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Resident evil - Immediate Music
3 song by immediate music
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Resident Evil - Dragula
note: like allways yt fucked up the quality of the video, so watch it in high quality when the thing appears XD ;) new video with this awesome band, the music is old i know, but its awesome XP Rob Zombie - Dragula (original version)
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Mass Effect 2 - Freedom Fighters
new video dedicate to this amazing game...best game of the year...plot, gameplay...everything..perfect... music: Freedom Fighters TSFH game: mass effect 2
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Resident Evil - Epic III
a new video dedicate to this awesome game music: immediate music themes fro orchesta and choir 3 Prologue immediate music themes fro orchesta and choir 3 Rex Eternum Resident evil is propety of Capcom Music is propety of OST imediate music (all right deserved)
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Resident Evil Chris & Jill - Injection
really, really really hard to make this video, was hard to try to fit the music with the video, I have to admit, this music is FUCKING BEUTIFULLL, im hearing this song over and over because is 2 amazing, many people did a video tribute for this Partners 4 life, so i make mines ;) hope you enjoy Music: Hans Zimmer - Injection (MI2)
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Resident Evil 5 - Angels & Demons
My last tribute for this game (re5) , with one of the song taht its going to be on the movie angels and demons, when the movie comes i will have the soundtrack to make more tributes for re series, Game : Resident evil 5 Music: Behing the scenes Hans zimmer -Angels and Demons (iluminati)
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Resident evil Girls - Sorry
another tribute for thsi awesome girls, what can I said I love this girls music: madona - sorry Rebecca Chambers - resident evil 0, resident evil remake,reident evil: UC Claire Redfield - Resident evil 2, resident evil code veronica, Resident evil degeneration Fong Ling - Resident evil dead aim Jill Valentine - Resident evil remake , Resident evil 3 , Resident Evil : UC Sherry Birkin - Resident evil 5 Ada Wong - Resident evil 2, resident evil 4,Resident evil: UC cindy Lenox - resident evil outbreak Alyssa Ashcroft - resident evil outbreak anything related with this video is propety of capcom and the song by Madonna, i only created the video using the song and the videos
Views: 28053 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil Villains - Dark Times
new tribute for this bad ass villans , i think the music fits perfectly with dark side of this peoples XP Music: Two steps form hell- legend album- Asimov Resident evil belongs to -Capcom-
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Resident Evil 5 - Jill Valentine (crow lady)
well the description said by itself, a video i made showing us all about the bird lady taht we all nkow who is her, Jill Valentine, was a menber of stars and was a menber of BSSA, the mistery about jill are unknow, we dont nkow how she ends with wesker and excella, only a few days to see the true music: Brand X : Spawn
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Resident Evil - In The End
tribute to linkin par and resident evil ;)
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Resident Evil Villains - Born of Ash
a tribute for the villans of this series and the upcoming ones (note: only the villans not the bosses like nemesis or tyrant): Ozwell E. Spencer: is the owner of the Umbrella Corporation as well the mastermind behind the events of the Resident Evil series. Alebert Wesker: Albert Wesker is a power-hungry, intelligent and cunning human being who actively seeks power and domination over the entire human race, all for his own gain. William Birkin: On the outside he appears to be nothing more than quiet, serious and perhaps a bit obsessed with his research, but in reality he is quite capable of killing, betraying and manipulating others with ease when he chooses to do so. This goes for his wife and daughter as well. Alexander Ashford: one of the founders of umbrella , alexia and alfred experiment with him when he loss his mind Sergei Vladimir: A former colonel of the Soviet Union military, he was hired by umbrella when the soviet union fall dow, his mission on umbrella is recovering data and erase any mistakes create by the comapnie Alexia Ahsford: daughter of alexander and sister of alfred, she die on and experiment ,but his brother inyect her with the alexia virus and put her on and uncknow state Alfred Ashford: anothe menber of the ashford family, he was one os the officer in charge of anything at the island. James Marcus: another founder of umbrella, he was one of the oldest menber of umbrella, he was one of the most nostolgic menbers of umbrella, spencer send wesker and william to kill him to became the only truly master of this companie Morpheus D. Duvall: another scientist quilty for the disaster of arklay montains, and fired of umbrella, he stoled one of the research of the t virus and the new TG-virus for his propose. Nicholai Ginovaef: is a member of the U.B.C.S. Delta Platoon, Company B. According to his back story, Nicholai is from Moscow and served in Spetsnaz before joining the U.B.C.S. He also has an unspoken rivalry with HUNK Osmund Sadler: the leader of the religious cult locate on a village on spain , his mission is to expand his comunity to all the world
