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Game of Thrones Telltale - Ballad of the Forresters
The Ballad of the Forresters, by Talia |||SPOILER ALERT||| The scene and song are at Lord Ethan's funeral.
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Littlefinger's "Letter" Ruse
Littlefinger was a step ahead of Arya Stark and completely tricks her - but what did the letter say, and what could this mean for the Stark sisters? Transcript: In season 7, episode 5, of Game of Thrones, Arya Stark attempts to spy on Littlefinger - believing she has the upper hand. However, Littlefinger is a step ahead of her, and he uses a letter to trick Arya into hostility with Sansa. The letter found in the bed appears to read, "Robb, I write to you with a heavy heart. Our good king Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boar hunt. Father has been charged with treason. He conspired with Robert's brothers against my beloved Joffrey and tried to steal his throne. The Lannisters are treating me very well and provide me with every comfort. I beg you: come to King's Landing, swear fealty to King Joffrey and prevent any strife between the great houses of Lannister and Stark. -Your faithful sister, Sansa". Earlier in the episode, Arya had already questioned Sansa on her true intentions, as her training with the Faceless Men seems to have given Arya the ability to see through lies with ease. She knows Sansa desires to be Queen in the North; thus, her unconvincing defense of Jon. In a time of such tension with the Lannisters, Targaryens, and the dead, it will be fascinating to see what will come of the Stark sister feud; as their reunion has been bitter sweet to say the least. Arya will certainly question Sansa on this matter.
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Top 10 Season 6 Game of Thrones Quotes
Honorable Mentions: “I prefer being an only child” -Ramsay Bolton “I drink and I know things” -Tyrion Lannister “The things we do for love” -Jaime Lannister
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Who will Cure Jorah Mormont's Greyscale?
Daenerys Targaryen sent Jorah Mormont to find a cure for his greyscale, but who will help him? Transcript: Who will cure Jorah Mormont’s greyscale? After Dany and Jorah made up, Daenerys sent him on a quest to find a cure for his disease. However, with a relatively small amount of episodes remaining, will the show have time to sneak in portions of Jorah being remedied, or, will they just kill him off? Jorah is quite a lovable, and relatable character, and the fact that he’s gone through so much makes him a very popular character. But, with Hodor and Wun Wun, we know David and Dan aren’t afraid to quickly kill off some of our favorite characters. Several theories have arose on how or if Jorah will cure his greyscale, ranging from Quaithe, to Melisandre, to the Maesters. Now, it seems quite unlikely that he would be accepted by the Maesters, since they probably don’t want any greyscale spreading around. However, Samwell Tarly happens to be at the Citadel, and a Sam/Jorah team doesn’t seem too far fetched. Remember, Sam knew Jorah’s father, Jeor, very well from his work at the Watch, and they would really enjoy each other’s company. Chatting about how wonderful of a man Jeor was, how Dany & Jon should make a team, learning about White Walkers together, etc. In addition, neither character truly has meaning at this point in time. Don’t get me wrong, I really like both of their plot lines, but a great deal of viewers are bored to death by Sam’s adventure, and Jorah walking around Essos probably wouldn’t be much more than an Arya repeat. If, however, they were to meet up, suddenly, both Sam and Jorah are vital parts of the game. Sam could find secrets about the White Walkers to report to Jon, and Jorah, once cured, would certainly be used as a sacrifice for Daenerys at some point. Melisandre would also make some sense, and would explain why Stannis became a believer in the Lord of the Light, perhaps it was with her help that Shireen was healed. Plus, there’s the whole Azor Ahai thing going on, so that would tie everything together. And finally, Quaithe of the Shadow. She hasn’t been seen since the second season, when she helped Jorah find Dany’s dragons, but, she could have another purpose in the show. She’s so mysterious and perplex, she would be a perfect candidate for Jorah’s healer. Apart from Mel, she’s the only character known to be from Asshai. Last time we saw her, she was treating someone who was about to travel past Old Valayria, where there’s an epidemic of greyscale. Season 6 brought back numerous characters from the past, such as Benjen, or the Hound. The only problem with Quaithe is the fact that she’s such a minor character, that many casual, or even dedicated viewers may not remember a thing about her. Anything is possible at this point, but I certainly find the Quaithe theory most viable. Read into it: https://www.reddit.com/r/gameofthrones/comments/4ueku6/everything_im_nearly_100_percent_positive_jorah/ Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLocfhXb58aSqbSJiMLcTkca7d4i6C3kkU
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Where is Edmure Tully?
