Videos uploaded by user “RacerBest”
Motor City Online - Rusty Ford Ranchero on Spillway
Driving one lap on Spillway with my Ford Ranchero. And I beat Stingray with fail driver too. :)
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Gran Turismo Sport - Sardegna timed rally World Record
Mission challenge Stage 3 - Event 8 No penalties
Views: 853 RacerBest
Need for Speed Edge (NFS Online) multiplayer item race
If you want to play NFS Edge in english, join here for help: https://discord.gg/XT4Mk88
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Danger Zone - Across The Line - $16,728,300
Good game. Played on PS4.
Views: 3622 RacerBest
Need for Speed Edge (NFS Online) team racing mode
Chinese closed beta with english translation, if you want to try it out join here for help: https://discord.gg/WYhBqXU
Views: 1398 RacerBest
FlatOut 4: Total Insanity - Historic Route 78 - Beat the bomb - 80,652 points in Preacher
Pretty good run. Flatout mode event 8. Preacher world record.
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Need for Speed Edge - New hot pursuit game mode
Fighting against crazy rubberbanding cops while racing to the finish line. If you want to play NFS Edge, join this Discord server for guides to get playing: https://discord.gg/RFSUhRh
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Lexus LFA "Wangan" run in Need For Speed World
Running around the Rosewood highway in my LFA. 2.17.1 laptime. Team Laterfire www.laterfire.com
Views: 143 RacerBest
Need for Speed Edge (NFS Online) drift mode
919k points on Fogged Lake using Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. If you are interested in playing this game, this Discord server has all the guides you need: https://discord.gg/WYhBqXU Also I'm sorry the video is full of notification sounds from Discord.
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Danger Zone - When Love And Freight Collide - $18,113,400
PS4 version https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-fi/tid=CUSA08594_00
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Just Cause 2 - Dinggong stunt!
Just driving reverse off the ski resorts snowhill. This happened to me. :)
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Need for Speed Edge - new Abandoned Bridge track
Also playing the new game mode of car limited events, this event is restricted to +1 to +3 cars with OA less than 600. If you want to play NFS Edge in english, join the NFS Edge Discord server https://discord.gg/RFSUhRh for a guide to get playing.
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Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Stunts
Me and my friend Revilzam (in youtube)did some stunts in MC3: DUB Edition Remix (PS2). And don't say: BAD CARS, I HAVE BETTER!!! Because I have McLaren F1 LM and Kawasaki ninja too but I don't use them in this video.
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FlatOut 4: Total Insanity - Easy Devil in 66 Seconds trophy and Keep the Flag win
Devil in 66 Seconds trophy guide (Keep the flag for 66 seconds). Desert arena keep the flag event in Flatout mode. FLATOUT 4 - TOTAL INSANITY https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-fi/tid=CUSA07458_00
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Just Cause 2 - Race gameplay
Panauan Speed Demon race. In this game there are diffrent types of races, but all of them are checkpoint races. Ground vehicle, air vehicle, parachute races and boat races. And sorry for my bad driving again. In city with fast vehicle the framerate was incredibly bad ohandling was harder. I will try to make one JC2 video every day, so if you want to see gameplay, subscribe me!
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NFSW - Drifting
Drifting without any hack/trainer. This can be done if you have Xbox 360 controller or any controller that has Xinput mode. I used Logitech F510. So how to do it? Hold your gas on the controller for about 60-90%. You should keep the RPM as high as possible and stay on the first gear. This can be also done with Playstation 3 controller, I have made guide how to use it: http://world-garage.com/index.php/topic/10799-guide-how-to-use-ps3-controller-in-windows/ Team Laterfire http://www.laterfire.com
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DiRT Showdown - 1440° Spin!
1440° spin and almost perfect landing. :(
Views: 400 RacerBest
Just Cause 2 - Alpine skiing with CAR!
First I say hello to Mr. Snowman (who looks like Blaine), and then I go to ski with car.
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Danger Zone - Narrow Margin - $23,335,000
Yeah Danger Zone https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-fi/tid=CUSA08594_00
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Just Cause 2 - Weapon Glitch
One time when I just loaded my save file, this happened to me. I can't change the weapon, and it's like minigun but shoots like machinegun. :D
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Danger Zone - Tunnel Vision - $16,690,050
Another early top leaderboard score on PS4 Danger Zone https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-fi/tid=CUSA08594_00
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GRID 2: Crazy faceoff accident!
Callum Kirkwood tried to ram me, but he was the one who had to suffer for the attempt.
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DRIVECLUB online race
Narrow tracks and crazy people.
Views: 165 RacerBest
Flatout - Derby
Bandicam test.
