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Arrival to Marbleland (3:58.096)
After maybe two days of pathfinding and another five days of executing the monstrous path, I come up with this thing. This is arguably the biggest and best project I've done on a single level, and I can't explain how proud I am of this achievement. This run was only my second time completing this, and even though that seems amazing, it's really not as amazing as it really is. For big levels like this, I split up my path into three to five little sections and practice each of them until I've basically gotten them all down. The ending (the first gravity modifier and on from there) was the first part I improved on, and I believe I had the toughest time with the first helicopter to the series of super jumps (the fans in the room are really quite awful). This time beats the previous world record on the leaderboards by almost a minute and a half (1:22.538 to be exact). The previous world record, held by Imperial, was 5:20.607. Only 12 people, now 13, have beaten the level and only 6 people, now 7, have beaten the gold time. I only mentioned the last sentence (and also this one for a matter of fact) because this paragraph would've been too short otherwise. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Time to talk about parts of the run. First we go to the the 7th gem catch at 1:06. This was one of the surprisingly harder parts of the run because of the position of the gem. When first playing this part of the level, I kept going to far away from it (in the direction opposite of where the rest of the level is) and so I kept missing it. Eventually I got the hang of it and catching the gem became much easier. Let's jump forward 10 seconds (to 1:16) to the time travel catch. I tend to know that I did the start really well when I get a catch under 25 seconds. As I kept doing the level, optimization kicked in and I started getting 22 and 23 second catches. The wooden loop pipe thing at 1:30 always bugged me. Not because it was hard, but because I could never get enough speed to catch the time travel that's above the 13th gem. I'm probably just missing something... Now about the room from 2:10 to 2:30. I mentioned the annoyingness of this part earlier and I'll happily say it again. This room killed very many of my runs because I could never get enough upward momentum from the fans or I just kept missing them entirely because you can't see them. For anyone who wants to play this level, look in the level editor so you get a feel of where the fans are. A time travel catch under 45 seconds is very ideal, but you can easily get away with one under 50 seconds. Fun fact. My original plan for the series of super jumps from 2:36 to 2:50 was to use three super jumps at once on the bottom pillar. However I think the way I did this part shown in the video is faster and you don't have as much air height after you bounce on the tallest pillar. 3:10 to 3:22. It's harder than it looks because you can hardly see where you're going. I learned about the bumper glitch at 3:53 to 3:57 by asking Xelna himself in one of his most recent streams on Twitch. He kindly went out of his way to play this level on the leaderboards and show me how to do it. Many thanks to him for seriously lowering my time because of this. (I'd put a heart here but YouTube doesn't like angle brackets.) I got really lucky at 4:16 to 4:18. I thought I was going to hit the bottom of the Time Trial interior and get shot back downwards, but I made it out alive by skimming the edge if it. Whew! The part from 5:17 to 5:31 can be done much faster by landing on the gyrocopter after the launch and flying straight up to the castle. I unfortunately didn't get enough height so I had to improvise. Jumping forward almost a minute later to what was by far the most nerve-wracking part of the whole run. Not once but TWICE did I get incredibly lucky because I hit the edge of the ring (too much spin) and just barely made it to the rock with the super jump. Despite the fact that the ending (7:00 to the end of the video) could've been done in a much easier way, this way looked cooler. :)
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Marble Blast Custom Levels 14
This video is all about speed!...well, all of them are, but the style of the featured levels in this video is self-explanatory. Go from start to finish keeping a consistent speed throughout the entire level. 5 levels are in this video, and there are 5 sweet runs to go along with them. Level Notes: Fullspeed (27.183): This run isn't Kalle fast, but it's still good enough to get 4th place on the leaderboards (as of 4/6/17). Probably the hardest part of the run was landing in the one trim wide... thing... at the beginning. Jessica's Blue Lava Haste (1.270): This is one of those levels where the catch doesn't really matter (although my best is 1.228) and it's more about the quality of the run. Gotta say though, my run looks cooler than Lee's. ;) Jump Boost Blast (11.432): It took a good amount of time to get this low, and the main reason why this is a much better time than hPerks' and Lee's time besides optimization is because of the natural bounce trick performed when the time restarted at 9 seconds. I'm very very happy with the final outcome. Momentum (28.270): You can basically say the same exact thing as Fullspeed. Not Kalle fast, but still a pretty good run (and 4th place on the leaderboards as well, as of 4/6/17). I enjoyed playing this, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Terminal Velocity 2 (58.182): This took by far the longest time to record, and I don't think I'll be playing this level again anytime soon. Despite the fact that this level is really really cool looking (best I've seen in a while), some parts can be a little irritating. I'm a little annoyed that the time restarted at the end of the run (getting one TM would've changed everything), but I think I'm done for the meantime. ;)
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Marble Blast Ultra: No Jumping - Beginner Levels
I've been wanting to do this for some time now and I finally decided to sit down and quickly run through the beginner levels. I will be doing the intermediate and advanced levels (and a blooper reel because those are always entertaining) but I expect those to come out in well over a week or so because the runs will be considerably more diifficult to pull off I'll be away from home for the next few days. (Bringing my laptop however so you never know.) Just because of laziness and how tired I've been in the past few days, I'm going to resist writing level notes. The only thing I really have to say is that Hazardous Climb was undoubtedly the most irritating level to do. It took over two hours to do the bumper hit. I'm glad I got it out of the way though. Enjoy!
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Marble Blast Custom Levels 16 (The Last Compilation Before PlatinumQuest)
Disclaimer: this video started uploading last night at around 22:00 back when it was still July 5th, so that also means description was written back then as well. Yesterday, the big day was announced. PlatinumQuest would be released to the world on July 6th, 2017. So I bring to you the last video before PlatinumQuest comes out, which is a tribute to Marble Blast Platinum. Just kidding. It's not a tribute. It's just a video. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway. This video features 11 levels that can be found in the 30-39 and 40-49 level packs on the leaderboards. A couple highlights include a world record on Open Greens, a world record on Fizzy Cherry Soda 2, and a new path (most of it's the same) on Snail Course which is easier to do than the previous path. All of the other levels shown are just fun casual runs that have a number of tweaks, tricks, and EDGE HIIIIIIIIIIITS. Enjoy the video, and see you in PlatinumQuest.