Where is Edmure Tully, and can he possibly help the North or Daenerys? While it may be unlikely, it must be seen as a possibility. Transcript: In season 7, episode 3, of Game of Thrones, the Unsullied capture Casterly Rock as Tyrion had planned, only to find it as a complete ruse, with the majority of the Lannisters headed to Highgarden. However, could Casterly Rock possibly hold more significance? We last saw Edmure Tully reluctantly give in to Jaime over fear for his family; turning Riverrun over from Blackfish, to the Freys. Riverrun may be in possesion of the Lannisters now, but it's clear the Tully's are no fans of Jaime, or the Lannisters. Having said that, Arya took out the entirety of the Freys in episode 1 of season 7 - leaving the Riverlands in shambles. Although the region is technically sworn to House Lannister, the reappearance of Edmure Tully would change the entire tactical picture. With Catelyn and Lysa's close ties to the Starks, and Arryn, it is within the realm of possibility that Edmure, as rightful Lord, gathers his troops and pledges allegiance back North. But, where exactly can Edmure be found? In season 6, Walder Frey stated he is back in a "dungeon cell" following his short-lived help of the Second Siege of Riverrun. This leaves his conceivable locations to be either the Twins, King's Landing, the middle of nowhere in the Riverlands, or, of course, Casterly Rock. If Greyworm and the Unsullied find him within the castle, he may seek their help in escaping, in exchange for military aide. With that being said, what remains of House Tully is small, and only about 400 to 500 soldiers could join the pact; but, given Riverrun's location in the dead center of Westeros, could serve as a strategically important factor in blocking off the North from King's Landing, and giving way for Greyworm to escape. Jaime stated that Casterly Rock is of little importance to the Lannisters at the moment, apart from his childhood memories, but that he would return to retake it, leaving the Unsullied in a poor predicament. The only remaining options for the Unsullied would be to remain at Casterly Rock to hold off the Greyjoy's for as long as physically possible, receive aid from the Dothraki, or, flee w/ the help of the Tully's. This being the case, it is quite unlikely that Edmure, weak and alone in a dungeon w/ himself or his family, would be capable of giving much help Greyworm, but given his interaction with Jaime last season, it must be kept in mind as a feasible ally in the future - as it is unlikely that the show would cut him off completely. With the Targaryen's awful situation at hand, any assist can be crucial, leaving Edmure Tully, Theon Greyjoy, Daario Naharis, and Jon Snow are her best, ultimate hopes.
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Relationships in Riverrun & Blackfish Death Analysis
The Second Siege of Riverrun was quite an exciting event, but it finished rather quickly. Analyze the character relationships, "behind the siege" to find out deeper meanings. Transcript: We saw a great deal of deaths in Season 6, “No One”, but perhaps the most important, yet most overlooked death was Brynden Tully, AKA the Blackfish. The Blackfish was much like any other character in Game of Thrones, devoted to his family, and quite honorable. During Edmure Tully's captivity, he was the leader and lord of House Tully. When they threaten to kill his nephew during episode 7, “The Broken Man”, the Blackfish doesn’t let down, showing how daring he is. He also rejects Jaime Lannister’s offer, refusing to give up his family’s castle. He tells Jaime that they have enough provisions for two years, and that thousands of Lannisters will die during a siege. We had not seen the Blackfish since Season 3, and the sequence really helped establish his respect once more. The Riverrun siege truly wasn’t a large portion of episode 8, or even season 6 in general, but the characters and relationships it builds upon are what truly matter. Jaime and Brienne’s meet showed much about their personalities and views towards one another. They still show respect for each other, act as true friends - even possibly love partners, and just two notable figures broken due to being on opposite sides of war. Deep inside, they care much for each other, but Brienne shows great confidence in confronting Jaime, stating that they’ll have to fight once more, when the time comes. She already failed Cat, and knows the most important thing in the world to her is to protect Sansa. In the midst of all her emotions, she is able to maintain honor. The writers do get plenty of criticism for how poor some scenes were, but they truly did a great job in these small talk sections, always showing the two sides of a character, Brienne meets the Blackfish, and attempts to convince him to look at the letter, which he refuses over and over, as he doesn’t even know Brienne. She finally wins him over by her statement about keeping her oath and having honor, because Blackfish is currently in the same situation, and he can emphasize. However, even after an emotional scene where Blackfish recalls the similarities in Cat and Sansa, he still is reluctant to help. He just doesn’t have the men, and much like Brienne, his honor towards his family is too strong. He swore to protect the castle until he dies, and he will do so. At this stage, Brienne backed down her efforts. As the Blackfish did earlier, she emphasizes with him, she’s able to put herself in his shoes because their situations are so similar. In my opinion, this small encounter was one of the best, most looked over scenes this season. Brienne asks Pod to send a raven back home, she is broken and feels like as if she’s failed Sansa. Although the title of the episode is clearly about Arya, Brienne also is feels she is “No One” in this case. After the gates are lowered, and the Tully’s fall, the Blackfish has an opportunity to escape with Brienne. Brienne, once more tries to persuade him to come with her, to keep his blood alive, but he declines. And when the Blackfish walks away to certain death, a part of her admires the Blackfish. He’s dying for honor, he’s keeping his oath, something Brienne wants to do. Although Brienne of Tarth as a character hasn’t explicitly changed much throughout the season, it’s little details like these that really show growth in a character. I would’ve really liked to see the Blackfish sailing with Brienne though, because I wonder if Jaime would’ve let them go as he did in the wave scene. In the case of Brienne, the power of friendship defeated his will of capturing her, who from this point forward, is an enemy. I feel he would’ve let Brienne escape, even if the Blackfish was with him, judging by his response to Blackfish being killed. Jaime has changed a great deal himself, which leads me to his talk earlier with Edmure. There should be an asshole battle between Edmure, Tommen, and Olly. I don’t think anybody likes any of them, and in the case of Edmure, it’s because of how he betrayed his own family. But what lead him to betray the Tullys? It was Jaime. Jaime is such a good manipulator, and unlike people such as his sister, he’s able to face and acknowledge the evil in him. He uses that inner “evil” and his reputation as Kingslayer to break Edmure, using the “family” card. It really seems a reoccurring theme in Game of Thrones is family honor, but Jaime certainly did a fantastic job of using it to get Edmure on his side, while also showing his personal honor towards Cersei. Jaime really appears to be this villain figure, but people feel for him, and actually for him...
