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Using Invisibility Potions the right way in BedWars
scientific proof that bedwars players are adorable
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Spooking people in Skywars
spooky scary minemen send shivers down your spine itmg uploads a non - bedwars video? impossible -=- FAQ! -=- What's do you use to edit? I use Windows Movie maker. I'm very professional I know What do you use to record? Fraps. It's kinda expensive though How do I do that thing where you can get different perspectives on the game and stuff? Use Replay Mod How do you make those tasty thumbnails? I use an app called "Pixart"
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The Most Evil Trap In Bedwars? - The Obsidian Bed Trap
im too evil https://discord.gg/BdzSBnT I did a lot of revising to make sure this video wasn't terrible now that I have lots of subs
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5 Types of BedWars Players!
its 5 types of skywars players but its bedwars *ANNOUNCEMENT:* i cant make vids for 1 1/2 weeks so cya lol speshle thanks to xgait and whoatemyramen for slaving for me -=- FAQ! -=- What's do you use to edit? I use Windows Movie maker. I'm very professional I know What do you use to record? Fraps. It's kinda expensive though How do I do that thing where you can get different perspectives on the game and stuff? Use Replay Mod How do you make those tasty thumbnails? I use an app called "Pixart"
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Bedwars Invis Potion Trolling Montage!
reported for child abuse discord server (pls join): https://discord.gg/CQAJ3Fv I kinda rushed this one cuz ppl were unsubbing due to me not uploading earlier today ._. Jams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8avMLHvLwRQ -=- FAQ! -=- What's do you use to edit? I use Windows Movie maker. I'm very professional I know What do you use to record? Fraps. It's kinda expensive though How do I do that thing where you can get different perspectives on the game and stuff? Use Replay Mod
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The (sort of) Inescapable Tall Grass Trap! - Bedwars - Hypixel (Doesn't work as well anymore :l)
why hypixel The only way to escape this trap is to have a water bucket or an ender pearl, which is kinda rare to see people have.
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The Inescapable Christmas Trap! - Bedwars
all i want for Christmas is cyberbullying the exact trap in this video isnt actually 100% inescapable, but it is if you put a block above the person EDIT: wait nvm you cant do that fdsgrehht
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Making a trap with the new Engineer Kit! - Skywars (Hypixel)
A short video showing off what the Engineer Kit can do. With tripwires and pistons, the Engineer Kit makes room for a variety of new traps to be created. I expect a lot of cool traps to be made in the future. Also I didn't use overused music for the entire video this time. I'm proud of myself. Also why is this getting lots of views
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Bedwars Trapping Montage 1
4 minutes of bullying :D DISCORD SERVER - https://discord.gg/BdzSBnT Music - "ProleteR - April Showers"
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bullying people in the hypixel pit
there is no game I can’t bully people on discord - https://discord.gg/BdzSBnT
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The Obsidian Defense Trap - Bedwars
its basically an obsidian trap except that they get to break my bed woo join my discord or i will find you and eat all your cookies: https://discord.gg/CQAJ3Fv
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3 Easy Piston Traps To Do In Skywars!
My best video? :o
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kinda op ranked skywars trap thing
Ok this video didn't turn out too good Bleh I probably should've shown more clips of me trapping nerds but I was too lazy
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FORCING PEOPLE TO TNT JUMP - Skywars Trapping (Hypixel)
Forcing people to TNT jump, whether they like it or not.
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Bedwars Diamond Generator Trap?
this is a new generation for trapping get it because its a diamond generator ahahahaahahahahahahsrethrewrhrjtyrh thanks to fishmonger for coming up with the trap and helping and stuff discord server: https://discord.gg/CQAJ3Fv
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Fireball Spleef in Bedwars!
its actually pretty fun
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Bedwars Trapping Montage 2
idk what to put here tbh thank fishmonger_ for ladder trap idea song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d3Nu4GrtCo cool swagical awesome good discord -https://discord.gg/BdzSBnT
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Spleef ... in bedwars? (warning: i'm terrible at spleef)
im running out of ideas help don't have much footage cuz people in the party kept ruining things discord server (pls join): https://discord.gg/BdzSBnT -=- FAQ! -=- What's do you use to edit? I use Windows Movie maker. I'm very professional I know What do you use to record? Fraps. It's kinda expensive though How do I do that thing where you can get different perspectives on the game and stuff? Use Replay Mod How do you make those tasty thumbnails? I use an app called "Pixart"
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Best of iTMG 2017!
my potato wasnt a very good screen recorder and thanks to diettoast for taking the thumbnail screenshot when i was too lazy to download shaders
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Blasting Skywars Players Into The Sky! - Skywars Trapping (Hypixel - Minecraft)
That sure ended with a "bang" amirite hah im so funny also 60 fps quality now yay But it's still 780p because my screen recorder is stupid
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i almost killed one of the skywars players by trapping...
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5 Types of Skywars Players
WARNING: Lots of stereotypes 8)
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Falling Sand Trap Montage! - Skywars Trapping (Hypixel Minecraft)
I spent so much time getting footage for this. Hope it pays off
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Falling Floor Trap! - Hypixel Skywars (Minecraft)
Probably my favorite video of mine, mostly because all my other ones suck.
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Trapping a team in obsidian!  - Skywars
Get trolledddddddd also #removevictorstrike my friend forced me to put dat there
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Quick Obsidian Trap In Battle Royale! (Hypixel)
they said trapping in battle royale could never be done
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"TMGgamer - we're friends" - CaptainSparklez 2k17
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Skybase bomb trap!  - Skywars
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Trapping In Slime Mode?  (Skywars Laboratory)
they never saw it coming -=- FAQ! -=- What's your editor? I use Windows Movie maker. I'm very professional I know What's your screen recorder? I use Fraps
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Tripwire Powered Falling Sand Trap! - Skywars (Hypixel)
Just a basic falling sand trap... with tripwires and stuff :o
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I don't know... (Season 2)
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I don't know... (The sequel)
the long awaited sequel of "I don't know..." is finally here!
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GET FROGIFIED - Potatoing around in Skywars 4 (Hypixel) - Minecraft
frogs Song at 3:18 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbJA32D3AAE
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BedWars Double TNT jump
i can fly song - Tchaikovsky Waltz of the Flowers
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Ranked Skywars (Choose Your Own Adventure Video) - 10K SPECIAL!
Go to mid - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpDAjew0C0o Camp - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eWcqgfOk3c Make a trap - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ECVl6XNbpE
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BLOWING PEOPLE UP IN SKYWARS 2 - Hypixel - Minecraft
Don't question me
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MLG water bucket from 2000 blocks - Minecraft
Took 1 attempt xd I tried doing it from 10000 blocks, but and I failed first attempt and it kinda took a long time to do, so I did this.
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I don't know... (The sequel (The sequel))
pls dont unsub i need to keep my ego in shape
Views: 1021 iTMG
I don't know...
Quality content
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Holeinthewall score 152 - Minecraft Hypixel
I keep misplacing blocks .-. At least I got a good score
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Potatoing around in Skywars (Hypixel - Minecraft)
I don't know...
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Sea Cathedral - Housing Build #3 - Hypixel - Minecraft
Made by me in 10 hours or something around that If you've seen something better (in housing), tell me...
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4 lives win without teammate - SSM
I got lucky. If you're about to go all caps at me in the comments without watching more than 10 seconds of the video saying that I did have a teammate... My teammate left before anyone got any kills. Does that count?
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TNT tag in a Nutshell (Hypixel)
For me at least :p
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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

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