Views: 340 RacerBest
Just Cause 2 - Mission gameplay
Reapers faction mission. Sorry for bad driving! :D
Views: 475 RacerBest
NFSW - The Real Flight Simulator
Flying in my lightweight aircraft. Make sure to watch the video all the way, because there are some nice flights there and amazing ending. ^^ These flights were powered by LamboGTR. Music: Full Diesel - The Sum of All... www.world-garage.com www.laterfire.com
Views: 132 RacerBest
Just Cause 2 - Awesome STUNT!!
Epic stunt. Some flips and BOOM!
Views: 260 RacerBest
Avoiding a touring car pileup in GRID Autosport
Uploaded from PS3.
Views: 90 RacerBest
DiRT Showdown - Do A Barrel Roll!
Almost nailed it!
Views: 192 RacerBest
NFSW - Getting Bugatti + customizing it + test drive!
This is the greatest Bugatti of All Time
Views: 199 RacerBest
Last S-class race and Car Prize Pack
Here I get my last S class win I need for the Car Prize Pack and see what I get. I hate S class racing and I don't have better S class car than GT3 RS 4.0, I'm happy that I don't have to ever race in S class anymore. Background music is Dave Rodgers - Race Of The Night
Views: 164 RacerBest
The most difficult track in Need for Speed Edge: Death Fog Road - 3:17.79 with R34
It's not clean run, It's so difficult to get perfect run in this track. To play NFS Edge, join this discord server for guides to get playing: https://discord.gg/RFSUhRh
Views: 61 RacerBest
The Crew - Excellent Takedown, Sir
I was attempting the award that requires holding a pursuit from Chicago to New York. Just as I was about to enter the East Coast territory, this hero decided: "No you don't", and unleashed his superpowers. I give BlackPanthaa permission to use this clip
Views: 60 RacerBest
DiRT Showdown - Amazing Takedown!
Views: 189 RacerBest
Just Cause 2 - Dirt track
The dirt track in JC2. I was driving this track for first time and it was a bit slippery. :P SORRY FOR VERY BAD DRIVING! :D
Views: 611 RacerBest
NFS Edge: Sermatt Pass perfect run with Mustang GT '15
My best run on this track, surprisingly this car is very good in hairpin turns. If you want to play this game, join this Discord server for guides how to create account and get playing: https://discord.gg/RFSUhRh Music: Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage
Views: 45 RacerBest
Just Cause 2 - Invisible parachute
Views: 145 RacerBest
The Crew - The Lifeguard faction mission 1:50.731 with 370Z
Playing faction missions as a crew gives higher bonus points for passing a checkpoint, and it is possible to slipstream crewmates so i thought I would have no chance of getting in top 50 in the Lifeguard community challenge, but today I received a code for Starter CC pack in my email which means I did place somewhere between 26-50th place in the community challenge with this run. Very happy about it. Using hardcore handling, manual transmission and Thrustmaster T300RS.
Views: 53 RacerBest
Need for Speed Payback - 240Z multiplayer drifting
Ranked speedlist drifting with Nissan Fairlady 240ZG. Need for Speed™ Payback https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-fi/tid=CUSA05986_00
Views: 32 RacerBest
Gran Turismo Sport - The scariest final lap
Tires half done, running out of fuel and almost spun out which made me lose the lead. Special thanks to the group 4 racer who slowed down the leader enough for me to pass him. 1 hour could have been wasted.
Views: 37 RacerBest
The Crew - Stunt flip
Happened by accident on the Let It Snow faction mission. I give BlackPanthaa permission to use this clip
Views: 72 RacerBest
GRID 2: Accidental barrel roll
GRID 2 upload test from PS3.
Views: 98 RacerBest
NFSW - Ghostwood - 2:32.42 - Nismo Z-tune (Stock)
Just time attack I recorded, would have done better time but my gamepad broke. :/ Powerups were limited to 2x Juggernaut, 2x Shield and 1x Ready, because this run was done for Laterfire's internal time-attack challenge held by Zaker45. Song: No Connection - Burnin'
Views: 96 RacerBest
Just Cause 2 - FAIL
Epic FAIL!
Views: 89 RacerBest
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 intro
Opening movie of NFS HP2.
Views: 150 RacerBest
Need For Speed Rivals
Normal crash in NFS Rivals. #CRAIGITUP PS4 video clip test upload.
Views: 130 RacerBest
NFSW - WG Blacklist challenge - RacerBest vs ZTR
This was my Nissan GT-R SpecV battle with Zakitheracer. We did it for World Garage's Blacklist. Track: Chinatown Delivery Song: Adrenaline - Dead Inside www.world-garage.com www.laterfire.com
Views: 72 RacerBest
NFSW WG Blacklist challenge - RacerBest vs Zaker45
Zaker challenged me to Lexus LFA race. Songs used: Fear Factory - Demanufacture (instrumental) Full Diesel - Deathbed Lullaby http://world-garage.com/ http://www.laterfire.com/
Views: 61 RacerBest
Nose Wheelie
Cool stunt.
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