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Arya vs Waif - Analysis of "No One"
Analysis of S6E8, "No One", particularly the Arya, Waif, and Jaqen scenes. Transcript: After watching episode 8, “No One”, numerous question marks were answered, while new ones emerged. For example, it makes complete sense that Arya prevailed over the Waif in pitch black, as she was used to it due to her blindness, but the fate of Meereen is in question, as it is attacked while Tyrion tries to tell the Jackass and the Honeycomb joke…then suddenly Dany appears. As the title suggests, the major action in this week’s episode was Arya and the Waif’s chase / fight. I was actually quite surprised that Arya Stark was truly the one who was stabbed, not because it didn’t fit the plot line, but because of the way they implemented it. I think the episode 7 scene in Braavos was somewhat poorly directed, as they left us with a lot of details and puzzle pieces that just didn’t fit together, and in the long run, it actually meant nothing. I assume they wanted us to theorize and inquire about the entire sequence, but I just wish they had rewarded all our conspiracies with another fascinating plot twist. Nonetheless, we got a pretty badass scene, where Lady Crane rescued Arya as many had suspected, and then Arya returning to Jaqen with her mission complete. A great deal occurred throughout the chain of events, but I think it’s more important to see the outcome as more of foreshadowing and deep meaning for Arya and the Faceless Men’s future, rather than seeing it as a plain kill for Arya. Lady Crane comes to check up on Arya at her bed, which I thought was very nice of her and it really symbolized the mother figure in her. She cares dearly for Arya, offers for her to travel w/ the players, and offers her milk of the poppy where I couldn’t help but get all these thoughts in my mind screaming “don’t fucking drink it. it’s a trap”, but I’m glad that I was wrong, as it could’ve easily been the Waif disguised as Lady Crane. We then see Lady Crane get up on a stool to grab some sort of medicine for Arya, but then a random dude appears, which of course, turns out to be the waif. She confronts Arya, and tells her “the many faced god was promised a name, he must always receive what is his. You can’t change that. I can’t change that. No One can...
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How many ships did Euron Steal?
How many ships did Yara & Theon Greyjoy truly steal from Euron? Will they strike an alliance, and what would it mean for the ironborn? Transcript: How many ships did Yara and Theon Greyjoy truly steal from Euron? In Episode 5, we saw the Greyjoy siblings and their followers take the Iron Island’s best ships, and head off for what is speculated to be Essos. If they are indeed going to Volantis, Yara and Theon may be able to strike an alliance with Daenerys Targaryen, but will Dany actually accept? In Episode 6, before Dany’s speech to the armies, Daario tells Dany that she’ll need about 1,000 ships to take her new khalasar’s across the sea. How convenient, because last I checked, Euron had ordered his men to build him a 1,000 ships. However, if we are to ignore the fact that characters such as Littlefinger are able to teleport this season, then there should be absolutely no chance that Euron is able to reach Daenerys Targaryen before Yara and Theon, let alone come up with 1,000 ships. If you are to follow my totally inaccurate counting of the number of ships Yara and Theon took, it appears to be 60-100, but of course there could be many many more, just not included in the frame. There’s a theory out there that Euron is responsible for the burning of Dany’s fleet from Episode 1 this season, where Tyrion and Varys discovered that all of their ships in the harbor had been burned, practically stranding them in the Essos. The theory gains credibility from the fact that Euron is a world traveler, and could have easily found himself causing trouble in Meereen, to create diplomatic opportunities with Daenerys. So the real question is, will Dany make an alliance with Yara and Theon, even if they don’t have the fleet to truly help Dany reach Westeros? Nobody knows, but one thing for sure is that Daenerys Targaryen is not a foolish character, and will most certainly not bite for any trap that Euron attempts to secure. If she does create an alliance with the Greyjoy’s though, it’ll surely be an interesting outcome, as the Ironborn could suddenly become a crucial puzzle piece in the quest for the Seven Kingdoms. Also, Theon will most definitely be wanting to aide Sansa in her quest to retake Winterfell, so a whole new web of connections could be made. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLocfhXb58aSqbSJiMLcTkca7d4i6C3kkU
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"Arya Checks Three People off her List" -Sophie Turner