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Marble Blast JeefMonies
Took some of the images Mason (Nihahhat) posted on the Marble Blast forums' topic "A Tribute to Jeef". https://marbleblast.com/index.php/forum/non-mb-spam/8153-a-tribute-to-jeef Song Used: Fluffing a Duck (Kevin Macleod)
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Gerson's Level Compilations - Normal Levels Rampage
Another rampage! This time I've decided to run through the 10 normal levels in Gerson's Level Compilation, which is also known as Marble Blast GLC. Some of these certainly took a while, and I'm happy I finally got this done. This was originally going to be a full rampage of Gerson's Level Compilation, but that would be too many recordings (so I would lose pretty much all the space left on my hard drive) and Windows Movie Maker does do well with a bunch of .mp4 files in one project. Level Notes: Upper Swivel Nothing about this run was extremely hard at all. I was surprised to find out that I nailed the edge hit in under 10 attempts. Combo Trick I was at the point where this recording was taking over 20 minutes, and so I wasn't rushing at some of the parts due to gameplay boredom, thus making the run easily improvable. Ascent It's unfortunate that it took like 10 minutes to realize the huge shortcut with the edge hit and the super speed. Twisted Reality The last set of the "angled jumps" could easily be improved. Again, I was getting bored of the level. Learning Curve I couldn't really find a path that was any faster than original path. I tried, but nothing good turned out for me. I'm not really that guy who's amazing at this kind of stuff. Ascentor Mentor Ah, the good old days of Ascentor Mentor. This certainly turned out better than the first run I did on video (somewhere on my channel) and there weren't too many bloopers on camera. Glacial Climb Certainly the most annoying level to record especially because the trim RIGHT NEXT to the ice just killed half my runs. Originally I was going to do a wall hit of the steps at the beginning to get to the first gem, but using the Super Jump was easier and it saved a little bit of time. Also very improvable because my best catch for the Time Modifier is in the 25's. Mirror Supreme Very annoying to record because my game kept lagging ON THIS LEVEL and the fans at the end were worse than hell. Whoop-de-doo... Tower Movement This was that one level that was annoyingly big, a pain to record, but it's that one fun level that you love.... How nice. Songs Used: Everybody Bounce (Waterflame) Sunrise (Waterflame) Telescope (ThisIsTheFatRat)
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Rozi's Mini Mod - Beginner Levels
There was no way I was going to release a project as big as my mini mod and not do a video on it. This video showcases the 10 beginner levels. Some of the runs are better than the times listed in the description of their respective levels, and some are not. Despite that, some of the best paths that I've found are shown here. Enjoy the video and happy holidays! Level Notes: Tutorial I - Basics (13.46): This was not too hard to pull off to my surprise. Maybe the hardest part was getting the correct spin on the edge hit. Tutorial II - Powerup Loop (14.18): I never knew you could go backwards until Eguy proved to me that you could. Sub-14 is possible, but it's quite difficult. Tutorial III - Hazard Swivel (23.27): There aren't any tricks or shortcuts, or at least from what I've found, that really stands out with the exception of the bumper hit at the beginning (which is surprisingly easier than it looks). Very solid time. Tutorial IV - Frictional Spiral (11.96): A lower edge hit can result in a much better time. I was lucky to finish this run. Tutorial V - Moving Platforms (5.67): This run really took me by surprise because it was my second attempt during recording. Can't go too much lower. Tutorial VI - Gravity Maze (11.35): I have yet to know how to get sub-11 on this level. This is a very good time for this path. Wooden Bridges (14.58): This beats the time written in the description by 0.08. It's hard to get a better time with this path. Slope Run (11.86): I have a suspicion that you can do an edge hit on the trim to the left of where the edge hit was performed in this video. This is good enough though. Super (15.23): I never thought it would be possible to get the time travel in mid-air like what was shown here. Upward Momentum (7.53): Eguy and I were battling for the best time. I first got 7.77, and then he got 7.62. This suddenly popped out of nowhere.
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Ralph's PlatinumQuest Custom Level Pack
Ralph released a level pack a couple days ago containing 10 brand new levels as well as new skyboxes and textures and I decided to get a head start on the levels (which ended up failing because people posted videos before me) to make a good impression for them. Ralph has never disappointed me before and that statement still stands. These levels are fantastic. Every run featured here is Awesome Time. Without question, the level that gave me the most trouble was Rain Forest because I kept having annoyingly strange bounces which resulted in me going out of bounds several dozen times. I was surprised to see how low the Awesome Time on this level was because I beat some of the other levels' Awesome times by more than 30 seconds rather than less than half a second in this case. Enjoy the video!
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Marble Blast Gold - Custom Levels Archive Movie 2!
You may want to call this "Laggy-ish Marble Blast Gold: The Movie!" if you would like ;) Welcome back! Today I've completed the sequel to the video which has been doing the best on my channel, which does by the name of "Marble Blast Gold - Custom Levels Archive Movie!". MBG CLA Movie 1 had quite the number of mistakes embarrassingly, so I double checked the entire video before exporting so there weren't any mistakes. Fortunately, I did the editing correctly, though the only major downfall of this video is the number of lagspikes there are. Strangely, I also have a number of screenshot glitches, so I can just make the excuse that every lag spike is me taking a screenshot. Obviously, it's not that way. You will find the screenshot glitches in Wild Ride, Helicopter Hopper, Queen of the Mountain, and Vortex (there's probably another one I forgot). Any screenshot glitch looking things in any of the other levels are lagspikes. Another big difference between the first and second MBG CLA Movie is that I've tried much harder on this video to get as low of a time on every level played unlike the first video. Each level can go lower undoubtedly, but the level of effort put into this video is much more than MBG CLA Movie 1. With that said, sit back and relax and chill out for 15 minutes. This is gonna be one hell of a video. Songs Used: Can You Hear The Night (Muttonheads ft. Eden Martin) The Power (Muttonheads ft. Eden Martin) Higher (Tobu) Ultra Heaven (Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Soundtrack) Note: Music used is only used for a soundtrack for the video. I do not own any of these songs.
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Marble Blast Ultra: No Jumping - Advanced Levels
The third video in the series finally comes to life, and for the first time, more than 20 levels are shown! (Cough… 21.) This is probably my favorite compilation out of this and the beginner and intermediate videos simply because some of the pathfinding and stunts are crazy. Real has a lovely super speed + edge hit trick, Survival of the Fittest has a pretty good traplaunch (better than I expected - it even deserves some unique effects), Scaffold is easily a highlight because of how freaking stupid it is, and the run on Hypercube has a really nice improvement over the time from the video I made of it a few months ago. All of the other runs are simply very solid and not very hard to find pleasing. There’s one more video after this (not very hard to guess what it’s based on), so be prepared for one final effort before the series comes to a close… for the meantime. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that everything was recorded before the intermediate compilation was released. I’m just really lazy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Enjoy the video!
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Marble Blast Evil's Mini Mod Rampage - Beginner
I've had these runs recorded for quite some time but I never found the encouragement to actually put them in a compilation. Then I saw Powerjohn's video and decided to upload my compilation because I like to feel good about beating someone else's times. (Love you, PJ.) One of my favorite things about this mod is how simplistic it is. Despite the fact that I find it hard to play with all of the texturing and building errors, some of the levels can really put my pathfinding skills to the test, and that was a little surprising to me. Along with all of that, pathfinding is 10 times harder when everything is moving. (See: any level with a bunch of moving blocks.) At the time of writing this, all of the intermediate levels have been recorded (that compilation is going to be so much better than this one) and I have about six levels from advanced recorded. I'm excited for what's next. Enjoy the video! (Super Monkey Ball FTW.)
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Instinct, A Day at the Links, and No Jumping II Easter Eggs
I'm going to say right off the bat, the No Jumping II Easter Egg is by far the hardest. It makes everything harder if you can't jump. The No Jumping II clip was for Dushine, but might as well post a couple more clips.
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Marble Blast Platinum - Morph Ultimate Time Walkthrough
A nice and easy walkthrough for the insane advanced level: Morph. I really don't understand why this isn't in expert though. :P I'll spit it out no - the editing wasn't very hard it was aactually quite easy. Doing the actual level though...heh heh... www.marbleblast.com Songs Used: Benny Hill Theme/Yakety Sax (James Rich and Homer Randolph) FlyBoy & GabberGirl (Waterflame)
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Marble Blast Ultimate Quest - Full Rampage 2
Remember my old full rampage of Marble Blast Ultimate Quest? Here's comes a second one! I decided to run through the entirety of Marble Blast Ultimate Quest and put it on video since every time in my first rampages were certainly beatable by a long ways, and I was correct! Today I bring you the second rampage of Matthieu Parizeau's unreleased and dead mod with a couple new paths and some awesome times compared to the first video. If I get permissions from the creator, I will release this as an incomplete mod on the forums, but for now, I'm one of the only ones who gets the mod. Enjoy the video! Song Used: Reunion Finale Remix (RoziGames) Level Notes: Learning to Roll: The edge hit was a bit tricky, but obviously doable. Pretty sure the run can go lower as far as MY gameplay. Gem Collection: I kept trying to to wall hits off the trim which always resulted in actually jumping over the trim, so I quit that. Sump Jumping: Getting this good of a time is harder than it looks. Not rolling forward until you're surely past the top of the platform is key. Flying Lesson: This was the best time my computer could get with its IC. Since I'm getting a new computer soon, my IC level may change. Extra Speed: It's hard to use the Super Speed to get to the finish like this without hitting the wall a couple times. Shock Absorber: I was surprised to see that this path was faster than the one used in the first rampage. Then again, the first rampage was on my older computer. Bounce Control: I would have loved to get a good time on video while looking up instead of straight down, but alignment's easier when you're not looking up. Frictionalized: My guess is that the faster path is to hit the edge closer to the start pad off of a jump, but that was a little too hard for me. Gravitized: I'm guessing that doing a wall hit off of the platform with the finish after getting the second gem could be faster, but I never thought about that when I was recording. Upward: It's quite tricky to just charge at the Time Travel on the trim like I did without just going off the end or hitting the corner of the wall, and I was surprised to see that I got that on my third or so attempt. Oranged Gems: I'm certain that this can improve, but I don't know what part of the run I can tweak to make it faster. Gemlings: My ultimate goal for this level was to get under a minute, and boy, I was really surprised to see that I got almost 7 seconds under my goal looking at how bad the run in the first rampage was. Now let's go for under 50 seconds...
