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Féileacán (Butterfly) slip jig & own-arrangement sheet music link
Sheet music: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/145675959/Feileacan.pdf Butterfly "Work," they say. Work hard at hard work, work harder, work smarter. Learn: learn to work, work at learning, but you along the way will learn as well, that learning has no end . . . this I've lived, but like the months of ice and snow (that bring the hundred coldest days, the 144,000 coldest minutes every ancient year) do not prevent the one minute of most years, of me noticing the inadvertent whimsical cameo of some silent, fragile butterfly, my yearly 144,000 minutes of drudgery and learning, routine or intense, don't so far seem to circumscribe some magical sense of silent meaning as it flits its minute random minute across my inner summer fields. And my haphazard life and all its years - across what sunny fields do they fly, and in what summer, on what Earth?
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Wife Witnesses Deviant Exposing Self!
Don't worry - the deviant has been taken into custody, and Mrs. Tees has taken a few days off work and is recovering her composure.
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And a Merry Christmas to christian6657
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Merry Christmas, YouTube!
And to all a Merry Christmas, one and all. Sleigh Ride on Piano. An inclusiveness ramble and, spontaneity. Sheet music (own arrangement) link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/145675959/SleighRide.pdf
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God and Reality
There is a short video clip that didn't make it onto this. I refer to it at the start. What I say in this excluded video is something like "who am I to say anything to anybody about anything?" and "I'm just some old duffer who mumbles" - that sort of deferring statement. "I can just let reality unfold, and I don't need to comment at all." Then . . .
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High School Dropout
I have iMovie, I have Pentax, I have Quicktime, but I can't get straight. Only sideways. Oh well, I just don't fit in the boxes - this is proof.
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not2tees Intro
When I used to own a car, one of the first things I'd do to customize it was to remove the annoying buzzer that goaded you to put on the seatbelt. I didn't need some built-in annoyance. YouTube is a car that adds its own annoyances, like this compulsory new intro video that is now needed to replace the old thumbnail and text they have removed from "your" channel. The managers seem to suppose we all need intermittent reminders that the individuals we all are, are absolutely powerless over more and more and more . . . I am not someone who considers it unthinkable that the entire internet may be more of a drawback to the common good than any real benefit. But, the immense experiment of humanity's existence continues. I say, "Good luck, but I don't know if we're going the right way . . ." Passengers can always jump off it they want to, but the car is not going to slow down or stop for them. So, you can pick your injury. The car won't arrive where it thinks it's headed.
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REALITY Series Intro - 1
This covers the basics of REALITY (usually THE classic subject of Authority) from a nobody's unauthorized viewpoint. Basics such as Ashleigh Brilliant sayings, William Blake, the grace of authority-avoidance, that is.
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REALITY Series Intro - 2
Bob Dylan, the Apocalypse, Canadian sayings, salt, Schizoid days, the wife, meaninglessness, previews & promises, entertainment and horror, a child's view of Concepts, Larson cartoons and other basics of REALITY.
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Voice Of Light
A long intro and a poem. Really, the best way to do poems is read them, not hear the author read them. This applies here, at least. The poem's words (some different from the spoken version, which bows to the printed version) are: Voice Of Light First of all, who: who are we, who am I, are they, is She, are you? Last of all will come the answer, which is all answers, the answer of light. Not any answer of words, not of words written or spoken from human lips or direct divine voices in the mind, or filtered through somebody or some group of somebodies, living or dead or long dead, from your own culture or own tradition or own anything, nor anyone else's. Not the light of the sun or the iPhone or stars or auroras or fireflies - another kind, of the soul, will come - a greater shock than mere life can bear. It is like the sea to the southbound glaciers. All souls in life drift south, in different currents. Or in different pasts. And so greatest light brings on greatest darkness, as nothing else can do, has ever done, will ever do. Light laughs about darkness, as the creator of this poem laughs about later reactions to it. Those who can hear the laughter . . . I want them to hear it. To the laughter-deaf, peace. Feel the peace. And so my little house of cards, or the greatest houses of cards, of people who even themselves become cards, will fall. Not even a splash or a peep will be heard. And no sorrow there will last - why, even this card-universe expands, as this card-poem of card-words writes itself. It turns On on. It turns. It turns. It turns on On.
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"REALITY" - Grace
"Where To" Life doesn't take me anywhere. It just jerks my chains at odd moments. "Read the 'Meaning of Meaning,'" my sociology professor advised me. No, I felt: if you make meaning a subject, you . . . become an object. I wanted to be meaning's (loyal) subject. Lost supervisors' besetting error: detaching one's self from feeling meaning, in order to "know" the "meaning of meaning." And points beyond. Such knowledge I wish to avoid: knowledge for manipulation, proven effective in all case studies. They just jerk my chains. The footprints of the feeling, the meaningful feeling, disappear into the forest of purposes . . . . . Track them, says the soul.