During the season premier, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams revealed some interesting spoilers that are becoming more clear as we head into the finale. *Edit: With Arya's killing of Walder Frey, Maisie's statement was confirmed. Transcript: The season finale of Game of Thrones is upon us, so it’s time to theorize one last time, before crying until next April. The biggest unanswered question mark is found in a game of 2 Truths and a Lie that the cast played back during the season premiere. Liam Cunningham and Isaac Hempstead Wright didn’t offer anything significant, but Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams had some very intriguing spoilers to speak. One in particular contradict each other, and it’s so perfectly setup that it’s almost as if they planned out what to say before being asked, which is entirely possible because they’re such great friends in real life. So, Sophie says “Ramsay dies.” which obviously is confirmed after Episode 9, “Lady Stoneheart returns” which is almost impossible because Beric would’ve had to give his life for her, but judging by how D&D runs things, not impossible. Finally, she says “Arya checks three people off her list.” Now, this is incredibly mysterious because as I’ll talk about later, Maisie says “Arya doesn’t cross any more names off her list.” Both are entirely possible, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that Sophie’s lie is about Stoneheart, meaning Arya will cross three people off her list. Now just because she crosses them off doesn’t necessary mean they die, and since her list hasn’t really been clearly announced for over a season now, those three people could truly be anyone. Maybe Sophie was referring to one being the Waif, which leaves only two to be crossed off. If I were to make a bet on who I think she’s going to kill, it’d probably be Walder Frey, because when he says “The Freys and the Lannisters send their regards” in the trailer, it inevitably foreshadows death for him. But Arya said she was going home to Winterfell, so she might not even cross paths with Walder, although I feel that we haven’t seen the last of Jaqen and his influence judging by how D&D write. Plus, she could be attending that Frey party, disguised. If she does make it back to Winterfell in episode 10, the only real person on her list that she could theoretically come across is Melisandre, who we know is in a bit of trouble with Davos. It’s possible that either she gets banished by Jon, or killed in some way, crossing her off Arya’s list, but I believe the Lord of the Light has more things planned for her. Cersei has around a 50/50 shot of living with her shitty situation in King’s Landing, so perhaps she gets crossed off. However, my prediction for next episode is that we have at least one major death of a character we actually care about, like Cersei or Tommen…nevermind, we don’t care about them. But along with The Sparrow or the Mountain, we’re most likely going to see a pretty big death since all in all, we haven’t seen one yet this season. We’ve seen touching deaths such as Hodor or Wun Wun, but not really one that drives the plot forward. Others theorize that Dany shows up in the middle of the trial and fucks over King’s Landing, which would ruin the faith, and probably everyone in general. Still interested in seeing that rumor Qyburn talked about though, because it’s certainly going to come into play. Pretty sure that it’s wildfyre, because the other possibility is that he dug up some dirt on the High Sparrow, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be like “My lady, we’ve spotted the High Sparrow sleeping with other men”. So, that’s three possible victims off of Arya’s list, and a majority of the others are either apart of the Brotherhood without banners, or haven’t been casted in years (Ilyn Payne) so, I personally believe out of Walder, Melisandre, & Cersei, two will die or be removed from the plotline. Maisie’s two truths and a lie were “Arya goes to Westeros, back over the sea.” Confirmed. “Arya is in the trailer more times than people have realized, because they don’t realize it’s her.” I thought this was debunked after episode 8, but since her last one is “Arya doesn’t cross any more names off her list.”, then it must be true. But who would Arya be disguised as? Who the fuck knows, but it sure would be convenient if the Faceless men plot finally became relevant again and she was able to grab a face or two off the wall on her way out of the hall, and use it to become disguised, and take out some people on her list. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLocfhXb58aSqbSJiMLcTkca7d4i6C3kkU
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Trolls Imitate ISIS in Video Game
VIDEO BELONGS TO WISHTV 8 NEWS Trolls imitate ISIS and scare an eleven year old boy to believe ISIS are attacking the US.
