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ferrari scuderia F430 going 237+ Kmph
Dutch tv program "blik op de weg" (eyes on the road) catches a scuderia going over 237 kilometers a hour on the freeway the Dutch under cover police car (volvo probably) has a hard time catching up..
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2 Apache attack a failed taliban ambush
2 american apache helicopters attack a taliban enemy force who is laying in ambush to attack US special forces, then shit hits teh fan.,
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family guy stewie and brian get kinky
family guy stewie and brian get kinky
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Timberjack , Walking tree cutting robot
This is amazing, if this is a public domain walking tree cutting robot , then there must be a army version too.... dont you think ?
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family guy stewie song banned from tv
family guy stewie song banned from tv
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Hugh Car and bus crash
Multiple cars and touring buses crash on chinese highway in a thick fog
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Ghost Rider wannabe motorcycle crash 1-2
a german ghost rider wannabe makes a wrong judgement call and he hits a bump in the road at the same time and crashes into the back of a car..
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runescape mining 99 skillcape
runescape getting 99 mining and buying mining skill cape and doing mining emote
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GhostRider japan KAMIKAZE
This GhostRider from Japan is the New KING! i can just say one thing more KAMIKAZE !!!!
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ghostrider crashes
ghost rider wannabes crashes, ghostrider warns all ;) music by "the prodigy - thunder"
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worlds craziest fools (cars)
worlds craziest fools - idiots in cars
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assassination attempt Dutch Royal House Apeldoorn (1/2) TRANSLATED
A mad man drove a car through 2 bariers and a hugh crowd of people then a steel fence and rammed a statue in a attempt to ram a touring bus containing the Royal family members of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 30 of April is a Dutch national holiday celibraing the Queen mother her birthday something like this has not happend in the Netherlands for over 250 years ----- last unofficial reports say that now 5 people have died 17 are still wounded of which critical, 1 policeman and 1 army police man were also wounded. the assassin just lost hes job and house, he was not connected to any radical group. police found no explosives in the car but they did find a map with the route the royal bus was taking.. ===== The assassin has died of hes wounds in hospital... police are still trying to find out who,why,when,how exactly this happend and if he acted alone which does seem to be the case.. no explosives were found which suggest he has no connection to any radical groups because firearms and explosives are illigal in the netherlands and very very very hard to get illegally (if even)..
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Attack on dutch Queens - royal family TRANSLATED - SUBTITLES
mad man drives through a large crowd of people in a attempt to ram the bus of the dutch royal family WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES
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Ghost Rider wannabe motorcycle crash 2 -2 (TRANSLATED)
This is a short part of the German national evening news.
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Dutch queen Speech car attacks crowd TRANSLATED
Dutch queen addresses the Dutch people live on television after the failed assassination attack on her family TRANSLATED
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chinook crashes into war ship
A chinook helicopter crashes into the aft side of a warship it tries to land on, them it tumbles off the war ship and lands in the water
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assassination attempt Dutch Royal House Apeldoorn (2/2) TRANSLATED
failed assassination attempt on Dutch royal family by the evening news. shocking footage! from multiple camera angles watch how the policeman on the bike escapes death by a few inches
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runescape lvl 120 fishing cape
runescape from starting as noob getting 1-99 mining, then 1-99 fishing then 100-120 fishing, party hats halloween masks and lots more on this vetran account!
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Dog grabs robber
Shop is getting robbed the dog is behind the counter and grabs the robber at exactly the right moment!!
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Geert Wilders on the Glenn Beck Show
Freedom, Fitna & Islam: Geert Wilders on the Glenn Beck Show
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rs bunny ears bot train
1st part: standing in varrock square just chilling listening to music, a bunny ear bot train passes by, none of them spoke they all moves perfectly in sync with each other, 2nd part standing ,chilling in varrock same day few hours later a old player named beckscape whom i did not know at the time walks by (canon) and spots a funny noob with bunny ears all dressed weird, she thinks he "hacked" or bought the account and starts askign questions. again i was just standing theyre chilling dont know either one, but rumours going around for years that all old un-used bunny ear and syth accounts and such got hacked and re-sold and re-hacked and re-sold..... funny all of a sudden no less them 6 bunny ear girls walk by , exactly all dressed the same doing all exactly the same moves in sync...
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crashes and fights
cool crash and fight movies music "prodigy - Spitfire"
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fishing 99
runescape getting 99 fishing from lvl 97.. visit: http://RuneScapeBase.proboards.com
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RuneScape MUST SEE !!!!
lot of great runescape movies and pictures
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ghost pictures
a whole range of ghost pictures that i found on the internet! real or fake, imagination playing with out minds and perception?? you decide!
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h masks222
runescape 6 h masks for sale, 2 red, 2 green, 2 blue halloween masks for sale
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Very FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
frog prince.....LOL....
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runescape bunny ear bot train
runescape bunny ears bot train 6 hacked accounts all controlled by 1 person show sup at varrcok square. vid quality is bad was running other programs
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koningsavond amsterdam 25.04.14 op de gracht
ik ben hier even aan het feesten met wat vrienden! me microphone can de bass niet aan lol lol lol
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