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Plants vs Zombies-Brainiac Maniac Remix
My second favorite. Blame UB.
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Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion: Into the Light Misheard Lyrics (preview/WIP)
This is an incomplete version because Pearl's rapping is hard. I will finish this eventually.
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Splatoon 2 Nasty Majesty but it's converted to midi
This has become my life now
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Splatoon Tide Goes Out Misheard Lyrics
Live because I made some extra lyrics for the exclusive 2nd part of the chorus. And yes, I know SR didn't exist when this song came out, but these lyrics were actually originally made about a year ago, but...I'M NOT USING WHAT IT ORIGINALLY WAS. Anyways, as I said above, Merry (6 days late) Christmas and Happy New Year! And yes, I see that 100 sub count. Thank you guys! I have an idea for future content that will hopefully be more enjoyable for more people, but first I should finish up all these songs and their cover versio-I mean, a project using them. Especially Fresh Start, I'm nowhere near done with that one...
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Splatoon 2 Muck Warfare Misheard Lyrics
First she's used for personal gain n the Acid Hues ML, and now she's talking about smiling from pleasure? Pearl, you okay? Jokes aside, maybe someday I'll do the Fresh Start lyrics...
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Splatoon 2 Spicy Calamari Inkantation but converted to midi
As requested. Next up:Either Smash Bros, Hibikase, (or maybe the Hibikase x Echo mashup cause that's awesome) Doki Doki Forever, or the Mii Theme
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Splatoon:unused 1 minute left theme
Apparently, there is a new CD/album for Splatoon coming out that will have exclusive songs, much like the Callie and Marie amiibos coming out...actually really soon! Anyways, I REALLY hope this song will be on it, as it sounds amazing! The picture has nothing to do with the song obviously, I just needed something for the video. Plus, it's hilarious!
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Splatoon 2 Nasty Majesty Misheard Lyrics
I had these lyrics sitting dormant in a document for so long and I finally put them into video form 3 months later. (Which also explains why it's the trailer version) https://twitter.com/BeeLy1011/status/1012744054390472705?s=19 A stick in your thigh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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"Hey look! Charles is here"
From "Infiltrating the Airship"
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Splatoon 2: Calamari Inkantation in Shooting Starfish (reversed)
Easter eggs ftw And since he's been pestering me to do this, shout-out to my friend Noe
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Splatoon 2 music:Marie's theme/Tide Goes Out (with
The trailer was pretty amazing. I'm happy I can use my Octobrush to kill Octopi! When I heard this traditional remix of Tide Goes Out, I was oh, so happy. The trailer also raised some questions though however. What happened to Callie? Why is Marie wearing those clothes? What is that fat Octarian on the bicycle? Who let the Octolings get a roller? Why is the Zapfish stolen? And most importantly:HOW THE F*** DID THE INKLING NOT KNOW WHO THE SQUID SISTERS ARE?!?
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Plants vs Zombies 2 music:Graze the roof (new)
The "new" version of Graze the Roof introduced in an update.
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Splatoon 2:Acid Hues misheard lyrics
If you can figure out the secret story being told with these lyrics, you get 100 cookies
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Kid Icarus Uprising:Viridi Claw Dialogue
Lol. I couldn't find this on YouTube so here you go!
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Splatoon:Calamari Inkantation Flute Remix (desc)
I DID NOT MAKE THIS REMIX!!! This was made by a Japanese person, and, since youtube makes it so that you can't find Japanese videos easily, I thought I should showcase this strangely catchy remix. Also, yeah, I'm using the picture again. What about it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Kid Icarus Legends music:Shantae transforming (with animation)
Hooray for gifs! (Also, I might do this for Shantae.exe's version, even if the song will probably go unused, but I'm not sure...)
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KIL music:Mind-controlled stars (SPLATOON SPOILERS
Octavio:Oh, you nuisance! Pit:Uh...yeah, I am! (Whispers:what does that mean?) Octavio:Y'know what? I'll give you what you came for, just to be nice! Palutena:He's up to something I bet... (Callie and Marie appear) Octavio:Though they might be a bit more...aggressive...than you remember! (Evil laugh) Palutena:I knew it! He has them under mind control! Shantae:This could be bad...* Octavio:Anyways, I'll be back after you two are splatted! Ciao, you feathered hipster! Pit:Hey, that wasn't very- (Octavio disappears) Pit:...nice... Callie/Marie:(equip Splat Roller and Splat Charger) Shantae:Seems like we have to snap them out of Octavio's control! Callie:...stay... Marie:...fresh... Original remix:https://youtu.be/XrTfBMW3o1c *You don't say, Shantae...