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ProJect W28. - Alex Wesker
(Reuploaded for corrections and some new scenes) Small video explaning the true facts of project W.project taht was strated by ozwell started, and created by Alex Wesker, erything taht you need to know about this project , faqs and trues 1) this is fan made video, but its real, all this thing was on a file named Porject W. on re5 2) ALbert wesker dint die on the mansion, but umbrella was thinking taht he was, but albert died on re5, he didnt survive( confirmed by Kawata , one of the producer of re5, Albert is DEAD), thing i dont want to bealive but s true 3)Alex Wesker is still alive (no file mention him dead), hes younger tahn Ozwell, maybe 30 years more younger. 4) the project is still in progress, after the dead of albert , theyre using the other children taht dint pass the test for their reaserch 5)You can ask me all the question you want about this file, i will do mah best to answer them 6) Albert was a normal kid with superinteligents parents , he was kidnaped by umbrella at the age of 4, and he was one of the subject of the experiments (subject W13)
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Resident Evil - Darkside Chronicles Trailer 4
my own trailer for this upcoming game for the wii. Resident evil DSC - will talk about some parts of re2 code veronicas taht wasent mentioned on the past re series,, we will know about the true story of sherry birkin, ada wong, and others. Charachters: Claire Redffield Leon S Kennedy Sherry Birkin Ada Wong Albert Wesker Steve Burnside Alexia Ashfrod Alfred Ashfrod Jack Krauser Music: God particle - Hans zimmer(Angesl and Demos) OST resident evil belongs to --Capcom--
Views: 20530 Jhon Alex
Albert Wesker - His message is Destruccion
Read this first: this is not my best work (sorry for the voice actor on the msuic but the song was like that , i dowload 3 of them and was the same :S), and about the lyrics AND punctuation errors , well i did my best XP, this is another tribute for this kickasss villan music: the passion of the christ - his message is love
Views: 6403 Jhon Alex
Resident evil Villains - Descending Storm
another tribute for the best villans and bosses on resident evil XD..enjoy ;)
Views: 2600 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil Girls - Hymn
My best resident evil girls tribute i made so far, love everything i did in this video... this is not only a tribute for all the ladies on re series, its for mah belovers girls (on yt) 2, this is for all mah girls - suscriptions ;), hope you enyoi Resident evil Girls: -Jill Valentine -Claire Redfield -Rebecca Chambers -Ada Wong -Angela Miller -Sheeva Alomar -Fong Ling -Cindy Lennox -Alyssa Ashcroft -Alexia Ashford -Ashley Graham -Excella Giovne Music: Hynm (Merchant-Prince) - Nemesis II two steps from Hell
Views: 5909 Jhon Alex
Albert Wesker - The Power of Pure Intellect
a new tribute for the best vilan ever in all games, Albert Wesker, i was trying to find the perfect music for him, and i found it XD, and i dedicate this video to my old friend and a great partner that we all nkow, IamAlbertWesker, you and Kaizen63 are the best of the best http://es.youtube.com/user/IamAlbertWesker DORK - comand and conquer - Yuris revenge resident evil es propety of capcom
Views: 17017 Jhon Alex
Albert Wesker - With Great Power
this is a remake version of this awesome vilan on resident evil..albert wesker
Views: 19301 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil - Jill Valentine Tribute
this is a tribute for the girl of my dreams Jill valentine and a tribute for my two lovely friends jillvalentine17 and ividagamer4life ;)
Views: 28019 Jhon Alex
F.E.A.R - Tribute
my first tribute for this awesome game..i choose the first song i used on ones of my videos..hope you like it ;) ALMA : we all fall down...
Views: 7722 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil - Trinity
this one was really hard to make...i think this is another master piece XP... -special thanks to alexiaashordgoodess for the music tip ;) music :James dooley - trinity clips: resident evil 0 resident evil remake resident evil 2 resident evil 3 resident evil outbreak file 1 and 2 resident evil code veronica resident evil umbrella chronicles resident evil 4 biohazard 4D trailer resident evil 5 trailer resident evil degeneration thanks to IGN and gamespot for some videos ;)
Views: 3920 Jhon Alex
Tribute -  Resident evil Preliator
this was really hard to make but finaly i finish it..hope you like it.. music: immediate music preliator
Views: 2108 Jhon Alex
Wesker Report Remake part 1
this is the remake version of wesker report..
