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peacekeepers |  hope | celtic heroes |
tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes this video is especially for all those ex peacekeepers who ever being a part of us. they were all good but they left one by one. but we still care about them. if they stayed in clan peacekeepers could be a most powerfull clan of server fingal. but they had no paicence no hope 🙏. a short message for them. there is more valuable then gearing fast is friendship. but still hope we will be a strong clan of this server inshallah. and they will join us back. either we are different from all clans. we have different rules. different drop distribution systems. and we believe we are right. cause this is peacekeepers we give importance to everyone either newbies or pro.
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save gold do bounties. celtic heroes
Tayyab archer 226 ranger Fingal. I have level 6 red wolf pet ( 128 Hunter prize) Level 6 brown wolf mount ( 32 Hunter prize) All i got from bounties. Now i am doing bounties to get level 6 silver wolf mount. For (128 hunter prize) That may take 6 months to one year to get. But I'll keep doing my bounties. Cause it is big source to save and get gold. And patience is a one key to success. Please like my videos and subscribe my channel. Thanks for watching.
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helping xfer bought 100 snowstorm mystery chests in fingal for 3.5m in donn 3d rpg mmo Celtic heroes
tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes help transfer the gold from fingal server to donn server. + i bought the snowstorm mystery chests instead of gold. that helps both sides. rather i am buying more chests ever if anyone have for sell.
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Selling fashion in fingal server celtic heroes
Mail in game. Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal 3d rpg mmo celtic heroes
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Dragon hatchling egg 70 firebreath mystery chests opening 3D MMORPG celtic heroes
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal 3d rpg mmo Celtic heroes. My first dragon egg from firebreath mystery chests. Roughly I open 400+ before but no luck from them.
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Phoenix mystery chest opening in lir server 3D mmorpg celtic heroes highest badluck ever in history
Tayyab chaudhry 6 warrior Lir ( sorry it's autocorrection for resurrection with restoration ) I just bought a Phoenix mystery chest from auction house for 125k. That much cheap as it's rare to find till now. Its beeing like 3 years someone holding them. And i don't think it's expensive to buy with 125k. But thing is what i expect from it. And what the crap i got from it which one i have never got in my life in playing celtic heroes. Seriouslly i got ancient resurrection idols. Wth. Anyways i hope you like the video cause i added funny stuff in a sad video. Please like it share it comment on it and please subscribe my channel for more videos. :)
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Celtic heroes rare drops from 80 revival mystery chests 26 july 2017
Tayyab archer 226 ranger Fingal
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50 snowstorm mystery chests opening fingal 3D MMORPG celtic heroes
tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes
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( peacekeepers ) celtic heroes / fingal / peacekeepers / gameplay
tayyab archer 227 ranger server : fingal clan : peacekeepers 3D MMORPG celtic heroes thanks to all supporting friendly clans. blackfyre the expendables legends of light
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New event 100 snowstorm mystery chests opening celtic heroes 18 December 2017
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes
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Age of ottoman last battle insane mode fast gameplay. Anatolian battles, battle 16
Music Savfk - United We Stand [EpicElectronic][MFY - No copyright music https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXlppUGWeGtHBp_1xKsawmQ
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rich player of celtic heroes how i get 65k to 68million gold
tayyab archer level 226 ranger fingal i am using some ss to create this video about history when they have been taken and how did i became richest person of this game celtic heroes. another reason is i don't have any video of my game paly in past. and dont even have ss of everything please don't ask for gold if i don't know you.be a trust worthy player of my clan peacekeepers in fingal . and sure ill help you as much as i can do. please subscribe for more ty
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Bird's cage Water feeder , waterer ,
Bird cage water feeder Items required 1. Syringe 50ml 2. Bottle caps 3. Door magnet lock 4. Hot glue
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Celtic heroes cooking guide level 1 to 170
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes Cooking guild level 1 to 170 for ingredients.