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Undertale:Bonetrousle remix
I'm going to use this in a future project, but I'm not gonna say what it is yet. Its gonna be a MYSTERY (until the thing comes out)! Like the MASKED man in Mother 3! There are no hidden clues in this video to HUNT for! This is the 4TH clue in this description. I swear, if someone CALLs it, ie'll be surprised! Okay, I'm starting to run out of puns, but I wanna keep going! So I'll SEARCH for them! This won't CUT it, wille it? I can already CAPTURE the image of the series in my head. I'm playing CARDS, brb! I know its early, but MARRIE Christmas everyone! Wanna go camping and swimming? I have my TENT and GOGGLES! Illuminati has THREE sides, and ONE eye. Some people ship Callie and Marie, and I NO those people ARE crazy! Three behind last pun. Screw this, I'm done.
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PvZ:Ultimate Battle remix
While typing the name, I made several mistakes:Ultimate Hattle, Ultimate Batte, ect. Lol
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Splatoon 2:Ebb and flow (Splatfest battle) misheard lyrics
This song sounds like the opening theme to some sort of weird anime. Unfortunately, I might not be able to make it because we're having a memorial for my grandma that day. So fight for me, Ice Cream brethren! #TeamIceCream #TeamPearl EDIT:I realized I didn't add anything for the last few seconds. I'm probably not gonna delete this for a new one, but still.
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Castlevania Heart of Fire (Dracula X Remix)
THIS IS NOT MY GAMEPLAY!!! I would never choose the dagger over the axe!!!
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Shantae Half Genie Hero music:Boss
Its not a remix of the classic...oh man...I was looking forward to it too...
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Japanese remix:Calamari Inkantation Yagura remix
I have no idea what the heck a "Yagura" is, but more importantly, DOES MARIE EVEN KNOW WHAT SHE'S SAYING?!? Also, I did not make this remix, of course.
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Shantae Half Genie Hero music:Burning Town
Anyone else excited for this game?
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Shantae Burning Town (Orchestral Remix) (15th anniversary)
Happy 15th anniversary, Shantae!
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Kid Icarus Uprising:Hewdraw theory
You may need to pause to read some of them... BUT COULD THEY?!
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Kid Icarus Legends:You will pay, Chaos Kin!
It's game over Chaos Kin!
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Game Grumps-Shantae reference
I didn't even know they knew about that vague game series! Obviously, this is from a Game Grumps video. I just wanted to show one thing that made me go "Whaaaa-?"
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Kid Icarus Legends music:Teamwork, everyone!
This is for some instances where Pit and Shantae kinda argue... #funnynameisfunny
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https://www.fanfiction.net/~bprovins11 Also, if I gave you a link, do I need to give you a Toon Link too? Or a Zelda? Or a Tetra? Or a BEN!?
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Shantae Pirates Curse:I nibble when I'm nervous!
Clip is from Kwings lets play. We all know where the dialogue is from (it says it up there!)
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About The Great Crossover War...(LINK NOW IN DESC)
I'll put it up if I'm not sleeping... Edit:It was a LOT earlier than I expected! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12034169/1/A-new-threat Also, if your wondering why the first page of "Stay Fresh!" flashed for half a second, it's because I accidentally deleted the black image, so I needed to put something in (no pun intended) so I would be able to make the video, and I was too lazy to use something else. Plus, it's a nice reference to "Maybe I should turn back" and "Agent 3's return", right? ...right?...
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Final Splatfest in a nutshell
"Holy Carp" is best pun.
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Splatoon 2:Color Pulse Misheard Lyrics
I kinda feel like this song is about Pearl. Because, as it says, "Slowly, she became loved" And if I were to say EXACTLY what I hear, I would be going against my PG rating. I'm sure you can guess what two parts I'm referring to.
