. They start walking and squeaking right away, too! They look super skinny when they're newborn since they haven't had the chance to put on weight and start eating.. and their heads look super big lol Come on.. they're cute! c:
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Astrid Dancing
Here you can see my green cheek conure being the dorky little bird she is XD She's dancing and doing all the goofy things she does. She marches around and stretches her neck and just looks funny! Enjoy c: Oh and it's a little hard to hear in the background but she's dancing to a song that's playing off my laptop ;) The song is "Mine it Out", a minecraft parody. I listen to it a lot and here's a link to the video of the parody: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of0k-NFqC7E
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Cute Little Lily
UPDATE: Lily passed away early in the morning on Monday, September 10, 2012. She lost to a rare childhood cancer found in these hybrids specifically... in the 3 months I had her I bonded more with her than any other animal I've ever had.. I miss her terribly. Rest in peace my sweet baby Lily. March 30, 2012-September 10, 2012 Lily is a hybrid between a green cheek conure(father) and a sun conure(mother). She's about 4-5 months old in this video c: She's still recovering from what appears to have been a tendon problem, or sprain/twist in her leg. Before she would hold it up and wouldn't use it at all, but now she's using it to perch and climb around thankfully! She still isn't putting full weight on it and sometimes holds it up when she's tired, but overall she's getting better. Lily is a sweetheart!
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Spoopy wild dog drawing
A recording I made when I doodled Spoopy the african wild dog! Really love this character's design X3 You can find the finished piece and more of my art in the following locations: DeviantART: http://radcatblakat.deviantart.com/ Fur Affinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/radcatblakat/ Tumblr: http://artingsbyblakat.tumblr.com/
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Brownie loves Egg Nog
My guinea pig loving some egg nog c: And yes, I'm fully aware this type of thing isn't 100% the best but it was just a rare treat as vanilla ice cream is for my parrots. She never got more than a small spoonful as you see above and it never gave her any digestive troubles. Her usual treats are carrots, dark greens, and occasionally strawberries for a vitamin C boost :3 UPDATE: Brownie passed away the morning of December 12, 2012 :c She was such a strong old piggy, just a few months away from being 7 years old. I miss her a bunch, all my animals are like my babies big or small. From what I observed, she appeared to die of old age, her organs and body were just failing. I feed her a good diet with tons of cage space, etc.. and she was housed with a baby piggy who is just fine, so it wasn't anything diet-wise or illness-wise. She just was old :c poor Brownie.. I had hoped she would live to be much older, even 10 :C I love you Brownie, I'll miss you just like I miss all the other piggies!!
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Silly Blakat
My little brother put on my Blakat fullsuit and did this silly little dance haha Fursuit made by Dont Hug Cacti Worn by my little brother(I'll add a link to his youtube later when I can find it lol) My DeviantART: http://radcatblakat.deviantart.com/ My Fur Affinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/radcatblakat/
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Koi kitsune handpaw
Just a quick video of a puffy-fingered handpaw I made. I'll get video of a future set that isn't black so it can be seen easier XD For now this is all I got. This particular set of paws has fins on the sides, the character is a red fox with koi fish markings and fins c:
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LS-Egg design
A livestream I saved of a character design I made based off an egg for a customer(they bought the egg and gave me a species and now this is the design I've created from it). Thanks for watching! ^w^ Music is the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack by John Powell c:
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Super cute Linnie parrot talking
This is my baby Lineolated parakeet, Sage, he's still only about 4 1/2 months old now and already he likes to talk a lot!! Hopefully someday I'll get more videos of him saying more but in this video he says "You're so cute!" and "baby bird" as well as "baby birdie". He actually talks a lot clearer than he did in this video, he was distracted I think when I put the camera by his cage XD But omg, everytime I hear him start talking like this I just am sitting over at my laptop cringing with "AWWWW" cuz the cute always kills me. lol He's such a cutie pie!! Some other things he says: Hi! Hi, Sage! Hi, baby! What're you doing? Step up. And then he also makes those little ticking noises as well as kissing noises ^w^ On top of his super cute voice he's small and snuggly. He's all the perfect combinations of cute! And my brother opened the basement door and started coming downstairs near the end, that's why all the birds kinda got a littler noiser at the end haha And yes, my birds are in the basement but they have been for a long time now, they're prefectly fine c: There are wires and stuff but they cannot reach them and they're always supervised when out of the cages X3
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Milo swining
My Sengal parrot, Milo in his swing c: Every so often I'll walk in and he's swinging just like this and I swing him a little more, he sometimes will scream and just have fun with it. XD And that little budgie in there is Jellybean, RIP. This little guy was a gift for my bro but he passed away only a few months after I got him(no more buying animals from pet stores for me!!) Anyway, yeah c: Milo swinging and Jellybean hanging out with him because they enjoyed each other's company X3
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AFT gecko hunting crickets
My 10 month old african fat tail gecko hunting down some crickets! Also apologies for the weird annoying noises from my camera XD And yes I put up my plastic sheet that was wrapped around my fallout 4 pip boy case lol I figured out it makes it SO much easier to feed him. Before I would put one cricket in his hide at a time, but with this barrier I can put all the crickets in there and he has a blast going after all of them! His morph, for those who may wonder is Abberant White Out 100% het Ghost. I purchased him from Gecko Babies, very wonderful breeder! Thanks for watching! X3
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