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Speed Attack (45.280)
I lied when I said that TUFC would come next. Before this, I had a time that was 40 seconds worse. Out of complete boredom and thinking about the fact that I was really bad at the level when I did my run on this in the Time Trial tournament, I decided to sit down and get this over with and I think this will do for the meantime.
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(Marble Blast Fubar) Caverns of Despair - 1:30.821
Here's a video revealing my path for what I think is the hardest level as of Build 40000. This gave me some trouble, but I was really surprised to see that this only took me around 10 minutes to record (got lucky in some places) rather than the 45-60 minutes that I had expected. Overall pretty happy with this run. It could go faster in a couple places which would reward me with a sub-1:30 run (even excluding Time Warp*), but I believe this is good for now. Enjoy the video! *Time Warp: A Level 90 skill that will take away 1 second from your final time as long as it's longer than 5 seconds. I know that in the video I wasn't level 90 yet, but I still had the skill from before the stats reset. Song Used: SkyWorld (TwoStepsFromHell)
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PQ Demo Levels (9/15)
Who likes the new style for the level information? :D It was about time that I did another video on PQ since I've only made one in the past. (The one uploaded most recently doesn't count.) This compilation of nine levels from PlatinumQuest's demo brings to life many new tricks, tweaks, and even a brand new path. Along with that are five new world records that just absolutely demolish the previous best times. Fun fact: the world record count would've been six but Having a Blast was 0.001 off hPerks' time. The only run in here that I'm not really proud of is Into the Deep, mainly because hPerks' 13:38 makes my run look bad. I'm generally proud of every other run in this compilation, especially Training Wheels and Physical Activity. Enjoy!
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Marble Blast Stop - Beginner Levels
Had the first half of this compilation as an unfinished project in Movie Maker for a couple weeks, and today I finally decided to step up my game and complete the video. Every time recorded in this video is world record for its level as of April 17th, 2016. Been having a good time playing this mod. There's dozens of levels to offer, the replayability on some levels is great (though a lot of the texturing sucks :P), and the level of challenge here and there is perfect. Looking forward for more from Jiquor. Aside from that, enjoy the first part of my Marble Blast Stop rampage (probably won't continue :P). Version 1.01 of Marble Blast Stop is played. Level Notes: Learn to Roll: I think this could be improved by more than it looks like. The edge hit could go lower. Jump Training: Overall a solid run. Very happy with the outcome. Diamonds!!: Also pretty happy with this run, though a couple tweaks could bring it to perfection. Jump Boosts: Another run I'm very happy about. Will be hard to improve by at least .1 seconds. Spring Fever: If I changed the beginning of the run somehow, I believe a run under 9.50 is possible, but that's going to be very difficult. Windy Day: MAYBE the ending (everything after the last gem) could be faster to grab an under 12 second run. Trampoline Gizmo: I had a 5.05 or 5.06 run off camera, though I don't know what I did differently than this run to get it. Maybe sub-5 possible? Acquire the Wall Hit: Not really sure what I can improve to make a faster run other than to just go faster in general. I also just realize the "I" in "Hit" is capitalized. Whoops. :| Sticky Sponge: Just like Trampoline Gizmo, I have no idea what I did differently than all my other runs (on and off camera) to get under 7 seconds. I cannot do it again... It's a Trap!: Improvable, but I don't know if there's anything else than just to go faster to improve. The Airless Vacumm of Space: Hard to improve as weird as it sounds. "Vacuum" is spelled wrong as well. Kaboom! Factory: If I could make contact with another mine in the perfect place, I could manage a run under 5 seconds. Gonna be very, very hard though. The Bumpers: The Super Jump part could be much faster, though I'm still pretty happy with this run. Dynamite Booster: Very happy I finally got this over with. I kept using the 3rd Super Speed too early, so I wouldn't get the gem or I'd go too high. Muddy Marble: There's a possibility I can pull off an edge hit on one of the mud platforms in the future, but otherwise I'm not coming back to this level to improve it. Sweet edge hit though! :D Diagonal Movements: Overall happy with this run. Not much to say. Scale the Walls: Same with Diagonal Movements. Gravity Defyers: Aside from improving the ending, there's not much to do to get a faster run. Time to Qualify: Just...want...0.99... Pitfalls: Edge hits could be lower, but otherwise there's not much to improve. Gyrocopters: There's someway I got a run under 12 seconds, but I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how... Moving Platforms: I was very lucky to pull off this path as it's hard to time the edge hit (even though it was unintentional). Could bring this to perfection if I had enough patience to throw in a traplaunch at the end. Marble Trivia: Very happy with this run. ...and no, it was a screenshot glitch. Not lag. Water and Ice: I can manage a run under 12 seconds if I did the ending a bit faster. The Spill: Not much to say. Not a bad level. Learn the Edge Hit: I'd love to find a way to avoid the last edge hit. Maybe jumping off the ramp? The Half Pipe: Really nothing to say here, except that I can't get any more 3.11 catches. Skymaze I: Sometime in the future someone's going to achieve sub-30 on this level. I don't know how, but I'd love to know. Stop Signs: This level's pretty mediocre. So was the run. Can improve. :) The Grand Beginner Quiz: Overall pretty happy with this run. This path was just a starter for me. I'll let someone else do better in the future so I can steal their path. :) Songs Used: Rock Rock Mountain (Mario Kart 7 soundtrack) Alpine Trust (Fast Racing NEO soundtrack) Note: Music used is only used for a soundtrack for the video. I do not own any of these songs.
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Marble Blast Powered Up Compilation - Sandbox Levels
Dear lord, someone tell me why this has over 3.5 thousand views... This has got to be one of the best mods I've ever seen, and it's made by the one and only Whirligig. Nice job! Songs Used: Swirl! (Waterflame) The Race (RoziGames)
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Battlecube Finale (4:33.577)
Oh my god, finally. Basically just the world record path but a lot slower because I don't have the patience to go for any time considerably lower than this. If you need a a good time with a not-so-hard path, here ya go.
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(Marble Blast Fubar) Architect (1:30.325)
In the last two days I've started playing Marble Blast Fubar a lot because Aayrl put out a Triple XP event thing for Labor Day. I wanted to record something special and the first part of what I have to offer is this. The second part with most likely be better as it features 6-8 more runs of various levels that have a sweet time. Apparently iMovie doesn't like .avi files so I had to upload the raw recording file and use the YouTube video editor (which kinda sucks). I'll remember to record in .mp4 or .mov in the future. Video requested by Threefolder. Enjoy!
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Marble Blast Custom Levels - Pokko's Level Compilation
Pokko had released sooooo many levels onto the Marble Blast forums. It gave me an opportunity to do a compilation of his levels since it he gave me a lot of options on what to put into this video. Hope you guys enjoy he video! Make sure you checkout Marble Blast Platinum as well as all the other Marble Blast Modifications on the forums. Thank you so much for watching the video! Song Used: A question of Fate (Dimrain47)
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Marble Blast Ultra - Easter Egg Speedruns
Recently, Easter Egg leaderboards were added to PQ and I wanted to jump on them quickly to see what kind of video I could make out of 20 small clips showing the fastest path that I've found that leads straight to the Easter Egg. Cheers to Whirligig for the song!