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April 11 Crocus Report
For one week only ! Crocuses wave spring into Nova Scotia from our little sidewalk-adjacent flower bed . . .
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Neighbourhood Pianoteacher
A mix of this, that and the other - snowflakes as angels, surviving Febb in the North with fantasy.
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High School Dropout - 2
More about that most-okay-to-despise figure, the High School Dropout.
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Famous Yet?
Fame got nothin to do with vlog friends. All you need is a little help from your friends. It's my response to Yume. (Pronounced You May.)
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I Light My Candle
We are with you, Bob. I should also mention Morpheene2, whose response to Hippiefied1's original request got me going on my own response, and MomoDelicious, my one subscriber to date.
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Turbines of Speed Tribute
TOS rocks my conch, iMac and world. I flash back to the Seventies, against Doctor's orders.
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REAL Reality
After problem over problem, and even uploading this now 4 or 5 times, my Excuse video (for the lack of not2tees videos lately) is ready.
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The voice of darkness
If you want to know what's on my mind, listen (not so much watch) to this video. I amuse myself, that's one of my probs.
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My UFO Amazing Atheist Question
I respond to an invitation from The Amazing Atheist to ask the Orgastic Omniscient One a question. Check out his channel if you admire a good rant and don't have difficulty overlooking obscenity-mouth.
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Self Sufficient - own composition piano solo & sheet music link
This is my latest piano song, called Self Sufficient merely because I was feeling that way when it appeared while fooling around on the keys and wanted me to write it down. It's a no-worries, feel-good kind of tune, anyway . . . Sheet music link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/145675959/SelfSufficient.pdf
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The DAVOS question
A musical response to the DAVOS question featured on YouTube. Partly musical, that is, partly a rant.
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A Star At Night
This song I wrote when feeling the opposite from Self Sufficient. Yes, even remote and stand-offish me had fallen in love at the time. Love reaches very far! I wrote the poem (below) first, the music for the poem a little while later. Sheet music: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/145675959/AStarAtNight.pdf A Star At Night A star at night, wherever it has been, must now alone give out what on earth may be seen by those eyes which let its light within and so reflect down here a heavenly twin. And souls, like stars, twin on earth in those eyes where beauty sighs and beauty tries to know the truth. Though eyes can't reach, a star will shine.
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Infinite Summer     sheet music link below
Yes I have been reading along with so many others at infinitesummer.org the 1000-page Great American Novel, "Infinite Jest." While I may also post some written thoughts on the Infinite Summer site, I wanted to put up my composition, "Infinite Summer" in honour of David Foster Wallace, and the fine readership at Infinite Summer. And in honour of Cossette729, my fellow YouTuber and Infinite Jest reader. Sheet music link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/145675959/InfiniteSummer.pdf
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Summer Seas - own composition piano solo & sheet music link
I thought of this as I was looking at the flow of waterfront pedestrian traffic, through a film of blue gauze (another story) so the Seas in the title refer to the human sea as well as the background world-enveloping sea that would have been in the background. Sheet music: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/145675959/SummerSeas.pdf
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Already Famous - own composition piano solo & sheet music
Relax and assume you're already famous, because you will end up at the end as all famous people do . . . even that cute parrot. Sheet music: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/145675959/AlreadyFamous.pdf
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A Song in the Night
Through the darkened apt I go, drawn to look out the window. Johnny Touque walks left, the Chev rolls right under fairytale skies neither day nor night. The linden tree, the swinging string, watch the windows across the street twinkling as cars are passing through these woods and snow, wires above and pipes below. I go outside as darkness grows and a few city stars begin to glow. I walk a block or two, then from afar there comes a song on the night air. Guided by voices, I locate this choir. "YouTube OK?" "Great!"
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Original Piano Composition May Fields & sheet music link
Sheet music: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/145675959/MayFields.pdf One of those peace-of-mind songs I write now and then - you may imagine the swaying grasses, the song of birds, the comedy of insects and general well-being, just as if it weren't October and going to snow tonight, they say, but May instead, and you didn't have to go to work but could wander around in the fields, happy as a beetle. For my sister, who encouraged me to put up something new on not2tees not long ago.
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High School Dropout - 3
"It's causing you to not think for yourself." That what I'm saying as the battery cuts out at the end. We got a "great price" when we got the Pentax but it didn't come with a plug in.
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Obviously derivative obvious facts
Imitation is also the sincerest form of admiration. Khaya, you are a YouTube original!
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