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Knights Templar Symbolism
A video about the symbols of the medieval Knights Templar, featuring on their equipment, buildings, tombs etc. Also the carvings made by Templar prisoners in the castle dungeons where they were incarcerated during the suppression of the Order.
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The Fantasy Art of Gordon Napier
A slideshow of art, mostly fantasy and mythological, but with some gothic and historical images. Mostly oil paintings but including some digital art. More may works be seen at www.dashinvaine.deviantart.com Artist is available for commissions and freelance illustration projects. Email: [email protected]
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The Art of John William Waterhouse
A tribute to one of my greatest artistic heroes, John William Waterhouse (1849-1917), painter of classical, mytholiogical and medieval themes in a romantic realist style. Hopefully this will inspire me to emulate the master. Along with some awesome and sublime Enya, which quite suits the wistful, enchanting tone, I find.
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Making a Model Frigate
A scratch build (pretty much) sailing frigate of Napoleonic era, somewhat based on HMS Surprise of 1796. Main materials: cardboard, das clay, old paintbrushes (for the masts).
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Talismans of the Knights Templar (Jewellery)
I went to the Autumn Fair at the Birmingham NEC today and at the Eastgate resource stand saw the products made from my designs for necklaces loosely inspired by Knights Templar symbolism and myth. I was very pleased by the fine modelling, and the level of detail. They are in platinum (I believe), with gilding and enamel, and some with imitation jewels inlaid. Available from: http://www.mysterium-jewellery.co.uk/Talismans-of-the-Knights-Templar-Gordon-Napier.html [email protected] www.eastgateresource.co.uk
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Painting in Britain
Some of the great and good painters produced or nurtured by Britain, from late medieval era to the end of the 19th century. I did this to remind myself of the artistic heritage that Britain is privileged to have, and also to spread awareness of the artists. People may know some of these images by sight but not the names of their creators. These are given so that interested parties can look up more of their work. The purpose of fine art is to enrich the world, to touch the viewer's soul, to tell a story and express a particular culture. I think it is good for artists to reflect their national traditions, or at least to be aware of them. Art with any depth builds upon a heritage, it does not appear out of the blue. There is no-need to re-invent the wheel. The English artistic spirit was summed up by the German critic Gustav Friedrich Waagen (referring to the work of John Martin) thus: 'The three qualities that the English require, above all, in a work of art- effect, a fanciful invention, inclining to melancholy, and topographic truth.'
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Mary Magdalene: Biography of a Legend promo
A quick video to remind youtube about my e-book Mary Magdalene, Biography of a Legend, which can be got on Kindle... http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D3MT7LA/ref=r_soa_w_d My previous youtube video on Mary Magdalene, giving some basics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sESAo5M8kfo A professional reviewer said the following of this book: In this book, Gordon Napier sets out to "tell the story of the Magdalene's story," in a way that transcends "conspiracy theory and mythology." The author intends to examine and evaluate the historical evidence in order to piece together the history of Mary Magdalene's image and cult through the "early Middle Ages" and into "the age of the crusades". Particular strengths of the book are its examination of the saint and her cult in both orthodox and heterodox contexts and in both the Western and the Eastern church -- cultural worlds which few scholars are willing or able to address jointly. The author considers that the age of the crusades was a pivotal moment in the cult, bringing an unprecedented degree of contact between different Christian (and non-Christian) traditions and leading to the cult's promotion by a series of different groups for very different religious and political reasons. In a post-Dan-Brown world, in which much nonsense is written about Mary Magdalene in particular and early Christianity in general, and in which it is crucial for history rather than mythology to reach the general public, this book has much to recommend it. For the most part it is engagingly written, in an accessible but not elementary style. It is enlivened by many references to and quotations from primary sources. Its treatment of such large historical developments as the crusades and the history of the mendicant orders is largely accurate, though necessarily superficial. The book's division into two parts, one chronicling the evolution of different understandings of Mary Magdalene's place in the Christian story and the other exploring the cult in and beyond the crusading era, is sensible. Its thematic chapters likewise are sensible and create an engaging structure... The conclusion is particularly well-written and engaging, and the epilogue and appendices are useful.
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Medieval / Gothic Architecture Scottish Borders.
Some photos from a trip to the Scottish Borders, back in 2006. The ruined church at Temple (Ballantradoch) Midlothian, once a seat of the Knights Templar. Rosslyn Chapel, that mysterious shrine with its weird and wonderful carvings. The great Cistercian monastery of Melrose. Abbotsford, the neo-Baronial home of novellist Sir Walter Scott, and his collection of arms, armour and historical artefacts. Hexham Abbey in Northumbria, with its ancient crypt and medieval grave slabs, crusader effigies, and with an episcopal chalice somewhat calling to mind the Quest for the Holy Grail.
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Gothic Girls
Gothic females and vampiric types from the art of Gordon Napier. Included are traditional paintings, drawings, digital pieces and a couple of photo manipulations. More work can be found on www.dashinvaine.deviantart.com , where the stock imagery used in the photo manipulations is credited. For enquiries concerning purchases, commissions or freelance illustration projects, please email [email protected]
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Gordon Napier, Artwork 2014
The products (produce?) of my labours in 2014. Again mostly commissions, with a few personal projects, incuding the sculpture, the model sailing ship (a Napoleonic-era frigate) and the Egyptian pyramid and miniature tomb treasures. Commissioned works include characters and scenes for the 'Harbinger Chronicles' books by Christopher Huntingford. Also characters and illustrations for Dreamscarred Press (who publish the Ultimate Psionics RPG books) and Rite Publishing, whose output includes Lords of Gossamer and Shadow. Also some illustrations for the rather dark fantasy writings of Robert Thornsberry, inclding 'The Framing of Illa' and 'The Shadow Priestess'. In 2003 I also did pictures for his sci-fi story story 'Spindrift'. Also some illustrations for the Eberron-set story Lynn d'Vadalis, by one Syltorian.