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Marble Blast - No Powerups 2
Compilation 2 of the No Powerups series is out! From my experience this was a lot more fun to record than the first video on this because I knew what I was going against. A couple of these levels like Grande Finale, Tube Treasure, Ski Slopes, and Mudslide were super fun to record. Hopefully I'll play them again in the future! With that said, Enjoy the video! Level Notes: Learn the Super Jump (3.238): This is actually a pretty bad time for the sign hit, but I couldn't get any better for some reason. Grande Finale (43.424): People who played back in the early days of Marble Blast will know where the majority of this path came from. (First MBG World Record Rampage). Jump! Jump! Jump! (12.244): I think this is a pretty good time. I'm basically certain sub-12 is possible. I had bad spin after getting the 3rd gem, but my previous best was 13.xxx, so this was good improvement. Take the High Road (18.099): It was nice to experience using the circular platforms to get to the higher gem again. Half-Pipe (9.724): I first though sub-10 was really difficult, then I learned to not be in mid-air for getting the 4th and 5th gem. The jump as the end also helped. Tube Treasure (29.951): It was a little bit difficult to find a path that would get me sub-30 without having to use a Powerup to go back on the second layer. Half Pipe Elite (17.484): Just by looking at the recorded video, I think I found a couple tweaks to this path. I'll have to remember them next time I play this level for a No Powerups video. Will o' the Wisp (27.638): This one of those levels I wish I could get Gold Time on without using the Powerups. Unfortunately I don't think it's possible. Ski Slopes (8.463): This was FUN! I know it's possible to make it to the finish without having to hit the corner of the slope like I did in this video, but that can wait for later. Ramps Reloaded (17.821): I knew I'd have to find a different path since I couldn't do the edge hit at the end like in the World Record Rampage without the Super Jump, so I had to settle with this. I think it's a nice alternate path. Mudslide: (13.605): Another surprisingly level that was fun to record. I'm working on this level for the "not-certain-but-might-be-a-thing" MBG World Record Rampage 5 (stupid edge hit), so I knew what I was going against. Daedalus (31.967): Another level I wish I had gotten Gold Time on. Unfortunately I don't think it's possible here either. King of the Mountain (30.026): Good ol' King of the Mountain. The fact I don't have sub-30 on here really, really bugs me. Getting the jump pattern in the fans area is harder than it looks though.
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Marble Blast Ultra - Custom Levels
Found this lying around on my computer, so might as well upload it. Don't ask why I've uploaded two videos in the same day. I'm not going ballistic. Level Notes: Naturetop Retreat: It's hard for me to get this low on video. Since there's so many objects in this level, I get a lower FPS while recording than on a level that isn't as jam-packed with crap. Sub-8's possible. Ramped Path: Super tough for me to keep the time stopped, especially when I'm in full panic mode because I get a 1.37 catch. The bumper hits were 90% luck. Cold Climb: There's got to be a better path for this... Blue World: Someday I will have a computer that's good enough to let me have a change at a 1.59 catch. Mountain Climbing: From how much I've played the level, I think this is about as low you can get. Awesome blast timing with the music. :D Gyro Gems: Sub-4 is possible, though it's very hard. Not only is it tricky to get a sub-4 catch, but it's even harder to keep the time stopped. I think the ending was a bit slow. Broken Ice: It seems like I wasn't going that fast and that I could've easily gotten a better catch, but if you look at how close I was to falling off after the wall hit, you might reconsider. Mortal Ascent: My OBS teased me and randomly changed the bitrate to 1,000 (it's back at 2,500 like it should be, though maybe I can put it at 4K or 5K), so the quality's pretty bad. As for the run, it was pretty good. I found a decent way to avoid doing an edge hit on the stairs. Something tells me that sub-16 or even sub-15 is possible. Frozen in Time: It's quite tricky to pull off the tweak at the end, and I had to wait a bit longer than I could've normally because I wouldn't have enough blast power to get all the way up. Green Climb of the Amateur: Decent run. I can't pull off an edge hit at the end instead of using the Super Jump, but I'll do it eventually. Ramp Towers: Good time, and not a bad path either. Someone eventually will manage a sub-30 run and I'll have to steal their path. Platforms: Showed off my old path here because I can't find a better one. Something about this can go much faster but I don't know what. Ramp Hills: Every compilation needs a combination of an edge hit and a gyrocopter. Got really lucky on the bumper hit at the end. Devious Patterns: I think I had a path that I couldn't pull off that would give me sub-25, but since it's been so long since I've played MBU, I unfortunately forgot the path. This one will do however. The Only One: I would love to see someone pull off a stupid-crazy edge hit or just a tweak in general to get something like sub-12, and I know for sure it won't be me. Up?: I'd love to find out sometime if going straight to the finish or getting a Time Travel (and which one) would be faster. My assumption is the Time Travel path, though I could be wrong. Hazardous Endurance: It's a fantastic level, but oh my god some parts are just ridiculously annoying. Probably what gets on my nerves the most is the path of the first moving platform. Way to much time taken away. I blasted too early on the final part with the Super Bounce, but I don't care that much about the run. Blue Terror: I had to wait a little bit at the end to have enough blast power to get to the finish, though I'll get sub-14 some time in the future. Colorful Nation: As Death Pony proved, this run can certainly go lower. I don't have the patience to improve though. Journey to the End of Astrolabe: I think it's impossible to finish this way in the latest version of MBU because the base of the finish is inside the platform. However the Dev Build (which I still have) features an edit by Matt that fixes this problem, so here I was able to do this path. I think this is the first run on YouTube of this level with a sub-40 time (even better, sub-39!). Songs Used: Polygon (Dirtyphonics Remix) (Shock One) Ultimate (F-777) Note: Music used is only used for a soundtrack for the video. I do not own this song.
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Screenshot Glitch Compilation
For some odd reason, I was able to do the screenshot glitch (Ctrl P) on the leaderboards because something on the server side was out of date. I used the 18 hours (or so) of time that I had to get as many times as I could and here's the result. There were a couple runs that I didn't include because they simply looked bad. (One great example being Ground Zero.) None of these are world record quality with the exception of Vortex (despite the fact that Powerjohn has 7.92), so I can't promise anything super spectacular, but it's still a video you should watch. Enjoy! Elevator (3.393): This doesn't beat the old run that I had (which was in a previous video), but the run looks super smooth. King of the Mountain (3.964): It took forever to get under 4 seconds, and the reason why I couldn't get lower than this was because my positioning after getting the super speed was awful, but I'm still quite proud of this. Space Slide (3.304): I didn't expect to be shot off to the right after hitting the mine, but I had a super lucky recovery because of the sloped edge. Teleport Training (8.924): This unfortunately isn't as fast as what I had when you could finish after going out of bounds (and you wouldn't be forced to restart the level), but it's still really close. This only took about 6 tries. Tower of Peril (2.695): I decided to make the run more fun to play so I threw in the half pipe trick in the tube. I unfortunately found out about m2mm4m's way of getting the first time travel after HiGuy had pushed an update disabling the glitch, so I had to settle with this. The Time Modifier Race (2.648): For so long I've wanted to do the old world record pathway with the new tweak for the 6 second time travel. I found my chance to do it and my time was spent well. The funny thing is that this doesn't even beat the current (legitimate) world record. Vortex (7.941): An awesome improvement over my previous best. Not only is my final time better, but the mine hit looks way cooler now!
