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DJ Jocker - {Full Cinematic} Jesus, Provenance Of Miracles
Cinematic guitar, piano, viola, orchestral. A song about how only Jesus can perform miracles. Hope and goal is for work to be used on screen one day. Networking Info: [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com
Views: 2088 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - July 2nd Tune
Created and completed by Gary Jocher after work on Monday, 7.2.18. Networking Information: [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com | 540.915.6575
Views: 31 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - The Lion And The Gladiator {Version 1.0}
New cinematic release written and composed by Gary Jocher, completed on Friday, July 20th 2018. Goal is for these to be used in film production / on screen. Enjoy people!
Views: 47 Gary Jocher
DJ JOCKER - The Guardian's Watchtower
Featuring aerial video of a castle in Spain, here's Gary's new song "The Guardian's Watchtower". Finished on Thursday.
Views: 74 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - {Cinematic SciFi} Proxima Centauri
New cinematic scifi track completed by Gary on Monday, March 26th 2018. Feel free to subscribe, like and share. The goal is to be used on screen. Networking information [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com | 540.915.6575
Views: 2471 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - {Chillout, Meditative}  As Light As Air
New chillout / meditation piece composed originally by Gary Jocher, "As Light As Air". Completed on Thursday, May 31st 2018. Networking Information: [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com | 540.915.6575
Views: 74 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - FULL CINEMATIC The Venetian Paradox
The song sought to capture the essence of a spy drama movie along with the paradoxes of life. The end product contains suspense. The goal is to be used on screen. I hope you enjoy as much as I loved every single minute of making it! Much love - Gary
Views: 52 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - (Improved 7 Woodwinds Version) Serene Stillness of Mind
An improved update to my original relaxation and meditation piece "Serene Stillness of Mind" featuring a combination of clarinets, bassoons, flutes, cor anglais, oboe types and more. Written and composed by Gary Jocher. I hope the song can be of benefit or service to others or can put your mind at ease. Networking Information: [email protected] | DJJocker.com | 540.915.6575
Views: 32 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - {Uplifting Piano & Orchestral} Sunlight Abounds in The Spring Garden
Uplifting and relaxing at the same time. I tried to capture with notes the essence of the splendor of the sunlight of a Spring garden. I am very happy with this new piece.. Completed 3/1/18. A combination of piano, viola, guitar and ambient. All image credits to Claude Monet. I sincerely hope you enjoy. - Gary DJJocker.com
Views: 2501 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - {Cello, Guitar} Only With Dedication
Cello, guitar, ambient fx. Completed on Wednesday 3/21/18. [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com
Views: 50 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker (Piano, Violin) - Days Of Our Lives
New piano and violin cinematic release made by Gary Jocher on Friday 03/30/18. Enjoy. The goal is to be used on screen Networking information [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com
Views: 2323 Gary Jocher
DJ JOCKER - {Solo Violin} Essentiae Optimismus Aeternum
Latin for Essential Optimism Always. This could be my best recent solo violin, and different than my release "Febriolin". Thanks, Gary.
Views: 60 Gary Jocher
Gary Jocher/DJJ - (Viola, Violin, Piano} Pure Joy of Sound
New happy sounding viola, violin, piano, woodwind and ambient song completed by Gary Jocher on Thursday, June 7th, 2018. Networking Information: [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com | 540.915.6575
Views: 51 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - (Chillout, Meditative) Angelfeather
New relaxing, meditative ambient piece completed by Gary Jocher on Thursday, May 10th 2018. The goal is to be used on screen. Networking Information: [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com | 540.915.6575
Views: 2137 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Overcoming Trials In Life
Made by Gary
Views: 34 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Seven Continents
Made as a break from mortgage course.
Views: 57 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Finding Peace In Your Mind
One of the most relaxing tracks I've produced in a while. Enjoy, Gary
Views: 40 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - (Piano, Violin) The Window
New piano and violin piece completed by Gary Jocher on Thursday, May 17th, 2018. The piece is designed to capture the luminous aspect of a bright window. Networking Information: [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com | 540.915.6575
Views: 1430 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Summer {Draft 1}
Featuring 3 types of guitar, here's my new the first draft of my new idea for a music piece, "Summer". Networking Information: [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com | 540.915.6575
Views: 27 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - (Cinematic) Angel Choir Idea 1
Written and composed by Gary Jocher, September 3rd 2018. Preliminary draft Networking Information: [email protected] | DJJocker.com | 540.915.6575
Views: 30 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Gloria Adoramus Liberis {Choir/Full Orchestral/Piano}
Latin choir, piano and full orchestral cinematic. Completed by Gary on Thursday, April 5th 2018. The goal is to be used on screen one day. Networking information: [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com
Views: 2143 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - (FULL ORCHESTRAL) - "Built To Reach The Stars Above"
One of the better songs I've produced. For all the dreamers out there, for all those trying to overcome the odds. Composed and completed by Gary Jocher on Thursday 02/02/18.