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Top 5 PC/MAC Strategy Games
NOTE: Not all the titles may be considered a "Grand Strategy", however; all are fantastic Grand/Strategy/4X games. --- Honorable Mentions: -Rome: Total War -Ultimate General: Gettysburg -Hearts of Iron III --- List: 5. Endless Space $29.99 4. Napoleon: Total War $14.99 3. Crusader Kings 2 $39.99 2. Sid Meier's Civilization V $29.99 1. Europa Universalis IV $39.99
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Jaqen Disguised as Arya Theory
Was Arya Stark truly stabbed in Braavos, or is Jaqen H'ghar disguised as Arya, in order to test the Waif? Check out House McFarlin, my graphic designer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd-42fcb0n-XuhqqEJgRtYg Transcript: Towards the end of Season 6, Episode 7, “The Broken Man”, we see the waif sneak up on Arya Stark, and stab her multiple times in the gut, shortly after she requests to sail to Westeros (the following morning). Arya had just left the faceless men last episode, after her encounter with Lady Crane, and even retrieved Needle, as she goes into hiding. Currently, Arya’s list consists of Cersei Lannister Walder Frey Melisandre Beric Dondarrion Illyn Payne The Mountain possibly The Hound, and more than likely, the Waif. I was doing my weekly after-show theory reading last night, and I came across a theory that I really buy into. Reddit user grounded_astronaut mentions that Arya sounded exactly like a rich person skipping town, which is the waif’s opinion of Arya. We all know Arya, the girl we’ve come to love from Season 1 is not that dumb of a girl to completely let her guard down in the middle of Bravos. Plus, where did she come up with all that cash, and where in the world is needle? These small missing details lead to a theory that the girl stabbed on the bridge in Bravos isn’t truly Arya, but Jaqen. Now, why would Jaqen want to save Arya? Remember at the end of episode 6, Jaqen sent the waif to assassinate Arya, but told her “don’t let her suffer”. Keep in mind that we don’t know all too much about the waif, apart from the fact that she’s Jaqen H’ghar's apprentice, and a member of the faceless men. Some even believe that the waif is just Arya’s imagination. For all we know, the waif still may not have proven herself to Jaqen, and Jaqen was testing her to see if she would let Arya suffer. If this is the case, well, she failed. Instead of slitting Arya’s throat, she stabbed her multiple times in the stomach, making her suffer. Jaqen sure won’t be happy that the waif elected to disobey him, maybe he’ll even kill her. In the trailer for next week’s episode though, we see Arya being chased by the waif and performing a super-badass stunt jump, a scene that everyone has been waiting for ever since the teasers. How would Arya be able to perform such a jump shortly after such a brutal stabbing? Either way, I think it’s clear that Arya will find help if it was really Arya Stark that was stabbed, and take on the waif prepared with Needle. Hopefully we can see some good old waif ass-kicking by the end of Season 6, and see Arya sail back to Westeros. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLocfhXb58aSqbSJiMLcTkca7d4i6C3kkU
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Follow up on Jaqen-Arya Theory
This is a follow up on the Jaqen H'ghar as Arya's theory. Why is Arya supposed to be Left-handed, but Right-handed in Episode 7? Check out House McFarlin, my graphic designer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd-42fcb0n-XuhqqEJgRtYg Transcript: Since my previous video on the Jaqen disguised as Arya theory, fans have dug up some more evidence pointing to Arya not being the girl stabbed on the bridge. Many, including myself, still believe the girl stabbed on the bridge could’ve been Jaqen wearing Arya’s face, but others think it may have been somebody else. The biggest factor suggesting this is that ever since Season 1, Arya is left-handed. Actress, Maisie Williams is right-handed, but has stated in multiple interviews that she tries her best to play Arya left-handed, as in the books. The talented actress has done on a great job emphasizing it, with the way she always handles her sword. However, if you watch over the final scene of Episode 7 closely, you see that Arya is not left-handed on multiple occasions. First, we see Arya use her right hand to throw a bag of coins on the table, second, to pick it up, and finally, to apply pressure on her wound after being stabbed. Would such an important characteristic as her dominant hand be ignored on a scene like this, or was it done intentionally? When I was initially watching the scene, I noticed the way Arya walked was unlike her, she seemed very secure, and unworried, where she is usually alert and on her toes. The manner in which she spoke to the sailor also wasn’t like her. Arya, normally a polite, but a tomboyish girl, seems very rude yet feminine in the way she walks and talks. Going back to who the imposter could be, and where real Arya Stark would be…it’s truly unknown. However, if you dig deeper into what Jaqen said to the Waif last episode, when Jaqen told the Waif “Shame. A girl had many gifts.”, you uncover a possible plot twist. Everybody assumes, of course, that Jaqen was speaking about Arya, but, what if he was talking about the Waif, for saying “As I expected” & “You promised me”. She refers to herself using personal pronouns, something that “No One” wouldn’t do. Once again, this just adds to the surmounting clues that the Waif was being tested. Most critics of this theory will write it off, as the faceless men can not wear a face of somebody who is not dead…or can they? Alluding back to the Season 5 finale, we see Arya peeling faces off Jaqen, and seeing herself. Now, this doesn’t mean that the faceless men have the ability to wear anybody’s face, but if you look back on that scene, Jaqen drinks a potion. Perhaps the potion causes one to appear as other faces…faces that are not dead. If Jaqen drank, or covertly made somebody else drink the potion, it may have caused the Waif to see Arya’s face, even if she is still alive. All this confusion should be cleared up next episode, titled “No One”, where I believe we will see the real Arya Stark, the one we see in the trailer. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLocfhXb58aSqbSJiMLcTkca7d4i6C3kkU
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Season 7 Arya Stark Theories