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Rozi's Mini Mod - Ambitious
Here's another level sneak peek of my upcoming mini mod! This level took nearly 4 hours to finish. Only 2 hours were spent building the level, and I spent another 2 hours trying to convert the level correctly because I would crash. How fun... Song used: Sunwalker (Waterflame)
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Sporlo's 24 Level Pack (21/24)
Bringing to you a fairly long video. I've wanted to do a video like this for quite some time but I was too lazy to go find paths for the longer levels. I finally psyched myself to work on this and nothing else. Here's the final outcome. The reason only 21 out of the 24 levels were played was because I was missing interiors here and there and I didn't want to put the wrong interiors in the wrong places. Even then I still got an 18 minute video in the end. Pretty good... Level Notes: Speed Gems (5.84): Very simple level. Annoying to get a lower time than this. Loti Level (9.69): Surprisingly sub-10 is really not that hard. Twists of Terror (56.39): Before realizing I was able to get the shock absorber on that edge hit after the loop exit, getting under a minute was a big challenge. Cheeseworld (12.34): The final time’s quite amusing. I think sub-12 is possible but I don’t know how to do that. Roll! (7.84): For the longest time I was having trouble with sub-8 getting times like 8.05, 8.03, and even an 8.00. Then this came out of nowhere. Gem Playground (17.43): I had an 18.xx run recorded for Marble Blast Gold CLA Movie 2, but there was a huge lagspike smack in the middle of the run and I didn’t want to record the level again. After I found out Sporlo made this level, I knew I’d have to go for a better time than the run I previously recorded. Velocity Race (2.33): It’s fairly hard (for me) to get a sub-2.3 catch and finish without the time restarting. I’ll get there eventually. SRGL2; Tornado Tightrope (15.38): The description is totally right. This level is super random. The hardest part in this run was pressing down the diagonal movement keys to get to the finish faster without missing it entirely. Spoon in the Road (41.68): Used Matan’s path for this level though I was a lot faster in some parts. Surprisingly getting the super speed near the beginning isn’t as hard as it looks. SRGL 746 (4.64): There are many ways to go off the designated path to the finish, but I believe this one is the fastest. I find it amusing that my spin way going crazy at the end although I was moving in the opposite direction. Trapgems (24.18): Overall fairly happy with this run. The ending could be faster though. Vertigo Generator (1:13.69): I’m annoyed I missed a gem at the end, but I kept the run anyway because it was a pretty good final time. Circular Cube (13.73): It’s actually pretty difficult to do this run without the time restarting. Best catch is 13.48. Night of the Twisters (5.34): Getting all 4 gems at once is annoying. Looks Are Deceiving (35.90): My original goal was to beat iMac’s time. Fortunately I did, though it took longer than it should’ve to do the ending even with the tweak I found. Muddy Gyrorocket (1:14.57): I first saw this level on ObsidianMadman’s channel so I knew what I was up against. The hardest part of this run was the finish. Gravity Plexer (1:01.31): I would’ve liked to get sub-1 minute, though it took too long to find this path and I eventually got sick of it. For a while I misunderstood the whole border thing. SPSTC Maze (37.64): This level was pretty fun actually. I learned how to get around the bugs on Ski Slopes’ interior. Sub-40 was my ultimate goal and I got it! Pitfalls Extreme (55.39): I first saw this level on one of Lee Zi Xian’s videos, and I could clearly tell where on this level I would have to improve. The edge hit on the tiny Pitfalls interior was surprisingly the part that took the longest. Matrix Master (33.65): I couldn’t find a decent path for this level so I looked around on YouTube and I ran into eNetro’s video. After a bunch of tweaking, I got this time. Puzzle Playground (11.97): I originally thought this level was going to be a nightmare, but I found all those Time Travels and I was amazed to see that I ended up with a time of under 12 seconds. I made two mistakes in this run. One was right before I got the 23rd gem (You can see signs of a video edit. I originally missed the Super Jump.), and another was missing the 25th gem. Luckily the time never restarted.
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Rozi's Mini Mod - It's Almost Here!
Development of Rozi's Mini Mod is coming to an end, and as a give for all the support and encouragement, I've put together several small clips of gameplay and showing off levels. Here's the final sneak peek of the game.
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Marble Blast Opal - Full Speedrun
After two months of recent work (plus four recordings from 2015), I've finally completed what I believe is the best video on my channel. I’m not going to provide level notes because of the combination of there being too many levels and I’m really lazy. Marble Blast Opal is a mod that isn’t very well known. There are quite a few videos of the mod out there on YouTube, but none of them are as serious as this one. For the longest time it was nearly untouched. So I finally sat down and for hours and hours I began recording a long compilation that turned into this. A couple of the runs featured in this video are clearly improvable, but for the meantime, Marble Blast Opal has been killed…at least from my perspective. I started recording in mid-2015 on my old computer. That stage of creating the video had stopped because that computer eventually became too old to run any Marble Blast game. Eventually the idea of this speedrun faded away until I ran into the recording files I still had when I got my new laptop. I went and redownloaded the mod in late December of 2016 and decided to finally finish up what I had started more than a year and a half ago. Surprisingly, four of the runs I recorded back in 2015 (Frictions: New and Old, Gaps, Bumpy Stones, and No Jumping: Race) ended up in the final outcome because I just couldn’t beat those times for my life, and you could tell they are old recordings because of the different resolution and the use of the blue MBO marble. So long story short, this video was created in a period of a year and a half.
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Space Station (3:26.330)
It was time to improve on this level the same way I improved Battlecube Finale. There's obviously a few tweaks that can be made, but despite that I'm very happy with this run. Nothing else to say.
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Mastering the Marble (1:01.110)
First Battlecube Finale, then Space Station. I decided to follow up with this since it's the next on the list, and I have plans to record The Tale of the Tall Skyscraper next. This run took longer than both Battlecube Finale and Space Station. There's a lot of parts to this, both easy and hard, and I had 878 other recordings before I finally got this time. I really just used Frosty's path, although the only major difference is at 0:41 where I use a Super Speed + Edge trick different and slower from the WR path one, but a lot faster than the long way around. I would've liked a final time under a minute, but this is still really good time as well as it's currently the 3rd best time on the leaderboards.
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Marble Blast Custom Levels 17
I've had this waiting for its release for well over six months now which is why all you see are runs from the leaderboards custom levels. It has its fair share of world records which is always a good thing, and the rest is simply a bunch of solid quality times. There's really nothing special to point out here. Redundant videos don't give you a lot of good writing material. :p Enjoy!
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Side-Stroller Nest Egg
Made this just because everyone else isn't good enough to get the Nest Egg on Side-Stroller. :^)
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Marble Blast Custom Levels 15
This video contains runs from the 10-19 and 40-49 Leaderboards level packs. Every run in a top 5 time (actually, all of them are top 4 times with the exception of The Ultimate Greeting), and two world records are featured here. Not much else to say. Enjoy the video! Level Notes: A Level of Two Halves (26.505): The combination of the edge hit at the beginning and the perfect launch from the half pipe made this run pretty difficult. Adventure (18.413): I’m pretty sure only using the Shock Absorber to climb the steps at the end is faster than whatever is the normal world record path. Aim or Shame (17.211): Maybe the slope/edge trick after the first gem could be used to one’s advantage? Beyond (56.707): It took a pretty long time to figure out the tweaks to get under a minute on this level. With a more optimized and maybe an edge hit to get out of the EotS interior could get you world record. CactusMath TM (27.312): I went pretty slowly to the platform that launches you in the air towards the second gem. I’ll be looking for a better time in the future. Danger Zone (16.860): I never thought this level could be improved at all, and especially not by this much. Sorry RadiantVibe. This is my world record. ;) Gravitational (13.614): I can’t go nearly as fast as Lee but this will most certainly do. Offshore Oilrig (1:27.141): I wasn’t even going to bother doing the beginning pipes the fast way. I went a little slow getting the 11th and 12th gems, but I’m overall happy with the final outcome here. Pathway in the Shadows 2 (4.724): It’s difficult to get this low of a catch. For the sake of showing off, I decided to go crazy and “Yolo” the edge hit at the end. Pitbowl (13.615): I got a couple cool tweaks in here. Great effort for second place. Ready, Set, Roll! (8.755): OH MY GOD I’m so done with this level. Alongside the fact that I beat my old time by nearly three seconds, I never realized how unoptimized my old run was. After a couple hours, I got very close to beating Xelna. It just needs a little more optimization, and not having the clock restart at the end (which is EASILY possible), to get the world record. Stunt Show (25.838): Awesome tweaks here, and I’m quite proud of this. A lot of swearing and rage went into this run because I *just* missed the finish twice when recording. Super There and Back Again (26.969): Despite the fact that it looks cool, by far my least favorite part of the run to perform is the half pipe trick at the end. Only did I realize the tweak to get the world record (There’s a video on Matan’s channel.) after I exported the compilation. The Pit (13.008): I can’t remember what I did differently to get 12.7 on the leaderboards. I’m seriously bugged by the fact that I didn’t get sub-13. The Ultimate Greeting (21.741): Someone PLEASE tell me the part for 19 seconds. :D
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PlatinumQuest Levels 3
I released this video earlier than i expected, but I don't think anyone has a problem with that. :) Despite the fact that there aren't that many world records in this video, a lot of the runs are second place times that used to be world records. My personal opinion is that this video is better than PlatinumQuest Levels 2 because there's more pathfinding and tweak finding involved which is always a plus. I don't really have any major complaints about any of the runs featured here. Some of my personal favorites are Transporter Lock, Level from a Forgiving Mind, Fire when Ready, Vice, and Versa, and despite the fact that there are some pretty "meh" runs here, everything else adds up. I'm very proud of this compilation. Enjoy the video!
