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Civil War Citizen Soldier
Citizen Soldier to Gods and Generals, Gettysburg, and Glory. DISCLAIMER: This is a non profit entertainment only video. ALL copyrighted material belongs to its respective owners.
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Vietnam War Unknown Soldier
A Vietnam War music video to Unknown Soldier. Movies: We Were Soldiers, Platoon, and Apocalypse Now. DISCLAIMER: This is a non profit entertainment only video. ALL copyrighted material belongs to its respective owners.
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Rainbow Six Siege Terrorist Hunt Hostage Defense Mira
Hostage Defense in Rainbow Six Siege with the GEO Operator Mira. Currently my favorite defense Operator.
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Cpt. Slaughters Squad
An army of SHC troops have been sent in to take out the Tediz gun before the second assault. This is the story of one of those squads. One lead by Cpt. Sluaghter. Artists: Michael Jackson, Breaking Benjamin, Creadence Clearwater, and They Might Be Giants Songs Smooth Crimanal, Meet James Ensor, Blow Me Away, and Fortunate Son ALL CONTENT BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.
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9th Company frontline
A music video I made using clips from my favorite movie. Movie: 9th Company (9 Рота) Song: Frontline by Pillar Made Under Fair Use No Copyright Infringement intended, all copyrighted material is the property of its respective owners.
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Star Wars EAW FOC Warhammer 40k mod: Fire in the sky gameplay.
Just a short game of Star Wars EAW FOC Warhammer 40k Fire in the sky mod gameplay. I did not make this mod or the game. Disclaimer: Made Under Fair Use. No Copyright Infringement intended, all copyrighted material belongs to its' respective owners.
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Arma 2 night helicopter crash.
Sadly the helicopter was my only way back to where I started. Shot down after we were attacked luckily none of my squad were killed, although the helicopter crew died. This was the first time I had tried night time stuff.
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Gta 4 Cops.
Some video clips from Gta4 with Bad boys playing. Sacramento Skins by me. DISCLAIMER: This is a non profit entertainment only video. ALL copyrighted material belongs to its respective owners.
Views: 2023 spartanpawn007
Me playing slayers with Jill BSAA on public assenbly
Views: 156 spartanpawn007
Freshman tries to ask Sophmore out and fails.
A random video of a dude in my 3rd period class trying and failing at asking out a Sophmore. Aftter the video gets turned off by my stalker, he stormed out turned a cornner in the hall and waited for her to ask her out. She rejected him. More for my friends enjoyment I don't realy care that much about the video so don't rate or subscribe.
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EVOC day
Pretty much just being tossed around in a police cruiser. It was a pretty fun day.
Views: 43 spartanpawn007
Minecraft creeper files 1
Just some clips where questionable actions lead to creepers. Never Forget.
Views: 48 spartanpawn007
Tribute to armed forces
A small triubte video for those who give/gave it all. DISCLAIMER: This is a NON-profit video, Made Under Fair Use No Copyright Infringement intended, all copyrighted material belongs to its' respective owners.
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GTA 5 next gen dogfight Lazer vs Besra
I went toe to toe (AKA evaded) with a fighter jet in GTA online unfortunatley I was using the quick record and not the 5 minute record so there were only a few 30 second clips from the 7 minutes of us flying around. He waved off and was shot down by an AI controlled fighter and my wing was taken off when a fence lagged in. Just a collection of clips recorded on the built in Xbone DVR.
Views: 319 spartanpawn007
Westgate Security vs zombies.
Title says all. Note Westgate PMC textures are a WIP and span several different Peds, (including Noose, gunnut, male multiplayer, female multiplayer, and several others that are not yet finished.) I have also made an infected Gunnut version that is put on a different model, ex. ig_Manny, I will upload a video of some of the newer models later.
Views: 219 spartanpawn007
Fade Away lyrics
Lyrics to Fade Away by Breaking Benjamin. DISCLAIMER: This is a non profit entertainment only video. ALL copyrighted material belongs to its respective owners.
Views: 325 spartanpawn007
Gta 5 Westgate highlights.
Just a few short clips of shootouts, pursuits, drunk driving, and illegal parking. A lot of clips got cut by WMM. And yes the Sheriff's SUV is one of my personal vehicles.
Views: 171 spartanpawn007
Arma 3 Phoenix Aggressors news clips
Just a short video showcasing the current Phoenix Aggressors units, I also wanted to try out the AAN overlay. Made Under Fair Use. No Copyright Infringement intended.
Views: 242 spartanpawn007
Humvee gunners test
The test for a vid i made
Views: 428 spartanpawn007
Airsoft Ministry 9-6-2014 (Non-Comp)
Gun used AK74. Recorded with a GoPro. "Mobile friendly".
Views: 147 spartanpawn007
The Zombie Kids Aren't Alright
Dead Rising 2 and Saints Row the Tird gameplay montage to The Kids Aren't Alright by The Offspring. DISCLAIMER: This is a non profit entertainment only video. ALL copyrighted material belongs to its respective owners.
Views: 1347 spartanpawn007
Cpt. Rachets Squad Pt. 1
Cpt. Rachet and his squad try to defend theTediz gun from the SHC assault.
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Airsoft Ministry 9-6-2014
A compilation of matches played by myself and my friends. Gun used: AK-74 Recorded with a GoPro. Made Under Fair Use No Copyright Infringement intended. ALL copyrighted material is property of its respective owners.