Views: 180754 Jhon Alex
Resident evil - Tomb Raider Theme
READ THIS FIRST: a new tribute for this hot girl from resident evil, and a tribute for all my YT GIRLS: Ninjabloom2 Mjfan84 Thebabe2007 AlexiaAshfordGoddes AlexiaValentine1 ivydagamer4life AdaWongFanatic4 Princesslisa92 yingurl1892 jillvalentine8 Immortal280 LevisDeiLuna WeskerChick ClaireRedfield22 LadyKatia65 martabranco93 ShadowClark143 ShadowLeggy resident evil girls Ada Wong Jill Valentine Claire Redfield Rebecca Chambers Ashley Graham Alexia Ashford Fongling Sherry Birkin Alyssa Ashcroft Sheva Alomar Excella Gionne
Views: 4750 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil- Walking Dead Intro
Comment and like ;)
Views: 1896 Jhon Alex
Wesker Report Remake part 5
this is the other part of wesker report...i dont nkow if i continue this because unfortunally..capcom didnt made a remake for re 2 :S..so sorry for the old clips put it in this video..and well let me see if i can continue this because i want to finish this proyect..
Views: 89996 Jhon Alex
Wesker report remake part 6
NOTE: I KNOW TAHT THE GIRL IN THE TUBE WASENT SHERRY, this video was uploaded way before we all nkow taht it was jill the end of my remakes parts of this wesker report...sorry for the old clips from re2 i dint have (well they dint released a re2 remake XD)so sorry about that ;)
Views: 62563 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil Girls - Antissa
a new tribute for this hot chicks XD Claire Redfield : resident evil 2 , resident evil: code veronica, resident evil degeneration Jill valentine: resident evil remake, resident evil 3, resident evil:UC , resident evil 5 Rebecca chambers: resident evil remake, resident evil 0, resident evil: UC Fong ling: Resident evil: dead aim Ada Wong: resident evil 2, resident evil :UC, resident el 4 Sheeva Alomar: Resident evil 5 Excella Giovne: Resident evil 5 Sherry birkin: resident evil 2 Alexia Ashford_ resident evil: code veronica resident evil es propety of capcom
Views: 6297 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil - I Will Survive
Residetn Evil - I Will Survive. This is my last video for Resident Evil , dont worry guys, You will see Re cutscenes but with other games involve lol, i will try to make more Game montage than only 1 game. Yt have change alot since i was here on 2006, really many things are happening in my life that its dificult to make videos, so the people that still suscribed on my channel. Thanks, many Thanks to all of you to still supporting my channel ;). Miss my old friends here, and my times on this channel when I was more younger (lol I sound like a old dude). but im still here guys, surviving and making and effort to all my suscribers. Its a shame that AMV are right now dissapearing from this page (youtube) , only a few were still here trying to make montage or AMVs, I miss the old times :/. Anyway. Thanks again for your supprot.