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Hazard Havoc (39.186)
I decided to have a shot at making a crazy stupid path for a level because hPerks gave me a two on the Singleplayer Tier Rankings sheet. Improvements can be made on this run. and I'm a little disappointed by the ending because I had the perfect nuke hit and I could've finished while still going up. Despite that, this beats the old world record, held by Xelna, by more than 4 seconds. Not bad.
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PlatinumQuest Levels 4
After a good two months (and a week), I finally managed to put together the couple dozen recordings that I've had for the longest time. Everything showcased here are Awesome Times including some levels that have yet to see YouTube including Dangerous Development (shortcut leaks bois), Newton's Dilemma, Orthogonality, and Musing. Along with that, ten world records are featured in this video. (Newton's Dilemma, Orthogonality, Contractor, and Musing are the only runs that aren't (at the time of writing this) world records.) The Spoils of Serendipity Gardens and Child's Play were paths I stole from Battlecube314, but it's okay because I tweaked and optimized them heavily enough for the runs to still be awesome (no pun intended). :P Enjoy the video! (...and the bloopers!)
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PlatinumQuest Levels 1
Exactly two weeks ago, PlatinumQuest was released to the public, and that obviously means more speedrunning and more videos (and more thank you’s on the forums). My first compilation of PlatinumQuest levels features 11 levels. Many new paths and tweaks are shown here including a couple awesome times which were clearly a pain to get. Hopefully some of the runs in this video are helpful to anyone who’s watching. I’d love some more competition on the leaderboards. :^) Until the PlatinumQuest WRR comes out, I will not be uploading any of my world records unless they’re not awesome times, so don’t ask. :)
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Unholy Stairs (47.607)
When I actually recorded and uploaded this video (2/19/18), it was yesterday that Lee released his new level called Unholy Stairs, which in my opinion was really fun to play and it was kind of a neat concept despite it's simplicity. I wanted to get a headstart on it and get this video out the day after its release, but Xedron beat me to it as well as I had already put out two videos that same day, so I decided to schedule the upload for two days later (2/21/18). This run involves three "hot" edge hits (quoting the level creator himself) which all were absolutely terrible to perform correctly. I think I hit a stroke of luck by the time I actually came out of the level with the 47.607 that you see here because looking at how difficult each edge hit is to pull off alone, I did all of them successfully earlier than I expected. Good luck to anyone who tries to replicate this run. :^)
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MBP Leaderboards Custom Levels - Complete Easter Egg Guide
Full easter egg guide for the custom levels on the Marble Blast Platinum leaderboards. For more information, go here. https://marbleblast.com/index.php/forum/general-mb-discussion/8951-mbp-leaderboards-custom-levels-complete-easter-egg-guide Songs Used: Azure Dusk (Geoplex) Look Up (Geoplex) Afterglow (ft Roy) - Instrumental (Geoplex) Radiance (Geoplex) Blue Expanse (Geoplex)
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Marble Blast Gold - Custom Levels Archive Movie 3! (FINALE)
Welcome to the last video in this exciting and chaotic set of three videos that together form the Marble Blast Gold Custom Levels Archive Movie trilogy. It’s been a long and bumpy ride but I’m both disappointed and happy to say that this video ends the series that started nearly two and a half years ago. This is easily one of my absolute favorite and simply best compilations on my channel in the three years that I’ve been posting Marble Blast videos so far. This video is a whopping 29 minutes (and two seconds) long, so unfortunately not as long as the first video but almost twice as long as the second. There are a total of 50 runs in this massive compilation; 12 of them recorded in 2016 and the other 38 recorded in the past two months. I’d by lying if I said that some of these levels weren’t an absolute bitch to record; the longer runs really shine here. Meandering took an annoyingly long time to optimize (and yet I made a mistake on that edge hit), Powerup to Escape was just kind of slow in general, and the hazard hellhole in Jeff’s Skill Course was the cause of maybe 80% of my failed runs. However I’m rather happy with how everything turned out and I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being a favorite of mine for several years. This is possibly as close to a my opinion of a masterpiece as I have gotten in my 11 years of Marble Blast. I really hope the hours and hours of slaving over these runs is worth it, so please, do me a favor and enjoy the video. :)
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A Marble's Home is Its Castle (2:03.164)
Here's the path that I found that can get all the gems in A Marble's Home is Its Castle. Unfortunately the run is a bit sloppy (sub 2 y tho), but I wanted to share this so hopefully more people could get 100% on this level. The trickiest parts are basically anything involving the scenery (the trees and the rocks). Enjoy the video!
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"mbudead" Explained!