After Maisie William's recent tweets about Season 7, the countless theories about Arya began to flow in. Some, credible, others not... Check out House McFarlin, my graphic designer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd-42fcb0n-XuhqqEJgRtYg Transcript: Quite an intriguing theory is coming out over some tweets that actor Maisie Williams posted on August 22nd, 2016. Over the course of five tweets, Maisie exclaims that she just finished reading the Season 7 script, and quote “shit gets real”, and “nothing will prepare you for this”. Now, since this is Game of Thrones, your initial response may be “no shit, Sherlock”, but there’s been some new theories floating around on just how much of a shock Arya’s plot is going to incorporate. Now, normally I like to spend time in attempting to credit and prove certain theories, but in this case, I’m going to debunk them, until I conclude with one that I find plausible. The big theory roaming around the internet at the moment is that Arya kills another protagonist in the midst of walking around the Riverlands. Something is bound to go down with Arya, The Sandor Clegane, the Brotherhood without Banners, Melisandre, Brienne, Podrick, and some armies all being concealed in an area between Winterfell and The Riverlands. The most likely outcome from many foreshadowings and predictions is that Arya and Melisandre reunite, and Mel gets taken down around the Twins. This is one that I’m going to rule out because although I do believe Arya will meet with Mel again next season, it just wouldn’t make logical sense to take her out. Is she on Arya’s list? Yes. Is she an easy target? Yes. But what keeps me from jumping on this theory is the fact that the show took so much time in giving Melisandre an identity, a character, a uniqueness, that killing her off doesn’t sit well with me. She’s really been the main anchoring force for the Lord of the Light, and with what we saw in Episode 1 of last season, I just can’t see them killing her off so easily. Another possibility is that Arya crosses paths with the Hound once more. Now this unification would be extremely interesting in particular, because we truly have no indication on how Arya will react. She left him to die in Season 4, and he was previously on her list, so the straightforward response would be, to immediately fight him, and obviously, beat him. However, since the Hound is on a little mission of his own, and happens to be w/ the Brotherhood, that seems unlikely. I always thought that Brother Ray’s presence in the story was going to have more meaning, and perhaps it’s the Hound who preaches passiveness to Arya, to knock some love and affection back into her. Passiveness in the sense that the real war is not meant to be between them, but rather, the common enemy, who in this case would be the Lannisters. Similar to Jon and Sansa’s situation, it may be a bitter-sweet makeup where the two team up to fight Cersei & Gregor Clegane. Before I move onto the event that I believe could possibly take place, I want to get one more theory out of the way. Fans have spoken of a fear that Arya kills Brienne and/or Pod. I personally just can’t see this happening, for several reasons. One, because not even Arya would be able to defeat Brienne in a head-to-head battle. Unless, it so happens to be that Arya kills Podrick first, wears his face, and catches Brienne by surprise. But secondly, due to the fact that a protagonist killing another protagonist, while in rare cases are logical, just doesn’t have a purpose here. Brienne returning back to Sansa is a must. It’s her oath, and I fucking pray to the Lord of the Seven that D&D aren’t that stupid to have her killed by Arya, it would just make both their stories so meaningless. And my final reason, in a like manner to my previous point, just that Arya Stark herself has no justification in slitting Brienne’s throat. Think about it folks, she has rationale to not like her, or be pissed off at her, but absolutely nothing to kill her over. With that, I’d like to move onto a theory that I find rational, and it’s the speculation that Arya & Sandor enter King’s Landing, and kill Cersei. At this moment in time, I’m sticking with my forecast that Cersei dies as a result of Daenerys Targaryen’s conquest, and that she’ll die peacefully with Jaime, because it seems like a theme with Cersei’s children that she won’t die by physical force, but rather suicide or something of that nature. But, since Arya is capable of wearing the mask of a Lannister Guard, or a Faith Militant... Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLocfhXb58aSqbSJiMLcTkca7d4i6C3kkU
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Euron's "Gift" to Cersei
Euron's gift to Cersei is still a mystery. Gendry? Tyrion? Ellaria? Only time will tell. Transcript: In season 7, episode 1, of Game of Thrones, Euron Greyjoy attempts to gain a Lannister alliance with Cersei, stating, "I wanted to grow up and marry the most beautiful woman in the world, so here I am with a thousand ships, and two good hands". But, Cersei declines the proposal, and when asked why, states Euron is untrustworthy. After all, the Greyjoys hold a history of betrayal, and Euron murdered his brother, Balon, in season 6. But, what Euron says next, has fans thinking of a possible sinister plot. He vows to bring Cersei a "priceless gift" to gain her trust, and that he "won't return to Kings Landing until I have that for you,". Speculation arose of Gendry Baratheon being that gift, judging by the fact that few know he is alive, and could serve as a sense of reliance. Others have pondered Tyrion Lannister, Yara Greyjoy, a dragon, a kraken, among others, but the only plausible possibility I see is Ellaria Sand, and the other Sand Snakes. In season 5, the Sand Snakes assassinated Myrcella, and last season, came to the side of Cersei's arch-enemy, in the Queen of Thorns, as well as striking an alliance with the Lannister's biggest threat in the Targaryens. All these factors point towards an undertaking of a Greyjoy mission to either kidnap, and bring home Ellaria alive, or assassinate them, bringing Cersei the head of the woman responsible for the death of her daughter. While it is feasible that the Greyjoys will cutoff Dany's fleet on the way to King's Landing, engaging in naval combat, it appears more practical that Euron will seek Cersei and her wildfire before taking on a massive army and three dragons. Thus, the gift will be required in securing the Greyjoy-Lannister alliance, to take on the other Greyjoy alliance, with the Targaryens. I did see similarity in the manners in which Daenerys and Cersei conducted themselves during the alliance proposals, each with an advisor or friend - Jaime in the case of Cersei, Tyrion in the case of Dany - beside them. However, there is great juxtaposition where Dany accepted the proposal rather quickly following some counseling and questioning, whereas Cersei demanded a show of trust. It accurately depicts the character's true natures, and stands at the forefront of why Dany is so likable, while Cersei is instantly detestable. In recap, the gift Euron Greyjoy seeks will likely be Ellaria Sand, as earning Cersei's faith will be essential in both the Greyjoys and Lannisters holding a chance against the Targaryens, or Starks. In the episode 2 preview, we hear Yara ordering an immediate attack on King's Landing, indicating that the battle may take place in episode 3, or 4, this season.