Views: 714 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil - Reloaded
this one was really hard to make..but finlally is done..enyoy people..i tried my best to make this movie with the music..the timing was almost perfect XD
Views: 4165 Jhon Alex
Wesker Report Remake part 2
this is part 2 lol..ok its just only remakes videos but i have to put those videos for the complete wesker report ;)
Views: 68448 Jhon Alex
Wesker Report Remake part 4
the part 4 of this awesome remake i made for this ;)
Views: 63225 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil : Darkside Chronicles TR05
the new trailer i made for this upcoming game, i made it only to show the new cutscene but with mah own editing and mah own music XD note, i will update this video , like on re5 when new cutscenes comes up, every time capcom will release a new trailer with more cutscenes, i will remade this video
Views: 17223 Jhon Alex
Albert Wesker - Hellbent
a new video dedicated to one of the most awesome villans on re history, Albert Wesker, this is also dedicate to all the wesker fans here on YT, thanks people for the support on mah videos and for everything, and for mah suscribers 2, also tanks to one of mah best friends , David Soto. hes the one who gave me all this music when i was 16, big tahnks to mah friend ;) Programs: -Sony vega pro 9 -Particle Illusion Music: Hellbent (Choir)- Groove Addicts full tiltlle black volumen 1 -Videos Propety of capcom- music propety for their Composer
Views: 8209 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil - Epic
HD people , watch it in HD this is my first video of this year YAY XD, its really awesome, I never tough this will be end like this , im relaly proud of this video, and well hope you everyone like it ;) Music: sons of war - two steps from hell Shadows of tyrany - X ray dog 1000 ships alt ending - two steps from hell (dinasty disc) resident evil es propety of capcom
Views: 6307 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil 5 trailer new
the new trailer i made for this upcoming game, i tried hard to make the clips with the msuic, sorry if its short ;) music: clash of empires - future world music thansk to IGN and gametrailers for the videos ;) resident evil is propety of capcom
Views: 8845 Jhon Alex
Jill Valentine - Equus
An intelligent soldier that has rescued many S.T.A.R.S. members from danger in the past, Jill has been reassigned to Raccoon City just like Chris. She is excellent at using special mechanical devices like lockpicks, thus dubbed by Barry as "the Master of Unlocking" (one of Barry's cheesier lines). Jill has strong moral convictions and fights for what she believes in. The advantage to using Jill is that she can hold more items. However, her lesser vitality puts her at an immediate disadvantage. Jill is a member of S.T.A.R.S., a special taskforce in the Raccoon City Police Department. She is a specialist in disarming explosive traps. With her experience training in the U.S. Delta Force, she is one of the survivors of the original incident that occurred in the Arklay Mountains. Cheerful and independent, Jill has a strong sense of justice. Though she has a healthy emotional side, she is a talented woman with strong will and excellent judgment. Jill is probably most peoples first choice as their character in Resident Evil. Her easier mission, larger item carrying ability and more powerful weapon selections make the game very good for Resident Evil beginners. Jill seems to be a little unaware to things going on around her at times during Resident Evil, even though she is supposed to be intelligent, well according to the info from Capcom anyway. Shes the most beautifull inteligents girl on resident evil series, she was one of the first playeable characthers on resident evil (including chris), no resident evil girl can substituted a girl like Jill, shes simple the best and thats the true, her acctitude about justice and true can be a powerfull weapopn, she will do anything to stop evil people with evil intention, no matter the ways, even if she sacrifice her life, those words are the meaning of Why jill isnt dead Jil valentine :Resident evil (remake), resident evil 3, resident evil :UC, piosssible on resident evil 5 resident evil es propety of capcom
Views: 4948 Jhon Alex
Claire Redfield - Infinity
a tribute for this amazing girl from the best game ever, Claire Redfield. Claire is the younger sister of Chris Redfield. Claire is really close with Chris and the two developed a bond with each other. At the age of 19, Claire is a college student who loves motorcycles. After hearing the news about the mansion incident in the Arklay Mountains, Claire heads to Raccoon City to see her brother. Throughout the series, Claire showed signs of emotions either concealed or nonexistent in most of the characters in the series. Thus, she is often considered as the most emotional character by fans. Claire also develops very close relationships to other characters like Leon, Steve, Sherry, and Rani to name a few. But the closest relationship she has is with her brother Chris, as shown in CODE: Veronica. Music: Fire and Ice - City of The Fallens
Views: 2680 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil - The fall of Umbrella
this video is dedicated to one of the bigest company on resident evil, his birth and death, and the new begining of a new company, Tricell, the one whos going to follow umbrellas steps Music: Serenata (Choir) - Immediate Music
Views: 6612 Jhon Alex
Albert Wesker vs Chris Redfield
this is my remade video for this fight betewen this two rivals
Views: 38215 Jhon Alex
EpicGameMontage III - End of the World