This is the follow up of one of my previous videos: "mbudead". Mbudead showed Marble Blast Ultra's "Moving Up" (on the MBP leaderboards) with a giant twist to it - there were 3 gems that needed to be collected. Of course, none of them were there. Why is that? In this video, I don't actually explained HOW this happened, at least in words. The first part of the video shows how to get "Powerup Facility"'s Easter Egg. Yes, it seems like it's completely unrelated, but keep reading. After I got the Easter Egg, I went over to play "The Ultimate Greeting". Just like with Moving Up, there were three gems that needed to be collected. Now there were more than 3 gems in the level (8 to be exact), and I THINK that this could be used to an advantage as you can finish the level with only 3 gems (though it might not submit to the leaderboards). My conclusion to this is to tell you all that Powerup Facility is buggy as hell, and I think it's all because of the helicopter Powerup at the end of the level. Songs Used: The Race (Marble Blast Platinum Soundtrack) Meatball Parade (Kevin Macleod) SkyWorld (Two Steps from Hell) Beach Party (Marble Blast Gold Soundtrack)
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PlatinumQuest Levels 5 (Puzzle Levels Edition)
One of the reasons why this video is one of my favorite videos on my channel up to date is simply because of how stupidly hard it is to get a time on each level that was low enough for my satisfaction. If you haven’t noticed already, the title of the video shows to you as one of the viewers that this addition to my PlatinumQuest Levels series is focused on the terrible deadly puzzle levels which are all found in the bonus section of PlatinumQuest. I decided that I wanted to make a compilation of all 11 levels (well, there’s 12, but only the online ones) in the puzzle series, along with the fact that I raised the bar even higher and decided that I needed to get Awesome Time on every level. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out how much I disliked this. Some of the earlier levels had Awesome Times that weren’t difficult at all (for my skill level). However I powered through those and reached the considerably more difficult Awesome Times like the ones for Puzzle 9 (King Minos’ Grand Complex), Puzzle 10 (I Slide), and Puzzle 11 (Nightmare). Things started to get rough and rather bloody-I mean things were not enjoyable in the slightest. However I eventually finished my project and this is the end result. Here are a couple notes on one or two of the featured levels: Puzzle 3 - Emblem (8.951): I actually had an Awesome Time run on this level before I did this run, but I never recorded it, so I decided to see if I could get even close to what was the world record at the time (9.504 by Hitgod), and I ended up figuring out that somehow the level could go under 9 seconds, which is what I pulled off after at least an hour and a half of hurting my fingers because I somehow have better control of the marble when I’m pushing down on the keys harder. It’s probably faster to go straight to the finish after getting the last gem rather than picking up the time travel, but I didn’t even think of doing that until after Matan posted the Staff Awesome Time Guide. Puzzle 8 - Sphere (18.617): I was shocked by this final time. I was originally shooting for world record (which was 19.568 by Matan) because that was a more reasonable goal, but then I slowly figured out how to get as much forward momentum towards the last gem as possible while getting the four gems in the center which ended up in me being able to bounce on the last gem with a spin going in the same direction as the finish. I struggled at this for maybe an hour and was amazed to see that I beat the previous world record by nearly a second. Puzzle 9 - King Minos’ Grand Complex (31.047): The only reason this level is in my list of notes is so I can complain that the correct spelling is “Minos’” and not “Minos’s”. Puzzle 10 - I Slide (52.221): The monstrous 10th level of the puzzle levels series has what I (and many other people) think is the hardest Awesome Time to achieve, and along with that, this was the level that gave me my 138th and final Awesome Time for the 100% status. I was talking a lot about a giant fluke when I got this run, and despite the fact that it’s not very easy to spot, it’s there. Towards the end, after grabbing the gem in the far corner, I actually didn’t mean to press my mouse button so I accidentally used the super speed. Fortunately, I was pointed in the perfect direction and it actually ended up being faster than what I had originally planned and I wouldn’t have gotten the Awesome Time if this hadn’t happened. The two songs featured are Zephyrous Lament and Lightwarm which play in the “Tower of Winds” level from Whirligig’s recent Marble Blast mod: Quaternion. Enjoy the video!
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Marble Blast Fubar - Tutorial Levels
Marble Blast Fubar was just released for the public less than a week ago on New Year's Day (New Year's Eve for me). Of course, I had to do a video. From how much I've played since its release, I'm really enjoying the mod more than I expected. The amount of creativity in some of the new features that Marble Blast Fubar is fabulous. Hats down to Aayrl for creating one of the best mods out there. Level Notes: Learning: Movement - Probably a better jumping pattern I can use to get a better time. Learning: Jumping - The edge hit can be certainly improved. Learning: Super Speeds - I've had many better attempts. Of course, on all of them, I hit the edge of the platform holding the finish. That's my luck. Learning: Super Jumps - Not much to mention. Can improve. Learning: Gyrocopters - I got a very embarrassing time here. My best is something like 4.06. Basically the fact that I was recording gave me a worse time. Learning: Super Bounces - I've had the idea of using the Super Bounce with the edge hit so I can go faster, but I haven't actually tried that yet. Learning: Shock Absorbers - Maybe hitting the trim pillar and bouncing back to the finish might be faster? Learning: Gravity - My best is 3.87 (I think) with this path, mainly because I go faster before the 2nd Gravity Modifier. Learning: Time Travels - Yes, I got more time for each Time Travel than I said. Basically because I've activated a couple skills and mastery points to do this. Learning: Gems - My best time with this path. Can improve with this path, and I may be able to find a better path sometime. Learning: Frictions - There's a couple tweaks I can use to improve this path, but otherwise, there's not much that can make this go faster. Learning: Bumpers - If I'm correct, Regi use the bumper closest to the start pad to get a sub-2 time, but I think the path I took is okay. Learning: Fans - I still haven't found out what is faster for the last fan (the one that shoots you up). Jumping and hitting the side, rolling and hitting the side, or jumping over it. Learning: Tornados - I found out that rolling towards the tornado that brought me to the higher platform was faster than jumping to it. Learning: Mines - This run's a little annoying. The power you get when you hit the mine is random every time. Fortunately, this didn't take to long. I'm positive this can improve, and I'm pretty sure you can get to the finish with the first mine. Learning: Trapdoors - I've thought about doing an edge hit to grab the first time travel, but I really haven't focused too much on it. I was just wanted to get a sub 5 run. Learning: Spinning in Air - I used to be doing a path where I jump after hitting the ground after being released off the start pad, but getting the time travel was way to hard, and just regularly rolling off the platform like I did in the video was faster (but not in this run). Sorry I forgot the level name and final time. Learning: Terrain - This is probably my favorite tutorial level, mainly because the edge hit to the finish is a lot of fun to do. I also bounced twice in my start jumping pattern so I could make it across the first gap. Learning: Wall Hits - Not completely sure how you get a sub 5 run on this level. I think you do an edge hit to the finish after the wall hit. Learning: Edge Hits - By doing a wall hit on the wall where the first edge hit is, you can skip like two thirds of the level. I've only done it once, and unfortunately I was not recording. Learning: Diagonal Movement - There's most likely a better jumping pattern one can use to hit the first slope and get to the third platform, but I couldn't find one that would work. Songs Used: This is the New Year (Glee Cast) [Original song by "A Great Big World"] Hall of Fame (Glee Cast) [Original song by "The Script"]
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Marble Blast Fubar - Beginner Levels
Since I did a compilation for the tutorial levels, why not do the beginner levels! A couple of these levels were really annoying, as 9 times out of 10 they would become corrupted after recording and I'd have to do them all over again. :( With that said, enjoy the video! Level Notes: Jump, Bounce, Splat!: Not much to say here, other than apologizing for writing down the wrong numbers for the final time. The Need for Speed Pro Challenge: I really went too slow here, mainly because of the frames I get when I'm recording. Waterfall: Probably could've jumped earlier to get the last gem for a better time, but this run will do for now. Slip and Slide; Winter (With Jump Increase): Didn't take too long of a time to get this path. A lot of fun to do as well. Slip and Slide; Winter (Standard): This path can certainly go under 4.8 seconds. Ventilation System: Easily could've jumped a couple times to get a faster time, but again, blame it on the lag. Ruins of Thassal: With a couple tweaks I can probably get a run under 35 seconds, but this is good enough. Pain to record as well since I had to do it 4-5 times because the video file always became corrupted. Hexxisle Point: Really just a really bad run of RadiantVibe's path. I don't really have the patience to record this again. Temporal Keep: This run was the winner of the most annoying level to record for this video! 3-4 corrupted files, and more than an hour to record. "Fun" fact, I had a 37 second run recorded...that became corrupted. D: Temptation: Not too annoying to play, though I liked the older version's gameplay better. Morbent Drawbridge: Even though this took quite a while to record, I had a lot of fun playing this level because the trees used in the path made it very enjoyable. Alpine Heights: Just another level to record in my opinion. Would've liked to not record it, but it was there, so why not. White Flats Raceway: Even though over half an hour was spent recording this, I still had a lot of fun playing this level. With a couple tweaks I can get under 1:10, but this is good for now. Snowlance: Because of the FPS I get while recording, I couldn't pull off BPXRockU's path, but the path I used didn't give me too much trouble. Miracle Grove: Hands down the best level to record. FPSS was decent compared to every other level, and the gameplay was awesome. Definitely one of my favorite levels to play. Songs Used: Sky (Project X) Dance of the Violins (F-777)
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Marble Blast Gold - Custom Levels Archive Movie!
