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How to script on your own game, NO SCRIPTS!
Today I show you how to script on your own game, no adding scripts required!
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ROBLOX BYC Battle #3
Who will win? You guess!
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ROBLOX seat glitch
Here is how you make stuff fly with hovers and not fly away and you dont need wheels
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Some people were confused on how it works beause they kept dying, so I showed them today :D
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ROBLOX Build your cybersuit Missile tutorial Thanks for the views!
here tells you how to build a car
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ROBLOX Thruster experiments
i am experimenting on thruisters on this one BYC link: http://www.roblox.com/DESC-Build-Your-Cybersuit-EtA-place?id=30602027
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How to get in arena on SFT roblox
here tells youhow to get in the arena
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ROBLOX scripting
Teaching you all about i,v in pairs() You know it doesnt have to be i,v it can be i, Part or i, Tool And you can make it do something depending on a property! --Will show on a different vid
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Excellent -ICE- staff
Backstory: There was a guy in prison, I killed (rdmed) him. (And incase you don't know, you can't do anything in prison, you don't lsoe guns if you die, you don't have any disadvantage if you die in prison) He calls an admin sit, and the admin behaves absolutely horribly. He first threatens me with mass rdm. (Should be noted I never killed anyone in the last 10-20 minutes within this. But a lot of people did kill me, so maybe he mistook that) He banned me for: Minge/mic spam/disrespecting staff/lying to staff 1. How did I disrespect him? Staff disrespect is when you disrespect towards their position, not their person. 2. How did I lie to him? Oh right, I didn't. Conclusion: 1. OMG! YOU KILED ME WHIL I CANOT DO ANTHING AN IT DANT EFECT ME SO ADMINNN!!! 2. Horrible admin.
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ROBLOX sandbox All V.I.Ps preveiw
here beforeyou buy vip you can know whats inside vip
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My channel ~
What I do msotly with my channel
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ROBLOX Sub/Drone tutorial
a drone/sub
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Test #1 (THE REVEAL)
I revealed that I was atually firebolt in other vid but he hardly believed me. So I came with this. The ban in case you never wathed other vid is him griefing.
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Better Editor Testing
Time to test my editor! I was testing around and found out that I can put a video over a video, so I made this. Very simple.
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The blur is because my friend cussed. And it was bad and against rules without age restrictions.. Soooo. I had to wait an hour for the thing to proccess After like 50 minutes of hanging out we got along so he isn't all bad. So don't be hating on him Link: Removed
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BYC Battles
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Minecraft Mineplex TF 3x
20 minutes of turf wars on mineplex, turned into 9:17, enjoy! I had to convert my AVI file! So it took.. 1,2,3,4,5,si- 28 minutes. Not to mention, uploading it to youtube is 50 minutes.
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Roblox commercial fireboltofdeath
A commercial :D
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Shout out to Andrew Plays Roblox!
Link to her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3AF8JZGYKCdTDIkDLFZY9w
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Roblox ATF-5 Trolling
Today we "play" atf5 Man this video uploaded fast! Youtube upgrade, or internet improved? Hmmm.. Definitely youtube!
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ROBLOX spamming dude named cookiepal123
he is annoying everyone
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I need a 50 sub speial!
I will choose 1 or 2 things to do as a special. But I need you guys to tell me some!
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Best beach on roblox + trade currency
i do not fully know ow to use currency buti told you the best i can i am also showing you a awesome beach here is the beach http://www.roblox.com/%e2%84%9b%e2%84%b4%e2%84%ac%e2%84%af-%e2%84%8e-Robloxs-most-detailed-beach-place?id=137315610
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ROBLOX How to stick to walls on SPLEEF by clonetrooper
here you can know how to stick to walls you can see my chats and people'schat better not in zoom but i did add a bubble at top
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ROBLOX Battle #1
This is a battle :3
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ROBLOX Slow motion TMM
The first slow motion TMM :D Oh and set speed to 2. If you want normal speed
Views: 156 Fireboltofdeath
Battle #2
Views: 64 Fireboltofdeath
ROBLOX Stalker: Reborn
Wooh, he is creepy! This took 1.5 hours to upload, so please show some love! Music: I have 100% rights to the song used in this video.
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Guest 9999 Trolling
Sorry about the Quality :( Okay, I put lots of clips together so the quality will be bad I had like 50 clips! But none of them were working, this took 1.5 hours to render, so please give some love!
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ROBLOX Scripting/Admin script tutorial [Part1]
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ROBLOX Laser Tanks
Today we are playing Laser Tanks, no voice , Sorry! Link: http://www.roblox.com/games/12158987/Laser-Tanks-2-0 Music is Eyes on you
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ROBLOX how to make a car
here is a tutorial sorry for my last video i made it was my first video and i dont have my camera editor anymore so yeah
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Minecraft OPCraft gets raided
I would of got more but since opcraft chat got halted I couldn't do much more
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ROBLOX From far and beyond!
I was messing around. And I made this. It is ULTRA LAGGY when playing online or playing in studio.
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(1)Pizza Place Trolling Roblox
Time to troll, next video coming soon. Other video could not be uploaded, sorry! I own no music in this video, all crediit to the creator of this song!
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[Normal]Guest 9999 Trolling
SOrry about the other video, I guess it was the speed up that caused the graphic downgrade! Again, graphics, sorry. It should look better after it is just uploaded
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[Mech Battle #4] 1v1 + 1v1v1v1
2 people battle today, then they battle again. But then two more join
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More difficulties!
I'll try to upload soon.
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Yep, thats right! I got chroma key. Link to the game I used: http://www.roblox.com/games/151806819/Green-screen
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Test #1 (Failed horribly) BYC
I wanted to do a test, see if I could have firebolt in the name, didn't work. It just made people angry and izaia is someone who is always annoying me. He never stops and people say he griefs, so I found proof today. P2 should be uploaded.
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Mineplex Turf Wars!
So I play turf wars :D
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Minecraft Mineplex P1
Today we are playing minecraft, YEP. That's right!
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