Description Video: A new video dedicated to the world of video games, seriously everytime i listen to epic music..some thing inside me evolves in my mind to create this videos..this video is also a dedication to the people taht loves this kind of music daneimp GameOvais xDarkLegacyx2 Revennaras EpicStepsFromHell Music: Epic Score 08: Prepare for the end Epic Score: We ruled the earth Games: Star wars Force unleashed,Starwars The old republic,Starcraft,Parasite eve 3,Metal gear4,Assasin creed, The secret World, Saint Rows 3,half life 2, final fantasy XIII and versus, Deus Ex,Lineage 2, Resident evil ,Batman,Crysis 2,DCM online, Prototype 2
Views: 3264 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil - Epic IV
The 4th epic video for this epic game, i got some problems with sony vegas, trying to render the video, but with the pain and all the hard work..i finnally did it XD..im trying to thinking right now taht yt had some problems with the timing on the video, its perfect when you finish it, but when you upload the video on yt, they screw all the timing :S..but this had the timing fixed and all perfect ;) -Resident evil belongs to Capcom -Music belongs to their own Composers
Views: 4638 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil 5 - Resident Evil Degeneration
this is a small trailer for the upcoming titles of capcom, one is a gc movie based on the resident evil saga and the other one is the sequel of resident evil 4 Resident Evil Degeneration: 7 years after the desaster of raccon city claire is somewhere on the usa on and airport to go to europe to meet with his brother, but everything turns in a nightmare again, a umbrella employer release athe T virus on the airport , turning the people there in zombies, Leon S kenedy after re4 is called again to do his job with this terrorist of umbrella, now leon and claire met again to work like a team remenbering the past on re2 Resident evil 5: on a African country, which is near a line of active volcanoes that stretch across Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Kenya, a new threat is coming to this village, a new tipe of virus is relising in this place to take control of the villagers and their minds, some said that is the progeneitor virus combined with las plagas and other said that its the new las plagas, Chris Redfield is back to action now on a group knowns as BSAA, anti biological terrorist group , to stop this people to spread the virus on the world, but chris has now a new partner, another menber of BSSA , Sheva Alomar, both are going to the deep of insanity to find who was the responsable and whos leading this group and what their propose, This is the first step of the creation of the new umbrealla and the end of Spencer Music: Evil Island - Pfeifer Broz. Music Vienna C.F.H. (Disc 1)
Views: 5945 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil Heroes - Your Destiny
finally XP, a new tribute for this kick ass heroes...the first part show you the pain of this heores and then..the ACTION XD... intro effect tahnks 2 -XVSproductions ending effects - XVSproductions Videos - Capcom Music: West one Music - Your destiny Immediate Music - Firebender
Views: 4660 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil - Epic II
my new video with epic music, its a tribute for the heroes and villans at the same time ;), its not better than mah first one , but i like it XP, hope you enjoy this ;) Music: Audio Machine: bad blood Two Steps from hell Vol 1 : Hero Two Steps From Hell : Flameheart Future Wolrd Music: Uprising
Views: 4378 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil - Room of Angels
a video i made with this beutifull music..sorry if it wasent soo god..i try my best to fit the song with the lyrics of the music... music: Silent hill 4 - Room of Angels something that happends when I made this video: love is something we dont understand until we meet the special person and we find ourself in this big world...losing a special person really hurt..but is more been sad with that person you most care.. life ...thats the mean of this word...and we always going to have those fellings... when you understand this felings..you will learn the meaning of life.. that special person is waiting you...you only need to find him/her... i will waiting you ...
Views: 4814 Jhon Alex
Figthers For Life
new video dedictae to this games, short but you gonna like it XP, just turn taht shit up and enjoy XD, i know the typo , sorry for that Games: -Tekken 6 -Street Fighter 4 -DevilmyCry 3,4 -Soul Calibur 4 -Bayonetta -Ninja Gaiden 2-Sigma Music: The cornfield - west one music -Dark Legacy Album
Views: 4585 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil - Lost Memories
new video dedicated to this franchise..every time resident evil is in our hearts, and it will allways be the game of my childhood XP
Views: 2775 Jhon Alex
Resident Evil 5- Mysterious Woman
you choose: Jill Valentine Ada Wong Claire Redfield Rebecca Chambers Sherry Birkin and well its like a resident evil 5 tribute 2 XD music: Final Conflict - Future world music (special eddition) resident evil es propety of capcom
Views: 142740 Jhon Alex
Jill Valentine - Hope & Sorrow
this video has a history when i joined YT XD, this porject was cancelled back on 2008 (for the lacks of effects and nooby with wmm XD) but nkow taht i had more programs and more experience with sony vegas 9, i started to make this video and well,finally finish it, hope you like it I made this tribute for Jill because shes one of the greates charachter on re history, she was the 1st charchter i played (re 3 nemesis), and i will still love her x3, shes beutifull (more tahn beutifull, shes and angel for me)...and well this is my 3rd tribute 2 her Jill Valentine -Resident evil 1 (remake) -Resident evil 3 nemesis -Resident evil UC -Resident Evil 5
Views: 3230 Jhon Alex

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