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The Three Stooges - GRAVES - Their Final Resting Place
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - I ventured all over Los Angeles to 4 different cemeteries to pay my respects to all 6 of The Three Stooges.... Comedy Legends !
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BEETLEJUICE - Filming Locations - Inside Tim Burton Town
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - I traveled to the mountains of Vermont to visit the spots from the classic movie Beetlejuice. The town had no cell phone reception and still had a video store, perfection. Enjoy !
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Walt Disney World EPCOT - Rainbow Tunnel - The decade old search !
www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ! What ever happened to the playground on the second floor of Journey To Imagination ?
Views: 184443 adamthewoo
Back To The Future - Revisiting The 1985 Filming Locations
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - Joined by Justin from http://www.LiveFastDiePoor.com I ventured to the spots from my all time favorite movie...Enjoy . Also check out BTTF part 2 location video http://youtu.be/FgVUEQdB_DU
Views: 678516 adamthewoo
The "Secret" Hidden Celebrity Cemetery
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE This tiny cemetery located near Los Angeles is very hidden and full of celebrity history. Enjoy Also Check out my Daily Vlog Channel http://www.youtube.com/TheDailyWoo
Views: 2330215 adamthewoo
Dukes Of Hazzard - Revisiting The Filming Locations
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & THUMBS UP ! www.AdamTheWoo.com - 32 years after the first episodes aired I ventured around georgia to find some of the famous spots. Yeeehaaaw !
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Friday The 13th Part 2 - FILMING LOCATIONS - Revisiting The 1981 Sequel
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - Armed with only my van and camera I hunted down whats left of the spots from classic sequel. Rumor has it the cabins were destroyed, I had to see for myself...Enjoy !
Views: 83411 adamthewoo
Ghost Town In The Sky - ABANDONED - Mountain Top Theme Park
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & THUMBS UP ! www.AdamTheWoo.com - On top of a mountain in North Carolina sits a grand theme park. Ghost Town...how ironic that this attraction now really is a ghost town.
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Heritage USA - Inside the remnants of the fallen PTL CLUB theme park
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & THUMBS UP ! www.AdamTheWoo.com - Decades after the demise of one of the US most popular theme parks, some memories still remain.
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The Shawshank Redemption - Exploring The FILMING LOCATIONS
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - One of my favorite and personally inspirational movies was filmed in Ohio. I made the journey to visit the filming locations almost 20 years later... Enjoy !
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The Outsiders - FILMING LOCATIONS - Do It For Johnny !
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - I traveled Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit the locations from the classic 80s film. Enjoy !
Views: 144755 adamthewoo
Back To The Future Part 2 - Filming Locations & Secrets
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - The second in a series of videos I'm doing with Justin from http://LiveFastDiePoor.com as we venture around to hunt down all the spots from the entire trilogy. These are the locations specifically from part 2 . Check out the first video here .... http://youtu.be/YEhMhQoCuiQ
Views: 257503 adamthewoo
A Trip To The REAL Mayberry - Home Of The Andy Griffith Show
PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE ! www.AdamTheWoo.com - I went to Mt Airy NC to visit the hometown of Andy Griffith, basis for the hugely successful tv show.
Views: 123241 adamthewoo
The Exorcist filming locations - 38 years later
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ! - www.AdamTheWoo.com - A trek around The Exorcist filming locations Adam The Woo style
Views: 115987 adamthewoo
DAY OF THE DEAD - Romero Filming Locations Revisted !
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ! - www.AdamTheWoo.com . 26 years after the filming of the horror classic I returned to explore the filming locations of Fort Myers and Sanilbel Island , Florida. This video was a combination of 2009 pictures and 2011 video.
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Search For THE BLAIR WITCH - Filming Locations Project
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - I decided to hunt down the spots used in one of the most successful independent horror films ever. Low budget, marketing genius. Enjoy my hunt for the Blair Witch.
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Branch Davidian Compound - Return To Waco - 19 Years Later
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & REPLY - I visited the exact location of the overly televised 1993 massacre outside Waco, TX. Was not sure what I would find once I arrived, this is what I found.
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - FILMING LOCATIONS - Exploring The 1974 Horror Classic
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - The original TCM has always been one of my favorite horror films ever. I decided it was time to travel to Texas and hunt down the locations for the famous cult classic. Enjoy !
Views: 255721 adamthewoo
Ace Ventura Pet Detective - Hunting Down The Filming Locations
PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE ! http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - I made a trek to the stomping grounds of Jim Carrey in the cult classic comedy Ace Ventura. Filmed in Miami Florida. Check out my channel for lots more movie location videos.
Views: 55297 adamthewoo
Sleepaway Camp - FILMING LOCATIONS - Return To Camp Arawak
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - I found my way up to upstate New York to pay a visit the 1983 cult horror classic locations. Enjoy !