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"Hold The Door" Live Performance
Hodor's iconic "Hold the Door" scene live in Las Vegas during the Game of Thrones Live Orchestra Experience tour.
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Will a Greyjoy Die in Season 7?
Season 6 set up a battle between Euron vs Yara & Theon. But, what's really next for the Greyjoys, and who will die next season? Transcript: With the Greyjoy-Targaryen alliance secured, Yara and Theon sailed to Westeros along with Daenerys and the others at the end of season 6. So, what’s next for the Greyjoys? Considering the fact that Euron is going to play quite a big role next season in being the “villain”, one can speculate that either Yara, or Theon may die. But who would be the more logical choice to go? If Dany arrives in King’s Landing, takes down Cersei, then rides off to roast Euron, as she promised when she accepted Yara’s offer, then Euron, his men, and the thousand ships he assembled aren’t going down without a fight. Hopefully we get to see a badass battle at sea, with dragons flying over, and possibly even a kraken appearing. I can just picture Euron screaming “Release the Kraken!”. Through all the madness though, I expect to see Euron confront Yara and Theon, with only one making it out alive. Those who believe that Theon will survive state he’s a perfect match in the “uninterested in ruling” category that has emerged recently. Jaime trying to escape his “Kingslayer” status, but now sees his lover sitting on the Iron Throne (plus he’s technically the rightful heir to the throne). Jon tried to run away from Winterfell, but now is King of the North. Arya tried to become No One, but decided it was best to stay Arya Stark of Winterfell. Theon would also fit into this group, as he has no current interest in leading the Iron Islands, but may end up doing so. Other parallels can be seen with characters such as Sandor Clegane, Bran, and Daenerys. All characters who confronted their past, and therefore became stronger. If Theon can look back at his prior identity, and overcome the whole no-dick thing, he could truly become something special once more, embracing the motto "What is dead may never die”. On the other hand, Theon has no penis. If he were to become king, a king needs heirs. Unfortunately, Theon’s going to be faced with the fact that he can not make an heir, therefore being unable to carry his legacy, unless there’s some bastard we don’t know about. Now that I think about, Yara’s will have to be straight for a night in order to have an heir, which she won’t like. But then again, does having an heir even matter to the Greyjoys? Balon had heirs, but the new king was determined by an election. It’s seems that many houses are moving away from the classic succession, and switching gears into more of a power struggle. It really would make sense for Theon to sacrifice himself for Yara, in order to make up for his betrayal. But then again, he still has unfinished business with the Starks. Either death appears to be fitting, but it’s entirely possible that both survive, and Euron plays a different role in being the “super villain”. Probably knocking out a portion of Dany’s army. In my opinion, I’d rather see Yara survive and avenge Theon. It seems to make more sense in the ongoing uprising of female leaders with Dany, Ellaria, Cersei, etc. At this point, we really have no idea where the show is taking this plot. Maybe Euron takes his ships and cock to Cersei and offers and alliance, and has the power to control the dragons with the horn. It’s surely going to be an interesting 7 episodes. Read into it: https://www.reddit.com/r/gameofthrones/comments/4rzkhq/everything_season_7_greyjoy_prediction/ Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLocfhXb58aSqbSJiMLcTkca7d4i6C3kkU
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Europa Universalis IV - World War I Simulation
In honor of WW1, I made an EUIV simulation. I disabled the comments because people are fighting.