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game of thones: Ascent. Character Artwork
I was pleased to be involved with the new facebook game 'Game of Thrones: Ascent', based on the marvelous books by George R. R. Martin, and the HBO series. These are the character pieces I provided, most of which were used in some form or other. Copyright HBO. The game can be found at: https://apps.facebook.com/gamethrones/#_=_ My thanks to the people at Dirsuptor Beam LLC, the game's producers, for having me on board and for being a pleasure to work with. Also best regards and congratulations to the other artists who worked on the project.
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Egyptian Book of the Dead
Video on the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead papyri, and the exhibition thereon at the British Museum. This vid was originally on my other YT account, which is now defunct.
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Some sight-seeing photos from my recent trip to Bavaria in Germany, including Rothenburg, Nuremberg, Blaubeuren, Ulm, and the wonderful Neuschwanstein Castle.
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Game of Thrones: Ascent. Item Art
I was pleased to be involved with the new facebook game 'Game of Thrones: Ascent', based on the marvelous books by George R. R. Martin, and the HBO series. These are the item pieces I provided (I also did some characters) most of which were used in some form or other. Copyright HBO. The game can be found at: https://apps.facebook.com/gamethrones/#_=_ My thanks to the people at Dirsuptor Beam LLC, the game's producers, for having me on board and for being a pleasure to work with. Also best regards and congratulations to the other artists who worked on the project.
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Gothic Art by Gordon Napier
Gothic, dark fantasy and horror art, by Gordon Napier http://www.dashinvaine.co.uk http://www.dashinvaine.deviantart.com Music: 'Blood of Angels' by Nox Arcana.
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templar and crusader art_0002.wmv
Knights Templar and Cruader inspired artwork by Gordon Napier. Some of these are quite old and they are a mixed bag as regards quality and historical accuracy. I also realize that they are a bit stiff and static, and I need to do more action scenes. The music is 'Sanctus' from 'The Armed Man, a Mass for Peace'by Karl Jenkins. More artwork may be seen at www.dashinvaine.co.uk and www.dashinvaine.deviantart.com
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Romantic and Melancholy Maidens
Art of Gordon Napier featuring pretty females, often with historical or fantasy settings. Mostly Work produced between 1998 and 2010, roughly chronological. A lot of Preraphaelite influence, and one copy (Destiny by Waterhouse). The last image is unfinished.
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Italy and San Marino, 2014
Photos from a trip to Italy (and San Marino, which is technically independent) in late May, 2014. Included: San Marino Bologna San Leo Urbino Rimini Ravenna
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Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant Garde
The other day I went to the Pre-Raphaelites exhibition at Tate Britain in London. http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-britain/exhibition/pre-raphaelites-victorian-avant-garde Wow, basically. (!) It was a big show. I made this video as a souvenir (and advert), but there was more than this (150 works in total), these are just the ones I thought to write down. The artists primarily featured are Ford Madox Brown, Willaim Holman Hunt, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais & William Dyce. There were also sculptures by the likes of Alexander Munro, photography from Julia Margaret Cameron, and crafts and books from William Morris and company. To see so many famous works in one place was impressive, to say the least. Might even go again, and I definitely recommend you go and see it if you like that sort of thing. The paintings have been gathered from international museums, and from the private collections of the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jimmy Page.
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THE CRAZY FROG (death of)
A snuff film devoted to a little character who has been annoying me for over a decade.
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Tomb Model Excavation
A model of an Egyptian tomb/pyramid that I made, and its contents. Mostly made out of cardboard, papermache and DAS clay. Some items with real gold leaf. More about capturing the spirit than strict historical accuracy.
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artwork 2016
Belatedly compiled slideshow of artwork produced in the year 2016.
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Copies, Portraits and Studies
A slideshow of practice pieces including studies of masters. Include Leonardo, E. B. leighton, Reubens, Vermeer and Poussin. Also a modern piece after Dan Dos Santos. Enquiries about purchases and commissions are welcome. Please email [email protected]
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2015 Art
My artwork produced during the past year of 2015. Mostly commissioned illustrations, major projects including imagery for stories by authors Syltorian and William Speir. See more: http://dashinvaine.deviantart.com/
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Works, 2013
It seems 2013 was quite a productive year for me, artwork wise. Here are just some of the images I produced over the last 12 months, the majority being commissions. Major clients included: Disruptor Beam LLC Dreamscarred Press, (Ultimate Psionics) Rite Publishing (Lords of Gossamer and Shadow) Dan Virssen Games (German WW2 soldiers and Vietnam war era US pilots) and authors Christopher Huntingford (Harbinger Chronicles) J. Alexksandr Wootton (Fayborn novels) Robert Thornsberry (Spindrift) and William Speir (Kingstone of Airmid)
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The Blackguard : A Visual Story In Progress by Gordon Napier.
The first 25 scenes from an original visual story. Most of the scenes are recent reworkings of sketchier ones done in 2008, several are new additions that needed to to be inserted. The prose narrative and rhyming ballad version of the story can be found at: http://dashinvaine.deviantart.com/art/The-Blackguard-71797260 along with the artwork
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