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Christmas offer 24 snowstorm mystery chests opening for 800 platinum
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes
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John Hard sharing love on this Christmas 2017 in fingal celtic heroes
Johnhard 168+ Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes
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Last 40 aeon mystery chests opening fingal 3D RPG MMO celtic heroes
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes
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cooking boss maps ( 190 200 210 220 ) looking for recipes lemon pie or caviar
tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes i am still looking for recipes to level up 170+. i am buying if someone have for sell in fingal. any claim about music please send me a mail. ( [email protected])
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66 mystery chests opening  - celtic heroes
tayyab archer lvl 226 ranger fingal server
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Celtic heroes 100 hawkhurst chests opening for smuggler fashion sets fingal TAC
My alt TAC Opening 100 hawkhurst chests in fingal. I have skiped few chests opening to shortened video length. But this time i was unlucky to get any black or white drop. Hopefully next time. All fashion i got are not for sale. Each piece goes to peacekeepers fashion bank. Music track AROND - Celtic (No Copyright Music)
Views: 716 Tayyab Abead
Celtic heroes , fingal , peacekeepers, fight 2nd vid
tayyab archer 227 ranger fingal 3D MMORPG celtic heroes
Views: 211 Tayyab Abead
Celtic heroes - outlaws killing Garanak 200 6* - peacekeepers - unknowns - blackfyr - & independent
Recorded by Tayyab archer 226 ranger Fingal I am sorry for the lag in game usually happens after reset servers. And forgot to mention ( helpers of light ) They were in there to help. Great achievement of 4 friendly clans Peacekeepers Unknowns Helpers of light Blackfyr Music track : Debris Our Psych - Omerta [NCS Release]
Views: 155 Tayyab Abead
Half to 6* silver wolf mount with bounties rather I got 6* brown Mount and 6* red Wolf with bounties
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal 3d rpg mmo Celtic heroes I already got level 6 red wolf pet with. 128 hunter prize And level 6 red wolf mount with 32 hunter prize Now I am doing bounties for level 6 silver mount with 128 Hunter prize. I got 68 hunter prize still need 60 more prize to complete my mount. IA soon I'll get it just with bounties.
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30 snowstorm mystery chests opening celtic heroes just killed stonefang in my way
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes
Views: 224 Tayyab Abead
celtic heroes | mistake / wrong decision
tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes i spent months to get my silver wolf mount 5*. that had dex and focus. as a ranger i don't need that much focus so i decided to buy a horse that have str and dex . but unfortunately that horse have no good damage. but now i have done everything. but i now realize it would be better to get 6* silver wolf instead of brown horse. :/
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Giving away 50,000 to 1 million worth prizes to random players of celtic heroes
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes
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Selling Thousands fashion tokens in fingal celtic heroes
Mail 📤 Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal In game with gold to buy tokens.
Views: 292 Tayyab Abead
110 aeon mystery chests . 2000+ chests opening on black friday double platinum offer celtic heroes
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal 3d rpg mmo Celtic heroes.
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50 hawkhurst chests for 400k opening Tayyab archer fingal 3d rpg mmo celtic heroes
Tayyab archer 226 ranger Fingal All Hawkhurst chests bought for 200k. Opened just for fun. Drops nfs and goes to peacekeepers fashion bank. Music Keisay - Rhythmic Loneliness ♫ Copyright Free Music https://youtu.be/TJNj5bPVp0A
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170 Aeon mystery chests for rare fashions etc. 3D MMO RPG celtic heroes ( music not copyright )
Tayyab archer 226 ranger Fingal Inc Ahxello - Frisbee (Copyright Free Music)
Views: 798 Tayyab Abead
110 Aeon chests + 30 remibound chests bought mistakenly :/ celtic heroes (inc no copyright music )