Views: 35368 adamthewoo
THE EVIL DEAD - Filming Locations 30 years later !
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & THUMBS UP ! www.AdamTheWoo.com - The Holy Grail of Horror Filming Locations.
Views: 189034 adamthewoo
What About Bob - Filming Locations - 21 Years of Baby Steps
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - I trekked up to Virginia and hunted down the locations for the classic comedy. Amazing how things change after 2 decades. Enjoy !
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THE COMPOUND - Floridas dangerous 200 mile street maze
www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ! Near Palm Bay, FL sits over 200 miles of unused roads. With only a few entrances it can be very dangerous if not taken seriously. Take a GPS and a full tank of gas, there are no street signs or streetlights. Every turn looks just like the last. Be careful and have fun (if you dare) !
Views: 124314 adamthewoo
Friday The 13th Part 7 - Filming Locations - The Woo Blood !
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - In my neverending quest to hunt down movie spots I trekked to Alabama. Here I discovered not much remains from part 7 of the classic horror franchise. Take a look around the woods and lake with me as I hunt for Jason Voorhees...Enjoy !
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The Crazy / Bearded HAPPY HALLOWEEN Fellow
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ! - www.AdamTheWoo.com - This guy cant get enough of wishing people a HAPPY HALLOWEEN ! Even if it is the Month of April
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Dollywood - EXTINCT ATTRACTION - Timber Tower
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - Dollywood in Pigeon Forge , Tennessee was home to Timber Tower from 2006 - 2012 . After continual problems it was finally removed from the park. Whats left ? Enjoy .
Views: 93743 adamthewoo
Pee Wees Big Adventure - Ultimate FILMING LOCATION Trek
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - I set out to find all the spots from the 1985 classic film with the help of Justin Scarred from http://www.LiveFastDiePoor.com . Our mission was a success.....Enjoy !
Views: 161855 adamthewoo
Exploring OFF LIMIT Areas WW2 Battleship : USS Iowa
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - I was given special access to visit off limit areas to the historic battleship USS Iowa. Special thanks to Jim for the amazing day. http://www.pacificbattleship.com
Views: 1443484 adamthewoo
Red Dawn - Revisiting The 1984 Filming Locations - WOLVERINES !
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - I made the trek to Las Vegas, New Mexico to find the locations from one of my favorite 80s films. Enjoy !
Views: 72599 adamthewoo
Fast Times At Ridgemont High - FILMING LOCATIONS
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - With the help of Tyler Evans I trekked around Los Angeles to huntdown the locations to the classic 80's film... Enjoy
Views: 210061 adamthewoo
The Ultimate HOOSIERS filming location quest ! 25 years later
www.AdamTheWoo.com - Please Subscribe ! 25 years after the award winning film came out I attempted to track down as many locations as possible. Traveling all over the state of Indiana and stopping at over a dozen stops. The end result is this video. Enjoy !
Views: 27459 adamthewoo
EDWARD SCISSORHANDS - Filming Locations - 20 years later !
Please subscribe and also visit www.AdamTheWoo.com
Views: 134023 adamthewoo
STYX RIVER WATER WORLD - Desolate Florida Theme Park
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ! www.AdamTheWoo.com - This is a raw video I shot very quickly . No fancy editing or background music. Get in and Get out was all I was thinking. Gunshots all around me kinda unnearved me a little bit. This water park holds alot of memories. Enjoy !
Views: 71965 adamthewoo
Disneyland - 5 Favorite HALLOWEEN Themed Treats
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - Joined by Justin and Tyler from http://www.LiveFastDiePoor.com I decided to try some of the delicious goodies created specifically for the Halloween season at Disneyland . Also check out my Vlog channel . New videos daily http://www.youtube.com/thedailywoo
Views: 37620 adamthewoo
UHF - A Return To Channel 62 - FILMING LOCATIONS
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - I decided to hunt down the filming locations from the 1989 cult classic comedy and see what they look like today. Enjoy !
Views: 50859 adamthewoo
Van Dwelling - Adam The Woo
www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ! On Nov 28th 2010 I left my apartment , sold all my possessions and "moved" into my van. This is my story, part 1 of a continual video blog . My eventual goal is to travel, explore , video ! www.adamthewoo.com
Views: 143280 adamthewoo
Robert The Doll and A Trip To His Haunted Home - Visiting The Legend
PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE ! http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - I had to check out one of the most haunted dolls in existance and also visit his former home. The story behind this doll is amazing, Research it ! I omited the added background music for a section and even slowed it down so you can hear the raw audio as I first approached the doll. Bizzare.