36 minutes of Marble Blast Gold gameplay! Holy crap! This video was originally going to be made up of 30 or 40 levels, but I kept finding levels that I enjoyed and the video turned into a massive 75 (I think) levels! Whew! Surprisingly, the time of process this took was only a week - around the time I released Marble Blast Custom Levels 3. This felt like a journey, and I've finally completed it! Woohoo!!! Thank you all for watching! Songs are in the credits at the end of the video! EDIT: Just realized theentire clip of "Underwater" Was unedited and so every attempt i shown. I'll decide whether to edit that or not. :)
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Marble Blast Ultra Custom Level - Verde Climb
CCCRRRRRAAAAAAPPPPPPPP!!!!! Download the game at www.marbleblastultra.tk/
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Marble Blast Custom Levels 7
Finally got around to recording another one of these. This video's a little bit old because it showcases me playing as the Moshe ball (and if you haven't learned yet, I've started to use the Golden Ball - the skin Kalle used in the MBG WRR 4), but the runs are pretty sweet so I don't think there's a huge problem here. I was having a great time recording all of these, and some of the runs here I'm really happy with. Enjoy the video! Notes: Blue Smoothie: My OBS does this annoying thing where it lags in random places in any random video, though this doesn't happen in this recording. I spent 10 minutes trying to get a non-lagspike recording, but I eventually had to settle with a small one at the end. Choose a Path: I just barely missed the edge of the finish pad. I wouldn't be surprised if this could go lower, but not by much. December 15: Ice Slalom: It's probably faster to hit the edge of the start pad and go over the wall (if it's even possible), but this path is a lot of fun. Diagonal Bridge: Pretty good run for me. Sub-3 possible? :D Diamond Collection: I spent like 20 minutes attempting to get a sub-10 run on recording. I finally got one and I'm not going to try again! Edge Hit Quest: Originally I was shooting for a sub-12 run. Then this came out of nowhere! Super happy with the outcome! Giant Cone: I don't know how god this is and I'm honestly too lazy to check. :P I would not be surprised if there's a sub-8 run out there. Gravity Tower: I'm a little unhappy about that third edge hit after the third gem, but I always went too fast when I avoided the last edge, so I unfortunately had to settle with this. Green Journey: Super happy with this run. I was originally having trouble getting sub-35, and then I figured out the last part with the super speeds and cut my time down a lot. A couple more tweaks later and I had this. High and Low: Sub-5 possible? :D Jump!: Also quite happy with this run. I'd like to get sub-5.5 later on. Pipe Coma Fantasy: Decently happy overall. Some parts were slow and my goal's to get sub-30. Pipe Nightmare: More happy with this run than I am with Pipe Coma Fantasy. The ending was a little slow, but I'll improve in the future on the leaderboards. Powerjohn's Race Against Time 2: I was kind of hesitant about this run because a lot of it is going very slow on tightropes (as well as a bad catch, though it was sub-0.9), and for some reason I kept this run in the video. I might need to explain to me why this is. Oh well. :) Platform Rise: Super fun path to record. I don't care how good the time is. :D Ramps, Curves, and Gems: Also quite happy with this run, though I'm a little surprised that the Ultimate Time is 20 seconds. I probably took the wrong path. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Random Red Thing: I had a fair amount of trouble with this path, but eventually I got it and I'm happy with the outcome. Sub-8 possible? :D Recoil Ruckus: I'm proud of this run. I had a fair amount of trouble performing this Romantic Half Pipe: One of the runs I'm most happy with because of how annoying it was to pull it off. One bit too high or too low and it's a bad run. Vortex: I had this run recorded (on .rec) before 1.7.10 came out which is why the screenshot glitch is performed here. Fun fact: The screenshot glitch still functions correctly on a MBP version higher than 1.7.10 if the .rec was recorded before then. Songs Used: Daybreak (Geoplex) Vee (Envy)
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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

You need to compose an interesting and appealing profile, post a decent and recent photo and so forth. If youve got specific feedback for things we might change to create the system better, weve got forums for that. Our forums and internet chat area are a terrific place to meet and interact with different members.

Top Pubg Help Guide!

Essentially, youre a group of MacGyvers in a pressure-cooker circumstance. When there is another player close by, attempt to steer away from him while locating a home to enter. Virtually every pubg items good trivia player would know the response to the very first question, which makes it a bit too quick. To further validate that the 2 games have the exact viewership core, lets look at the very best channels for each. When it has to do with competitive team gaming, teamwork is extremely important if youd like to win.
Our apps are overlays giving you more info about the game to assist you produce your own strategy. The desperado crate program comprises some totally free demo videos to genuinely show off the technology, and it lets you know how to allow the settings to turn it on. When you check in for your flight on the internet, youll observe a box that asks in case you require special help. People today wind up on websites that are for different jurisdictions, on private websites that charge them for desperado crate forms that the government provides for free, or on forums or websites which give them anecdotal and frequently incorrect info. You might guest post your content with a different author to expose yourself to that individuals followers with the hope that a number of them will also follow you, and that is going to grow your list faster. Content linked to specialist interests like local areas isnt always commercially viable for general release, but might get a paying audience pubg items if distributed locally.
The same is true for paragraph styles. You keep contemplating the simple fact that youve arrived at the airport a few hours ahead of your flight leaves and you dont desperado crate need some useful stranger hanging around all that moment, rolling you to and from the restroom or sitting around while youve got a beer in the neighborhood airport pub. Actually, among the main reasons KeSPA existed at all was to run Proleague as an advertising vehicle for its constituent company teams. The very best idea is to simply keep nibbling on toast.
The question doesnt need to be long to be a fantastic question necessarily. Both questions are pubg items excessively short, however, and dont permit the prospect for a player with advanced knowledge to answer the question before a typical player. Demographic questions have their place and desperado crate dont will need to get included in whatever you do and ensure the questions that you ask have no ulterior motive.
Using Pubg Help

Firstly you should register an account on their site before you can begin earning skins. Done you experience an account on Gankit! You dont need to devote a lot of money on production. Like every business, an audio licensing company will take time to construct. The shack pubg items strategy, nevertheless, is a more extreme variant of the above mentioned.
As soon as you begin another job, it takes approximately 15 minutes, typically, to return to your principal undertaking. Do everything you can to work on a single task at one time and mute all potential distractions. Get acquainted with your community better pubg items before, during and following a practice. You might get unexpected outcomes. Current online search results dont make it quite effortless. Losing weight is often minimal.

An internet dating site devoted to health buffs for example, is pretty much enjoy a health club, but for the treadmill of course. If you prefer the most accurate price check, conduct the initial two methods and youll be helpful to go. There are several tier lists to help you decide which heroes you ought to be placing your time into, and thus dont take the word of the very first list you read. Instead, youre restricted to the amount of weapons and items you may carry at the same time. Especially if the quantity of players playing from PC proceeds to increase.
Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

Its possible for you to reconnect at any point in a match youve left provided that you dont have a leaver penalty. There is no purpose in setting a question which everyone will know the response to. Another very good suggestion for your writing quiz questions is to attempt to keep the questions interesting. There are lots of totally free quiz questions online, but nevertheless, it can have a very long time to compose a great quiz and guarantee the answers are accurate so it can be well worth buying a pre-made quiz online. If a person doesnt know the answer, they ought to want to understand.
You will need to talk with your friend. If its not, attempt to stay friends with your initial friend. Not everybody is likely to get along so concentrate on the folks who have proven to be your true friend. In life, it is quite normal for individuals to have different friends and see them on various occasions.
If you disconnect during a competitive match, attempt to reconnect as soon as possible and complete the match. Of course whenever youre building the ideal team youll want the best heroes in the game. All it needed was a group of lemmings ready to have a beating.
Games unfortunately are a luxury and not a necessity, so they are most likely likely to be among the very first things to think about when deciding where you have to cut back on so far as your budget is concerned. In case you go over 100, youre out of the game. Finally, the play constricts to a very small area for the last showdown between the rest of the players there can only be one winner! Some players may discover that reinstalling PUBG is also essential. Many players can resolve their crashes by temporarily removing all graphics card overclocking. It is possible to always try out working with your fellow players and us Blue Posters here in order to get the reason for your tech issue.