bought 30 remibound mystery chests mistakenly with plats i got from chests .:/ Either i haven't got good stuff from aeon too. I hope you enjoyed video. Please subscribe my channel for more celtic heroes videos. Share celtic heroes playlist with your celtic heroes friends. Music In the fairy woods Medieval music
Views: 347 Tayyab Abead
how much chests worth to buy with gold celtic heroes
tayyab archer level 226 ranger fingal server Fingal's price list of buy sell group chests 20k. mount tokens @ 40k pet tokens @ 30k elixirs. hero combo @ 10k to 12k super combo @ 8k hero xp @ 6k to 8k super xp @ 3k haste @ 2k others @ 500g to1k sigils @ 5k restos @ 200g idols @ 50g backpack 5k bank expend 5k
Views: 366 Tayyab Abead
Celtic heroes - Garyn the Devastator 160 6* event dragon boss kill - peacekeepers - otherworld -
Tayyab archer 226 ranger Fingal This was a tough Dragon rather There was just 4 players of peacekeepers in group that can make fair damage to Dragon. dragon have good defense and heals. That take him to full hp over and over. But after we locked few moments later friends from other clans came and help. Specially thanks . Cadwag. Levi. Sharii. Unknown. And blackfyre 's. Music tracks Savfk - United We Stand [EpicElectronic][MFY - No Arensky - Sunrise ♫ Copyright Free Music
Views: 124 Tayyab Abead
Celtic heroes 100 overgrowth mystery chests opening
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Server fingal
Views: 94 Tayyab Abead
Celtic heroes win 50,000 to 1,000,000 gold on Fingal lir balor or donn
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes To win random rewards of 50k to 1m. Watch my videos of chests opening in playlist. And find that " blissfull aeon horn of Awakening " And comment in that video you found this drop. Time of video when it droped and your character name and server name.
Views: 443 Tayyab Abead
2500+ fashion tokens cheap price in fingal . 3D mmo rpg celtic heroes ( no copyright music )
Mail "Tayyab archer" Level 226 ranger Fingal server Color normal Red 5k Yellow 5k Pink 5k Orange 5k Green 5k Blue 10k Turquoise 12k Black 30k White 45k Particle × 2
Views: 308 Tayyab Abead
Baby budgies  Love birds 2 weeks growth
2 weeks growth of budgies.
Views: 149 Tayyab Abead
First 100 firebreath from 2000 chests opened on doubl platinum offer 2017 celtic heroes
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal 3d rpg mmo Celtic heroes This event on black friday double plate offer rather a big discount on chests. I opened 2000+ chests. And got many expensive drops. Keep watching my videos to experience chests opening.
Views: 65 Tayyab Abead
Tayyab Archer , fingal , gameplay , bounties , celtic heroes ,
tayyab archer 226 ranger fingal gameplay doing bounties and killed chained with my clan peacekeepers. i hope you like my video . please subscribe my channel . BGM - NEFFEX - Never Give Up
Views: 353 Tayyab Abead
Cool charms in 70 aeon mystery chests , fingal , celtic heroes
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal 3d rpg mmo celtic heroes
Views: 127 Tayyab Abead
First necro charm from 60 aeon mystery chests fingal 3d rpg mmo celtic heroes game play
Tayyab Archer 227 ranger Fingal 3d rpg mmo Celtic heroes
Views: 111 Tayyab Abead
New event 140 firebreath mystery chests opening for dragon eggs fingal 3D RPG MMO celtic heroes
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal 3d rpg mmo Celtic heroes, 100+30+10 Chests open but no dragon egg yet
Views: 391 Tayyab Abead
100 overgrowth mystery chests opening fingal 3D MMORPG celtic heroes
tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes
Views: 289 Tayyab Abead
60 aeon mystery chests opening best 3d rpg mmo celtic heroes
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal Mmorpg 3d celtic heroes
Views: 122 Tayyab Abead
Yule Festive cracker map 2017 lir's reach celtic heroes ( Speacialy thanks to JG )
Tayyab archer 227 ranger Fingal 3d rpg mmo Celtic heroes Speacialy thanks to JG ( 202 ranger in peacekeepers, fingal , ) for sharing his experience on farming crackers :)
Views: 678 Tayyab Abead
120 chests open | 20 free chests for bundles of 100 snowstorm mystery chests celtic heroes
this is offer on end season of winter 2018 in May 5,6,7. buy 10 chests and get 2 free chests. so i got 120
Views: 153 Tayyab Abead
Shadow fight 2 kill needle no cheats
Shadow fight kill Music track https://youtu.be/2HG5Ky6NHqw
Views: 28 Tayyab Abead

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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

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