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KIL:Stronger Than You (instrumental)
This is the end of, All that you know. Thought you could save them, Thought you be their hero, They put up quite a show. Did they survive? Probably no. Puny Ink won't work this time. It's useless, Just like those friends of yours. Here we go, Try to take on my army. C'mon! Let's fight, Marie! Go ahead and try and beat me if your able. Overconfidence is making you unstable. You attempt to fight the power of my being, When I brought all worlds down to their knees? Everything you love has turned to ashes, I am in control, and will soon strike the matches. Inkopolis is burning, don't you miss it? BECAUSE SOON YOU'LL GO DOWN WITH IT!!! You think you're made Oooooooof Looooooooove Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah... You're not made Oooooooooof Loooooooooove Aaaaaaaaaaaah... I know who you are. I'll put you in your place. The next time that you stand up, There will be a big green spot. Where did all your friends go? I killed them yesterday. I regenerate like an axolotl, I am near invincible. Go ahead and try to beat me if your able. Everyone's dead including the angel. Do you think you have a way you can defeat me? Just admit it, Marie, YOU'RE A WEAKLING!!! The battle is over, It is done. Funny how you thought you could've won. I don't play nicer, I am Bill Cipher, How about we make a deal, Marie? You think you're made Ooooooooof, Looooooooove, Aaaaaaaaaaaaah... I am stronger than you. You're not made Oooooooooof, Looooooooove, Aaaaaaaaaaaah, I am stronger than you.
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Kid Icarus Legends music:Agent 3's return
Quick background:After Callie is saved from Octavio's control, Marie pins her down, and has a splattershot pointed at her head. Before she can splat her cousin for good, however, an shot of ink destroys the mind control helmet. It was from Agent 3. (the guy from the story mode in Splatoon, but you probably already knew that) He then proceeds to push back Octavio, and defeat him. After that...THIS happens: Callie:(Wakes up/groans) W-what happened? Shantae:Marie was about to kill you, but then...um...that guy...saved you. Callie:(notices sen-I mean, Agent 3) I-is that...? Marie:I think it is... Callie:Agent 3!!! Agent 3:Hm? Oh, hi! Callie:It's been so long... Agent 3:...yeah, it has been a while since I've last saw you in person... Callie:Y'know, I don't think we've ever rewarded you... Agent 3:W-what do you mean? Marie:(mumbles) Oh my god, Callie... Callie:I don't think you've ever gotten any sort of reward for your hard work. Now might be a good ti- Marie:CALLIE, NO!!! Callie:But- Marie:JUST...NO!!! Agent 3:(blushes madly) S-she's right! You don't need to do that for me! Callie:...ok... (May not be final dialogue)
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Kirby's Adventure:Boss theme (Castlevania 64 remix
Dadadadada! Dadadadada! Dududududu! Dududududu!
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Kid Icarus Legends music:Viridi Chaos Kin conversa
When Pit finally gets through the Chaos Kins castle, he's about to get the shock of his life... No it's not that her and the chaos kin are friends, cause that's not what I'm saying
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Kid Icarus Legends music:Return to That Burning To
In this chapter, Pit must return to That Burning Town to hunt down Viridi's half-genie old friend She's also recently been POSSIBLY confirmed for SSB4. Shantae I mean, not Viridi.
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The Legend of Zelda:Overworld theme remix
As requested by Madilyn Taylor. I guess I'm taking requests now? Lol
Views: 48 BeeLy1011
Splatoon:Calamari Inkantation Jazzy(?) Remix
I was having trouble making this one. I originally wanted to use a sax, but it didn't sound quite right, so I just decided to use the Jazz Organ. I mean, it has "Jazz" in the name! It can't get jazzier than that! Wow, I just said "jazzier"... Also, you were totally imagine Marie pole dancing to this. And if you weren't, now you will never unsee it!
Views: 268 BeeLy1011
Kid Icarus Legends music:Alt end 1 credits (unused
There were some lyrics I made a while back to go along with this, but I forgot them. Considering that the original name I had for it was "Shantae's love song", I'm not sure if I want to remember or not.
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Splatoon Splattack Remix
Haaaaaaapy birthday Splaaaaaaatoon! Iiiiiiit's your birthday, YEAAAAAH! (If you don't know what this is from, I'm sorry for you) Silly birthday songs aside, it's hard to believe it's been two years since Splatoon first released! I've been a part of it for a only a little more than a year (maybe a year and a half) but still. The same amount of time has passed between Splatoon 1 and Splatoon 2 in canon and real life! Anyways, I should probably get going. Bye.
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Pokemon RSE:Wild Battle (Shiny remix)
It feels so foreign to me, uploading a remix after so long... Anyways, I've always wanted a feature like this in the games, so here's my example of how it would sound.
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Splatoon:Tide Goes Out (Live/Paris)
"Mortified that you and me, maybe cannot be true (or maybe it's just you?)"
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Splatoon Calamari Inkantation Airhorn remix
This is what happens when Callie and Marie get their hands on airhorns... EDIT:The image glitched when exporting, but I'm too lazy to redo it, so this is the image that was in the video: https://plus.google.com/107081755637144698008 Also, the end said "What am I doing with my summer vacation?"
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