Views: 197 spartanpawn007
Animal Abuse PSA for DCTV 2014
DISCLAIMER: No animals were harmed in the making of this video. Just a PSA I made for my media class in 2014 that I've been meaning to upload for sometime. The quality is not good due to the fact that my group got stuck with a, now OOA, very bad camera.
Views: 2406 spartanpawn007
A Small Police/Firefighter tribute
This is for all of you who put your lives on the line. This is a non-profit video made under Fair Use, No Copyright Infringement intended, all copyrighted material belongs to its' respective owners.
Views: 5452 spartanpawn007
A little capture the flag at Airsoft Ministry on 9-20-14
Views: 63 spartanpawn007
Metal Gear Solid 5 Online 8-24-16
Just some gameplay highlights from August 24, 2016. I hadn't played this game for more than half a year, then came back and did ok, though there were only a few servers for Bounty Hunter, and one for Cloak and Dagger (which I hate), but overall it wasn't bad.
Views: 62 spartanpawn007
Joke case 1017 chief v. Jake
In the chief/spartan kangaroo court of law the innocent are unfairly represented and the offenders are taken out back. More of an inside joke video about several RDR disputes.
Views: 29 spartanpawn007
RDR highlights
Video of a Red Dead Redemption game that Charlie, Jake, Shane, and I played on March 2nd. Lots of explosions and death by mountain lion.
Views: 52 spartanpawn007
GTA 4 Contagium with Zombocalypse Mod and Westgate Units.
Unfortunatly the last GTA 4 video I will be making for awhile because my GTA 4 deleted one of its own key components without my knowledge. Other gta 4 videos were made before this but have not yet been uploaded, they will be soon.
Views: 2137 spartanpawn007
Mass Effect Andromeda Irate Asari Doctor
Just a funny gameclip from Mass Effect Andromeda. Laughed my ass off the first time because I called Ryder's response.
Views: 9 spartanpawn007
Battle for the Highrise
just me and 2 friends playing modern warfare 2.
Views: 110 spartanpawn007
Gta online highlights #2
A friend gets a proper introduction into the group and traffic stops gone wrong, prisoner transports, stabbings, shootings, shirtlessness, and other shenanigans ensue. Made Under Fair Use No Copyright Infringement intended, all copyrighted material belongs to its' respective owners. xRADioactive17x, Serious Revenge, ShadowClone84, xXBubbaTheKidXx, EnDFlash, CopperTellurium.
Views: 66 spartanpawn007
GTA online highlights 3 (Loud)
Tanks, planes, and loud noises seem to be the main theme of this GTA (5) Online video.
Views: 64 spartanpawn007
COD Black Ops Combat training
To celebrate me getting a capture card I made this video.
Views: 103 spartanpawn007
Breach gameplay
TDM gameplay of Breach
Views: 99 spartanpawn007
KPHP teaser
Simply didn't have enough time to make the full video so I made an even smaller teaser for a GTA 4 mod I'm making.
Views: 58 spartanpawn007
chieftainklr444 and others stuck in the subway
In this video me and some other people are stuck in the subway in GTA 4. Poeple in this game loby: Machiavelli94, ProphetSJM, Matt Jalbert v2, BADBOY84000, chieftainklr444, BeefyOzzy123, oX iSlay Xo v2, fictionalchick, v iTs Parker v, Darck Genovese, dirldawg09, RaufinsFury, and FatalBeatdown94.
Views: 183 spartanpawn007
Resident Evil 5 Music and a Game
A music video i made. Songs: Unknown soldier and I will not bow. By Breaking Benjamin. Disclaimer: all copyrighted material is the property of its respective owners. I own no copyrighted material in this video. This video is meant for non-profit entertainment only.
Views: 86 spartanpawn007
GTA online highlights 3 preview
Just a small preview uploaded due to time constraints.
Views: 30 spartanpawn007
Minecraft with angussyuung
Anguss and I give finaldeath a warm welcome and eventually find our way into the nether.
Views: 33 spartanpawn007
War Thunder clip
Just a clip of me using a high altitude fighter semi-properly in War Thunder in an arcade battle. The plane is an Italian M.C. 202 which is an ok plane.
Views: 29 spartanpawn007
GTA 4 test
I finally got GTA 4 up and running, so I made a quick video. Also WMM craped out and my LCPDFR video is stuck in purgatory.
Views: 20 spartanpawn007
Resident Evil UBCS chronicles sneek peek
UBCS Chronicles has been canceled. DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit entertainment only video all copyrighted material is property of its respective owners.
Views: 841 spartanpawn007
Cpt. Rachets Squad Pt. 2
The second part of Cpt. Rachets squad. Who will survive? Who will win?
Views: 65 spartanpawn007
Call of Duty Ghosts Scaring Michael Myers
I scare the crap out of my friend while we play Michael Myers. Not the first (or last) time I've scared the person playing as Michael.
Views: 138 spartanpawn007
I44 Dogfight over Fallujah
Several groups of 20ish ME/BF 109s engage a group of B-17s escorted by Hurricanes and Thunderbolts. I just made this mission for fun with aircraft.
Views: 48 spartanpawn007
KPHP/DPD update
Just an update video made using the usable clips from a game session.
Views: 35 spartanpawn007
Mess Effect Andromeda
No I have no major issue with Mass Effect Andromeda, in fact so far I've been enjoying the game. But man does it have some funny glitches, as is common with ME games.
Views: 14 spartanpawn007
GTA  V test upload.
Views: 18 spartanpawn007

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