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Season 7 Game of Thrones Teasers Analysis
The GoT offseason is well underway, but teasers are here to keep us thinking of the upcoming season. Transcript: Season 7 Game of Thrones teaser photos have arrived, unlocking a door for speculation. There isn’t much to see in Jon, nor Sansa’s shots, however, we do get a peak at Sophie Turner’s new wig. In the first shot, we see Jon, speaking with Sansa, in his iconic outfit, looking much like he did at the end of last season. Sansa’s clip shows her riding away from a tree, presumably somewhere in the north, possibly near the location where she met with Littlefinger in episode 10. I’ve seen countless complaints and praises about her hair, and as far as my eyes can see, I have absolutely no problem with it. Without the knowledge that she was wearing a wig, I wouldn’t have noticed, as there are no clear indications or hints that her hair has changed at all, at least at first glance. Having said all of this, the final scene does give fans a great deal to hope for. Arya, in what appears to be an entirely new apparel, is on a white horse, with a worrisome look on her face. I mention that it’s a white horse, because, while it may be completely irrelevant, it’s something to note that the Brotherhood without Banners are seen on black chestnut horses, while Starks have both black, and cremello ones. Others have observed that there seems to be snow surrounding her, however, without seeing the ground, we truly can’t tell. She could be anywhere in this shot, but it certainly doesn’t look like it’s too far in the north. Another important fact is that winter has at last arrived, meaning that the whether may hold no significance whatsoever in determining the setting any longer. I personally do believe that Arya will meet up with the Brotherhood without Banners, along with Melisandre and even the Hound at some point next season, but if this teaser is attempting to foreshadow something, it may be noteworthy that all three scenes were of Starks. This could suggest a Stark reunion, or at least Arya making it to Winterfell by the conclusion on the season, or, just a ruse to fuck with fans. News of the Stark’s reconquest of Winterfell most likely hasn’t even reached Arya yet, so I find it unlikely that they will reunite for quite a while. She could certainly play an extended role next season in the plot by both seeking revenge on her enemies, crossing more names off her list, while meeting Jon and Sansa at the same time. All in all, these are hopefully the first of many teasers to come, as we as fans can’t make out much from these few seconds. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLocfhXb58aSqbSJiMLcTkca7d4i6C3kkU
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Who will be the Main Villains in Season 7?
With Season 6 coming to an end, it's time to speculate on who the major villains of Season 7 will be. Transcript: Season 6 finale, The Winds of Winter is over, which means we have until next April to theorize on all the crazy shit we can think of, so I’ll be posting often. However, the biggest question that instantly popped into my mind as soon as the episode concluded was: Who is the main villain in Game of Thrones now? Many had suspected that Cersei would die this episode, obviously far from the reality, but, with Ramsay, The High Sparrow, and Walder Frey all passing away this season, who’s going to fill in the vacancy for “main villain”? Game of Thrones is an extremely interesting and complex show in that almost all the action is between the noble houses, they’re mortals fighting for power. But, the true war, against the dead, has yet to come. The Night’s King plus the White Walkers are going to be the main bad guys now that winter has come, but, inside of the living, I believe it’s going to be Euron, along side Cersei, Littlefinger, and possibly the Sand Snakes. I posted a thread about this, and many seemed to agree, Euron is quite a maniac, and due to the fact that we haven’t seen much of him, the writers can be completely flexible in doing whatever the hell they want with him. When I initially saw him, I thought he was such a joke, but the longer the season went on, it became clear that much of next season is going to be Dany in Westeros, which means Yara and Theon in Westeros, which equals a great deal of Euron Greyjoy. I mean, throws his own brother off a bridge, brags about it, takes the title away from the rightful heir to the throne, and, of course, wants to give his big fat cock to Daenerys. To add to this, in George RR Martin’s new chapter release from Winds of Winter, he mentions how much of a horrific tyrant that Euron is. "I could hear you praying from outside the door. I always wondered: Were you praying that I would choose you or that I would pass you by? Seems he knows some blackmagic too so…perfect villain setup. If anybody had any doubts about Dany being the mad queen over Cersei, I can assure you after tonight, Cersei is the Mad Queen. Burns down her city, sees hundreds die, smiles, and takes a sip of her wine. This is the Cersei we’ve come to hate and love throughout the years, and for myself personally, I’m glad she’s alive, although I’m feeling pretty awful about Margaery. The main reason I don’t put Cersei as the main villain is because she still has a heart. She tried to save Tommen, her love for her children is incredible, and unfortunately for her, the evil inside was too powerful to save her last child. I don’t blame Tommen either, he saw his friends and brainwashers die, and not even his mom was there to comfort him. Good job Cersei, you chose power over family, the one trait that made you human. I also believe that Littlefinger will be a huge next season, he was pissed as fuck about the north rallying behind Jon, and getting friendzoned by Sansa. And after this, he may not even be a friend. He didn’t get what he wanted in helping Sansa, but he really owed it to her anyway, so I don’t know. Last but not least, Ellaria Sand. I was surprising quite hyped about Dorne being reintroduced in the last episode because as bad of a storyline that Dorne has been throughout the seasons, I still enjoy watching the Sand Snakes fuck shit up, and now that Grandma Tyrell is there, it’s going to be twice as badass. Maybe Dorne can make a comeback. So there you have it, the major villains of Season 7. The Night’s King, Euron Greyjoy, Cersei Lannister, Petyr Baelish, and the Sand Snakes. I’m not sure if any people south of Winterfell believe in White Walkers, as seen in Sam’s dinner party, but it’s clear that if they continue this civil war amongst mortals, things aren’t going to go well for a majority of them. Which is really the main message of Game of Thrones. War has grave costs, and sometimes we have to set aside our differences to fight for a greater cause.
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Irish Singer on Rust
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Game of Thrones Cake
Picked up this beautiful Game of Thrones cake @ http://www.showboybakeshop.com/
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