Views: 120942 adamthewoo
Ernest Goes To Camp - FILMING LOCATIONS - Kamp Kikakee
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - As a longtime fan of Jim Varney it was an amazing feeling to track down the spots of Kamp Kikakee . Since I was a kid I often wondered of one day visiting the camp itself from the classic Ernest movie. Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it. Jim Varney Grave http://youtu.be/lEb_b0h-ego Ernest Saves Christmas locations http://youtu.be/uaYe6558tQM
Views: 97635 adamthewoo
Americana Amusement Park - ABANDONED - Lake Lesourdsville Ohio
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - I decided to check out the closed theme park in Ohio. Halfway thru my journey I was asked to leave the property. Enjoy !
Views: 261059 adamthewoo
Inside The Wonders Of Life Pavilion - Closed Epcot Dome
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - http://www.wdwfanboys.com - http://www.wdwkingdomcast.com - In 2007 the Wonders Of Life pavilion closed. It is now used on rare occasion for events. Rumor has it the buildings days are numbered. I figured since that may be the case I should document what is left. Unfortunately a security gaurd (who was actually very kind) caught me and that was the end of my snoopary. This is the footage I got up till that point. Enjoy !
Views: 148330 adamthewoo
DOC HOLLYWOOD Filming Locations - A Return To Grady 22 Years Later
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE - 22 years after the filming of the Michael J Fox classic I returned with the help of Robert to track down the filming locations. Thanks to the kind locals for pointing us in the right direction and great stories. Enjoy!
Views: 87850 adamthewoo
Benny and Joon - FILMING LOCATIONS 1993 Johnny Depp
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - I traveled to Spokane Washington to hunt down the spots from the 1993 Johnny Depp film Benny and Joon . Enjoy ! Check out my daily vlog channel http://youtube.com/thedailywoo
Views: 34053 adamthewoo
Bizarre Creatures of Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - The wonderful Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg Tennessee is home to some very unusual fish and sea creatures. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy
Views: 24604 adamthewoo
Inside The Ghostbusters Firehouse - ABANDONED
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - As a fan of Ghostbusters I decided to go downtown L.A. to get some pictures of the sealed up empty firehouse used for the interiors of the film. I lucked out... I got inside ! Enjoy
Views: 558310 adamthewoo
National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) - The Filming Locations
All clips used are for entertainment and educational purposes only. I set out on an adventure to document every location from the 1983 comedy classic National Lampoon's Vacation. This consisted of Flying to Chicago , renting a car and driving cross country along the same route that Clark Griswold and his family did in hopes of making it to Walley World in California . This was an undertaking that I've wanted to do for a very long time and am proud to say that now it is a reality . Enjoy ! This video adventure was made possible in part by support of crowd funding and T shirt sales at the two links below : https://www.patreon.com/adamthewoo https://shop.spreadshirt.com/AdamTheWoo If you enjoyed the parody song of Holiday Road check out and download the full version at http://www.jamesrtramontana.com/products/606295-adam-the-woo-parody-song
Views: 293145 adamthewoo
James Dean Tour - Including His Abandoned High School
http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - James Dean spent most his life in and around Fairmount, Indiana. I decided to venture to most the key spots from his hometown. Enjoy !
Views: 126038 adamthewoo
Spahn Ranch - Charles Manson Family SERIAL KILLER Locations
DISCLAIMER : I am not a historian or expert, this video for entertainment only. http://www.AdamTheWoo.com - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - With the help of Steven Shea from http://www.Abyssmal.com I tracked down the now infamous spots at the former Spahn Ranch . Home of the Manson Family . Check out Abyssmal Entertainment http://www.youtube.com/abyssmalentertainment BIG Thanks to Stoner Van Houten for his info http://www.youtube.com/stoner420fox Also check out Michaels Backporch http://www.youtube.com/michaelsbackporch My Spahn Ranch Snake video https://youtu.be/nGxpZuHZP0g
Views: 237688 adamthewoo
Revisting Tupelo  - Birthplace of Elvis AND The Woo
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & THUMBS UP ! www.AdamTheWoo.com - Jinger and I visisted the old stomping grounds of a young Elvis, from his birthplace to his favorite hamburger spot. Just so happens another special person was born in Tupelo, Mississippi........ME
Views: 18280 adamthewoo
The Truman Show - Exploring The Filming Locations - Cue The Sun !
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ! www.AdamTheWoo.com - I trekked around the movie home of Jim Carreys Truman Burbank. Enjoy !
Views: 55143 adamthewoo
Smokey And The Bandit 2 - The Filming Locations 31 years later
PLEASE RATE & SUBSCRIBE ! http://www.adamthewoo.com - http://www.originaljinger.com 31 years after the classic sequel I visited whats left of the filming locations. Jinger tagged along for some comedy hijinx. Most of the film was shot on Burts property which was sold years ago due to financial troubles. Here is whats left
Views: 53710 adamthewoo

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