Views: 2528 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker -  To See the World in a Grain of Sand Piano Breakbeat
A variation of my new piano song.
Views: 58 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - (Ethnic/Tribal Drums) Cinematic Percussion 01
Cinematic ethnic percussion and drum rhythm completed by Gary on Fri 3/2/18
Views: 2181 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - (Full Cinematic) A Heart Never Lies
Written and composed by Gary Jocher Networking Information: [email protected] | DJJocker.com | 540.915.6575
Views: 62 Gary Jocher
DJ JOCKER -  Cleopatra's Golden Code
This could be one of my best. A fusion of genres.
Views: 75 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - {Piano, Orchestral} Enigma Of The Majestic
New piano, orchestral and woodwind piece completed by Gary Jocher on Wednesday, April 18th 2018. The goal is to be used on screen. Networking information [email protected] | www.DJJocker.com | 540.915.6575
Views: 1999 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - (Woodwinds) Flute, Bassoon & Trumpet
A very peaceful combination of flute, bassoon and trumpet made by Gary on Thurs 2/22/18.
Views: 45 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Beautiful Still For Every Flaw
New song made by Gary. A heartfelt music material. Finished Tues July 11 2017.
Views: 47 Gary Jocher
DJ JOCKER - Dodecahedron
Possibly one of my best tracks to date as far as making music for better chances of performing live and making money on the side. It has a solid feel good vibe to it. I think you will enjoy. Thanks, Gary.
Views: 64 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Gravitational Motion {Preview}
Gravitational Motion {Preview} produced by Gary Jocher 5/3/17.
Views: 25 Gary Jocher
DJ JOCKER - Run The Next Mile
Presenting my newest artist track "Run The Next Mile", designed to convey the feeling of an 800 meter or long distance run. It is uplifting. To show to club owners, DJs and more. Enjoy, Gary.
Views: 68 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - {Piano & Guitar} 'Glaciers of the Arctic'
Piano, guitar: A song about the environment. Made by Gary.
Views: 59 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Autumn Orange And Brown
A new piano song "Autumn Orange And Brown". Made by Gary 11/15, 11/16.
Views: 55 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker -  Symmetry, Balance, Equilibrium
Here's my new song "Symmetry, Balance, Equilibrium". It features for the first time a brand new rhythmic bass engine. The concept of the song is the symmetry found in objects all around us, and the balance and equilibrium in the orbits of the planets, the way in which their orbits never falter, and other processes of the universe that seem to rely on this concept. www.djjocker.com
Views: 50 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Chill Electric Hypnosis
I made a hypnotising chill tune. It will put you in a relaxed groovy state.
Views: 54 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Sailing The Wild Blue Yonder
Made by Gary Jocher. Newest song, done on May 7. Looking for singers, and Gospel oriented rappers.
Views: 113 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - A Spirit With Which All Things Are Possible
Made this one yesterday, in reference to church.
Views: 67 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Looking Up
A brand new uplifting / motivational / energetic song made by Gary.. Completed on Thurs 12/14/17.
Views: 68 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Patience {Rough Draft}
A rough draft. I think you'll like it - Gary
Views: 65 Gary Jocher
DJ JOCKER - Duality Of Centuries Musical Fusion {Rough Draft 1}
Combining time periods of music together to form a unison.
Views: 64 Gary Jocher
DJ JOCKER - Wavform Duality.
A combination of classical and electronic to show to club owners. What is the music saying to you? Enjoy.
Views: 60 Gary Jocher
DJ JOCKER -  Come Just As You Are
The song is more the sort of relaxing type. It's message is relaxing: About being good enough just as oneself and as the piece of the puzzle God originally meant for you to be to fit in.
Views: 59 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - Remain Unaltered by the Wind
The track is about having a thick skin while staying optimistic and about not letting the background winds of life have any effect on your course. For my 9th album.
Views: 61 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker -  (Solo Piano)  How Far You Journey
Here's my new solo piano song called, "How Far You Journey". Enjoy.
Views: 88 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - (Orchestral & Guitar) The Architect
New orchestral and guitar song completed by Gary on Fri 2/23/18. www.DJJocker.com
Views: 55 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - {VideoGame Music} Gamma Tau 447
New videogame music made by Gary.
Views: 37 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - A Savior's Compassion
A song about the Savior's life of compassion.
Views: 25 Gary Jocher
DJ Jocker - A Song For The City Dreamer
Made by Gary, this new song is for all the city dreamers. A song to dream while listening.
Views: 50 Gary Jocher

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